Birthdays on a Budget: Cheap Birthday Gift Ideas

Updated on March 19, 2018

You Want to Spend All Your Money on Them

We all want to give the people that we love everything in the world, right? Of course we do, they could have the world if we could afford it. But sadly, we can't always afford to give our loved ones what they deserve, and it can be really upsetting sometimes. But whilst you may not be able to buy them a yacht or a plane ticket to a destination of their choice, you can still spoil them and show them how much you care about them without spending money that you just don't have.

Make it All About Them

It is their birthday, it should be about them anyway, but some people seem to forget this. Keep the focus on them all day, handle any problems that might crop up by yourself and keep arguments and conflict away from them. This will make them feel calm and relaxed. Basically, every day life can suck sometimes, give them a day off from it. Sometimes, all it takes is one day to recharge your batteries and feel like a new person, this means you doing stuff for them has had a major effect.

They get to make the decisions for the day, what they want for breakfast, lunch or dinner, what they watch on TV and you have to go along with it, it is about making the day about them and making them feel special. You hogging the limelight and making all of the decisions won't make it a very nice birthday for them. Be selfless, it will make them feel really special.

Make an Effort

Make a big fuss of them, bring them their favorite breakfast in bed on a tray with a few flowers, you can get some beautiful flowers at a great price from places like Aldi and Lidl now. Bake their favorite cake as their birthday cake and make an effort when you are decorating it, they will see the effort you put in and be impressed that you tried so hard. I made my wife an "Ice Truck Killer" cake from Dexter one year and she said it was her favourite cake she ever had because she is obsessed with Dexter.

One or Two Thoughtful Gifts

Most people tend to spend lots of money on someone on their birthday and they end up giving them presents that they don't really need. Stick to one or two gifts that you know they will like. This means paying attention to subtle (or not so subtle) hints throughout the year, keep your ears open and make a list.

And remember that their birthday comes the same time every year, there is no real excuse for being surprised by it! Start saving up as soon as you can, it doesn't matter how small the amounts are, as long as you are starting to prepare, it will make the actual birthday run a bit more smoothly.

Cook Their Favorite Meal

It doesn't matter what it is, even if it is tinned spaghetti on toast, make it for them, lay the table nice and fancy and make the best darn tinned spaghetti on toast you have ever made.

If you're not a confident cook, watch a couple of YouTube videos of the recipe you are making and follow instructions very carefully.

If you are a totally useless cook, get one of those meal deals that shops do now, you can get mains, sides and a pudding for £10, it's pretty much foolproof if you know how to use the microwave, if you don' then I don't know what to tell you.

A cake I made for my wife, her favourite show is Dexter.
A cake I made for my wife, her favourite show is Dexter.

Decorate the House

Decorations like streamers and banners don't cost much at all, and it really helps to make a person feel special when they come downstairs in the morning and see all of the stuff there just for them. It's a nice surprise and can help to put someone in a good mood all day.

Do Something Different

Something you know they will like, whether it is a day at the beach or a local festival, do something that you don't normally do. It's about things they like and also breaking the routine so things feel a bit different.

I know taht "A change is as good as a rest" is a bit cliche, but it's true, just doing something out of the ordinary can really help someone feel a bit special.

A Thoughtful Card

With the amount of photo card websites available, there really is no excuse for a cheap and nasty looking card, particularly as most photo card websites are now about the same price as a semi decent high street card. Pick either your favorite photo of them, or their favorite photos and put them on an appropriate card.

It doesn't matter whether it is dripping with romance or it is weird and funny, if you know they will like it, get that one.

Do the Jobs They Hate

Whether it is doing the dishes or taking out the bins, you do it on their birthday. It's only fair, nobody should be doing housework on their birthday, not in my book anyway.

It doesn't matter if you are rubbish at it, just do it, the fact that you have made an effort will be really special to them.

Make Them Feel Loved

Making someone feel special and important is not just something that should be done on a birthday, but it certainly needs to happen on someone's birthday, and it doesn't have to cost the earth.

Kid's Birthdays

Kids like things, especially kids nowadays, and I don't know if it is because I was brought up in a huge family, or because I am knocking on a bit, but the things kids seem to want are so expensive. And of course you don't want your child to go without, you want your child to have the same things that everyone else has, but sadly, those things come at a high price.

Ask them one thing they really want, more than anything else and aim for that, it might mean that they only get one thing in total, but if they really want it, it's worth it.

Again, their birthday comes at the same time every single year, so you should really be saving your money wherever you can for birthdays. Even just £2 per week will leave you with £104 after a year, and you will barely notice that money not being spent.

Have the Party at Your House

Yes, your house will be invaded with tiny people, but you won't have to shell out the ridiculous prices that some places charge. You also don't have to pay their extortionate food prices wither, because you can make or buy all of the food yourself, even doing this would still work out cheaper than the venue alone. Just double check dietary requirements.

Birthdays Can Be Cheaper

No matter what age someone might be, you can give them a really brilliant birthday on a tight budget.

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