50 Kick Ass Companies That Will Send You Expensive Free Products If You Write Them A Compliment Letter


My name is Aimee. I am just an average busy mother and freelance writer that loves to spend time with my family. Last month my husband and I started thinking about giving our children the Christmas they always dreamed of but like many others we could not afford it. Finally a light bulb went off in my head about this creative way I could raise a lot of extra money for my children this holiday season.

How My Project Started

One day I was organizing my pantry and looking at all of the products I buy to fill my families everyday needs. As I was skimming the boxes of pancake mix, brownies, and cereal, I started to think about how much money I have spent over the years on these products. A huge chunk of my income has went to these giant corporations that make our food and other consumable products. Wouldn't it be nice if they finally gave me something back?

The Benefit of My Project

The way I see things is that I can waste many hours sitting in front of the television or being on the internet and gain absolutely nothing. On the flipside, if I use these hours in a more efficient way by writing compliment e-mails to about 150 of my favorite companies of the brands I love and ask them for a free sample or a free coupon they might send me something good.

My First Goal

My first goal was actually different than what I ended up doing. When I started my project I planned on browsing the products in my home, grabbing as many as I could and writing down the mailing addresses of each one. It wasn't that easy! It ended up being a lot harder than I thought.

First of all, most of the items had the companies city and state but no actual address. When I did find an address it ended up being one I already had. Many of the products in my pantry were made by Kraft, Nestle, and General Mills. Most of the products in my cleaning closet were Church & Dwight, Proctor & Gamble, and Kimberly Clark. I realized pretty quickly that finding a large amount of different products around my house with different addresses wasn't going to happen. I decided to change my plan a little bit .

The Ultimate Goal

When I was at about 25 addresses, I started to lose steam. I had exhausted every product in my home. It was astounding to see how many different products were made by the same few companies. If I wanted to get my last 25 addresses I was going to have to think of companies that were outside of my home. I then broadened my horizons and started getting addresses from other companies such as fast food places, chain stores, coffee places, that kind of stuff. A freebie is a freebie and my project was about getting as much free stuff as I could.

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A Completed Project

After about five hours over the course of two days, I had completed my project. I had e-mailed 150 letters to 150 different companies and it was time to sit back by my computer's inbox and see if I got anything back.

My List

Below is my actual list of companies that I actually received free products from in exchange for my feedback. Many of the letters I wrote were simple and to the point. On the other hand, if it was a company I especially loved, I made it a point to go into more detail. When I started really getting into this project, I decided to write more creatively and from the heart. When I did that I received the best responses and received the most free products!

President Cheese
One coupon for a free package of brie
$10 gift card
Traditional Medicinal's Tea
2 coupons for a free box of tea each
Chuck E. Cheese
one gift card for tokens and pizza
Bird's Eye
one coupon for a free viola meal
Jose Ole
one coupon for a free box of taquitos
Mrs. T. Perrogies
cents of coupons
Celestial Seasonings
two coupons for a free box of tea
One A Day Vitamins
$1 off coupons
Cabot Cheese
one coupon for a free package of cheese
Yogi Tea
one coupon for a free box of tea
Bausch and Lomb
one coupon for a free bottle of solution
Aubrey Organics Inc
one coupons for a free product
Perdue Chicken
$1 off coupons
Science Diet Dog Food
one coupon for a free bag of dog food
Tom's of Maine Tolietries
free samples of toothpaste and small bar of soap
Cape Code Potato Chips
one coupon for a free bag of chips
Red Robin
one certificate good for 2 free burgers
American Dairy Brands
$1 off coupons
Herr's Potato Chips
one coupon for a free bag of chips
Scott Paper Towels
$1 off coupons
Eden Foods
a box of free product samples
Caldrea Laundry Products
free smaples of their hand soap
Ellio's Pizza
one coupon for a free box of pizza
Alpine Lace Cheese
one coupon for a free cheese
Small Planet Foods
$1 off coupons
On Cor Frozen Foods
2 coupons for one free frozen meal each
La Yogurt
4 coupons for 1 free yogurt each
New England Coffee
$1 off coupons
Pure Protein Bars
2 free bars sent to my home
Simply Potatoes
2 coupons for any simply potato product
Blue Diamond Almonds
2 free packages of almonds sent
Dole Foods
cents off coupons
Bic Shavers
one coupon for a free package of razors
Ready Pack Salads
one coupon for a free product
Jimmy Dean Breakfast
one coupon for a free box of breakfast sandwiches
Clear Eyes
one coupon for a free bottle of clear eyes
Jane Cosmetics
free mascara and lip glosss sent
O'Cedar Mops
$1 off coupon
cents off coupons
Malt O' Meal
cents off coupons
Viva Paper Towels
one coupon for a free roll of paper towels
Cedarlane Frozen Foods
three coupons for a free product each
e-mail sign up inforamtion
Tree Top Inc.
3 coupons for a free bottle of apple juice each
Wholesome Sweetner's
5 coupons for a free package of sweetner each
Firestone Tires
discount oil change coupons
Colonial Candle
2 free small candle votives
Neil George Hair Care
2 full size bottles of shampoo/conditioner sent
Earth Therapeutics
1 free sample sent

