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How to Lower Your Cable or DirecTV Bill

Updated on December 30, 2015

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Whether you use a cable, satellite, or fiber optic provider, there is no need to pay over $100 a month for TV. All companies start new customers off with great deals (does “only $19.99 a month!!” sound familiar?) but the bill creeps up to as much as $150 a month once you add the channels you really want to watch, like ESPN and HBO.

The good news: many of these companies respond well to when customers call to negotiate prices down. Here are a few steps that may help bring your bill down, perhaps by as much as a half, and tips about discounts that will save you even more money. I am a devoted DirecTV customer and have had negotiated my bill way down using some of these tips, but they are just as relevant for other providers.

Quick Tips to Reduce Your TV Bill

Ask for a Better Deal!
• Research what the competition is offering.
• Call and say you are considering canceling service.
• Hold out for a helpful service rep.
• Tell them what the other company has offered.
• Consider bundling your TV service with internet and phone.
• Review your package for channels you don't use.
• Buy your own antenna, modem, dish, or router.

1. Research Other TV Provider Deals

Figure out how much an alternative like DSL would cost and ask for a discount to bring your bill down to that amount. Knowing how cheap the competition is gives you negotiating power on the phone. The specific discounts and promotions below could apply to any provider, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Don't forget to find out what the regional cable companies in your area are offering.

2. Call Your TV Company

Customer Service
(888) 777-2454 or (800) 531-5000
(800) 266-2278 or (800) 934-6489
AT&T U-verse
(800) 288-2020
(855) 318-0572
(800) 922-0204

3. Find a Customer Service Rep Who Will Help You

Finding the service representative that’s right for you is kind of like picking a out a new pair of jeans. You may have to try on a few pairs before finding the ones you really want to buy.

If you find you're not wild about the first, second, or even third operator, simply call back until you find the right one. Be personable. If you begin the conversation with "How is your day?" or "Where are you hailing from?" the small talk begins, and they will be much more than willing to lend you a helping hand. A good service rep will find the right deals for you.

4. Ask for a Deal

Remember: They Want to Keep Your Business
• If you notice your bill goes up, place a quick call. It is possible that some discounts that were applied to your account earlier have expired. Tell the service representative that you're not thrilled with what you are paying and they will find some new discounts to apply to your bill. Last month I received a bill for a little over $100. It turned out that various discounts had expired. I placed a quick call and now I am down to under $50.
• If you use DishNetwork or DirecTV, tell them you plan to switch to the competition or to using Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu with an over-the-air antennae.
• Say you plan to leave and bundle your telecom services with another provider. Retention discounts can range from $5-$20.
• Follow-up discounts may be less generous than promotional discounts, but it’s important to providers to keep your business. Negotiate hard.
• Ask for discounts even if you are on contract.
• If you're a Comcast customer, tell them you are having trouble with video streaming and ask for a free upgrade to the Blast Cable Internet tier. Ask for discounts on top of the upgrade.
• Look for online coupons.
• Ask about three- to six-month promo offers for Starz, Showtime, Cinemax, or Encore. The only paid movie stations some providers do not offer up for a free trial is HBO, due to its popularity. But if you sign up for HBO, sometimes they will offer $5.00 off per month for three or six months and throw in Cinemax for free as well.
• Check back in a year.

5. Bundle Your Telecom Services

With any provider who offers telecom packages, like AT&T and Comcast, it is always cheaper to buy phone, internet, and television service together. Of course, you may be loyal to one company for phone and not want to bundle that with your other service. Just know that, as with home and auto insurance, it’s always a better deal to go for the so-called triple-play.

6. Review Your Package

Take a good look at the channels in your package. I recently did this for my DirecTV channels and realized that my family does not watch any of the 60+ channels we were getting in the Choice Xtra package. I dropped down to the Standard Choice package and saved $7 per month. Look at your bill closely. There may be other ways to save small amounts of money, which can add up.

7. Get Your Own Modem or Antenna

If you are paying your provider a fee to use a modem, antenna, or router, get your own device (dish, antenna, or modem and router) and converter box. The cost upfront may not be much and will save on your monthly bills.

Bonus for Football Fans

Do you like NFL Sunday Ticket? Most football fans out there do, but hesitate to pay the $350 or more it costs per year. For returning customers, DirecTV offers NFL Sunday Ticket for eight payments of $24.95.

But I would advise anyone who is interested to play the waiting game. About two months before the NFL season begins, DirecTV will offer the same program for around $100. Then, about three weeks before the season begins, they will drop that down to between $60-$80, which is still a fantastic deal (but keep reading).

Last year, just two weeks into the NFL season, I took DirecTV up on their $80 offer. Then I talked them in to giving me a $20 credit for each of the next six months. If you're still doing the math on that, let me help you out: I paid DirecTV $80 but they paid me $120 in credits. So I got the NFL Sunday Ticket plus $40, and this was the MAX package not the basic.

Friends and Family Discount

While I did not write this article so that readers would use the DirecTV friends and family referral program, some have done so anyway. If you are a new DirecTV customer, why not use the discount? If this article was helpful and you would like to use my account number when signing up, you will save $10 per month for 10 months. My account number is 50094048. Please do not feel pressure to use it. Thanks and good luck!


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    • MB 3 years ago


      I can't believe it. It went down just like you stated. Awesome!!!

      NFL Sunday ticket for free!!! (I live in LA, but grew up in Pittsburgh so I'm a huge Steelers fan. Getting to see them every week now for free is a very good thing.)

      Free additional movie channels!!!

      And more than $30 a month off the bill. Not as much as you saved but this was the first call!

      Best call I've had in quite some time. I may have to try again soon. lol.

      Much thanks!


      Michael Barr


    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Nice! Glad to hear some of these tips worked for you Michael. The more time you have in with Directv, the easier it will be to continue getting deals. Good job!

    • 1nOnly 3 years ago

      I got some good results as well. About $30 in savings from my previous bill. The upgraded my system to a Genie for free; got the NFL Package for Free, got reduced prices on other channels. Didn't ask for Showtime, but I should have mentioned it.

      Either way, I'm quite pleased with this information and will refer to it again in the future.

      Thank you!

      Ernie W.


    • scottbarr 3 years ago

      Good deal--that is awesome Ernie!

    • Joe 3 years ago

      Thanks so much. Just called, my bill raised from 60 to right at 100 after the promotional offers ended. Not only did they get me down from 100 to 60 on my bill, they got 10 taken off of my Uverse internet bill!


    • Joe 3 years ago

      Forgot to mention, also a $100 visa gift card on top of it.....

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Nice Joe! I was once again able to get the NFL Sunday Ticket Max package ($300 value) for free again this year too. I had some issues when getting my parents set up with Directv, and they worked through the issues and made sure that they were taken care of at their house, and I was at mine as well. I give nothing but MAJOR PROPS to Directv, and my opinion has yet to change. I think they should hire me, I'd be their best spokesperson. :)

    • Marilyn 3 years ago

      Thank you so much!!

      They added an extra charge to my bill

      Said they could not take it off.

      Followed you advice about canceling

      Magically they were able to take it off and add a few free thing for my trouble.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 3 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Hahaha. Gotta love it. :)

    • Matt 3 years ago

      One thing many of you need to know when doing this is that at some point DTV will place what they call a FMD flag on your account. This basically flags your account to the fraud dept and wont allow any future promotions or discounts to be applied to your account.

      I speak from experience because I too played the game with them calling every 10-12 months to see what promotions were available. Now my bill is $108 per month plus tax and they arent willing to budge one bit. Ive threatened to cancel and they don't care, ive even had a supervisor with retention suggest that im an "unwanted subscriber"

      Moral of the story here guys and gals, DTV has the best product out there, and if you play your cards right and ask for discounts IN MODERATION, everyone wins. Try to go for the kill every year and you will end up like me after 4 years of service... Paying way too much monthly and them not willing to budge.

    • ihavegotnewsocks 2 years ago

      Becoming an "unwanted subscriber" because you ask for too many discounts wouldn't be an issue if EVERYONE joined in. Too many "unwanted customers" at that point. Just a pipe dream though, but perhaps we should start the first cable tv subscribers union, and when they threaten to raise the bill too much we all go on strike (i.e. cancel our service).

    • Brent 2 years ago

      I had a similar experience to Matt. This did work for me for a couple of years. I did get the NFL package two years in a row at no charge. Now they don't want to offer any discounts.

      I also took advantage of savings when I signed up. I went to and used one of their friend referrals and saved an additional $10 per month for the first 10 months.

    • Ron 2 years ago

      Awesome. Just got 30.00 off and a free genie upgrade!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Congrats Ron!

    • Paul 2 years ago

      Worked bill adjusted from $103 to $63 for 12 months plus got free movie channels for a few months with no automatic charging for them afterwards, and to top it off getting a $100 prepaid VISA.

    • Nick 2 years ago

      I've talked with 2 people and they have only offered $10 off and free premiums for 2 months. pretty lame.

    • Becky Mcgehee 2 years ago

      I'm going back to Charter. Directv honored none of their promises. 200$ Visa gift card...still waiting after 6 weeks. Price...went up after a month. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. Took them an hour and 3 people, one in spanish, to get my new box to work. Had us going through the basement looking at wires. Then they told me to print out a label to mail old box back. An hour on line had to call twice to get the packaging to mail old box back. Good luck with directv. I'm over them. Promised 2 1/2 yrs ago I could bundle with ATT, still waiting for them to come through.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Unfortunately there are always horrible stories to go along with so many good ones. Sorry to hear this Becky. :(

    • Crys 2 years ago

      Have any of you ever thought to pay what it costs for the service you have? Tv isn't a necessity. You don't go to the gas station and say Hey, I want free gas! If you can't afford to pay for it then just don't have it. If your serious about lowering your bill then try downgrading your package. Stop trying to be freeloaders. Its so ridiculous how ppl come to expect stuff for free. Either PAY for what you have, or don't pay for it at all. geez

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Appreciate your opinion Crys, but it's not about what people can afford and what they can't. I have to assume most people can afford Directv. But it's like everything else in life, it's way overpriced. If we could barter with a gas station over their prices we would. If we could haggle with the checkout guy in Best Buy when making a purchase we would. But this is something we can actually take a stab at, so I say shame on those who are willing to just sit back and be willing to pay the ridiculously high, jacked up prices for Directv, Dish, or Comcast.

      I have to wonder...If you were to visit New York City, would you be paying full street price for a $75 knockoff (probably stolen) watch? Some people just aren't comfortable bartering over things while others are. The ones who aren't, will unfortunately always have less cash in their wallets.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Hi Tec (no pun intended), yes I denied your last post because although you made some points from your side of the argument, you came out of the gates in a completely immature way, even resorting to name-calling. Seriously, are we 10? Honesty I have no time for that sort of thing. I am a husband, father, and hard-working individual and have well outgrown trying to get into verbal matches, especially over something like an article based off of my own opinions. I don't look to delete someone's post. Obviously there are quite a few comments on here that are against everything I've said. That's cool. But you need to know the proper way to act when doing it.

      I think dog shows are absolutely ridiculous. But if I were to comment on someone's article about dog shows I wouldn't try to personally attack or discredit them, whether I thought they were right or wrong. I wrote this over a year ago as my opinion, resulting from what I have considered an awesome, on-going relationship with Directv.

      Since you are a former Directv employee, I would truly value what you know "from the inside" on these things, and if you would like to reach out to me via email or PM (however Hubpages has it set up) then I would gladly listen and make any appropriate adjustments to this article with your permission.

      I appreciate the read, and can appreciate your side of things as well. I hope to hear from you soon, and have a good Friday as well.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      ** As some have pointed out, it seems you can only go so far with these things. I have hit somewhat of a wall myself, but not to the point where I've gotten shut down from everything. Directv still wants to work with you if you are willing to work with them in a nice manner. People don't want to help an angry customer, they want to help nice customers. It's just the way life is. Dealing with a Directv employee kindly should really be the only way to approach it.

      If you have no luck, then you just try again at another time. Or as some like to point out, "you suck it up and deal with paying over $100 for what you wanted all along anyway." I don't agree...I say barter away! :)

    • LH 2 years ago

      Does anyone know if I cancel my direct tv account, can my husband sign up as a new customer and make a new account under his name with the same address?

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      It goes by your physical address LH. Unfortunately they'd know exactly what you would be trying to do. :)

    • Jake 2 years ago

      That works with road runner Internet tho

    • LitaB 2 years ago

      Thanks for the advise...I was truly going to get rid of my service and when I called, DirecTV advised me of some upgrades I am eligible for at no charge. They also gave me some good discounts and we noticed something wrong on my bill, and they fixed and credited my account back...I had no hassels at all.

