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How to Find the Best Senior Discounts

Living well on less and saving more is my theme. It raises my bottom line and affects the economy and our environment in a good way.


People on a Fixed Income Can Benefit From Using Discounts

Many seniors are still working at age 65 and even 70, often because of budget restraints. Taking advantage of discounts helps to increase financial security. Once you start your treasure hunt for discounts, you have found a way to regain a little control over the staggering effects of rising costs on a fixed income.

Where Are the Discounts?

The easiest way to find discounts is to conduct an internet search. Plug in the name of the store, event, or activity and the words senior discounts into the search line to get started. I found a $1,000 discount on a motorcycle, 50% off on camping, and a lifetime senior pass to all national parks for $80 just by searching the internet this way. I also found that Ticketmaster offers senior discounts on many of its events. That means discounted seats for theater, concerts, and games.

Discounts are not always advertised, though, so asking is the next best way to find a discount. Ask the waitress, concierge, or barista; ask everyone! It might be your lucky day.

A Free Cup of Coffee

McDonald's offers a free cup of coffee to senior citizens. Many grocery and department stores give a senior discount on their merchandise one day a week, most often on Tuesday or Wednesday, because they are usually slower business days.


Joining AARP will give you access to additional discounts like car rentals and lower prices on health insurance. Although these are all good deals, there are others that are available for the asking.

If You Don't Ask, You Won't Know

If a business doesn't offer a senior discount, they may offer another discount or have a rewards program you can link to, but if you don't ask, you won't know.

I recently married, and on our wedding day, I asked for a senior discount on every restaurant and venue we decided on for our short one-night getaway. The hotel we stayed at gave us a 20% senior discount, but no other activities we booked offered a similar discount.

When I explained that we were celebrating our marriage, though, we got 20% off on two massages, a 20% event discount on a dinner cruise, and a lovely glass of champagne with our dinner at Gershwin's on Granby Street in Norfolk.

If the concierge has the freedom to do so, they may offer you a discount that you wouldn't even think to ask for.

Age Does Matter! Be Proud of Yours!

Whether you are 55 or 65, this is the golden age of discounts. You might want to wear a t-shirt that pronounces the golden age of discounts. It's a fun way to open the conversation. Start asking when you turn 55 for these money-saving treasures; there are a few available even for the younger seniors!

Saving vs. Spending

Think of it this way—if you find a way to save $2.00 at the gas pumps, you will probably need to spend it in the grocery store or on medications. Although saving money may not be possible any longer, using discounts helps you to re-distribute your money better, which can ease your overall financial burden.


Smile and be friendly. You are making a request, not a demand. The old adage "You get more flies with honey than with vinegar" could never be more true.

If the answer is no, wait a few months and then ask again. Policies change, and if you don’t ask, you may miss the chance.

If you save a dollar at a time, the savings can turn into five dollars or ten, or even 20.

If you save a dollar at a time, the savings can turn into five dollars or ten, or even 20.

Extreme Discounts

Did you know that after age 70 and sometimes even 62, many ski resorts let you ski for free? Did you know that you can also get a lifetime pass to all U.S. national parks for 80 dollars after age 62?

I consider these to be extreme discounts because they reward the senior who enjoys an active lifestyle and are worth far more than the few cents on the dollar. Camping fees are slashed for seniors in national parks, some golf courses reduce their fees, ice skating sessions can be discounted during certain days for seniors, and even bowling gets a discount, Greyhound and Amtrak offer discounted travel prices to seniors, and hunting and fishing license fees are waived or discounted in many states across the union. Canada also offers a myriad of senior discounts too. Check out the following list of sites to find examples of discounts for extreme savings:

A lifetime senior pass is available for all U.S national parks.

A lifetime senior pass is available for all U.S national parks.

"Other" Senior Discounts

The term senior discount can be applied in other ways. I get 5 cents a gallon off my gasoline at Shell, but it's not because I am a senior. Everyone with a Shell Fuel Rewards card can get the discount, but since I am a senior, I count it as another senior discount. Moral of the story? Use every discount you can find!


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