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5 Things You Need to Know About Amazon Subscribe and Save

I have two boys, and without little time- and money-savers like Amazon, we'd live in a state of near-constant chaos!

Why I Use Amazon's Subscribe and Save

Why I Use Amazon's Subscribe and Save

Why I Use Amazon Subscribe and Save

Amazon Subscribe and Save is an excellent tool for busy moms. I have two boys myself, aged 10 months and almost 5, and without little time- and money-savers like Amazon, we'd live in a state of near-constant chaos! Before I get into the five things you should know, let me explain why I use it:

  1. I'm busy! Chances are, I may not notice we're low on diapers until, well, we're out of diapers. Yeah, it's not fun. Amazon Subscribe and Save lets you put those items on auto-pilot. Once a month, my diapers magically arrive at my doorstep.
  2. Every penny counts. I have two children in daycare. Let's be real: Having kids is expensive. Not only do you save 5% using Subscribe and Save, but you also get five items or more delivered together and, voila, you save 15%!
  3. I get access to items that local stores don't carry. I can't stress this enough. We recently moved to an itty bitty town with an itty bitty grocery store with itty bitty selections. Amazon allows me access to items that this little place doesn't even know exist. That's especially important when you're trying to pick the best things for your kiddos.

And, here's a bonus: the boxes. They're giant. They make great pretend houses or forts on rainy afternoons. Just saying. We had sandwiches for dinner that night—in the box—and then we drew windows and doors on it, as well as a two-car garage (his idea). I was obviously feeling like Super Mom. I'll attribute that to Amazon as well, since that's definitely not the norm.

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5 Things You Should Know Before Using Subscribe and Save

  1. Do your price-per-unit research. Don't go crazy here, but make sure you do your research. Amazon has great deals on a ton of items, but sometimes... not so much. We are also Costco members, so I like to go online and do price comparisons before I buy. Costco is great to measure against, since they have crazy good deals as well. Tip alert: You can still have access to a lot of Costco's items online, even without a membership. But here's the thing: make sure when you're comparing, you're using PRICE PER UNIT comparisons! 100 diapers for $25 is NOT as good a deal as 200 for $49. That's basic math, but sometimes it can get confusing. Just remember: price divided by number of units (that's number of items, or pounds, or ounces, or however the particular product is measured) equals your price per unit.
  2. Factor in the Subscribe and Save 5% ... or 15%. This is where it gets fun. As I mentioned before, you automatically get 5% off for using Subscribe and Save. (Tip alert: Diapers are always 20% off using S&S) So, when you're doing your price comparisons, just multiply the Amazon price by .95 to get the Subscribe and Save price (items must be listed as Subscribe and Save eligible, by the way). Then, once you get the hang of things and start realizing how much you can save, you'll want to start adding more... and more... to your subscription. Once you hit five items (per delivery), that delivery gets 15% off. Most of the time, that discount makes Amazon the better deal, but not always, so still make sure you do your research.
  3. You get to choose how often the items come. Good stuff here! Only need a massive delivery of toilet paper every three months? No problem. Need two boxes of diapers every single month? You got it. Amazon allows you to customize your subscriptions, which is amazing. We get Larabars monthly, for example (necessity), but baby wipes only every two months.
  4. Everything is on auto-pilot, but you get a reminder. This is the best part. Once you set it up, your items magically appear on your doorstep at the time you've subscribed for. Yay, no more dirty looks from the daycare when we run out of diapers! (Please tell me I'm not alone) But don't worry; Amazon sends you a reminder email before your items get shipped, just in case you want to change your order. Notice you're accumulating way too many baby wipes? No problem, you can skip a delivery entirely if you need to.
  5. Shipping is free! And also: coupons. Shipping for all of this is totally free, which you may be used to if you're a Prime member (the best). But even if you're not, shipping is still free. Awesome. And also—be on the lookout for subscribe-and-save coupons. Many items offer a hefty little discount on your first delivery.

Some of My Favorite Subscribe and Save Items

  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Larabars. I'm busy, so when I discovered the amazing world of Larabars, I subscribed to those suckers. I've included the link above if you want to subscribe too. (And by the way, there's a 25% off coupon for your first delivery!)
  2. Plum Kids Organic Fruit and Veggie Mashups. Yes, please. And they're only 70 cents a pop!
  3. Dixie Paper Plates. I pretty much ugly cry when I have to do too many dishes, so paper plates are a must in our household. I get these delivered every two months.

Subscribe and Save Is for Winners

When you're a mom, sometimes you feel like you're not winning. At anything. It's these sweet little things, like giant boxes of consumables, that can take your day and turn it completely around. I vote you get on the train. Head on over to Amazon to get started, and let me know how it goes in the comments!


Winn on July 08, 2017:

Watch out for Amazon's Subscribe & Save program. Your order does not ship right away and when it does, you are charged the price AT THE TIME IT'S SHIPPED, EVEN FOR THE FIRST ORDER, and not for the price you think you are getting it for at the time you place the order. I had ordered several S&S items FOR THE FIRST TIME and when they were about to ship I noticed the prices had tripled on 4 of the items, and doubled on 1 item. You can expect the prices to go up after the initial order, but I never expected them to go up before they shipped me the first order!

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