    • 2 years ago

      Thanks for the advise. I was ready to cancel this morning before reading your page. I called, I said cancel, what I got was my $84 bill lowered to $61 with no package change, I kept my free HD package, my already $10 discount, and was given a new $20 off a month for 1 yhear plus a $100 gift card! The only thing I told them was that I can no longer afford the $84 a month bill. Everything else came at their offering. Thank you!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Well thank you for the comments LitaB and lynnelerman - people love to complain about the negatives, but it's a 50/50 shot that you could get your bill lowered. And there's nothing wrong with taking a stab at it either. Very glad it worked out for you guys. :)

    • plumpgear 2 years ago

      How long should I wait between calls? I just called for the first time a few hours ago (but didn't call to cancel) and spoke to someone @ retention who only offered to reduce the bill $40--technically keeping it the same price as it was before my bill going up after the 24 month credits expired this month (which went up by $40)--but no other discounts :( I really just think that the guy didn't want to help, he only offered to a "break-even" deal and I said that it didn't seem so impossible to match what is available to new customers, it really seems unfair to loyal customers who always paid their bill on time. There is a genie upgrade that is available to anyone who has been a customer at least 2 years and hasn't upgraded to the genie yet, we just got the notification in our messages inbox before I decided to call, the rep didn't even offer it and when I asked him about it, he made it seem like that was something he would "do for me"... What else would you suggest

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Sometimes it's just baby steps. Some people walk away with nothing, whereas you got it down $40 again (which isn't ever a sure thing). Even if he acted like he was doing you a solid with the genie upgrade at least it's something they offer their customers, which I think is pretty cool. I'd give it more time before pushing too hard, just because they gave you that $40 back. Again, that's never a sure thing. Congrats on it :).

    • plumpgear 2 years ago

      Thanks for the advice, I didn't agree to anything yet. Hoping to get a more willing and/or experienced rep the next time I call so we can get the best deal.

    • crux 2 years ago

      They only went 20 off of 93 for me so I told them to shut me off at the end of the billing cycle. We'll see what happens then.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Dropping $20 down to $73 isn't too bad. It shows that they're working with you. That's a cheap Directv bill. :)

    • Tommy L. 2 years ago

      It works if you know how to approach the agent kindly .... I have HBO,STARZ,&CINEMAX FREE FOR 3 months with a $10 discount for 9 months

    • Aric 2 years ago

      So my bill is $127/month with two boxes and the choice xtra package plus HBO. I haven't upgraded for five years, and tried to upgrade without signing a contract, and after four representatives, it's apparently impossible. I couldn't get anyone to give me discounts or help me with my bill. I read your article and I called to "cancel" and ended up knocking $41 bucks off my bill and getting a free upgrade. My bill went from $127 to $86, I will try the NFL Sunday Ticket trick when it gets closer to season...

    • Derrick 2 years ago

      Hey crux, what happened to your service? Did they shut it off or did they come back with a better offer? I'm asking because I did the same thing tonight. I have a $109 bill and he offered me $20 off for a year. Tried for hardware discounts and removal of the $3 regional sports fee, but he said nope. Told him the bill was too high and I'd have to go elsewhere.

      (My friend really did quit them a couple years ago and in his final week they called him with a discount very close to what they give new customers. He wanted to quit anyway.)

    • thank you! 2 years ago

      thank you!!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Hello James. I received your email/questions just a bit ago. Prefer to respond here rather than via direct email. I think it is a crock that you are not being offered the genie for free. If you've been a good customer since 96 and have not upgraded your system in the last year, you should be getting it free of charge.

      And 3 months of a decent deal that goes up higher than what you're used to paying now isn't good in my opinion either. I would ask to speak to the Retention department and try to nicely get them to help you more than they're willing to at this point.

      Again, you're almost a 20-year old customer. Not helping you out would look very bad.

      They won't do anything about the Sunday Ticket until the season is just about to begin. And last year they began to really crack down on cutting better deals with this as well. Wait til around week 3 of the season and they should cut the price at least in half at that point. But I don't see them giving it away like they had in the past.

      Prepaid Visa cards are something the Retention department can do if they feel they are truly going to lose you or you've had a horrible instance with them. Really depends upon who you talk to.

      But as a lifer like yourself, they should really be looking out for you. The longer I am with them the better I have been treated. My hope is that it stays that way as well.

      Good luck to you. :)

    • Sean Duplantier profile image

      Sean Duplantier 2 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Hey Scott could you give me some advice. I made the mistake of actually canceling my DirecTV now I'm in limbo, I did it because I thought the savings would help me while I was in school. Less then a month out I decided to call DirecTV to reconnect. By the way I was 3-4 months past my 24 month contract. What I found out was that because I am in a "licensed" apartment (single domicile) with CenturyLink I had to pay for the equipment I wanted (an HD DVR $200) and the technician fee of $50 and all I would get was the same service as when I left (the Ultimate at approximately $90/mo.). I refused to pay CenturyLink (DirecTV's fee(s) to CenturyLink) for equipment that is useless to me without DirecTV. I was told I had to be at least 12 months past my cancellation or I would have to move in order to get those fees waived by new member or the "movers deal" plus I would have to stay a member for 6-8 months or receive a termination fee of $199? I was all too willing to sign a new 24 month contract (then and now) and which seemed to be ignored in this whole process. I bashed DirecTV twice on Twitter and directly on the customer service page about this issue. They replied the first time with nothing being resolved and didn't bother the second time. If you were in my shoes what would you do? I will not give up my $200 because #1. I'm a student and don't make a lot of money right now and #2. I use that money ($200+) to buy the NFL Sunday Ticket or use their 8 mo. payment plan. The original plan was to have them lower my bill and/or sign a new contract, but I got frustrated and did the wrong thing by canceling. You could use my story as an example of what not to do. I never really wanted to cancel my service, the dumbass agent made it too easy for me..I regret it everyday. My 55" Samsung LED TV just sits there and internet TV... is a joke. Every network charges you, wants you to subscribe and is only as good as your internet..did I mention CenturyLink? I love DirecTV, but their policy on this matter sucks ass...It's like I'm being punished for canceling my non-contracted service. I never missed a payment and completed my contract, but now I'm feeling lost can you give me some advice? Thanks Sean

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I've been wincing while reading your entire post. You're correct about not actually going through with a cancellation. My article was also never saying to cancel, just threaten with a cancellation. A friend of mine did this same sort of thing and got absolutely screwed as well.

      At the most people should say they're going to cancel, but will not do so until Comcast has gotten completely set up first. They won't cancel your service if you threaten it like this and don't actually do it. But I told a different friend to try this and he got a call the next day from Directv calling to help him out and stop him from going through with it. Unfortunately sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

      As to your current situation, they have you right where they want you. Simply stated, it sucks. They hold all the cards. They hold all the power. You're at their mercy.

      I would try calling in a few different times and talk to different people. If you get a hold of any woman with any sort of southern accent, you may have a chance :). And that's not a joke. Every time I talk to a southern woman they have been outstanding to deal with. They're just happy people LOL.

      I wish you good luck. But my fear is it just won't work. If not, you could jump on Comcast or Dish for 1 year, then when their promotions all run out, come back to Directv where you may get better deals again. In this scenario, Directv becomes the real loser.

    • Sean Duplantier profile image

      Sean Duplantier 2 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Thanks Scott, I'll try my best to see what I can get done. I thought about seeing if I could persuade them to offer me a 2 yr contract with NFL sunday ticket as a credit in lieu that I'm forced to pay for the equipment since that is were I was going to use the $200. I'll stick to the try a new agent every day routine (hope I get a southerner) and I'll keep you posted.

    • Jim 2 years ago

      Hi Scott - thanks much for the advice. My bill was $106, I got it knocked down to $85, got a one time $40 credit, and all the movie channels free for 3 months. The thing is, I think $85 is still too much for the Choice package with 3 tvs, especially since the movie channels just ran out. Is there a minimum time, I should wait until I call again? Thanks.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      At least 2-3 months. They will see that they just gave you these deals and pretty much stop there. Glad to hear you got some deals! :)

    • Johne995 2 years ago

      Thank you for the sensible critique. Me & my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research about this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more from this post. I am very glad to see such excellent info being shared freely out there. feckddddkada

    • Johnk200 2 years ago

      Hi my friend! I want to say that this post is amazing, great written and include almost all significant infos. I'd like to see more posts like this. bkacgakdaced

    • oi8abug 2 years ago

      Thanks for your forum. My Comcast bill was $173 last month. I thought that was ridiculous. I have one DVR, one extra TV, Internet and phone. I called to see if they could lower my bill, they said they could by $15. I said that wasn't enough and I wanted to cancel my expanded services and make it basic cable. Now I have maybe 13-15 local channels. they didn't even fight to keep me as a customer. I've had this basic cable now for a few days, & I hate it! I had DirecTV a few years ago and to be honest I don't remember anything except the channel numbers were different and hard to remember my favorite channel numbers. I'm wondering if there is the contract to sign with DIRECTV. I'm renting a house and honestly don't know if I will be here for two more years. What should I do?

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      If you sign up with Directv and sign a one or two year contract, even if you move, they will just move your service to your new location. Not sure if or what they would charge you to hook up a new dish and whatnot (or installation fees) but they will work with you on it. I would give them a call and see what you can commit then to, letting them know you may be moving within that first year or half a year.

    • DoubleJ 2 years ago

      So my bill has been $100/month and I am off contract...called a couple of weeks ago and said I thought that was too they offered me $25 off a month and free equipment (if I entered into another 2 year commitment)...I asked if they'd throw in Sunday ticket and they said they'd go half price on Sunday Ticket Max...all in all, not a terrible deal, but I thought to myself, $75/month for tv is still freaking expensive....I told them I'd ponder it over.

      Well, I called tonight and told them $75/month is just more than I'm wanting to pay so I need to go ahead and discontinue service...was very polite and mild when I told them...the gal was equally as nice and said, "can we look at getting you a cheaper package?" To which I replied they had already tried and the $75 was the best they could do...she said, "ok, well when do you want to schedule your cancellation?" Shocked, I said in a week and a half...she said ok, we've got that all set up, anything else?

      Quite honestly, I figured they'd whip up another deal for me...I still haven't committed to Dish or Cable yet. Anyone on here know if they'll call back with an even better deal to try and get me to stay? Is $75/month a good or even fair deal? It seems awfully pricey to me, but maybe I'm just cheap

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Hey DoubleJ. My friend played this game and didn't win - they allowed him to walk away. At the same time, I know Directv may get in touch with you last second with a deal, but I don't think it's worth the risk.

      The offer they gave you of $75 is pretty good when you think about how much it costs for cable or Dish these days. I would take the deal and when that runs out, you just work out another one. And I'm shocked they went half off this early on the Sunday Ticket Max. They usually don't drop that price until the season has begun or is just about to.

      Good luck!

    • DoubleJ 2 years ago

      I may wait until last minute for a phone call...Dish, right now, has a pretty enticing package that I may go for, so we'll see how it goes...will keep you posted on progress.

    • Max 2 years ago

      I just tried calling Direct TV tonight to negotiate a new deal. I have been a customer since September 2010, never been late on a payment, and always paid for NFL Sunday ticket in the 2nd year of the contract. Tonight I called and mentioned cancelling my service, at which time they transferred me to somebody in retention. He offered me $20 off my bill for a year. My bill right now is $115, 2 HD DVR's and 2 HD receivers with Choice Xtra Package. I said it would have to be better than that. He than said they could upgrade me to the genie DVR and 1 mini genie for no additional charge. Deal was getting better. I than asked for NFL sunday ticket for free. He put me on hold and his supervisor came back with we can take half off. I declined and said thanks for your time, ill have to think about it and hung up. It frustrates me that I refer friends to this company, have almost always paid more than $100 a month since I was a member and they couldn't meet my simple demand of upgrade my equipment at no charge, which I have had for over 2 years now, and throw in nfl sunday ticket for free. When I was hanging up he didn't even try to keep me on the line. It drives me crazy they are the only ones that offer nfl sunday ticket. Any thoughts Scott?

    • Max 2 years ago

      Guess I only have the Choice Package, not the Choice Xtra

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Got into work this morning and had a coworker tell me his story from his call last night - very similar to yours. This was the first time in about a year and a half that he tried to get his bill reduced. He was paying over $130/month. Directv now has him under $100, free Genie and 1 mini-genie upgrade, and free (basic) Sunday Ticket - not the Max (which is what real NFL fans want :).

      This is a perfect example of "sometimes you luck out and other times you don't." Your offer from Directv is not bad. It's probably an offer I would have accepted myself, then tried to wiggle them down on the Sunday Ticket a little closer to the season. But the free upgrades, the knocking your bill down to less than $100, and half the cost of the Sunday Ticket isn't bad. A lot of people don't get any offers tossed their way.

      Directv does what they can for their customers, but they also have their limits as well. I would call your experience here a "good" one, but not bad or great. Maybe your next call in will be a "great" one. Good luck!

    • DoubleJ 2 years ago

      Scott, do you have opinions on Dish? For what I want out of my television, it appears they can offer it all for the sports pack with NFL Redzone is included for free...obviously I understand the price will shoot up after the first year, but I'm awfully enticed with their offer and the Hopper

    • BobP 2 years ago

      Sure works, Absolutely! DirecTV just raised my monthy rate to $126. Called Customer Service and got immediate response. I guess for being a regular customer since 1996, they didn't want to lose me. DirecTV gave me a free equipment upgrade with installation, and then threw in several discounts. Final rate for the next two years... $79.99 a month. Thanks for the tip Scott.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      DoubleJ - I have not had Dish myself. I have had friends who have, and were pleased until the low rates ran out. But honestly, that could be said for any satellite or cable company. I think Comcast offers phenomenal deals, but after a year, wow. And they can't be talked down (from my own experience).

      If what you are looking for you can get out of Dish for a lot less than Directv it's not a bad option. The flipping back and forth between companies is what a lot of people do. It can be a headache to go through the whole process every year or so, but if you don't mind doing it, then why not. But Directv does not like helping those same flip-flop customers out because they are aware of the game that these customers are playing.

