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Updated on June 25, 2019
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About Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is a program created by Microsoft to reward users for interacting with Bing and other Microsoft products. You can earn gift cards and other similar rewards with Microsoft Rewards.

This article will go over ways you can earn points for free and what you need to do to earn these points.

The Microsoft Rewards about me website.
The Microsoft Rewards about me website. | Source

Is Microsoft Rewards Worth Using?

Microsoft Rewards Is Worth Using

I think the program is worth the time to interact with. The main reward I get often is Amazon gift cards, but there are some other neat rewards as well.

You Can Get Various Gift Cards

You can also use points to get digital gift cards for various stores. I think the most noteworthy gift card you can receive is Amazon gift cards. There are multiple Microsoft gift cards you can get.

The gift card options you can choose from.
The gift card options you can choose from. | Source

Don't Try To Cheat The Program

Search like Normal

Keep in mind Microsoft expects you to use Bing naturally and they do not want to give you points for nonsensical searches. If you stray too far away from normal searching, Microsoft can and probably will ban you.

I Use Bing as Additional Search Engine

I still mostly use Google as my main search engine so when I want to search for something I search in Google and Bing in separate tabs.

Search for Things You Are Interested In

When I do want to search for points, I search for news stories or things I heard about recently or I look up terms or concepts. Put some thought into your searches and everything and will go fine.

Don't Use Auto Search or Bots

It also should be obvious that using auto searches and bots this is cheating. Keep in my mind if Microsoft catches you cheating, they have every right at the point to ban you.

Only Use One Account

You are only allowed one Microsoft Rewards account. I know some people make multiple accounts to try to earn gift cards faster and these people also tend to overlap with people who cheat using bots and auto searches.

I know I am starting to sound repetitive but keep in mind if you do this Microsoft can ban you for doing this.

The Dashboard

You access all the actives from your dashboard, and this is where you see all the activities you can complete in a day. You can see how many points you can earn in a day and other useful information here.

The dashboard. You can access all of the activities from here.
The dashboard. You can access all of the activities from here. | Source

Earn Points by Searching with Bing

Search Online for Things

One of the main ways to earn points to search with Bing and you can earn from searches made by computers and smartphones.

There Is a Daily Limit on How Many Points You Can Earn

There is a daily limit of how many points you can from searching and the mobile and desktop searching each have their own limits.

How To Earn Points From Quizzes

Earnings points from quizzes are the most consistent way to earn points with Microsoft Rewards if you are willing to put in the time to do them. Quizzes normally involve answering short questions that can look up with Bing.

The searches you make answering quiz questions also earns you points so keep this in mind.

Other Activities to Do for Points

In addition to quizzes, Microsoft also has activities that reward 10 points when you click on them. I like these tasks as they are very easy to complete. These activities involve clicking on something and waiting for pages to load.

Some of the extra activities you can do to earn extra points for Microsoft Rewards.
Some of the extra activities you can do to earn extra points for Microsoft Rewards. | Source

Earning Extra Points from Emails

If you do not opt out Microsoft also sends Microsoft Rewards emails with bonus activities, you can complete for extra points occasionally. These activities and quizzes are the same you see on your dashboard.

Every once a while Microsoft sends bonus points to users in these emails, so they are worth checking.

Earning Extra Points with Microsoft Edge

If you use Microsoft Rewards while signed in the Microsoft Edge web browser, you can do a few extra activities each day.

Microsoft has also given extra points in the past for just using the Edge browser on computers and on phones, and they may do so again in the future.

While I am not the biggest fan of the Edge browser, I was willing to test using it to earn some extra rewards points as I felt the incentive was worth it.

Getting Extra Points from Daily Streaks

If you complete your daily set of actives every day, you will earn a nice amount of extra points. Doing all the daily set activities is a nice way to get some easy bonus points.

The daily streak information.
The daily streak information. | Source

The Bonus For Reaching Reward Level Two

About Level Two

Reaching level two gives multiple bonuses in addition to what you can already earn with Microsoft Rewards. To reach level two you need to earn 500 points in a month.

These are the bonuses you get for getting to level two

  • Access to member sales and discounts, with exclusives for Level Two members
  • Get up to 10% off when redeeming rewards from Microsoft brands
  • You can earn up to 250 points per day searching with Bing.

Recap of How to Earn Points

  1. Search naturally on Bing and do not cheat.
  2. Do the daily quizzes and activities
  3. Participate in the program often.

My Final Thoughts on Microsoft Rewards

Overall Microsoft Rewards is good. To get rewards often you need to use the program every day and use Microsoft services frequently.

Even slight casual use will eventually earn gift cards though, and I would recommend everybody join the program. It is free, and there is no downside to joining.

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      • EricFarmer8x profile imageAUTHOR

        Eric Farmer 

        21 months ago from Rockford Illinois

        Microsoft Rewards can not be used in some countries. Sorry.

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        21 months ago This is the site i met 7 days earlier. It guide me to how to sign in bing rewards dashboard. But when i tried to sign up for bing rewards dashboard i got a message that bing rewards are not available in your region. What does it means?


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