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Should I Get an Amazon Prime Membership?

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Tobias is an online writer who likes to keep up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

When introduced their “Amazon Prime Membership” program several years ago, it raised a few eyebrows among consumers.

Originally priced at $79 per year, the program in its original form gave members free two-day shipping on anything sold by Amazon. Looking at the math in those initial years, customers needed to do quite a bit of shopping to break even.

Since its original inception, however, the value of Prime membership has increased exponentially as Amazon keeps adding new features. The costs of the Prime Membership have thus increased to 99$ per year.

In this article we will introduce the key benefits of the Amazon Prime Membership program and give you some saving tips.

Should I get an Amazon Prime Membership Or Not?

Definitely, if you can answer at least two of the following questions with a "yes"

  1. Do I buy more than 10 items a year on
  2. Would I use Amazon Instant to watch movies or TV shows?
  3. Do I use an Amazon Kindle eBook reader?

If at least two answers are "Yes", don't hesitate and try the Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Promise 1: Free Shipping, No Minimum Order Size

The average cost for standard shipping on items from is in the four dollar range while paid two-day shipping averages around ten dollars.

Assuming standard shipping is fast enough for most people to get what they order online, you would need to make around 15 purchases from per year to make the cost of Prime worth it based on shipping costs alone.

While you can find just about anything on the mega-retailer, the majority of customers don’t buy things more than once a month. Luckily for those considering a membership, Amazon has built in a convenient pricing loophole to be able to spread the cost among your family.

If these benefits appeal to you, you should probably get an Amazon Prime Membership. Or not?

If these benefits appeal to you, you should probably get an Amazon Prime Membership. Or not?

Review: Shipping Conditions Compared

 AmazonAmazon Prime

Standard Shipping


Free of charge for most items

Two-Day Shipping


Free of charge for most items

Promise 2: Unlimited Instant Movie and Music Streaming

As if the shipping benefits weren’t good enough, Amazon has continued to add perks over the years as they branch further out with their products.

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Back in 2011, Amazon moved into the video streaming market in an effort to compete with the popular Netflix. Rather than create a separate service for subscribing to their catalog of streaming video titles, however, Amazon bundled it into the Prime subscription.

In 2014, Amazon added free Music streaming to their Prime membership as well. The Prime Music streaming does not include the full music catalog on, but there is still a large selection of popular hits included.

Amazon claims their movie and music streaming catalog contains several thousand titles (though that includes individual TV episodes), so you have lots of great content to choose from. Make the most of the streaming content by taking advantage of every possible way to access it.

In addition to apps on most major smartphones and tablets including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Amazon Prime Videos can be watched on your television through internet-enabled TVs, gaming systems like the Wii and Xbox 360, or streaming media players from companies like Roku or—as recently announced—Apple TV.

Review: Netflix vs. Amazon Prime

 NetflixAmazon Prime


from $7.99 / month (= $95.88 / year)

$99 / year

Video Library



Content Types

Movies, TV Shows

Movies, TV Shows

Video Quality

up to 4K, 3D

up to 1080p


Promise 3: Free Kindle Books

The last benefit that many people fail to take advantage of on Amazon Prime is the free Kindle Lending Library.

This one takes slightly more of an investment than the others because it does require you to own a Kindle device (the apps for phones and tablets don’t work with this program).

Those users with a Kindle and Amazon Prime can borrow one book per month for free from a collection of over 300,000 titles. Read enough and you’ll quickly pay off the price of your Kindle with the savings.

Review: Amazon Prime Kindle Benefits

 AmazonAmazon Prime


~ $10 / book

One free book / month

Overall Conclusion

On the whole, Amazon Prime is one of the most cost effective programs offered by any retailer. Even at $99 per year it’s a good deal for people who shop even casually on Amazon and are interested by the video catalog or Kindle library. Split the cost among your family and the program becomes a steal. With all the benefits, almost anyone could make the $20 per year worth every penny.

Amazon Prime Saving Tips

Take Advantage of the Free Trial recently offers to start your Prime Membership with a free trial.

Amazon Prime Free Trial members enjoy all the same benefits as paid members.

To sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial:

  1. Go to Amazon Prime Free Trial.
  2. Click Start Your 30-Day Free Trial.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Tip: We recommend choosing the free trial and instantly enjoy Amazon Prime Video streaming!

Involve Your Family and Friends

When you sign up for an Amazon Prime account, you actually get access to the benefits for you and up to three members of your family.

Amazon doesn’t care if you live in the same household or even communicate that often as long as you are related. That means that you could share an account among yourself, your parents in California, your brother in New York, and your sister in Mississippi.

While one of you has to put your credit card down for the cost of the Prime membership, each individual account acts totally autonomously. Have your family members each reimburse you for their quarter of the Prime price, and you can all end up with the benefits for just $20 per person per year.

To invite family members to share your Amazon Prime membership:

  1. Sign in to Your Account.
  2. Click Manage Prime Membership.
  3. Review your current membership details, the status of all members linked to your Amazon Prime membership, and options to add or remove members.

Students and EBT cardholders save up to 50%

Extra tip: If you are a student or a valid EBT cardholder, you qualify for a 50% discount on Amazon Prime.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


Brian Rock from New Jersey on December 15, 2017:

I've been a Prime member for a long time. I initially joined for the 2-day shipping, and I order a bunch of stuff so it's worth it for me. I do enjoy the Prime Video and Prime Reading, although I don't think they justify the full price by themselves. Prime Video has some things that Netflix doesn't, but it certainly doesn't have the extensive library that Netflix does.

Zaton-Taran from California on February 12, 2017:

Nice article on online video streaming with Amazon. A quick heads-up, though: the price has now risen to $99 and will probably be around $119 by next year.

skperdon from Canada on June 27, 2015:

Great hub Tobias. I must look at Amazon Prime, I must confess I didn't know anything about it but your hub has gotten my interest piqued.

Lois Ryan from Upstate NY originally from Long Island on May 11, 2015:

For me I did the Amazon Prime for the first year but canceled the membership. With my Kindle Fire I loved watching the movies and got into watching television show. But after a while, about when I got halfway through Lost, they wanted to charge me to watch the rest of the programs. I notices that with some of the movies as well. So I joined Netflix and had no problems watching movies or shows, they didn't all of a sudden start watching them.

I don't really buy a lot from Amazon so it wasn't worth keeping the Prime for the shipping, But I know some people who use Prime Pantry and purchase a lot of groceries and save tons of money.

I never used the Free books but like that free book a month.

Prime does have an excellent return policy. When I canceled it, they offered to refund me the amount unused. I had canceled about six months in. But I just let it run out to the end of the year.

Audrey Selig from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on May 11, 2015:

Hi Tobias - I am interested in the Amazon Prime and learned you can get Amazon Fire for your TV to run the free streaming video offered by Prime. It is a small box separate from your cable. Thanks for this info, as I may find a new movie experience with this information. Blessings, Audrey Sharing

Kimberly Vaughn from Midwest on March 16, 2015:

I have netflix, hulu, and Amazon Prime. I decided not to renew Amazon Prime because I use it significantly less than the other two.

Muthyala Ramakrishna Rao on November 28, 2014:

membership in your Amazon India

Firoz from India on July 01, 2013:

Great article on Amazon Prime Membership. Voted up.

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