      My buddy I spoke of in my last post played that game and Directv was not willing to offer him any deals until he stuck with them for about 2 years. :)

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      BobP - Glad to hear that everything worked out well for you!

    • Johnb544 2 years ago

      As soon as I detected this site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them. dfbkedfekggb

    • MsMistie3k 2 years ago

      Scott, can you try these strategies even if you are still under contract?

    • TwoYellowDogsTer 2 years ago

      Thanks for the info! I read this and several other posts on how to cut down the DirecTV costs. Every few months I play the call-in game, get things reduced, they mths later the promotion ends and the bill goes up and I have to call again. Tired of the cycle. This time was different.

      1. Called number you suggested, when STRAIGHT to retention department, wasted no time, DID NOT start getting upset( because of whining to one person then the next). :)

      2. I was super nice, explaining I just needed to drop the bill or drop the service. She started by asking where I would like to get my bill to... I pulled a number out of the air $50 bucks. She kinda laughed... I explained we are retired and just really need to save money. We've been with DTV for 12 yrs. It feels like a penalty that new customers get benefits/promotions and we keep paying too much. I asked for things to be reduced in very nice ways. Kept thanking the rep, but kept pushing further for more reductions, where else can we cut the bill. She and I had a great conversation. At one point I asked for more reductions, and she giggled... I knew I probably had HIT the limit of what she could offer. $35 mth in discounts, and dropped HBO at this point.

      3. At this point she offered the HD extra package for 6 mths for free. She seemed to be getting into helping us out.

      4. I asked about on-demand... our HDDVR does not have internet connection... so DTV will be sending us the "Cinema Connection Kit" for free. Now we can make On-Demand work at home and when traveling.

      5. I reviewed an old bill again while on hold. We have 3 TVs. We only use 2 really. So I ended up dropping 1 additional TV (-$6).

      6. I'll be able to set up ON-DEMAND on my tablet and get DTV on the 3rd TV with a little bit of fiddling w/ my tablet (and hdmi connection).

      Overall, my savings about $57 mth; new bill (with tax) ~$70.83 (2 tv's + Showtime (husband can't live w/o) + HD Xtra Package for 6mths, the discounts are for 1 yr. (that is $35 in discounts). Overall happy.

      Another tip she gave me, login to your account and sign up for promotions (this is to be notified when there are free weekends/weeks for HBO, Cinemax, etc.).

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      MsMistie - absolutely!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      TwoYellowDogsTer - that is awesome! Good job!

    • DoubleJ 2 years ago

      So I ended up setting up a cancellation date and on the day that my cancellation was supposed to go into effect, I called up DirecTV, said I'd prefer to stay with them and asked for their best price. They responded with:

      $35 off a month for the first year (essentially the new customer price)

      New Genie DVRs for both the family room and the bedroom

      NFL Sunday Ticket Max for free this year

      Free HBO/Cinemax/Starz/Showtime for 3 months

      plus I get my HD fee waived for the 2 year commitment and an additional $10 off for going paperless billing/automatic CC withdrawal

      I'm pretty pumped! Especially for the free Sunday Ticket Max

      By disconnecting my service (for less than a day) I was able to get the new customer deal...maybe I'm the exception, but I'll take it

    • RedEyE 2 years ago

      This works! Here comes the long winded story......

      I was able to get NFL Sunday Ticket MAX for $113...and I'm just entering my 2nd year of the contract.

      Background: In June of 2013 my beautiful wife and kids purchased DirecTV for me for Father's Day. We had to sign the 2 year contract but with it came the NFL Sunday Ticket, free HBO, Encore/Starz for 6 months, and a $10 discounted rate for 1 year. Pretty good deal right?

      Well, fast forward to July 2014 and all of those discounts expired and DTV was attmepting to renew the basic Sunday Ticket package for the "low-low" price of $39.99 a month for 6 months. (Insert sad trumpet) - thanks for playing. We immediately canceled the Sunday ticket and all charges for it were removed. But DirecTV was so thankful for our service that they moved us up from the Extra Package to the Ultimate package free, for 3 months. After about 3 weeks of not watching any of those channels I called them this past Satruday to take it back. Reluctantly, DTV obliged.

      By this time I had already stumbled onto your article and I was about to attempt to jump two feet into the negotiation process for the Sunday Ticket. With DTV on the phone I referred back to your article for confidence and idea. It was at this time that I realized O had made two mistakes.

      1) It was 1am Sunday morning. I work nights so this is the hours in which I live. But the girl on the other end was too new and not empowered to help me with anything. She suggest that I call back during normal business hoursfor any other assistance. That was when I realized my second problem...

      2) I had called the wrong number. I hadn't used the number you had indicated above but instead called the "Contact Us" number on the website. I was then quick to cut my losses and move on. Thankfully though, the girl on the other end felt bad enough that she couldn't help me and that I was going to be forced to call back that she gave me a 1 time credit of $10. ACCEPTED!

      Now fast forward to early today:

      This time I was prepared. I did a little research with what Dish Network was offering, armed myself with a good story and dialed the RIGHT number this time and during normal business hours. in fact it was rush hour on the east coast.

      *state account/phone number: XXXXXXX

      *State reason for calling: "Cancel"

      *Do you want me to cancel your account or cancel a payment: "account"

      *Hold please while I connect you....

      I was instantly connected with a friendly voice asking how she could help me. We exchanged some niceties and then I jumped right into it. I explained to this girl that I had seen an offer that Dish Network was offering free NFL ticket and free DVR (I don't have) when you sign on as a new customer. (again, understand that I'm still locked in as a customer for 1 more year - penalized if I cancel) I further explained that I do not want to leave DirecTV, as I am happy with my service, I just cannot pay what they are asking for the extras.

      Immediately the girl went into customer retention mode, explaining to me that Dish does not actually offer the NFL Ticket but that they are advertising Red Zone (I already knew this but she willingly accepted my hook). I thanked her explicitly for the information and then asked her if DirecTV was offering any deals for the NFL Sunday Ticket? To my surprise I was informed that they were actually having a deal for the NFL Sunday Ticket MAX edition for $163.99 or $41 a month divided up over 4 months.

      I was already excited by this deal as I wasn't expecting such a discount righ of the bat. And it's important to note that I wasn't even going to push for the "MAX" package. I just wanted the basic NFL Sunday Ticket package. But I felt I could continue to press my luck, and did, and it worked.

      I asked the young lady if the payments could be spread out over 6 months verse 4. She stated that no, it couldn't. I further explained that the $41 a month additional cost was too much outside of my alloted monthly budget, but if she could spread it over 6 months it would lower my additional payments to under the $30 extra a month. She again stated that she could not. I just replied with a simple "hmmmm" and the remained quiet. Around 20 seconds of uncomfortable silence, she finally broke in with I were to accept the deal today that they could apply a $25 credit to my account, dropping my payments to $34.50 over 4 months (or $138 total). I thanked her for that attempt but then gracefully asked her again, can this be spread over 6 months instead of 4 - it was still just more than I could afford monthly for football. Not to my surprise she once again said no. Then I jumped. "Is there anyway to discount this further then? If you can discount it further I could probably swing the 4 months payments". She put me on hold.

      Around 3 minutes later she returned. "Sir? My supervisor just authorized me to give you another $25 credit to your account. This brings your total for the NFL Sunday Ticket Max to a total of $113.99 or $28.50 a month over 4 months.

      DONE DEAL! Signed sealed delivered. The credits have already been applied and the NFL Sunday Ticket Max has already been confirmed.

      Recap: Origianlly wanted to charge me $39.99 a month for 6 months ($240 total) for the BASIC NFL Sunday Ticket. I followed your direction, received a one time $10 credit for August, and the NFL Sunday Ticket MAX for only $113! The Max package is currently listed on their website for $54.99 for 6 months or $330 total.

      I'm happy!!

    • Devin 2 years ago

      DTV wouldn't give me any more offers, so I cancelled my service. I called them a few days later, and they still wouldn't budge. I actually just signed up under my wife's name and now they are sending someone out to hook us up and get us started. So far, the address on file isn't effecting anything. However, we'll see if it still happens. Will keep you posted.

    • Ryan 2 years ago

      I called today and told them I needed to save some money and cancel my service. I told them I was switching to Dish to get the hopper and save $30 a month on my bill. I talked to a very nice women from Utah who immediately offered a free Genie DVR and wireless Genie mini, along with $15 off my monthly bill for a year, free showtime for 3 months, and free NFL Redzone. I also agreed to a new 2 year contract. I probably could have pushed for more but I was very happy with how easy the whole call went.

    • Tai 2 years ago

      I've been with DTV for about 5 years. I did this last year with good results, but they weren't willing to do much for me this time. All I asked was to get the price back to where I was last month and they couldn't do that. I ended up canceling with it cutting off in a week from today. I don't really want to cancel, but we'll see if I get a call back...

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Tai - I would give a call back in to them in that last day or two before actually cancelling. They should really try to work with you. Directv really is a great company, in my opinion.

      I called last week because they were going to start charging me for the NFL Sunday Ticket again. I had called them like 3 months ago to make sure they didn't start automatically charging me. So they messed up, but I knew this wasn't a major problem. Spoke to a great guy - ended up getting the Sunday Ticket Max for free this year - and I wasn't even being pushy. It's unfortunately just who you end up talking to a lot of the time. Hope you have better luck in your next call. :)

    • Tai 2 years ago

      Update - they called me back this morning and were willing to go back to our original price and threw in Sunday Ticket Max for free. I didn't even have to ask. Looks like I'm sticking with them!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Tai - OUTSTANDING! :)

    • Tom 2 years ago

      Lots of great info. Thanks. Has anyone had any luck with canceling the service and have someone else with a completely different name (i. e. A roommate) order as a "new" customer?

    • Jerry 2 years ago

      Scott, I have been negotiating for the nfl Sunday ticket max over the past three days and the best I have been offered is it for $92 over four payments. Although this is a great deal I would like to get it for free as I have been able to do the past two seasons. I was told they don't offer it free for more then two years in a row. What are your thoughts on this and did you do or say anything special to get yours for free this year? By the way I am out of contract.

    • mhootie1976 2 years ago

      I've been with Directv for 38 months now and have been pretty please. They've given me numerous discounts and most without me asking for it. Right now I'm on a discount where I'm paying for the Xtra package, but receiving the Ultimate package. Im paying $113 a month for that package and 3 receivers (a standard, a DVR, and a HD DVR). Plus have the HD DVR hooked up to the wifi to access the on demand. The package upgrade, they just called me out of the blue and offered it to me for just being a loyal customer. I'm due for an upgrade next month and might try for the genie wireless. Most of the techniques I use I learned from taking Business Management in college and they are close to the techniques you mentioned.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Jerry - you are correct that Directv does not typically hand out the Sunday Ticket for free three straight years in a row. I was able to get it this year (3rd straight year) when calling to discuss my friend's recent dealings: he was only with Directv for less than 2 years, and was set up with an introductory rate (like a newbie's killer deal) for 2 years - locked in. I've never heard of Directv locking in a killer rate for 2 years like that. I've been with them for nearly 8 years, so I called to try to get that for myself.

      That unfortunately failed, but in the process they offered me the Sunday Ticket for $60-$80, I forget. All I said was, "well, I think it's a little messed up that someone who's only been with you less than 2 years is locked in and I've got 8 years with you and can't get locked it. What are the chances of doing away with that $60-$80 altogether?" I wasn't harsh about it, but the guy quickly gave a 30-second pause, then said sure - "we'll charge you $165 (close to that, half the cost) for the Sunday Ticket Max, then give you a credit for that same amount, so you'll get it for free."

      I was pretty pumped. My friend tried the next day to get the Sunday Ticket and couldn't get it. It seems when I call with even the slightest issue about something, that that's when I'm able to get a deal. I wait until my credits run out, I have a problem with the service, I'm having issues getting my parents set up with Directv (happened last year) - when these things arise, that is when Directv's customer service is at its best. They aim to please and more often than not do a good job of coming through for their customers.

      Hopefully something works out for you and you can get it cheaper if nothing else.

    • scootie 2 years ago

      Just called. I have choice xtra. Offered 30$ off for a year if sign up for paperless billing. Ummmm ok. Also offered NFL sunday ticket for free. Been with them since 2011

    • Yueyang Chen 2 years ago

      I finally decided to switch to directv after 6 months terrible experience with xifinity TV. Directv has much more HD channels and it is cheaper!! I got referred from a friend account number 15215665 and when I called Directv I gave my friend's account number and we both get $10 off for each month. Feel free to use this code when ording your new service from Directv. GOod luck everyone!

    • TXGoddess profile image

      TXGoddess 2 years ago from El Lago, Texas

      I'm past my 2 yr contract by about 6 months, so I called to get my bill lowered. Went straight to cancellation dept. Explained that I wanted to lower my bill. He explained how dropping premiums or lowering packages would lower my bill. I told him that was fine, but I was more interested in discounts on my current programming similar to what I would get if I switched to Dish or Comcast. Long story short, he offered $15/month off of my $150 bill ($10 for a year and $5 for six months) and when I pressed for more, he basically offered to process the cancellation. He was very nice (as was I). I guess I'll try again later. Also, he said that even if I came back to Directv at a later date, I'd never get new customer pricing. I'd forever be tied to this Directv account and would lose any "tenure" discounts that I had. Any suggestions for the next time?

