Amazon- How to Save When Shopping

Updated on April 27, 2016


If you are someone who loves to shop, you know how difficult it can be at times to find a deal. If you have a big family, this is especially important. You want to save money all the while saving money for other much needed items. Birthdays are special and other holidays mean tons of shopping for little ones. If you want to provide a big Christmas for your children or grandchildren but are worried that you can't afford it, here are some ways to help save money for the big event.

Use Price Match

Amazon during the holiday season offers daily deals that will allow you to purchase specific items for a much lower price than they usually sell those items for. The variety of items will vary from tools to toys to electronics.

Some of the items can be found specifically online however many of the items you can also find in your local stores. The stores in your area may or may not price match. Also, stores like Wal-Mart may price match other Wal-Mart stores depending on the manager of your store.

If you are shopping for items like toys, many of the deals can be price matched at your local ToysRUs. I for one participate in this deal at Christmas time.

A few years ago, I was watching for the deals on Amazon when I came across a number of items that my kiddos wanted. I carefully looked up the different prices at local stores near me and when I found the items in stock, I went to the local store.

I went into ToysRUs one night, found the item I wanted along with a number of toys that were only a dollar and went to the register. The Toy Story Light up Buzz Lightyear was originally 59 dollars. I looked at the woman running the register and told her I had a price match. I pulled up Amazon where the item was on sale for only 11 dollars and made them price match it. The manager had to be called to the front to verify and to allow the transaction to go through because of the big price difference. He was not at all pleased when I walked off with this really pricey toy for just a few dollars.

I kept doing this everyday for a number of weeks. Each night, I would make a trip to the local stores and price match the items. That same manager would see me come In the store and you could just see the steam pouring out his ears.

Search for Deals

What you might not know about Amazon is that they offer a variety of items for only a few cents on a dollar. There are even items on Amazon that are only a penny. While these items are not generally advertised as just being a penny, you will need to search the site to see if you can find them. Many of the items include some jewelry items as well as makeup and utensils for makeup.

If you come across any of the items that are cheap, you may end up paying for shipping which can range from just a few cents on a dollar up depending on how much you order and if the items are all coming from the same person.

If you come across a number of items that you want to purchase from the same person, make sure that you order enough items to qualify for free shipping. Usually anything over 35 dollars is going to be free shipping and for some shoppers, if you have Amazon Prime, there is usually free shipping on those items as well.

Amazon Prime

If you plan on doing a lot of shopping on Amazon, the one thing that you might benefit from is Amazon Prime. With Amazon Prime, you will start off with a free trial which when it runs out, you will then be charged the cost for the year. During certain times of the year, the cost will be lowered or you can pay full price right off the bat and then take full advantage of the shops and stores who are selling the items with free shipping. If the stores you are dealing with do not offer free shipping to Prime members, you can still search for the same item being sold by other members and click for free shipping through those stores.

Just because one store is selling a specific item for 5 dollars for example, it does not mean that other stores are going to sell it for the same price or slightly lower. There are going to be other offers sold by other stores and shipping will vary depending on what those stores are selling the items as. If you really want to catch a deal, you will want to make sure that you check out all other offers before fully placing your order. Also know that prices will go up at any point in time therefore if you find something that you want but do not know if you want to order it right now, just know that you can come back in an hour and the price be higher or it could even be lower.


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