3 Clever Ways to Get Freebies Without Using Freebie Websites!

Updated on May 4, 2020
Happymommy2520 profile image

Amy has been an online writer for several years. Her goal as a writer is to spread as much knowledge as she can about saving money.

These clever methods will get you more freebies than you'd ever think possible!
These clever methods will get you more freebies than you'd ever think possible!

Ways to Score Freebies That Are Worth Your Time and Effort

Eight years ago, I started my journey of being a full-time stay-at-home mother when my daughter was born. I was used to being extremely busy with a stressful full-time job and school at night.

Six weeks after my daughter Samantha was born she was sleeping through the night. I now felt great but was starting to get bored out of my mind! I needed a project, something where I could use my brain, something that would bring some much needed extra cash into my household.

In this article, I am going to share the best ways to get free stuff mailed to your home. This is not your typical article on how to score freebies. I actually have put in a few years of research into this topic and am going to share the only ways to get freebies that are actually worth your time and effort.

It may seem out of the ordinary that I spent a few years researching ways to get freebies but in reality learning this hobby has blessed my family during tough times and given us an abundance of everyday necessities and luxuries.

1. Writing Compliment Letters to Companies

In the past I have complained to restaurants for poor service and to companies for receiving crushed cookies. One day while brainstorming on ways to make extra money a light bulb went off in my head, why not write e-mails of praise instead of complaint?

The next day, pen in hand and a fresh sheet of paper I began writing my first beautiful compliment letter. My first letter was to a company that blessed me with my favorite tea for many years at an affordable price. I let this company know how many times their tea soothed my nerves when they were high and asked them if they had any free samples.

The Result

About an hour later I received an e-mail back.

  • The tea company was very grateful for the letter.
  • By the end of the week I went to my mailbox and found two free vouchers for a free box of tea each. The vouchers scored me $8 in free tea.
  • I made $8 in exchange for an e-mail that took me five minutes to write.

In addition to that, I spread appreciation, positivity, and joy to a company that deserved it.

A Hobby I Love and Cherish

After that I was hooked! Think of how many product's from thousands of different companies you have tried in your lifetime. It's a pretty large amount. In order to write all of those companies letters of praise it would take a very long time. I decided I would start my project out with 300 and see how it went.

The Financial Abundance Keeps Coming

Well, It's been eight years and I have written well over 300 compliment letters to say the least. My project has been worth every second I have put into it.

  • My family has been rewarded with things such as restaurant gift certificates, clothing for my kids, laundry detergent, food, household cleaners, and free theme park tickets to name a few.
  • My family is typically on a limited budget and my children have enjoyed things and experienced things that we could not have afforded if I didn't develop this hobby of writing letter's of praise to company's.

It's totally worth it!

I always make sure I leave some positive feedback for the company that has been kind and generous enough to mail my family something that can make our lives better.

To this day, I have never wrote a company unless I actually tried and enjoyed their product. Never write a company just for the sole purpose of getting free stuff, it's immoral and dishonest. In reality, you don't have to. You don't realize how many companies you come across in your daily life and how many products you have used throughout your life.

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2. Calling Corporate Toll-Free Numbers

This last way to get free stuff mailed to your house is a little different than my first one on writing compliment letters to companies for free samples. It's a lot less involved and quicker. I strongly recommend:

  • Make a list of about 25 products you purchase frequently at the grocery store.
  • After your list is complete, do some quick research by looking up the toll-free numbers to the companies that make your favorite brands.
  • Write each toll-free number next to the product on your list and block out about an hour of your time for the day.

Start Your Phone Calls

As you start making your phone calls, ask the customer service representative on the other line if they offer any money saving coupons. Tell them you frequently purchase their products. Sometimes they suggest printing the coupon at home. I have tried printing the coupon at home, printer ink is expensive and grocery stores don't typically double printed coupons.

  • Gently let the representative know that you would much rather have a mailed coupon.
  • You may even advise them that you feel it is too costly for you to print it out.
  • Two out of three times the customer service representative's were very cheerful that I inquired and mail me a bunch of money saving coupons to my home.
  • Sometimes they even mail me a free sample or a free product voucher!

You Will be Shocked at How Much You Save

You may think an hour of your time to devout to this method is not worth your time. It is well worth it.

  • After the hour is over and I am done with my list I can assure you that I have about $100 dollars worth of money off coupons coming to me in the mail.
  • They are on products that are reasonably priced and that I use quite often.
  • My family effortlessly has about $100 taken off our budget on something that took me only an hour to do.

We can now spend it on things such as a hotel night away or towards a vacation or project on our house.

It is best to use this method on products that are inexpensive such as beans, pasta, canned veggies, or popcorn. You may also use it on products that you love and can't do without. I wouldn't try to get money off coupons for things you normally buy. It would lead to overspending on something you don't need.

Go to Your Supermarket's Online Shopping Section

I love going to my local grocery store's online shopping section. You can look at products aisle by aisle.

  • Make a list of all the items that you always buy. Also make a list of products you think would be useful in your household that are not over the cost of $2.50.
  • Write down the products and the names of the companies that make them.
  • Many times if your supermarket doubles coupons you may get the item practically for free.