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      TXGoddess - your bill was over $150? Do you have the highest package, and quite a few pay channels (HBO, Starz, etc.)? Those are the kinds of things that can be more difficult to deal with. You can still accumulate certain discounts, but having the highest package with multiple pay channels will keep you well over $125 or so per month.

    • SavedbiginKy 2 years ago

      Basically called and said cancel service. Got a representative and he asked if I wanted to talk about a price lower or to move on with the process and I told him to go ahead and cancel that their service has been great it's just that I have young kids and me and my wife both work and we use the hd antenna more than anything. (No locals). So they cut it off at about 8 am the next day. See this is what I wanted. Now I knew the phone all would come from retention and now the best deal will be laid out on the table. So the call came around 3pm that day and my last bill was 115. We talked and I was very friendly. Told him if it wasn't for sports I would probably rarely watch the sattellite. He immediately threw nfl sunday ticket max out for free and offered to lower my bill to 77 59 if I dropped 2 boxes. Said I would have to discuss it with my wife that I just don't know but the offer sounds not too bad. So he says I tell ya what if I set you up on paperless billing I can get you to 64.99 a month and you keep the boxes. After a 1 year agreement it will go to 95 but if you are not satisfied you can always call back after the year is up. I accepted and thanked him very much and how much it meant to me so he then said you like movies? Well I'll throw in hbo Cinemax etc etc for 3 months too.

      So in all my bill was lowered 50 bucks a months for a year. Free sunday ticket max and free movie channels for 3 months.

      Now with this said I wouldn't recommend everyone just canceling. I was willing to take the gamble. We were willing to walk away and just go with antenna netflix hulu for awhile.

      Hope everyone saves a bundle and best of luck.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      SavedbiginKy - This is a great example for people. Like you said, don't just cancel unless you're willing to follow through with it, but it may work in your favor big time like it did for you. I've never been willing to go that far myself. :)

    • TXGoddess profile image

      TXGoddess 2 years ago from El Lago, Texas

      Scottbarr, I have the ultimate package with Starz/Showtime. I have three receivers, too. I'm already on paperless billing and autopay. The discounts brought it down to $133, but it'll go up $5 in 6 months. Honestly, I'm almost ready to tell them to take a hike.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      TXGoddess - I dropped down a package like half a year ago and saved around $7. I realized I wasn't watching most of it anyway. First I'd see if you can drop down a package without it affecting what you watch. Then I'd just drop Starz and Showtime. Starz is a great channel, but wow they play the same 10 movies for like 7 straight months. I used to watch certain shows on there. I just waited until they were about to begin the new season, then call and get it free for 3 months at a time.

      Did the same thing with Showtime as well. Showtime really is the worst of the pay channels. I wish HBO was cheaper but their programming is so good that I continue paying for it. :) No discounts there!

      Making these changes could be a start. And it's not a bad idea to check with Dish or Comcast to see what they can offer you in the way of what you have now. If you can get what you have now cheaper for at least a year maybe you make the change and save the money.

      Again, I don't work for Directv - I'm just an advocate for them and getting them to lower their pricing and I've discovered they're the only company willing to do it. Comcast will tell you to bugger off (and no I'm not British either!).

      Friend of mine is good friends with a Comcast employee - he stated if people want to leave because we won't lower their prices, then so be it. Now that's some lousy customer service!

    • TXGoddess profile image

      TXGoddess 2 years ago from El Lago, Texas

      Thanks for the suggestions! I very rarely watch TV. My significant other was the Starz/Showtime watcher and he's recently taken a new job that means more hours, so it won't be as painful for him to get rid of those. :) I already have comcast tv "free" with my internet. It's the very basic with no DVR and it's hooked to another room, but a $130/month savings would very quickly pay for a TIVO and the effort to run another cable drop. I sincerely appreciate all the time and effort that you put in here to help me!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Glad to help out TXGoddess - Go Cowboys. :)

    • TXGoddess profile image

      TXGoddess 2 years ago from El Lago, Texas

      I'm in Houston. Go Texans. ;)

    • bmc410 2 years ago

      Hey Scott, been a DTV customer for over 20 years, bill has always been over $100, never had an upgrade, always paid on time and also had protection all that time. Last 2 or so years got wise and called CR and they offered free ST and $10-$20 off. Now my bill increased from $120 to $150 for extra, 2HD and 2SD. I called last night and asked about reducing my bill back to somewhere around $100. The rep says no way, you had all the discounts you're getting. I said ok, lets set up a cancel date and he happily agreed so my cancel date is set for next Thursday. I was surprised he wasn't even willing to meet me halfway. I will be paying about the same moving to Comcast since I already have internet and cable through them and I will get HBO, ST, MAX and Starz and basically have the same channel lineup. I have loved DTV except for the rain and snow and really didn't want to cancel but they pretty much called my bluff. Now I am sick in the stomach and not sure what to do since I read the HD quality isn't as good. At a minimum, I will call and set up an installation date with Comcast and then call DTV and push back my cancellation date until a couple days after it is installed. I have not heard from them (its only been a day and since I called on a Friday night I figure they don't do retention calls on a Saturday). Scary part is I've read DTV is not giving credits or discounts anymore so I'm wondering if they'll just let us walk away. Any suggestions about what to say when I call and push the date back. Really don't want the hassle of switching but I will if they at least don't offer something to keep us.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I would just be completely honest with them when you talk to them again. To be a customer of over 20 years and not have them work with you is absolutely ridiculous. Let them know that. And they need to know that they won't just be losing you, but future customers who you will be telling NOT to join Directv.

    • Jerry 2 years ago

      Okay so I posted a few weeks ago and told you how the best they were offering me was the Sunday Ticket Max for $90+. Well I waited until this morning to call them back and try one last time. I spoke with a rep in the cancellation dept. who was very nice, but wouldn't budge on what I had previously been offered. I told her I was going to switch to Uverse and have a better monthly rate and they were also going to give me a $150 visa gift card. She wouldn't budge and so I had her set a cancellation date for September 7th. In reality I didn't have anything else set up other then speaking with other providers over the past few weeks. I was nervous like to previous poster that I would actually have to switch providers.

      A few hours ago I received a phone call from a young lady at Directv following up on why I was canceling. I explained that I was going to be losing two discounts totaling $30 over the next two months and that my bill wouldn't be affordable, that I have a friend that received the Sunday Ticket Max for free, and that I was offered a $150 gift card. She then said well how about this: I can offer you a $32 discount over the next 12 months, I will give you the Sunday ticket max for free this season, I will give you HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax free for 6 months, and in addition instead of a $150 gift card I will send you a $200 gift card. I was elated and said that sounds great. The way she said she had to set it up was that she would cancel my service at midnight tonight and reactivate by noon tomorrow which will allow them to give me the new customer rates and discounts. I hadn't heard of this before, but either way I was happy.

      I figured I would just let you know how my experience went and that it took me four phone calls and setting up a cancellation date in order for me to get what I wanted plus more. As you have said numerous times before, I was always polite to whoever I spoke with and eventually it worked itself out.



    • bmc410 2 years ago

      Jerry, that's an awesome deal. Wondering what the parameters are that trigger a call back to some customers and not others. I would gladly take the deal you were offered.

    • Jerry 2 years ago

      I made a mistake in my above comment in regards to Hbo, Showtime, and Cinemax. It is free for 3 months not 6 months.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Jerry - I have never heard of Directv killing your service at midnight then setting it all back up as a new customer. That is outstanding. Congrats!!!

    • Jungleboot 2 years ago

      I'm a long time Directv customer and have been able to get rate reductions for the past several years. I'm also grandfathered with the Choice Xtra package and have not changed it.

      My current discounts are about to run out. I'm hoping customer retention will be kind enough to offer another promotion. One year, I was told by a rep to "always ask". For whatever reason, there may not be one to use this month. But next month, there may be one.

      I really hope getting flagged doesn't happen to me.

    • Mike 2 years ago

      Called them today, having had the service for a little over a year. I didn't go the cancellation route, but rather I talked to someone and asked how I could make my bill more manageable as I've been paying a lot. Person on the phone was very nice. I downgraded from premier to Xtra (would have gone further but I like Golf Channel which isn't offered any lower) with Showtime and and HBO and Sunday Ticket (reg) which they gave me about $40 off on. I'm looking at about $163 a month until the installments for Sunday Ticket run out. I felt like I may have left a little bit on the table... especially reading the comments in here about folks getting ST MAX for $free.99 but there's always next year.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Mike - since you said you've only been with Directv for a little over a year, it may be a little tougher to get some of the better deals. Still glad you were able to get something though. :)

    • LarkBea 2 years ago

      Our contract expired this month and I called DirecTV fully intending to cancel. As much as I hated to do it, the local cable company offered a really great monthly rate with no contract, less than half of what we were paying for DTV in our second year. Since we are both retired and on a fixed income, every penny counts. The CSR I spoke with was very nice and very understanding. Our bill was reduced to $10 more than the cable company rate and we got Sunday Ticket thrown in, no contract re-up either. Now that was an offer I could not refuse and actually quite a relief. We love DTV and after a really bad experience with Comcast (different company where we live now but still not stellar according to comments I have read), wasn't looking to get hooked into cable TV again unless there was no other recourse.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      LarkBea - that is great - good job!

    • desperate in fl 2 years ago

      i called last week to try and get my bill lowered, rep wouldn't budge so i've got my cancellation set to go for Sept 12th. i called again today, still won't budge. i have one year left on my contract, i use auto pay and paperless billing, when i asked about having those discounts extended they still said no. hopefully i have some good luck like the rest of you have!

    • Bsmith39532 2 years ago

      Called 3 times. First time I got that the systems were down and it would be the next afternoon before they would be back up. Called back 10 min later and talked to a friendly gut that offered me $10 HD waived for 12 months, $20 credit for 12 months or NFLST. I asked about possible equipment upgrade and was offered Genie and mini free but a $3/month fee for these. I was ready to accept offer when my cell dropped the call. It was around 11pm, so I just decided to call back later the next day. I read somewhere in a post here or another site that if you get the southern women, you get better deals....and I did with the 3rd call!!!! When I inquired about lowering bill, she told me that the $30 total for 12 months had already been applied, but to hang on and she would see what else she could get me. The "extras" were NFLST free, just need to cancel before next season to not be charged for next season, Showtime free for 12 months, Genie and mini free, and a $5/month credit to cover the $3/month fee for them. Glad I waited! Thank you to all that have posted!!!!

    • Bsmith39532 2 years ago

      Forgot to add that I also got the Sports package free for 3 months and that I did have to agree to a 2 year contract since I got the new equipment.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Bsmith - that is awesome! Love that you got a southern woman! :)

    • JJ 2 years ago

      I should add, I am always sure to be extra polite with them, but I actually started to get heated towards the tail end of the call. I made a point to apologize and tell her that I knew it wasn't her fault, but I was feeling deceived. Manners didn't seem to matter good or bad on this call.

    • Tom 2 years ago

      Worked for me, (I did get a friendly rep from SC). After about 20 minutes on the phone discussing different options, I was finally offered $20 less/month, waive $10 HD access fee for a year, free genie equipment and some of the pay channels for 3 months. Wouldn't budge on any of the Sunday ticket programs. At least she was honest and told me that it's basically the wrong time to ask as they are not allowed to discount just before the beginning of the season. Still turned it down. I have Directv and DSL bundled with Verizon.... Optimum came through with a better deal - all in, saving $30 month, unlimted calling local/long distance on landline and much better internet access vs. DSL. The channel lineup I'm getting is on par with ChoiceXtra - but I will receive Encore with the Optimum package. Wife wanted to know if I was taking down the dish...told her not yet. I'll wait until 12 months from now, jump on "new customer promo" with Directv and just bundle my phone/internet with Optimum for $50.

    • Tom 2 years ago

      forgot to mention. Optimum was willing to absorb up to $250 in cancellation fees as a new customer. So you can leverage this as well if you're still under contract. (I was a 12 year customer)

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Great info Tom - thanks for chiming in with what you found out.

    • Matt 2 years ago

      Add Your Comment..I just did this with DirecTV. We have been a customer for almost 3 years and basically have the highest plan you can get (premier) with the basic NFL Sunday Ticket and all premium channels (no porno stuff though). We have (1) Genie DVR box (HR-44), (2) regular DVR box's (HR-22) and (1) Samsung RVU client TV, so we basically have 4 boxes/devices. Our current contract is up in June of 2015 as it was extended when we moved.

      We currently pay $219 a month as most of our discounts have now expired. A few moments ago I called DirecTV to cancel and switch to COX. I was then offered a much better deal without extending or changing our current contract. Here's what we got:

      - Upgrade from NFL Sunday Ticket to the NFL Sunday Ticket MAX + upgrade. We were given 50% off this package.

      - $40 dollars off all premium channels for four months. We were told to call back after four months and we will likely be able to get another discount.

      - $20 dollars off our bill for 12 months.

      Our new bill is now down from $219 to $159 for the next four months and then $199 after that, though we should get another discount in four months when we call back.

      Hope this info helps!

      - One other note: We had an old Genie HR-34 that broke this past July (2014). It was replaced by a newer HR-44 under warranty (for free by a technician on site, we have the basic protection plan). According to the technician, allowing DirecTV to give us the newer box would NOT extend our contract, I also found this to be true when I read the fine print on DirecTV's website. Here's the rub.. our contract was extended. Luckily I caught this error and called DirecTV to fix the problem. It has been fixed (I didn't get any hassle). So... if you get an upgrade under warranty (protection plan) make sure that your contract is not accidentally extended.

