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5 Tips to Lower Your Cox Cable Bill

Audrey and her husband have figured out some tricks to save on their cable bill.

Don't let Cox run up your bill. Read on to learn how to save money on your bill.

Don't let Cox run up your bill. Read on to learn how to save money on your bill.

Are You Tired of High Cable Bills?

Cox Cable and other cable companies have shown unreasonable increases in service fees over the last ten years. The service may be good, but do you want to endure ongoing high prices for bundled services, such as television, Internet and telephone? Are you getting your money’s worth? Many consumers practice frugality but find it almost impossible these days. Both pros and cons exist for this service. You will learn how to lower your bill, the advantages and disadvantages of this company and the high cost of cable service.

Tips to Lower Your Cox Cable Bill

  1. Complain about your cable prices.
  2. Go over your bill line by line.
  3. Bundle your cable accounts.
  4. Complain about scams.
  5. Get rid of charges.

1. Complain About Cable Prices

Our total bill was $273.00, so my husband called to ask about the high prices and a desire to switch companies. The last time it happened, the representative lowered our bill by $46.00 or $552.00 per year. Now we pay $153.96 for television, $60.99 for Internet, $38.95 for telephone and $25.67 for other fees. The company even sent a check to a woman for $100.00 in addition to lowering her bill. That doesn't happen often these days.

The main problem continues to be the exorbitant prices that suddenly increase with little warning. You have to constantly read the small print with the bill, which warns viewers about increases in fees. Our Internet is the Preferred Internet with Powerboost for computers with large downloads. Seven years ago, when we began service with the company, the Internet bill was $30.99. Our Internet is in the medium price range, and the highest one is almost $100.00. We never told the company we had large downloads, so I do not know how the company decided to use that tier.

In an article comparing cable Internet service providers, the five top services were listed, and Cox was number five, with price as the main complaint. The bills for Internet in the United States exceed the cost in all countries.

2. Go Over Bill Line by Line

Another customer’s bill increased, so she called the company and went over the bill line by line. When she got to extra fees, the representative told her to forget some of the entries. As a result, this customer’s bill decreased.

3. Bundle Cable Accounts

If you have not bundled the three services—telephone, Internet, and television, you might consider saving money through this effort. We save $43.00 per month through bundling. It is convenient to have these three services under one company.

4. Complain About Scams

You might try to lower your bill by complaining about scams. One issue with our Internet is an ad on the home page. I noticed it popped up, and often ads popped up on their webmail site. After investigating further, I learned it is a scam ad that lures you to a site that takes advantage of customers. On the webmail site, flashing popups tell you to download drivers or other strange requests. We called the company, and the rep told us the home page ad is space sold to another company. Thinking this was strange, I checked it out on the Internet. Finding other complaints about this ad and other popup ads made me more suspicious. Then I found complaints that some customers called the company, and reps stated that, for a fee, they would remove the front page ad from the screen. These customers, livid, called back, and no one would admit to such a scheme. You might complain about the nuisance of these ads on their pages and say you need your bill reduced to compensate for it.

5. Get Rid of Charges

Getting rid of some of the charges is another way to get your bill lowered on your own. We pay $26.99 for two movie channels after a recent discount. You can buy a device that plays movies and then rent movies you really want to see. You will have an expense initially to purchase the machine, but the savings should come later.

You might try eliminating your landline telephone and using your cell phone. This would save us $38.45 per month.

The Internet with Powerboost may not appeal to you, and a slower speed will save you money.

Lower Cox bill to save money

Lower Cox bill to save money

Strange Happenings

Suddenly one day, a service truck came to replace boxes in many yards, including ours, due to outage complaints. According to the contractor, the boxes had defects in the wiring. It was a strange experience, as he said he rang the front doorbell, and no one answered, so he turned off our power without our knowledge. When we saw him in the yard and found out, we said, “Oh no, our computers are on.” I had just restored my computer by wiping it clean. Luckily, nothing happened. You need to ensure your doorbell fully functions, as you never know when someone may discontinue power.

The television seems to have problems. Cox has added something new, whereby when you select a channel, the screen briefly turns black and then asks if you want to select that channel. We already selected that channel.

Good Points the Company Makes

  • Internet—The Internet is fast, seldom breaks down, and has stability and good customer service.
  • Television—It seldom goes out in bad weather, is reliable, has good customer service, immediately replaceable cable boxes, and immediate repair for problems, either by telephone or a home visit.
  • Telephone—It has a clear tone, is reliable and quick to repair for any problems.


