The Best Flea Markets in the Indianapolis, Indiana Area

Updated on April 28, 2019
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Croy Creek Trader's Fair, Reelsville, IN:
8504 W County Road 1000 S, Reelsville, IN 46171

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Croy Creek Traders Fair

Croy Creek Traders Fair is located in Reelsville, IN which is about 30 minutes west of Indianapolis. The flea market is off of W County Road 1000 South. This flea market has been around for over 40 years and shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

You can buy anything at Croy Creek and I do mean anything! Some of the things that vendors there offer are:

  • Live animals such as horses, chickens, rabbits, puppies, kittens and ducks.
  • Yard tools such as chainsaws, lawn mowers and hand tools.
  • Firearms such as rifles and shotguns (handgun sales are not permitted).
  • Antiques, furniture, household décor and kitchen items.
  • Electronics, video games and stereos.
  • Some clothing (not much though) purses, jewelry and accessories.
  • Books, including cookbooks.
  • You name it, they probably have it!

This flea market runs every other weekend from April to November. Saturday is generally vendor set up day but the flea market IS open for anyone to come and shop on Saturdays and Sundays. They are open from dawn to dusk and the charge to get in is $3.00 per person. The first day of the 2019 season is April 4th.

Bargersville Flea Market:
North Sr 135, Bargersville, IN 46106, USA

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Bargersville Flea Market

Bargersville Flea Market is located in Bargersville, IN, about 20 minutes south of Indianapolis. It is a multi-acre flea market right off of State Road 135 which is also called South Meridian Street in Indianapolis. There is no entry fee for shoppers to get into this flea market.

The vendors at this flea market sell an interesting and eclectic array of items! Some of the things you will find for sale at the Bargersville Flea Market are:

  • A lot of men's, women's and children's clothing.
  • Collectibles, new and used novelty items and décor.
  • Antiques, furniture and kitchen items.
  • Jewelry, purses and accessories.
  • Hand made items from different local artists.
  • Lawn care items and tools.
  • Many other interesting items that vary from weekend to weekend.

The Bargersville Flea Market is open every weekend in the warmer months of the year from dawn to dusk. Although a lot of the vendors do start to pack up between 1pm and 2pm on Sundays. Sunday is usually the busier day of the two for shopping at this flea market.

Southside Flea Market:
3825 South East Street, South Indy Premiere Flea Market, Indianapolis, IN 46227, USA

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Southside Flea Market

The Southside Flea Market is located on the south side of Indianapolis on US 31, also called East Street in some areas of the city. This market is open 7 days a week between the hours of 10am and 7pm. I must forewarn you that many of the vendors only operate on the weekends.

This is an indoor flea market with many booths where vendors set up their own individual shopping areas. There are many different things available for sale at the Southside Flea Market.

  • Electronics, video games and cell phone accessories.
  • Women's, men's and children's clothing.
  • Antiques, furniture and kitchen items.
  • Home décor and hand made items from local artists.
  • Jewelry, purses and accessories.
  • Auto accessories and tools.
  • And many more other items! Their inventory changes all the time.

The Southside Flea Market is open year round so anytime the urge to shop at a flea market hits you, you can go.

Strawtown Auction and Flea Market:
22217 Highway 37, Noblesville, IN 46060, USA

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Strawtown Flea Market and Auction

The Strawtown Flea Market and Auction is held every Thursday in Strawtown, IN. Located 7 miles north of Noblesville off of HWY 37, this is one of the best flea markets in Indiana in my opinion. The market opens at dawn and ends whenever all of the vendors have left and the auctions are over.

There is free parking at Strawtown and there is no charge to shop at the flea market or the auction. Auction times vary for the type of items being sold but the auctions start after 6pm.

Some of the things that you will find for sale at the Strawtown Flea Market are:

  • Memorabilia.
  • Men's, women's and children's clothing.
  • Toys, games and gaming consoles.
  • Household items including kitchen, décor and general need items.
  • Books, CD's, records, DVD's and VHS tapes.
  • Artist creations.
  • Produce directly from the farmer.
  • Antiques, vintage items and retro items.
  • Furniture.

Strawtown Flea Market is a multi-acre flea market with many vendors inside a few different buildings and outside. They are open rain or shine. This one is definitely worth checking out!