    • Rickie Lambert 2 years ago

      After being a customer for over 10 years, I setup a cancellation last February. My bill at that point was almost $100, no premium channels, but had HD and Tivo service. Customer service were only offering $10-$15 off to which I declined. Few days later I received the anticipated 'don't leave' email to which I responded and managed to get an extra $10 off bringing monthly bill to $75 incl taxes - movies packages for three months and SD for free. 1 year commitment. Since then I have purchased a second hand HD receiver so as not to commit me for another year. I'll call again next year to cancel and see what happens.

    • Ben 2 years ago

      I called in today and was able to get $10 off that was all she wanted to get me, but I also indicated that I would stay if they gave me NFL Sunday Ticket for free and she put me on a brief hold and I was able to get it. Not bad overall!

    • Jessica 2 years ago

      Just called bc fios offered 300$ visa prepaid card to cancel with DT the First Lady I spoke to offered me 5$ off pet mo for 12 mo haha no lady not good enough then called again spoke to a super nice southern man who after a bit of chatting gave me $100 credit and HD xtra pack free for 6 months brought my bill from 92$ to $78 I'm staying with directtv!

    • Ludobbs 2 years ago

      Currently have Choice Extra Classic and MLB Extra Innings. Discounts expired Sept. 25: $20/mo. for Choice Extra CRG retention and $10/month for Advanced Receiver DVR. Called yesterday on Sept. 29 and said "cancel" to get customer retention. Got a very pleasant southern lady and told her my 1-year commitment had just expired and asked what discounts are available for a long-time customer. She replied that I didn't have a commitment but had been getting loyalty discounts.

      After some delay checking, the lady said the only current offer was for my Verizon FiOS/DirecTV bundle at $15/month off for 12 months. I politely replied that the "discount" amounted to a $15/month price INCREASE from my current bill. She said the $15/month off is the only thing the marketing department now has available and she continued to be nice but absolutely would not budge and said that last year I got discounts available only to new customers and couldn't get that now. She told me discount offers change monthly -- at the beginning of the month -- and that I could check back in about 30 days to see what discounts are available then, since doing so earlier wouldn't change anything until my new billing cycle in late October. That made no sense to me but I didn't challenge her and said I'd check back later because I'm not interested in a $15/month increase for the next 12 months. She said that she put notes in my file that I'm looking for discounts to keep my bill the same or lower so DirecTV would know what I'm interested in when I call back.

      I also asked if any NFL Sunday ticket offers were available. Last year when my discounts had expired I called in mid-September and got the $30 discount for 12 months PLUS Sunday Ticket and Red Zone free without even asking. This time she said all that was available was the free Red Zone and 50% off Sunday Ticket Max for something like $160. I told her I'd pass and check back on discounts later. Meanwhile as of Sept. 26, my bill is now up $30/month.

      A couple of questions for Scott.

      - Are fewer discounts available near the end of the month as reps' "quotas" are used up? I'd read in the past that the best days to call were Mondays because by the end of the week fewer discounts were left to be doled out. Is that the case near month-end too?

      - The rep said new discounts from marketing start at the beginning of the month. Is that true and, if so, should I call back customer retention on Oct. 1 or is that too soon after getting shot down on Sept. 29? Would a Monday, like Oct. 6 be better timing.

      - Should I just stick with trying to get bigger loyalty discounts as an 8-year customer when I call back or also ask about deals for a 1- or 2-year commitment? Would a 2-year contract offer a better deal than going through the rigamarole of trying to extract loyalty discounts every year?

      -Will the next customer rep be referring to the "notes" the lady made yesterday? If I wind up getting stiffed again should I ask to speak to a supervisor and threaten to cancel if I still don't get anywhere?

      -Is Sunday Ticket for free off the table at this stage of the NFL season. For future reference, is it always better to call in early September to try to get Sunday Ticket and loyalty discounts? I waited until my 12-month discounts expired this time near the end of September, thinking no new discounts would be given if I had called earlier in September while current discounts still had a week or two to run.

      All in all, a real bummer experience the other day. I was pleasant and polite throughout, said that we loved DirecTV but were looking to keep our bill the same or lower, never threatened to cancel or even mentioned competition from cheaper FiOS packages for phone/internet/TV, especially since I already have a FiOS double-play bundle for phone and internet. Wound up with a "discount" offer of a $15/month price increase. Never happened before. Makes me wonder whether AT&T is already calling the shots on pricing at DirecTV and if discounts will soon be a thing of the past.

      Please advise.

    • Shinobi326 2 years ago

      Just as you stated in your original article, you just need to kill them with kindness and they will respond! I've been with DTV for over 10 years. I did recently look at our statement and it was $115/month for genie with 2 TVs. It's all about the rep you get, which I happen to get on in my same state so we chatted and connected quite a bit before we got to business. He reviewed our viewing habits and determined that we can downgrade from choice to entertainment. Since we do not watch any sports at all, it was a no brainer for us. In short, even while still under a 2 year agreement (only 4 months left) he reduced our bill from $115/month to $71/month effective immediately. when I've read the responses above I felt this was pretty good so I went with it.

      I did start with the number above and got to a retention person pretty quickly so it does work and since I was already talking directly to a retention person he was empowered to even offer credits for the protection plan too.

      All in all I'm a happy camper for now until it's really time to 'cut the cord' per se and just go OTA + Internet someday soon.

      Thanks for the tips!

    • Trizz 2 years ago

      Hey there, I decided to buck up and try this since I'm fed up with $91.50 a month for the select package and 3 TVs.

      I reached Brenda, who sounded nice enough and mentioned that after trying to lower my bill by going from the Choice package to the Select package last June, I am still not happy with my bill and was going to just bundle with my internet provider Charter, which led to questions about my internet. We all know they offer AT&T Uverse for internet which happens to be available in my area. We had in fact tried to have the service connected when we originally got DTV in 2012, but their customer service was so atrocious that there is no way. But I digress...

      When I told her we wouldn't be interested in packaging due to the service issue, she apologized and went to find other avenues to save some $ and get me back my ESPN! I made a point to state numerous times that we love football (Sunday ticket, hint hint!), even when she asked if we watch movies, which we really don't, I just said no, we just really love football...

      Long story short, for now all she was able and or willing to offer was the Entertainment package, which does not have the cooking channels that my daughter so loves, but does at least get dad's MNF back (thank you so much ABC for that...) with $10 off the bill for 12 months and then $5 off for another 12 months. She almost begrudgingly added at least the RedZone to the package for free, even when I asked if it's like the Sunday ticket.

      Oh well, we will see how this works out for the next month. I actually am considering a bundle perhaps with AT&T but then, DTV will be AT&T property soon enough anyway... Hey for now $10 less a month is $10 less a month! :)

    • RF 2 years ago

      This certainly works. Called this afternoon and spoke with a very knowledgeable man who was empowered to help. He lowered my bill by $40/month for the next year and threw in NFL Sunday ticket for the rest of the season at no charge! Thanks for posting this.

    • Rokobasilisk 2 years ago

      Direct Promo’s best promo code of the day is ADN308148327. Or go to for the latest and best promo codes.

    • Daniel 2 years ago

      This does work great. Instantly received $10 off a month for one year plus NFL Sunday Ticket for the remainder of the season. Inquired about movie channel promotions and I received Showtime for 4 months with no auto renewal. Excellent website you have here. Thanks a bunch!

    • Chris of South Jersey 2 years ago

      Comcast customer for 21+ yrs, preferred pkg with internet, never any premium channels. $195/month. I'm cancelling svc tomorrow and calling DirecTV for 'great deal' only or rabbit ears come out.

    • dgc 2 years ago

      I can't afford Direct TV any more. I'm fixed income, I'm disabled, and I'm being gouged. They can make money with out over-charging like this. It's obscene. I'm on their 6-month limit hiatus, and when that expires next month, I'm cancelling. All I can remember is an Eddie Murphy joke from one of his movies. If s--- was worth something, poor people would be born with out a------. TV was all I had. I can't even afford to go anywhere or do anything. This country is a greedy, evil place to live. They keep raising the bar for even simple things. With their incredible corporate greed they keep pricing poor people out of everything. Every time I go to the grocery store prices have increased to the point where I can't afford a lot of the food that is there. Thing like this are why when I go to bed I really don't care if I wake up.

    • Judith 2 years ago

      Personally, I don't bother calling my providers: I prefer having some professionals do it for me.

      Every 6 months I send my bills to These guys negotiate with my service providers on my behalf, and then I share the savings with them.

      That's what they do all day long so they are pretty good at negotiating with your providers.

      Based on my experience, I'd definitely recommend them.

    • snakepudding 2 years ago

      Having issues with DTV charges. First was the increase in monthly fees. Next is the sports charges going to local broadcast stations. And finally is the move of hardware to my ownership. When my reception continued to go out I called them. I already had done all the checks including the unlikely connections check. If there was a loose connection it was because of the poor installation (hand tight). They wanted me to pay $150 service charge for them to fix the equipment that I though belonged to them.

      *An important point is that customers should have control because they have the money that DTV wants and needs. Without customers DTV will go the way of AOL.

      *Since broadcast TV has went digital it is easier to get the best quality images; either you get the best or you get nothing. Also there is no sports fees. I plan to hookup an antenna to the existing coax to feed both TVs. This can be supplemented with an option such as ChromeCast or DVD player with WiFi. I found the ChromeCast for $18.75-$25.

      *In conclusion, I am in the process of testing out my conversion to direct-broadcast & Netflix and Hulu Plus (some overlap) for a total monthly cost of $16. This should save me ~$924 annually plus the cost of electrical power for all of the DTV electronics and $150 service calls. I also will not miss the lost signal messages. In return I expect more commercials and loss of ff or pause options. In the end, I expect more DTV customers make these same changes which should get the attention of DTC and result in lower fees. Wish me luck

    • Yvette 2 years ago


      Directv customer here since 2006. I initially called the basic customer service number and that rep, Scott, gave me 10.00 off for one year. I then called back to the number you listed and got Marissa. She gave me NFL Sunday Ticket free for the rest of the year and an additional 15.00 off my bill for a year. So, in total, I received 25.00 credit for a year and NFL Sunday Ticket free for the rest of the year. Not a bad deal.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Wahoo Yvette! :)

    • fred whyte 2 years ago

      Can I do away with all the sports, and get a better deal?

    • fred whyte 2 years ago

      Do I have an answer about dumping all the sport channels and get a reduced price?

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      fred whyte - first of all, why would you want to?? :) But if you really did want to trash your sports entirely, you can't just take away sports-specific stations. They are part of the different packages. You could probably drop to the lowest package though and not notice a difference (may take a hit on a bunch of kids channels though too if that matters). If we could dump specific stations and save money I'd be dropping Lifetime and HSN for sure! Heh heh.

    • Diane H. 2 years ago

      So glad I stumbled upon this article yesterday! I signed up for DirectTV today (switching from AT&T UVerse - hated it!). Thanks to Adam Snider, I will get an additional $10 off for 10 months. And thanks to Scottbarr, now I know how to negotiate after my introductory rate expires. Adam, my service does not commence until the beginning of March, so it be a couple of months before you see the credit on your statements. APPRECIATED ALL THE OTHER COMMENTS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Awesome Diane! :)

    • Kevin 2 years ago


      Just wanted to comment about how good of a job you've done with this article and subsequent advice. I've been a DTV customer since 2002, and every time a CSR comments about my low account number (it starts with a 2), I never hesistate to milk that conversation into some free service.

      I used to be pretty lucky about getting the NFL Sunday Ticket free a few years back, but I think that once they renewed their contract with the NFL recently, they've been less able to give it away like they have in the past. Can you still get lucky with a free Sunday Ticket? Sure you can...and my experience has been that the day to call to give it a go is on the first Sunday of the football season. If DTV is doing good on its subscription numbers, you'll probably get somewhere, but if they're below their target number of paid subscribers, you'll probably get a no.

      I don't try as rigorously as you do to lower my bill on a consistent basis, but I know when to pick my battles, and I don't have to use the "C word". Recently I was due an upgrade of equipment, and my wife is a big TiVo fan (and we both agree that the DTV-produced DVRs are pieces of crap), and at first they absolutely would not give me a free TiVo. I'm sure that I'm on the wrong side of the math for paying for equipment insurance, but I use it to my advantage for conversations like these, for I simply pointed out the fact that I had been paying the insurance, had not asked for an equipment upgrade in years, and they were seriously telling me no to a TiVo?!? Needless to say I got that free TiVo moments later after that logic set in.

      We're very happy with DTV, obviously, since we're headed into our 13th year, but as On-Demand services like Hulu, Netflix, and the like continue developing, we're looking to bounce in the next year or two. But then again, if you're right, we'll still be with DTV...just a whole lot cheaper!

    • JasonG 2 years ago

      I've been a Directv customer for 5 years and have done this song and dance before with varying degrees of success. I just called and had what I think is pretty good success. I had the Choice Xtra package for $73.99/month plus about $40 in additional equipment fees. Bill was about $120/month. She offered me $20 off/month for what she called customer loyalty(included me agreeing to a 1 yr contract), $5 off/month to do paperless billing, and I canceled the protection plan which I was paying $7.99/month for. So I saved $33/month, took my package down a step to Choice for $66.99/month so my monthly bill will be about $80. I took advantage of the free movie channels for 3 months too. Plus at the end she gave me a one time $50 to be applied to my current bill. Not bad! Thanks for the tips!