Many times the customer service representatives advise me that I may call every three months for coupons. Keep your list of toll-free numbers organized so that you don't have to do anymore research on them.

Online Freebie Sites That Are Worth the Time

I have tried nearly all of the freebies web-sites out there during the past few years. Trust me, all of those sites are not worth the time. Sometimes the freebies require you to create an account or get your email spammed out. Some of the others just plain never show up. Probably two out of ten samples I signed up for actually made it into my mailbox.

I wouldn't waste any time with most freebies websites. The only freebies out there that are quality and are worth the time are the ones I have listed below:

1. Target

Even though the freebies on Target's online sample program go pretty fast, it's worth to take advantage of this site. Target has a better variety of freebies compared to other sites. The only thing you have to do in order to receive the freebie is fill out a short survey. The direct link to Target's samples page has plenty of useful information.

2. Walmart

Walmart has generous sized free samples of the newer brands and most current products. I have received a vast amount of high quality freebies including deodorant, coffee, and desserts.

3. Proctor & Gamble

I would highly recommend that you visit Proctor's & Gamble's site and sign up for their free samples and coupons by mail. The only thing you have to do is fill out a brief survey to open an account and sign up. You will receive samples from many Proctor & Gamble brands such as Olay, Crest, and Braun paper towels.

Visit Proctor & Gamble's site and sign up to receive free samples by mail. You will have to fill out a survey in order to open an account and sign up.

4. Allure

I have to say this company offers full-sized and incredible samples. The only thing you must do is fill out the form for the freebie at a certain time of day. There have been a couple samples I have won, but you must make sure you fill out all of your information, answer all of the questions, at the exact time the contest begins, than hit the submit button. It has to be on the exact second! It's worth it, you can receive free cosmetics, lotions, and high end shampoos.

5. Gillette

Gillette has sent me things such as a free razor and razor blades for singing up for their free sample program. All you have to do is create an account, fill out some information, and fill out a short survey. You will receive coupons as well as free samples.

6. Betty Crocker

Betty Croker also has a free sample program. You can go to their web-site, fill out a survey, and receive valuable coupons.

7. L'Oreal

L'Oreal has a great free sample program. If you fill their short form out along with information on your hair type, trust me the free samples will start coming to your mail box. They also have giveaways on hair products that are easy to win.

8. Clorox

I am a big fan of Clorox, they offer a large number of coupons on all of their cleaning products. All you have to do is go on their website and register.

My Final Words

Thank you so much for reading my article. These methods of honest ways of getting free products for your family have created much prosperity in my life. Never underestimate the freedom that saving money can bring to you. My husband and I are in our late thirties with two kids and are already partially retired due to our out of the box ways to save money and thrifty living techniques.

Please feel free to share any methods that you feel have saved your family a lot of cash with short amount of time and effort.


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    • Happymommy2520 profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago from East Coast

      I have had a lot of luck with companies that make pet toys.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      This your articles are going to help my family alot .do you know if any pet stores gives out stuff

    • Ashish Dadgaa profile image


      3 years ago


      Wow, this is amazing. I was unaware about this. I haven't tried it before.

      I reckon I must try this.

      You know what? On each and every hub of yours I am learning something new.

      I am loving it :)

      Bless you Amy.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      This is a great collection of ways to get freebies....I have experienced the freebies from writing complimentary letters including coupons for free items which makes me smile.

      Bookmarking and pinning

      Angels are busy coming to you :D ps

    • Happymommy2520 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from East Coast

      That's really cool. I never knew people did this years ago. It works! I have received a lot of free stuff for just sending some kind words to companies.

    • RoadMonkey profile image


      4 years ago

      That's a great idea. I first heard of that 60 years ago, as a young child. I lived in a small village, where everyone knew everyone else and you could go in and out of people's houses. It was a mining village, the terraced houses opened directly onto the street and old folk often brought a chair out onto the street to watch life go by. Oneold man used to read me his poems. He sent these off to firms and they sent him samples of their products.

    • Happymommy2520 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from East Coast

      Thanks Kristen! I am always trying to come up with ways to make extra money each month. I am glad you enjoyed this article, it works! I hope we can catch up soon. Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 

      4 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Aimee, what a great hub. This is so useful and resourceful. I remember how you hooked me with the free couponing campaign last year. I'm still doing it to this day. I would have to try this one out, especially with Target and others. Thanks for sharing.

    • Glenn Stok profile image

      Glenn Stok 

      4 years ago from Long Island, NY

      You have described a great method for getting free samples. I also had experience with tweeting about my experience.

      Some businesses always monitor Twitter in an effort to stay in the loop with what customers are publicly saying about them. I've had the occasion where they responded to my tweets with a request to call the corporate office to discuss more detail. Then they offered me a gift card in return for my feedback.

    • Happymommy2520 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from East Coast

      Thank you. I would give it a try. It's worth it!

    • Carol Morris profile image

      Carol Morris 

      4 years ago

      What a lovely idea! Spreading the love and getting freebies. I'm not sure that it would work in my country, but I might give it a try.

    • Happymommy2520 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from East Coast

      Thank you!

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 

      4 years ago from California

      This is wonderful! I had no idea!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      Good for you! If you have the time to do it then all the more power to you! Your listing of the various websites all in one article is a helpful resource for penny pinchers.


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