Irvington Flea Market:
6301 East Washington Street, Irvington Plaza, Indianapolis, IN 46219, USA

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Irvington Flea Market

Irvington Flea Market is located on the north east side of Indianapolis on East Washington Street in the historic district of Irvington. You can't miss the building when you get close, just look for the blue roof. This flea market has been in business for the last 18 years. They do not charge to come in and shop the market.

Their hours of operation are Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm. Some vendors are inside and if the weather permits, this market also allows their vendors to set up outside.

Some of the things that you will find at the Irvington Flea Market are:

  • New gifts and collectibles.
  • Jewelry, purses and accessories.
  • A lot of women's, men's and children's clothing.
  • Baby items, toys and other things for children.
  • Electronics, game consoles and games.
  • Books, DVD's, VHS tapes and CD's.

This flea market usually sticks to items that don't have to be cleaned to be sold.

The Irvington Flea Market is an indoor flea market so they are open all 12 months of the year. If the urge hits you to shop a flea market in December, you are in luck here!

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They are the Best Hands Down

There are many flea markets running at different times of the year in the Indianapolis area but these are the five that I am most familiar with and are my personal favorites. As an occasional flea market vendor, it's my business to know where the best markets in the area are so I know where to set up shop at. These five have been the most successful around here, hands down!

Questions & Answers

  • Are you aware of the flea market in Greenfield at the fairgrounds? It happens twice a month, and is an up and coming flea market.

    No, I didn't know about that one. I will definitely look into, make the trip to check it out, and add it to the list.

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    • profile image

      Terry Hallett 

      24 months ago

      This is a good guide to the various flea markets in the central Indiana area. Thank you.

    • Helena Ricketts profile imageAUTHOR

      Helena Ricketts 

      4 years ago from Indiana

      I thought you guys were closed too! I'll look and update the article.

    • Helena Ricketts profile imageAUTHOR

      Helena Ricketts 

      4 years ago from Indiana

      The specific things available change all of the time but I'm sure at some point during the year they do. I would suggest talking to a couple of the vendors that sell vintage china and letting them know you are interested in flowered tea cups. Some will look for items that people specifically ask for.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I would like to invite you to visit Liberty Bell Flea Market, 8949 E Washington St. Visit our Facebook page. There are a lot of people that think the establishment is closed. We r very much opened.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Do these flea markets that you suggested have things like flowered tea cups?

    • Helena Ricketts profile imageAUTHOR

      Helena Ricketts 

      4 years ago from Indiana

      Yes Angela, they are. There might be a few vendors here and there that charge higher prices but the majority of the ones at the markets I have listed are very reasonable. I can even confidently say cheaper, on their prices. Even for antiques.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Are these good flea markets versus an "antique flea" marketwhere everyone puts antique in front of stuff and asks $300?

      Looking for good prices. neat stuff. Different stuff.

      Do these fit the bill?


    • Helena Ricketts profile imageAUTHOR

      Helena Ricketts 

      5 years ago from Indiana

      I can't say that they would have them every weekend but I have seen Harley Davidson stuff at these markets.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      dovany of these havr harley davidson stuff. likr leather dtuff

    • Helena Ricketts profile imageAUTHOR

      Helena Ricketts 

      5 years ago from Indiana

      Yes, they do sell and auction live animals at Strawtown. There are also live animals for sale at Bargersville and Croy Creek.

      Indiana does have a lot of flea markets. The ones that I talk about here are the ones that I use on a regular basis that are close to Indianapolis.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Don't they also sell live animals at the Strawtown bazaar?

      BTW there are many other flea markets in Indiana. There are a few just in Parke Co. one being an Amish one that has the best deals on animals of all sorts. However, unfortunately I do not know its location.

    • Helena Ricketts profile imageAUTHOR

      Helena Ricketts 

      6 years ago from Indiana

      I agree. We do need more flea markets in the area!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wish we had more flea markets around Indiana

    • Helena Ricketts profile imageAUTHOR

      Helena Ricketts 

      7 years ago from Indiana

      I added maps to the article so each one of these should be easy to find. Thanks for the suggestion, that was a great idea!

    • profile image

      John Q Public 

      7 years ago

      Some directions to the southside flea market might be helpful, 31 south goes a long way.


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