    • Dazataz 2 years ago

      Got a Similar deal as JasonG. They offered $20/mt for 1 year WITH a contract extension! No $50 one-time offer was made. I refused but got them to notate the account as Dish network is better right now with the 200 channel pkg, a Hopper, and two Joeys costing $65.99 first year, $95.99 second year...but you can get $150 to $200 back by signing up at various resellers - gwdish is $200.

      BTW, there is no automated system to get to Cancellation. I got a regular CSR, then a "Advanced Customer Care" representative, then an "Account Specialist"

    • Roger 2 years ago

      @ Judith: Thanks for the tip. I followed your advice and signed up with they cut down my cable and internet bill by more than $35 per month. Love them!

    • Michael 2 years ago

      Thanks Scott,

      I just called yesterday. My two year promo pricing came to an end (but so did my contract). In the last year, I gradually went from a $62 bill (which included the $8 DTV Protection Plan), up to now $115.38. I called and nicely told them I needed to cancel. They asked why and I said I dust couldn't afford the price any more. They asked what I could afford. I said in the $50-60 range, but really didn't want to go over $60. She said I was available for an equipment upgrade, but I originally had the Genie, so there really wasn't any new equipment at this time. I saw she was trying to offer some free premium channels, but I explained I was not interested in those. She came be with an offer of $71.00 + tax to keep my current plan, WITHOUT having to extend my contract or create a new contract. I could still cancel at any time! She then said if I took the paperless billing (I was already on their auto pay, but they still mailed a statement every month), she said they would lower it another $5 a month putting it at $65. + tax.

      She said that the price would be good for one year. I said, "Well, what do I do then, will it go back up?" and she stated.... Just call then and see what deals they have in the system for you at that time. She said I could even check every few months, as they never know what deals they will have to offer much beforehand. She was VERY COOL AND VERY HELPFUL... it was like she was writing this site, saying, "Yeah, $115 is too much to be paying, they will do better!"

      I was thinking of switching to Centurylink Prism as I would have almost the same package for much less than the $115 a month, but now it is only a little better than the $65 +tax. It would have been a savings of $414 in the first year and then a $264 savings a year thereafter. I am still on the fence about switching, but not sure if the $414 is worth the hassle of switching and I am not too convinced about Prism's quality as I have come to LOVE the audio/video quality of my DTV Genie! Just to clarify, that that $414 and $264 savings are AFTER the lower DTV price of $65 +tax, that is how much I enjoy the features of DTV!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      That is awesome to hear Michael - way to go!

    • Don 2 years ago


      Good article but not what I experienced. I like DTV and have been a customer for 19 years. I called them because I'm moving and asked if they could give me a good deal because Comcast is offering HD TV, 2 years of free HBO and Internet for $99 a month. What I got was "I don't see that they have that deal, we have pricing of all our competition." Then the girl started bashing Comcast. I never really could get anything out of her so I cancelled my service. Pretty poor customer service.

    • Cheap 1 2 years ago

      I called today and complained about how much I was paying and reduced my bill by $50 a month. Again as many other have said you need to be nice to the person you are talking to and they will do the best they can to help you out. In my case I gave them a $$ amount that I needed to be at and they made it happen. Now I have $600 for my kids college funding... :)

    • Not impressed.. 2 years ago

      I just called....I currently pay $140.03/mo!!! for 4TV's. We have been a customer since 2010 and we not under contract. The best he could do for us was $5 off a month. Are you kidding me?!!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Sorry to hear that Not Impressed. But if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. :)

    • Nick Schreck 2 years ago

      This is an awesome resource!

      Reached out to them this evening and spoke with a great Rep named Andy. He was able to hook me up with $30/month for the next year, 3 months of HBO and a free DVR upgrade.

      I followed the tips above and as everyone else has said, just be nice and have a real conversation. If they feel like they can connect with you they're gonna be more willing to help you out.

      I don't expect anyone to take part but if you're looking to save a few bucks and spread the wealth in the process my Refer a Friend # is 47143558.

      But really thanks again everyone!


    • Lance Brown 23 months ago

      Great article but it didn't happen. I have tried 3 times. I have been with them 6 years and am paying 106 a month... double what i want to pay

      I got $15 amonth off. They continually said

      That's all i have "AVAILABLE"

      The 200 gift card (visa) they laughed at that .

      NEVER have we done that they said.

      those other discounts you mentioned....nada the $10 hd credit..nope

      Your info is good but not accurate at all. Sorry. i was hoping to commend you but it isn't the way it is. And nobody would try harder than i will.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 23 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Hate to say this Lance, but these things do work. They just don't always work for everyone. It's hit or miss, but I think still more hit than miss. I can only say keep trying and hopefully it pays off at some point. If it hasn't worked for me and thousands of others, I wouldn't have written this article.

    • Jeff 23 months ago

      All I could get today was a $5 auto bill pay credit...funny because I've had auto bill pay for over a year

    • Sean 23 months ago

      Managed to get showtime free for 4 months and about 20 off my bill.which brings it iust under $100. Not sure inwas speaking with retention, but she mentioned multiple times she was a "senior agent" not sure what, if anu signifigance that has. Think i could get more off if i tried again?

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 23 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Great to hear Sean. Unless you have an issue with something in the very near future that may be about it for now. But still good. :)

    • oxmon 23 months ago

      My 12 month promotion as new customer just expired, and my bill went up quite a lot (almost doubled). When I signed up a year ago, they told me that I could call back after 12 months to get new promotions. But when I called today and spoke to the retention department, they could only reduce the price for a few bucks if I change to a lower package, or throw in 2 month of Showtime for free. I asked about possibility to cancel, and was told that there's a $20 per month termination fee, which is $240 for me. Is it still useful to threaten them with a cancellation and hope for the last minute offer?

    • Brian 23 months ago

      I was ready to cancel my Directv account, hoping to save money. Iwas going to go the streaming route with netflix, hbo-go (I have access through my internet provider) and the new sling tv service. I called and requested to cancel and was not given any offers. I thought ok, no big deal, I'm ready to be a "cord cutter". A couple hours after my service was disconnected, I received a call from Directv asking why I cancelled and if there was anything they could do. I mentioned my previous service was too expensive ($115 a month). The account manager offered me something around $75 a month. I mentioned that was still too expensive. He asked what price point I wanted to be at and I said that I was looking to pay somewhere around $30-40 a month. The account manager told me to hold on for a minute and began looking for more deals. In the end I was able to get my bill lowered to around $50 a month, got NFL sunday ticket MAX for free, 3 free months of HBO, Showtime, and cinemax, and got the $200 gift card. I was able to keep all my equipment (genie, HR24, and HD box) and still had whole home DVR etc. I was completely blown away.

      I think the keys were that I was completely polite the entire time and had a plan for life after directv (I wasn't desperate for a deal). Just wanted to share my success story! Even after your service is disconnected there is still a chance for an amazing deal.

    • jj 23 months ago

      Have them install 2 HD DVRs at friends house. GslimlGet a sluimline dish to install at your house. Move one of the DVRs to your house. Split the bill. Every 2 years, the person with services cancels, the other begins a new agreement. You both get equipment upgrades every 2 years. 50% off.

    • Kevin 23 months ago

      I just called and talked to a retention and I superviser. I got $25 off but they just raised rates on choice extra so really it will only be $20 off bill for a year. I'm still going to end up paying $95 a month. I noticed you said to keep calling. However, they keep a log of all the calls so it feels strange to keep asking. Scott do advise to keep calling over and over until I get to where I want to be?

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 23 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Kevin, the main idea of my "keep calling" thought is if they're not helping you at all and you mainly need someone different to help you out. You said they gave you $25 off (which is great btw). So yes, further calling may not really get you anywhere, unless something goes wrong with your service. Anytime things go awry with your Directv service, you have a strong chance of getting something out of them, because they aim to please.

      I would sit tight for now and enjoy that extra $25. Maybe wait a few months before talking to them about lowering it. But each situation is different.

    • Grizz 23 months ago

      Thanks for the article...i was just googling around looking for DirecTV reviews when i read through this. I've had enough of Comcast's stranglehold on me in the Philly area. Although i will still need them for internet, since Fios isn't an option where i live (yet), Comcast wouldn't work with me to reduce my $200 bill, which was still on "promotion". i have two hd tv's with just HBO, and i just got sick of paying that crazy amount. I used your "Friend" account code, too, so be on the lookout!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 23 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Awesome Grizz - glad to hear you're jumping over to Directv. :) And I also have Comcast internet - nobody beats them. Thanks for the Friend code as well!

    • GBJ 22 months ago

      Thanks Scott for the info. I will try out since my 12 month promo has expired. Is anyone else having issues with DirecTV automatically switching customers to paperless billing. I have now switched back to paper billing twice and never switched to paperless billing. I think they are trying to lower postage costs and force people into paperless billing. Seems a little unethical.

    • Anon 22 months ago

      After enjoying Directv for the entire first year of our contract, we entered our second year of terms, and all of the perks went away. I knew this going in, but unfortunately I was misquoted the second year price by my local representative. So when we got our 13th month bill I was a little overwhelmed. The girlfriend and I are both on a pretty tight budget and our bill went over $100 a month. We had the Choice Package with no premium channels, and a single Genie box. So unfortunately we had to call and cancel and switch to our local cable provider, that was happy to offer us something quite a bit more affordable. About 3 days after cancellation we finally got the call, and that's when I came back to the Directv family. Now for the remainder of our second year we are getting the Extra Package // 2015 NFL Sunday Ticket (Free of charge) // 3 Months of Premium Channels (Free of charge) // $200 Visa Gift Card... all for only $39.99 a month! We never wanted to leave Directv, but it just became too expensive for our budget, and we were 100% prepared to pay the cancellation fees. Needless to say, Directv has blown it out of the park with this one.

    • mdinms 22 months ago

      Been a DirecTV customer since October 2013, all my promos have run out and my bill went from 97.99 to 132. Called today and tried to haggle, and after speaking with three different people, the only discount i was offered was switching to auto pay for 5 bucks off. Im thoroughly disgusted, and set my service to cancel at the end of the billing cycle.

    • IamMrX 22 months ago

      I got the same treatment after over 15 years plus of paying bill went to 145 called twice and was sweet as pie as were the southern gals but i only was getting a 20 dollar loyalty discount was going to update a genie and 3 minis but when she said it was an agreement for 1 or 2 years I declined. I said cancel me out at my billing cycle next week and she said my 20 loyalty dicount would be reversed....i laughed thanks for nothing will be switching to comcast especially after seeing the above reply from Anon....a 1 year customer!!!!! I get stugottz.... I'll come back and reap the rewards a year from now as Comcast is only a year agreement!!!!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 22 months ago from Pennsylvania

      mdinms - that may end up being what you needed to do to get some sort of discount. I don't recommend people to cancel to get their deals, because if it doesn't work out and they really don't want to leave Directv, then it kind of puts them in a bad spot. But it sounds like you're fine even if they don't work with you. I wish you good luck!

    • jay 22 months ago

      I called today and asked to cancel. All they could do was lower my package removing the channels we watch only saving us $10 a month. Before we got to discussing the cancellation date I was disconnected. Soon after I received a voicemail saying my service was going to be disconnected at mighnight! I didn't even get a chance to finish the conversation! Unebleive! So i called back and had them remove the cancellation. I guess I will ride it out switch to comcast at the end of the year. What a ripoff! $110 is way too much tv only.

    • buniconk 22 months ago

      After our initial fantastic offfer expired, I called to see what they could do for me. DirecTV was absolutely unwilling to lower our bill beyond $5 credit for something. So I told them I was going to disconnect. No more $ offers came forth. I called again -- same thing. They just wouldn't budge.

      So I went with the new Charter offer (which only saved me $5 per month . . .hmmm that sounds familiar...) -- and THEN DirecTV bugged us constantly, offering $200 gift cards to come back, better deals, etc, etc. Too late folks! It's OK -- I'll stay with Charter for awhile (don't like it near as much as DirecTV -- their remote control stinks! - and then snag another DirecTV signup offer in a few months.

    • Discount Dtv 22 months ago

      Hey Scott, I work at Directv and I hate it. Just to give you some tips on how to save every penny you can, I am going to give you this information and more information later because it will take me a while.

      When customers call in, their info is automatically displayed on the screen and each customer is based on a hearts system. For instance, if you have been with Directv for over your first contract and you are a big spender, you would be a 4 or 5 heart and the hearts are actually right above your name. Say your service goes out, and you are only a 1 heart we don't give discounts. But if you are a 4 or 5 heart customer, we can give you a 250 dollar credit without you having to go to our CRG department, cancellations. Also, our team leaders, who suck and smoke cigarettes the whole shift, pressure us with NPS (NET PROMOTER SCORE) which are based off the surveys customers get. If you give a 9 or a 10 we get a promoter 4-7 is a neutral and 1-3 is a detractor. If you get great customer service, please give a 9 or 10. We, as customer service representatives are evaluated on NPS and our balance score.

      The Balanced Score includes Average Handle Time, the time we spend on the phone with the customer. Callbacks, which is 40% of our balanced score. If after speaking to a customer, they call back within 7 days, we get hit with a call back. Claims, which is 20%. So when you call in and know your remote is dysfunctional the customer service rep will do everything he or she can to avoid a claim. And the other 20% is are transfer rate.