Some Conclusions

  • An astounding number of companies (mostly the larger ones) do not list their company address on their products. Many of them do not list it on their web-site as well. The best thing to do is contact them via e-mail.
  • Many of the products I found from small companies included their address on the package. Surprisingly, many pet products list the address of their company on their packaging.
  • Many personal hygeine products such as toothpaste, cleaning products, and soap were all made by the same four companies.
  • Some of the companies e-mail addresses were hard to find. It almost seemed intentional. There were some cases when I had to look some of the e-mail addresses up on The Better Business Bureau web-site.

Follow-ups and Free Products

All of my e-mails went out within a two day period. After the first ten minutes of sending out my compliment letters I started hearing back responses from the corporate customer service departments of some of the companies.

My Favorite Freebies I Received

I e-mailed about 150 companies and I have to say I do have a top five favorite list of the ones I received.

1. Celestial Seasonings - the boxes cost around $6 each, I saved about $12.

2. Chuck E. Cheese - my kids had a great time, it was something I don't normally do with them. The card was worth $30.

3. Red Robin - My husband and I love Red Robin and each of our burgers were $15 each, the certificate saved us $30.

4. Oncor Frozen Meals - I don't normally buy frozen meals for my kids. I decided to try these since they were free on a busy night when I didn't have time to make dinner. They were really good and wholesome. They almost tasted like a home cooked hot meal.

5. Bausch & Lomb - I have been buying this contact solution for years. My free bottle saved me $12, it was nice to get something back from a company I am very faithful to.

My Conclusion

I had a lot of fun with this project. It was really liberating to be able to get a lot of free consumable items for doing something creative and honest. I added up how much this project made me. All together including tax I received about $200 worth of free products! My credit card bills were a lot lower due to the amount I shaved off of them on the free items I would normally be purchasing. Being that I spent 5 hours on this project and I earned $200 worth of free valuable items, it would amount to being paid $40 per hour. It was well worth my time and I am $200 richer this holiday season! I will now be able to afford to purchase the extras for my children I wouldn't normally be able to!

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Carrie Smith 3 months ago

This is awesome! Thank you so much for this list and for being so detailed. I have done this before with companies I love (I've written compliment emails, but never asked for a coupon-- yet) and have had great success with Duncan Heinz, Happy Baby (Happy Family), Horizon Organic, Plum Organic, and Greek Gods Yogurt. It is nice to get a personal email back, and a big bonus to be sent a coupon. Thanks again for the article!

Linda Galvan 5 days ago

Great article and awesome idea. Could you add a sample letter? Just to get an idea of how you were able to persuade and compliment them, and did you ask out right for a coupon or sample? What department do you suggest we write to if there are multiple department emails found?

Thank you!

Happymommy2520 profile image

Happymommy2520 4 days ago from East Coast Author

Hi Linda, you would write the letter to the customer service department. Here is a link to my article which includes the sample letter -

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