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Dosh App Review: Can You Actually Get Cash Back?

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What Is Dosh?

Dosh is an app that gives you bonus cash back when you make purchases at select retailers. All you have to do is link your credit card to the app. But is it legit?

Here's how to use Dosh and how to keep your credit card information safe.

Dosh Wallet Review

I've been using Dosh for over 3 months with 2 credit cards. I choose cards and services that help me max out the rewards on things I buy anyway.

Dosh gives an extra boost without a lot of hoops to jump through. Checkout the pros and cons of the service and read on for more detail on each:


  • Easy to use
  • Secure and safe
  • Credit card rewards stacking opportunities


  • Offers are mostly restaurants
  • Doesn't accept Discover cards

Review Summary: If you’re willing to submit your credit card information, Dosh is a great option to earn extra cash back. Its only drawbacks are the same as those you will find with similar services, such as Yelp Rewards and Swagbucks Local.

Is Dosh Safe?

To earn cash back with purchases through Dosh you need to first link your credit card. This means entering the card number, expiration date, and security code just like you would when buying anything online. But no billing address is necessary.

Is Dosh Secure?

There are two things that should concern you when entering payment information online:

  1. Will this service make unauthorized payments on my card?
  2. Will this service protect my information so other services can’t steal my information to make unauthorized payments?

The first concern hardly shows up when using a reputable company. A legitimate business has so much more to lose in reputation and fraud lawsuits by charging your card without your approval than they would gain with a few transactions.

The second concern is something you should always consider when entering any personal information online. A business that has the best intentions for privacy but isn’t secure enough to protect your information puts you right in the path of identity theft. But in the case of Dosh, their app is encrypted and card information is stored by Braintree.

Using a service like Dosh or Swagbucks Local does come with more exposure you should be aware of beyond making a typical purchase online. Dosh makes the personal information you enter available to the merchants where you use your card. This “personal information” can be:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Phone Number

The information is anonymized before it is shared with merchants. They use the information for marketing purposes. You can read more information about all this in their Terms of Service. It’s actually pretty brief and easy to understand.

Is your information secure?

Is your information secure?

How to Use Dosh

Sign up, link a card and earn rewards for using it normally. That’s it. Since Dosh offers only the card service there’s no wading through the other areas of the app.

But I do wish they had the ability to add your card via the phone's camera. As a blooming credit card churner and rewards fiend, I have 3-4 cards in my regular rotation at any given time. Entering them all in is a pain.


The majority of the offers on the app are from restaurants. This is great if you eat out often. Not so great if you’re trying to save by attacking the Dining Out category of your budget. Restaurants seem to be the focus of other services also, maybe even more so.

They do include other retailers like Sam's Club, pharmacies, and World Market so it's possible to get cash back on basic purchases without restaurants.
Something I like about Dosh that makes it way easier to use than Shop Through Chase or Discover Deals for cash back is that they alert you immediately when you’ve earned cash back on a purchase. The app shows you how much you earned from which purchases. This takes the guesswork out of earning.

Dosh Vs Yelp Rewards and Swagbucks Local

Each credit card can only be linked to either Yelp Rewards, Dosh, or Swagbucks Local. And yes, they will know. Even though it’s tempting to try to stack cash back you will be rejected if you try to link a card to more than one service!

No Discover Cards

You can’t link a Discover card. They only accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. That’s aggravating for anyone that uses a Discover card for rewards points. But the same is true for Swagbucks Local and Yelp Rewards.

Minimum Cash Out Balance

The minimum rewards balance you need to have before Dosh will let you transfer the money to your bank account is $25. With the $5 bonus from linking your first card, getting a few referrals and a few months of regular use should get you to the payout.

Dosh gives you extra cash back on top of typical card rewards.

Dosh gives you extra cash back on top of typical card rewards.

How Does Dosh Make Money?

Okay, we all know there's no such thing as free money. Credit card companies offer percentage rewards because they make a bit off of each transaction you make anyway.

So, how is Dosh able to give you an additional percentage for using a card you linked?

Dosh doesn’t make money by stealing your credit card information and using it to buy stuff. They earn money from the anonymized information about card users and the transactions that they give to Empyr. Anonymized means that such a large amount of data is being passed off that there's no way to track one person’s activity directly. That's how they earn their money and they're willing to share a bit with you in return. How nice!

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