      If you ever call in because you have a defective remote, they are 15$ and if you complain the customer service rep will credit it, if not ask for a supervisor or if they want you to pay shipping and handling for a defective receiver, tell them no and they will credit the 19.99.

      If you ever want to speak furthermore, let me know. And if any of you have questions, just ask the directv employee.

    • Discount Dtv 22 months ago

      People, in order to get the best discount especially if you get a technical support agent is to tell that agent, "I want to cancel my service." And at that point, their hands are ties and they have to transfer you to retention.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 22 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks for the comments Discount Dtv! I will be in touch with you soon. Thanks!

    • Discount Dtv 22 months ago

      Also if you get technical support, that's what they are used for is to help troubleshoot your equipment. If you are wanting a credit or something free, just simply say let me speak to your supervisor. Once you say that, they have to transfer you to what we call the assistance queue, which is our supervisor department. Be firm with these people.

    • Tina 22 months ago

      So glad i found this!!! Great tips and do work!! Have been with Directv 12 years and no problems. Called today and had sent receiver back that we haven't been using, took off insurance and got a credit for HBO package for 42$ for 3 months. My bill was at maximum ( have all channels) and dropped it from 225$ to 135$ for next 4 months. And the girl said to call back at end of 4th month to check on more discounts for the movie channels. Said could be 5 or 10$ per package!! Thanks again!!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 22 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Wahoo Tina! Congrats!

    • Discount Dtv 22 months ago

      Just let me know the situation, and I will give you my best advice. Also Don't call around 12:00 AM -4:00 AM ON Wednesdays and Saturdays as nobody can help you because our systems are down.

    • Adam 22 months ago

      Just spoke to the folks at Directv and was able to score $35 off my bill for the next 12 months and he said to check back at the end of the year and I might be able to secure another discount. He did try to upsell some movie channels but I politely declined. 8 year ChoiceExtra subscriber here.

    • IamMrX 22 months ago

      Cut the cord today going withComcast triple play package...even going to CRG they still could not get bill under 100 dollars...gut was cool from Tennessee and asked him how many hearts I had being a customer for 19 years...he was surprised as hell that I knew that thanks to Discount above blogging but i wouldn't give out my pals here!!!! He couldn't say specifically but said i was up there . Besides the Comcast guy cut all the cords so even if he said 50 per month i would have needed a total replacement...I will enjoy my time with Comcast and when the subscription runs out then DTV can give me a great deal. Thanks Scott for putting this info out...Enjoy!!!

    • Don 21 months ago

      Didn't work for me my bill has went from $56.00 to $82.71

    • JenDreams 21 months ago

      It worked! I called the phone number listed in this website, told them I could no longer afford fee for the package that we like. The first rep told me that there was only the $5 email bill discount. I regretfully told him that I would have to cancel the service beginning 2 weeks from today. I received 5 missed calls from Directv in the morning, and when I called them back, I was magically awarded a $200 Visa gift certificate, $55 in discounts per month and free Sunday ticket for the year, as well as the 3 free movie channels for 3 months! Thank you so much for sharing the information on how to get this service down to a reasonable fee, you rock!

    • Scotty 21 months ago

      I have been a DTV subscriber for 16 years. I missed my payment deadline this month and they've been calling incessantly in desperation which really pissed me off ( Not a nice way to treat a loyal customer). Inspected my bill they are charging a mandatory regional sports fee and $20 for 2 HD receivers. Their equipment is crappy as is the remote. My bill $110 a month plus the direct ticket service last 15 years. Called to pay up and inquire about a getting a reduced bill. All they can give is $5 a month plus $10 extra per month if i sign for a year contract. Told agent this wasn't enough she responded it's not their job to give away free stuff. BTW she wasn't the friendly Southerner type others mentioned in this thread; sounded like someone with an Indian dialect. Anyhow I told her forget it I will cancel and she went ahead and processed it for tonight. I don't really want to switch providers. I wonder what my chances are someone from retention will call back requesting I stay. Especially since as of midnight tonight Im no longer a customer

    • Larry Chaffin 21 months ago

      I am so tired of my bill going up more every time I receive it! I had it reduced once and the second time I called was like a few years later, nothing. It was more or less "if you don't like it...tough!" And even if you are not late but your payment is coming up they send you reminders! I think this company should really think about how they treat their LOYAL customers. I thought about having it cancelled and then open it back up in my wife's name to receive the rates for the new customer....think that would work?

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 21 months ago from Pennsylvania

      They would still know it's you with the same address. Unfortunately that wouldn't work. :(

    • IamMrX 21 months ago

      No need to fret people....I cut the cord 2 weeks ago and was not called by DTV but did call to go over my final bill which they will get you for every last second of the day to charge you!! I was sent to retention dept thinking if I come back they would waive the fee's which is exactly what was offered PLUS a $200 VISA card and a bill that went from 145 per month to 88 all included except taxes and all brand new genies..I'm sure if I asked for the football or baseball package i would have got that too!!!! So if it takes going without TV for a day DO IT!!! They don't want you to leave but the shitty CSR dept can't reduce squat for ya..tell em retention dept!! OK still liking my triple play bout you ????

    • Scotty 21 months ago

      Thanks Iam. I cut cord last Friday after 16 yrs of service and have been waiting for a customer return call since. All I got was the automated 'instructions to return the equipment call. I wasn't exactly getting along with rhe rep whom I cancelled with. Hopefully this didn't cause her to flag the account - that'd be very petty

    • IamMrX 21 months ago

      SCOTTY do not wait for a call just call the number above and ask them to switch you to retention dept..she was awfully nice and wanted to give the cheap price with all the bells and whistles...billing dept I talked too was all foreign people but retention was US. They do not want us to leave but seems like us long term customers get thrown to the side...if you can't get anywhere with that go to DTV website and under contaact info look for Office of the President there you can write about your frustrations and they get back to ya quickly and will assist more so than phone reps....complain about Rob Lowe commercials they got too many complaints that why he was taken off and a hot model with a talking horse was played now...LOL don't give up the ship yet!!!!

    • Wendy 21 months ago

      I just spent nearly an hour on the phone with them. My bill has gone from $90 to $134 in just two years on the EXACT same service. It's so frustrating. The last couple times I have called all I could get off was $10 for 6 months. They always offer the free movie channels, but we are not too interested in them. A couple years ago, they gave us the NFL package for free, but really we would like the MLB package for free. I am very interested in the customer that commented a couple above me. I would not be opposed to disconnecting for a couple days to get all those discounts. It's definitely something to think about.

    • Scotty 21 months ago

      Iam, you were right. I just called per your instructions and I spoke to Avery nice man who worked so hard for me to be happy. He welcomed me back with open arms! Got the NFL ticket for 2015 plus a new Genie system thru the house plus free premium channels for 3 mos plus a slew of discounts bring my bill from $110 with crappy equipment to roughly $80 with modern equipment. Direct tv needs to be more like cell providers to keep one as a customer. In anycase I was wooed back and going without TV for a week was worth it. Saved me almost $1000 over cost over a year. Thanks Iam Mr.X and Scott Barr

    • employed agent 20 months ago

      I do respect the fact that you went out of your way to assist other people in ways to save money. I have read through your blog and you did give mostly great advice but, I would strongly suggest not telling people to threaten to cancel. That's never a last resort. I was surprised you mentioned to use it as leverage. The easiest simple way is to just be upfront and ask for a discount, to be as calm as anyone would having a conversation talking to their neighbor. Agents are there to help retain customers and assist in keeping their business and help keep the bill reasonable. I would hate to see anyone not get a chance at the most "bang for their buck" without being transferred to someone who is more than willing to cancel their services without an knowing all they were looking for was an opportunity to better their bill. Other than that I personally found your advice sound and truthful.

      Honestly, I wouldn't want you to have angry people blaming you for something you didn't intend to hurt them. All these companies train their employees to be helpful and benefit the customer Always.

      Thanks for the post.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 20 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Thank you very much for the read, but more importantly your advise in this, Employed Agent :). I will be editing the article in the coming weeks and will be making adjustments accordingly.

      I appreciate all the different comments that have been made as well. I am a huge Directv fan and definitely do not want to turn people away. Some slight adjustments to this will hopefully show that 100%. Thanks for your response!

    • beachinmoney 20 months ago

      So, I have been with Directv for 2 years now. I started with the Ulitmate package with a $200 Visa card and my cost for the first year was $65.00 a month. I have a Genie and two other boxes. Last year when it went up I switched to the Choice which is only 150 channels. It went to $68.00. Now it's up-to $89.00 and in a month it goes up another $15.00. The rep. I called only offered to give me even a lower package, where I would loose my Lifetime Movie channel. NO OTHER DISCOUNTS. I have never had a late payment and I have been on auto pay. If that is all that they are willing to do, which is really a big FAT NOTHING! THEN THEY OBVIOUSLY DON'T NEED MY SERVICE. I SCHEDULED DISCONNECT FOR MAY 27TH. I WILL GO WITH DISH.

    • Carolina 19 months ago

      We could not get Time Warner to budge on inch. You would think they would want to keep long time customers since many are leaving cable. Our bill went up over twenty dollars and the only discount we got was they reduced it by four dollars. We are now looking at dish companies and ATT. Unfortunately our town only has one cable company. They all get you on the sports channels ( otherwise we could get a lower bill)

    • Brian 19 months ago

      Great thread! My direct TV 2 year contract is up at the end of this month. My bill is at $72 with 1 genie and 2 additional boxes. We have DVR and on demand features but no movie channels. I have 2 $10 promos ending this month which will put me at $92. Certainly not as bad as some of you but I'm still fighting for pennies! Yesterday I scheduled a disconnect for next week after only being offered $10 off which would still be more than I'm paying now with the promos ending. Today I already received a call from the retention department. I'll call back once I get off work. I'm hoping for a bill in the $60's with the $200 visa gift card, free NFL network for 2015 and 3 months of free movies. I would settle for my bill to remain at $72. What's the best way to try and get that visa gift card? Should I tell them Dish offered me a gift card too? I'll keep you all posted. Any tips are appreciated! Lastly, one thing I thought was interesting was that a lot of you all and online articles mention asking for the deal you want. I was always from the school of "Ye who speaks first loses." What do you all suggest? Should I come out swinging saying I Need a bill in the $60's or I'm disconnecting? Or just ask what the best they can offer while making up a figure that a competitor is going to charge for leverage ("Dish said they would be $58.74 after fees for the first year so I'm most likely going with them")

    • Brian 19 months ago

      Looks like it's taking a while for my original post to show. Update #1 from Direct TV retention department. I called the number back after receiving 4 missed calls throughout the first day. After some back and forth she mention she could keep my rate the same and throw in NFL Sunday ticket for 2015. I would only be locked in for a year which was her big selling point when I told her all the perks Dish was giving me ( I made them all up). She said she could also bring it down about $7 for me to keep exactly the same package but no NFL ticket. Since the second rule in negotiating is to never accept the first offer, I told her no thanks. She mentioned she would mark my account in case I changed my mind. I'll keep you guys posted. I've got about 5 more days until my scheduled disconnection. No mention of a Visa gift card so let see if the pull out all the stops in the next few days when the call back.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 19 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Well done so far Brian. :) I'm interested to see what you end up landing. They've gotten much more stingy with the Visa cards, so you may strike out there. But getting the Sunday Ticket thrown in for free already is pretty impressive. They usually don't start offering that up until we're much closer to the new football season or even in it. Good luck!

    • Brian 19 months ago

      Thanks Scott. What is your opinion in regards to asking for a specific price or letting them talk and seeing what they would offer. I'm paying $72 so worst case I'd probably stay for $62 with perks but would obviously like to do better if I can. Should I give them an ultimatum or ask what's the best they can offer me?

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 18 months ago from Pennsylvania

      I usually say, "I was paying -this much- for my bill each month and now it's gone up. What can we do to get it back down to that range I was at before." They'll then see what they can work up to get you there.

    • RP 17 months ago

      Good stuff here. Last week I called DTV because we were on the fence. We're renovating our basement and adding a TV. We already have two HD DVRs, and the decision was whether to add the basement set to the system or just cut the cord because of the expense.

      Bottom line is that DTV offered $50 off per month for 12 months, (free) installation of the third box and the Genie system, and free Sunday Ticket for this year. I did sign up for two years. I do have to pay $6.50 for the third box as well as the $3 while-house fee, so it's really like $40 off per month for the first year. But I've had Sunday Ticket for three years running, so I got out of paying for that just as the billing was about to start for 2015.

      The generic customer service rep, as nice as he was, was not authorized to make this offer. He only offered to cut the bill by like nine bucks a month. I had to tell him no, that I already had an offer from Dish that was about $40 less than what I was paying, and please transfer me to someone in retention. That got it done. The retention rep knew exactly what I was talking about and couldn't have been more helpful and professional.

    • Scott 17 months ago

      I called and told DTV I was thinking of canceling. I told them I would consider staying if they would simply upgrade me to the Genie for no extra cost. The person said they couldn't do that but would have to charge me for the equipment and such. I had been with them for 5 years. I left them and told them I didn't want to but they left me no choice. I couldn't believe they simply let me go. Now they won't stop trying to offer me great deals including the Genie for free installation. They've lost me!

