10 Things I Always Buy at the Dollar Tree

Updated on March 7, 2020
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This article is not sponsored by The Dollar Tree in any way. I am just a frequent shopper and fan of the chain. I also love saving money where I can and have a list of things I always try to buy there.


My personal money-saving motto is "I like to save where it doesn't matter, so I can spend on what does". I don't know if I'm the first to ever think or say that (the odds are good that I'm probably not) but it's something I really try to live buy when it comes to my hard earned cash.

I also understand that there are super deals on Amazon and other online retailers, especially if you buy in bulk. And while online shopping is a dream come true, sometimes the very thing that makes it convenient can make it inconvenient. There are times when you just want to run to the store and get something right now. That's when the Dollar Tree is the perfect place!

While the don't always have every single thing you need, it is definitely worth trying to check a few items off your list and making this your first stop! Here are 8 items that I don't buy anywhere else but the Dollar Tree.

Who doesn't love to save money where they can?
Who doesn't love to save money where they can? | Source

1. Long candle lighters

We all love candles, right? But who loves to try to reach your hand down in a soot-covered, well loved candle to light the wick that is halfway down (or all the way) down the jar? Nobody! However, what I hate almost as much is paying six, five, four, or even three dollars for one of these even though they are so convenient to candle lovers like me. Well, you don't have to! Dollar Tree sells them and I am always stocked up on them. I will keep one in the living room and the kitchen. At that price, I can keep one close to every candle in the house.

2. Cotton rounds/balls

I am really trying to cut my use of disposable products such as paper products, wet wipes of all kinds, and disposable batteries. Even though that list includes cotton balls and rounds, every now and again, you just need one. They are also pretty pricey at the drugstores, even Walmart. For the times that I need one or two, it's great to have a package of them stashed away. That's why for a dollar, I can have a small stash that will last me a while and yet, not have to make a big investment for something I really don't want to buy. I also find that hold up just as goo, if not better, than the more expensive brands!

3. Rubber dish-washing gloves

If you don't wear rubber gloves when you hand-wash dishes, you are missing out on a small luxury in life. Although I own a dishwasher, we all know, some things aren't dishwasher safe or don't do well in the dishwasher. That means, there will always be something in the sink needing your two hands. For me, having rubber gloves makes this just a little less of a chore. Just like the candle lighters, the minimum you will pay for a pair of these gems is $2.99 and it never fails, a hole or leak in them is never too far into the future. Why not pay a dollar? I keep a couple pairs on hand at all times for the day that a puncture is made or they decide to wear out. I also find that these last every bit as long as the more expensive brands and when I tear a hole in one because I poked through one with a fork, I don't feel nearly as bad about it.

4. Gift-wrapping supplies

We all love finding the perfect the gift for a loved one. After we've invested all that time, thought, and money, who wants to spend a small fortune on wrapping it? Especially when it's going to get ripped open and tossed, and it's what's on the inside that counts, right? I do tend to save gift bags and tissue paper and re-use them (yes, I'm one of those), sometimes I don't have the right materials I need for a particular gift/occasion. When I need something special, I head straight to the Dollar Tree and it gives me the super-power of being able to make a gift look even more special than it is! Also, If the person getting the gift isn't a "gift bag saver" like me, I feel good with them just throwing it away if their heart desires with no remorse.

5. Tote bags

The Dollar Tree always has a nice array of various tote bags. They have different sizes, colors, materials, and prints. I use these bags for various thing such as a work bag, beach bag, and even as reusable grocery bag (those tend to be at least a couple dollars at most grocery stores.) I have one that is packed full and heavy that I bring to and from work and it has lasted me nearly two years! They could even double as a gift bag and that would make a very practical "bonus" gift for your loved one.

6. Place-mats and table runners

I have some gorgeous polyester damask place-mats and table runners that I picked up around the holidays and I have them as part of my year round decor. I will layer them with a more expensive table runner of a different material and texture to create a custom base for a beautiful centerpiece.

Place-mats are another great thing to pick up at the Dollar Tree as well because you can use them, love them, then toss them when they're past their prime with no guilt. You can also easily and affordably change up your table according to seasons and occasions. With home decor being so expensive at most places, it's nice to be able to save in a couple areas. I like to blend my pricier pieces with things I love from the Dollar Tree and it all blends so nicely and looks like a million bucks.

7. Plastic storage

There is an huge supply of various plastic storage containers in all shapes and colors. You can organize the insides of your drawers, desks, vanities, organize papers, tools, crafts, under bathroom sinks, closets, underneath beds, and anywhere you can think of. The even have those acrylic makeup and bathroom organizers that cost a lot, even at bargain stores like T.J.Maxx and Ross. Don't take my word for it though. Go into that section of the store and you will see that the storage and organization possibilities are a dream! Of course, you're not going to find larger, plastic containers, but they'll definitely be much easier to afford if you get the smaller stuff from the Dollar Tree!

8. Hair accessories

I love to treat myself to anything high-end involving beauty, however, since I'm not independently wealthy, I need to find a way to afford some of the finer things in life. That's why I buy hair brushes, bobby pins, snap clips, barrettes, hair elastics , and other accessories for a dollar when I can and just because you pay a dollar doesn't mean your skimping on quality either. They now clasp-free hair elastics so you don't get them tangled in your hair. They even have teasing combs, which were something I could only find at beauty supply stores for the longest time. Last year, I was wanting one of those hair donuts that allow you to make a nice, sleek bun. I have seen them other places for at least 4 or 5 dollars and the dollar tree sells them!

9. School/paper supplies

If you ship things from time to time, the Dollar Tree is a great stop for some items that can tend to most of your shipping needs. They have bubble lined shipping envelopes and they come in a few different sizes and come 2 to a pack. They also sell bubble wrap and tape. These items are so pricey in other stores and sometimes you don't want to buy these types of things in bulk online and store them somewhere just to get a good deal. You can even get those really sturdy, poly, bubble-lined mailing envelopes that feel virtually indestructible in a bigger size for bulkier items for just a dollar! These special, heavy-duty envelopes easily cost a pretty penny everywhere else. I have shipped many items in shipping supplies from the Dollar Tree and they have been super reliable and wallet-friendly!

Also in this category, I want to include other office/school supplies. Great items to pick up here are scissors, tape, paper, pens, markers, stickers, storage, and anything you may need for your office, school, or just around the house. They definitely have a great selection that you will save big time on and not compromise quality.

10. Cards

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or a holiday of some kind, Dollar Tree should be the only place you buy greeting cards if you can. Here's a bonus, they are usually two for a dollar! You should most definitely buy them on the cheap if they are accompanying a gift because, well let's face it, who care about the card, right? They also have a very good selection to choose from and at that price, you can stock up for every occasion. Forgetting to buy a card for Aunt Janice's birthday will be a thing of the past and when you remember (last minute, of course), you can go into your inventory of cards and be all set!


Share you favorite items to get from the Dollar Tree!

What are some of your favorite things to pick up at the Dollar Tree? Have you ever found something surprisingly awesome at your local store?

Share it by leaving a comment below! Happy saving!


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    • parvezwen profile image

      Md Parvez Alam 

      4 months ago from Shaghai

      Awesome article!


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