The five tips become imperative to lower your Cox Cable bill. and people find success by using these methods. The effort paid off for us. Every time the bill goes up, you might consider calling the company to win the battle against high cable bills. Remember, the United States has the highest cable prices for Internet, especially, than any other country. Consumers in other countries can also use these tips. If you want to lower the bill, you must work smarter in your efforts. You do not have to pay these prices, so fight for your rights with any cable company, not just Cox. Be a winner in the cable war.



vikinglovesbig on December 05, 2018:


Noitall on October 17, 2018:

none of what you state actually helps you lower your bill.

Ellen on December 14, 2017:

"You need to ensure your doorbell fully functions, as you never know when someone may discontinue power."

Well no one is going to just cut your power without a notification, because grand ma's ventilator is plugged in and the she dies. And then we sue. And we win.

Who wrote this article? Cox?

Mechele on October 23, 2016:

Out of the "helpful" articles I have yet to see the actual Cox Cable customer RETENTION department number. Calling customer service sends my to "Peggy" in Bangladesh whom only goes through the verbatim sheet in front of her.

I am tired of the high costs.

We were paying $159 including taxes and fees. We decided to upgrade. By upgrading to a bundle that included adding a home phone (which I didn't want, and don't use) my bill would have been $130. I selected the bundle, scheduled an installation time and waited patiently. At the end of the 2hr window no representative came. I called customer service and was asked "Did you speak with a third part represenative?" Uh, well no. No one called and there was no indication I NEEDED to. Nonetheless, by the time the whole situation was resolved the bundle was "no longer available"

We now pay $199 a month. For basic contour TV, Premium Internet (100Mbps), and basic home phone (which is stuffed in a closet).

I have Google Cox Communications and cox cable retention department/center and just get directed to the official website or customer service.

Audrey Howitt from California on September 22, 2016:

This bill drives me crazy--it is so expensive and every once in a while I call, and they will reduce it for a bit, but then, it goes back up--do you remember when tv was free??

Audrey Selig (author) from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on June 17, 2015:

Hi Lindacee Everything is so high today with companies taking advantage of consumers. We do what you do and complain and try to get a reduction. Usually it works, but it gets old after a while. We cancelled our paid movie channels recently. There really isn't much to watch on TV anymore. S9me channels bring back old movies that you have seen in the 90s and don't want to watch again. Many movies are B movies. Thanks for your kinf comments. Blessings, Audrey

Audrey Selig (author) from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on June 17, 2015:

Hi Flourish Sorry to be replying late, as I missed you. I wished I could have compared cable in the US, as many people don't have Cox. It would be quite revealing. All companies are profiting too much and not helping consumers. Some senior citizens drew up a petition to get a flat rate, but they got nowhere. I think Cox is among the highest priced cable bills. Thanks for stopping by with your interesting comments. I love to read your hubs. Blessings, Audrey

Linda Chechar from Arizona on June 17, 2015:

Every time DirecTV increases their rates and cut channels, we call, complain and get a slight price reduction. We currently have DirecTV, Vonage for phone and Cox for internet. Even if we bundled, we'd still be paying about the same for lesser plan levels. We're seriously considering cutting the cord and going with a streaming video service--we don't watch that much TV anyway.

FlourishAnyway from USA on April 07, 2015:

I used to live in an area serviced by Cox and it was high. I will be glad to see cable companies go out of business. They are all a rip-off. Of course, they'll be replaced by something else. Cell phone providers are awful too. I wish people would provide a comparison of where they are in the US and what they pay for cable. It may be eye-opening. I live in Virginia and pay almost $79 monthly for basic service (no premium channels like HBO). Sheesh.

Audrey Selig (author) from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on March 06, 2015:

Hi DDE - Thank you for commenting on my hub. I have been out of pocket, so am late getting back to you. You are lucky not to have these issues. There is often no competition for cable, so prices are high. I do enjoy reading your hubs and hope to stop by soon. Blessings, Audrey

Audrey Selig (author) from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on March 06, 2015:

Hi Writer Fox - You have great points that we should not rely on customer service to offer best options. You must investigate and find the best answers for your own needs. Sorry to be so late in commenting but have been out of pocket. It is so great you stopped by to comment, and I am glad to be back in the fold. Blessings. Audrey

Audrey Selig (author) from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on March 06, 2015:

Thanks poetryman for commenting on my hub. Cable bills are out of sight, and the movies are not the greatest and cost a lot of money for the subscription. I agree it may be a good idea to get rid of cable. In most areas, there is one choice for cable. At least that is true for my area. I wish I knew a good answer. I need to read some of your hubs. Blessings, Audrey