50 Free Things to Do During a "No-Spend" Week

Updated on April 20, 2020
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Lynn is a mother of two always looking to save a few dollars and constantly researching new ways to improve her and her families lifestyle.

You don't need to spend money to have fun. Use the ideas in this article to make the most of your no-spend week.
You don't need to spend money to have fun. Use the ideas in this article to make the most of your no-spend week. | Source

Are There Actually Things To Do Without Spending Money?

There are many reasons why we try to save money. Whether your reason is a new home, a wedding, a family vacation, or just to have a little cushion, it's totally attainable.

I am sure by now you have heard of the "No-Spend Challenge." Basically, you choose an amount of time per day, week, or month during which you spend no extra money. You budget out the exact amount you need for bills, food, and gas put the rest into savings.

I decided to give it a go, but before I did, I needed to do a little preparing. You can read about that in my article, "How to Prepare for a No-Spend Week." One of the things I wanted to do was create a list of all the free things we could do in our area (weather permitting) or in our home to make this a little more bearable.

Get Others' Input

The first list I created on my own, and it turned out to be slightly selfish. I was listing things I wanted to get accomplished. For instance . . .

  1. Organize the Closet
  2. Catch up on Netflix
  3. Clean out the Cupboards

These are just a few I had listed. My children, on the other hand, balked at the list, so I made them create one of their own. They each listed three to five things they thought we could do that would be fun but free.

I combined the lists so that we all had some activities we wanted to do. I broke them down into activities to do outside of the house (weather permitting) and activities to do inside of the house.

Sitting around a fire is something anyone can enjoy.
Sitting around a fire is something anyone can enjoy. | Source

25 Free Outdoor Activities

  1. Explore a local park.
  2. Watch a high school game.
  3. Go swimming at a local beach.
  4. Visit a local museum or farm.
  5. Pick up a scrimmage game with friends or family.
  6. Visit family.
  7. Check out festivals in your area (depends on the season and if they are free to attend).
  8. Paint motivational messages on rocks and leave around town for others to find.
  9. Have a family car wash.
  10. Have a yard sale.
  11. Go hiking.
  12. Blow bubbles and play red rover or hide and seek.
  13. Draw sidewalk art or build a snow fort (depending on the season).
  14. See a free movie playing in the park or at the library.
  15. Volunteer.
  16. Explore your city as a tourist.
  17. Try to find the constellations on a starry night
  18. Play photographer by taking photos in your area to tell a story.
  19. Have a bonfire.
  20. Pack a picnic and have lunch in the park.
  21. Check out local farmers' markets and eat free samples.
  22. Catch fireflies, jump in leaves, or have a snowball fight (depending on the season).
  23. Go for a bike ride.
  24. Visit the SPCA or a local animal shelter.
  25. Visit your local library.

nothing beats a good book and a cup of coffee or tea.
nothing beats a good book and a cup of coffee or tea.

25 Free Indoor Activities

  1. Organize your closets.
  2. Have a movie night.
  3. Rearrange rooms.
  4. Have a family board game night.
  5. Binge-watch Netflix.
  6. Finally read that book.
  7. Play charades.
  8. Research where to take your next vacation.
  9. Earn a little extra by selling unwanted items on eBay.
  10. Build a blanket fort.
  11. Work on creating a family budget.
  12. Deep clean everything.
  13. Start a new exercise routine.
  14. Reminisce by looking through old photos.
  15. Invite friends and family over for a potluck lunch.
  16. Listen to a podcast.
  17. Try a new recipe ( if you have items on-hand).
  18. Have a living room picnic.
  19. Have a trivia night (family edition—make up your own questions)
  20. Learn a new odd skill (knot tying, juggling, etc.).
  21. Have a spa day (home manicures, foot rubs etc.).
  22. Start a journal.
  23. Go on a scavenger hunt for loose change (finders keepers).
  24. Research a topic that interests you.
  25. Finally read or try all those pins you've been pinning on Pinterest.

Binge-watching Netflix is always a blast.
Binge-watching Netflix is always a blast.

These lists are just some suggestions to get you started. Once you start thinking, you will be amazed at all the free things you will find to do. Participating in this week of free activities helped us see our area in a whole different way and get a few things done inside the house.

I would love to hear about any ideas for other free activities that you have come up with in the comments below. We are planning a no-spend week once a month and all suggestions help! Have fun and enjoy your time with the family or just by yourself!

Have you ever had a no-spend week?

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