    • Mike 17 months ago

      My yearly call to DTV... I had to go through the normal customer service rep before she connected me to 'retention dept'. Without much haggling at all, she gave me $72.62 including tax for one year. There is a one year commitment on my side. This includes Choice Xtra, HD, one HD-DVR, one HD receiver, and one SD receiver. This also includes Sunday Ticket and RedZone. (She offered me the same price with no committment but no Sunday Ticket at first. I did not ask for Genie. I asked for Hannah but she was not included.)

    • Bill 15 months ago

      10 year customer and called last week to lower my bill. $10 off was the most they could do. I was already paying for showtime so they weren't giving me anything for free. I said ok how about $10 and free Sunday ticket. She said no way. I said ok then cancel my service. Witching 5 minutes, to my surprise I was off the phone and had a cancel date of 2 weeks later. That night they cut my service. I called the next day and said wtf? The rep turned it back on, offered me $20 off and Sunday ticket. Since then I called Comcast and had them do an install, called DirecTV back and told them to pretty must shove it. I am delighted with my new Xfinity deal, locked in for 2 years all the premium channels and $100 less than I was paying DirecTV. Signal quality is every bit as good and no more 771 errors when a storm clouds covers the area. Never ever going back to DirecTV. If you have the choice stick with cable.

    • Jono 15 months ago

      Great article, I just called DirecTV and got my bill reduced by $35 per month. Had the article open on my PC when I called and followed it step by step. Took about 25 minutes but for $420 per year....time well spent.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 15 months ago from Pennsylvania

      That is fantastic Jono! :)

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 15 months ago from Cicero, New York

      This is a super important and informative hub and so helpful to save high costs. A well written knowledgeable hub that was interesting and one that everyone should read. Nice meeting you Scott. Linda

    • MB 15 months ago

      Hello Again, Scott.

      I have to say I'm a bit dissapointed that the page has changed. Doesn't seem as customer friendly as it was before. Where's the original article? I would love to see that one. It was very helpful 2 years ago and wanted to reference it again. I'm having a rough time with DirecTV right now. My bill is up over $140 from $90 just a couple of months ago. I called just before looking at the article to get a refresher and didn't do very well. I have to try again. I'll let you know how it goes. I just wish I could look at the original post. It really worked for me in the past.


    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 15 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Hello Michael, good to hear from you again! Yes the page has changed a bit - a little "Hub Editing." Took me some time to get used to as well. But the info is pretty much the same.

      Main goal is to get you back down under $100. That should be as simple as getting the right rep on the phone. If you're not speaking to the retention department, then ask to.

      You should tell them then the basics: "'I've been a solid Directv customer for yada yada years. I have been happy, but a big part of my happiness with Directv has also been your price. I'm not willing to pay upwards of $150 for any cable or satellite service - not when people are streaming programming now for less than $20 per month. I'm getting calls from Comcast and Dish Network, offering me all kinds of great deals. Even if they are only good for the first year, it would save me a ton of money in the long haul. I'd like to stick with Directv if possible, but only if you can get my bill back down under $100. Otherwise, I'm just going to have to sign up with another provider."

      You may get the, "Well I'm sorry to hear that, but there's no discounts available to you at this time. That may change next month (blah blah blah) but there's nothing I can do right now."

      That is when you say, "Okay, sorry to hear that. Can I please set a cancellation date up (about a week out)?"

      I would then try calling back the next day or at the most two days later and speak to someone again. And if you really don't want to leave Directv, you could always call back the day before the cancellation and kill that off. Then play this little game a few weeks later (which sucks I know). I just can't imagine Directv willing to let someone go if they can get close to $100 from that customer per month. I hope this works out for you - keep me posted. And great to hear from you again. :)

    • danny ryan 15 months ago

      I am wondering if att/direct is simply starting to play hardball. I had a $25-30 discount last year which was EASY to negotiate. This year they would prefer to see me leave. I did start with asking simply for a discount

      I put my account on suspension for two months instead of cancelling although I did indicate I was considering going to dish.

      So I do not know how this will turn out yet. There are lots of other options for me including dish and imo almost all tv sucks so hard to justify the expense.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 15 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Thank you for your comment Matthew B. Please resubmit it if you'd like. I denied your initial comment because I'm not allowing people to add their account number to the article/comments. But yes, even if I'm maxed at 10, a new subscriber will still save $10 per month by using my account number. Thanks. :)

    • DD 14 months ago

      I worked several years in retention for a cable provider. The key to making sure you are not on the "unwanted" customer list is to make sure you pay in more than you ask for or you can point out to them in logical terms that the loss of your business will cost them more than the credit you are asking for. Some of the worse things you can do is call up and say "my friend got credit I want mine." or "I read this blog and it said if I told you I would cancel you would give me stuff free." Offers change literally several times per business day. Assume the rep is giving you what they can. You can call back several hours later if needed. I recently called DirecTV after being with them for 7 years and said I couldn't handle the bill I need to cancel. I actually soft disconnected and before I received the boxes to return my receivers I got a call from the retention department and my bill was cut in half. Simply put I told them it's TV and I can do without it.

    • AJ 13 months ago

      I'm late on this but, back in June, I read this post and called DTV after my prices went up in the middle of my two-year contract. I didn't bluff well enough and ended up scheduling a cancellation date. Said that Dish made it worth paying the ETF. Retention called me the next day and worked with me, extending my discounts for another year. Thanks, Scott!

    • Angel 13 months ago

      when you ask a provider to disconnect your account, and they do, you are also taking from that employee..... part of their pay is the "bonus" they get for "saving" an account from being cancelled ... I do understand that it is expensive to have services and I also remember when tv was free,,, (only had 4 or 5 channels) when you have 150 channels and "can't find anything" to watch, it's time to read a book or go outside ... I do watch tv, not nearly as much as most people, but I do know that, like everything, if you want good service, you have to pay for it ... I too, also groan (inwardly) when I see certain states pop up on my computer .... my best advice for anyone wanting discounts,,,,, 1. be nice 2. DON'T BE GREEDY ..... all accounts are different and will never have the same discounts

    • Frankf50 13 months ago

      Thanks for the article. Just saved $40 per month for the next year on DTV. Whoooo Hooooo.

    • Peter 12 months ago

      Here's a better idea: just cut the cord and stream all your video content commercial free. Comcast was unwilling to negotiate a better deal with me, and I balked to pay a bill that had nearly doubled since my introductory rate expired. Now I stream far better movies and shows, get most of them without commercial interruptions, and save $90 a month to boot. And I don't have to call every few months to beg for mercy from junior reps reading a script. I have Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Kodi, and dozens of absolutely free streaming apps, which are better than channels, and which I can add or delete as I please.

      Cable companies charge you a fortune for access to trashy, cheaply produced shows. Even worse, an hour-long show is actually 42 minutes, the remaining 18 minutes of air time being comprised of loud and obnoxious ads. Late at night, you get an endless buffet of infomercials. Wake up, America. You're paying a premium to be advertised to. A poor value at any price.

    • MikeC 11 months ago

      Just called Directv yesterday to find out why my bill went from $85-$118 over night. The guy I talked to was unwilling to offer me any discounts. Even when I threatened to cancel and go to DISH. I think the NEW DIRECT&T isn't playing the retention game anymore!

      We'll see what happens when I call to actually cancel my service in a couple of weeks. I'm going to get this OTA DVR : and go with different streaming services. Screw the cable/satellite companies!

    • Jim F 10 months ago

      About 2 weeks ago I called to see when my 2 year commitment with DirecTV was going to end. The woman I spoke with must have sensed that I was considering switching; which I was. She asked me to hold while she reviewed my account even though I hadn't mentioned anything yet about switching service. She came back and told me my 2 year commitment would be up March 9th and then she said she could offer me a 1 year commitment and reduce my current bill by $30 a month and add another $10 monthly reduction for being a loyal customer. Total savings of $40 per month beginning March 9th. Surprised? You bet; did I take the offer? You bet!! I was fully prepared to start the process of contacting a competitor and doing price comparisons. Thankfully; I didn't have to this time. My bill will go from $105.30 per month down to $67 and change. They even sent me a confirmation email which really surprised me as that's never been done before.

    • Brett M 8 months ago

      Last year, I cancelled and ate the 200 dollar fee and switched to twc. After a week my family HATED TWC. Wouldn't you know it. I got an email from directv, begging me back. I had not sent equipment back yet. They offered to save the 200 dollar disconnect fee and gave me free Sunday ticket and a 200 dollar visa card. Sent technician out to hook everything back up. He even fixed some things that we not right the first time. Called a few month later and begged for a wiress box. They gave me one if I reupped my contract. Now my bill has creeped up again. TIME TO CALL AND SEE WHAT I CAN GET. Here is another tip. You can cancel and use your wifes name as a new customer and get the promo deals again. They track acounts by name...not address.

    • mike 8 months ago

      scott, what do you recommend if the first thing they say is "you will have to pay the $20/month cancellation fee" when I told them I was going to cancel. I want to get sunday ticket for free as well as any and all promotions they are running. You would think they would just keep promo prices to keep people so cancellations didn't happen. I told them dish and xfinity were offering 2 year price guarantee w/ hbo and nfl redzone but nothing really happened for discounts. This is a frustrating process.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 8 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Mike, how long have you been a customer, and how long are they saying you'd have to pay $20/month for the cancellation?

    • Mike B 8 months ago

      Hey Scott,

      My direct tv bill from from 86 in year 1 to 141 in year 2. I am now out of contract with them and want to contact directv and work a new deal. I heard that they are doing 2 year guarantees instead of the 1 year lock, and massive year 2 hike.. What type of deal would you consider successful during my negotiation? I will post results after the call.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 8 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Just getting back to under $100 is always my first goal. It differs depending upon which packages you may have (HBO, Starz, etc.). But whenever I see my bill balloon to over $100, I make sure to get that fixed. :)

    • Mike B 8 months ago

      I have the Extra package with a genie and 2 receivers. I do not receive any premium channels. My bill went from 86 a month in the first year to 141 a month in the second year with no changes. I am now month to month with them without a contract. Does that give me leverage in the negotiation?

    • J.D. 7 months ago

      Another way to reduce the cost (and permanently) is to go through and evaluate what stations you actually use. If you have a DVR, this is easy, just look at what you record.

      When I did this, I found that we actually only regularly watch 10 channels out of the 200+ from our provicer. 9 of the 10 were on a lower-cost plan. I made the change and dropped our bill by $30 instantly. We actually only watch one program on the 10th channel. This program is available for purchase on Amazon Prime the day after it airs; I'm able to purchase the complete season for *less* than $30.

      Worked for us.

    • Christian Caputo 7 months ago

      As a heads up Directv no longer cares to negotiate since AT&T bought them and the agents are rude.

    • Jim 7 months ago

      I have used the online chat feature at twice in the past couple months to renew my DirecTV discounts. The first time (mid-April) I simply complained that my bill went up ~$15 since the start of the year, and the representative quickly gave me a few new discounts that added up to $30/mo credit.

      The second time I contacted them (yesterday), I noticed on the website that two of my discounts were set to expire in just a few weeks ($30/mo). Again, I used the chat feature on and was given a new $40/mo promos with almost no hassle.

      Here are the promos currently on my account. The first two are set to expire in a couple weeks, but are being replaced with the $40 on near the end of the list.

      The base price of my package (legacy CHOICE XTRA CLASSIC_EXP) is $84.49/mo! After those first two expire, I still will have $75/mo in credits towards my DirecTV service.

      1) $30 off for 12 Months Loyalty Offer (Requires 12 Month Agreement) ($360 value)

      Jul 03, 2015 - Jul 02, 2016 (Expiring)

      2) $5 off for 12 Months Loyalty offer ($60 value)

      Jul 03, 2015 - Jul 02, 2016 (Expiring)

      3) $10 off Advanced Receiver Services (HD/DVR/ARS) for 12 Months Loyalty offer ($120 value)

      Apr 19, 2016 - Apr 18, 2017 (New)

      4) $5 off for 12 Months Loyalty Offer ($60 value)

      Apr 19, 2016 - Apr 18, 2017 (New)

      5) $15 off for 15 Months Loyalty offer ($225 value)

      Apr 19, 2016 - Jul 18, 2017 (New)

      6) $40 Off for 12 Months ($480 Value) Loyalty Offer

      Jun 09, 2016 - Jun 08, 2017 (New)

      7) AT&T $5 Monthly Discount Opt-In Offer

      Jul 07, 2015 - Oct 06, 2098 (Bundle discount for Uverse internet/DirecTV)

    • trueblue101 6 months ago

      Hi Scott,

      My 2 year contract with Directv is expiring at the end of July and I wanted to call retention to lower my bill (my bill jumped from $60 to $130) Ideally, I would like to be as close to $75.00 as possible). Do you think I should call now, wait until the last few days of my contract or call when I am out of contract?

      Any recent updates on directv's retention policies now that they have merged with AT&T? Also, any new negotiating tips not posted above would be helpful. Thanks.

    • Aimee 6 months ago

      Don't let Directv get you with thier first offer. I call them every year and tell them I want to cancel (politely). Every year, they offer me 25 dollars off, I decline, they offer me 50 dollars off... I mull it over... I decline... they include 3 months of hbo.. and I take it (I have to agree to a 12 month contract, but that's how long the discount lasts, but I can cancel hbo anytime). My renewal period conveniently falls right before game of thrones starts so it works perfectly. My bill for the choice package, genie pro Gen 2, genie mini, whole home dvr, all hd, hbo for 3 months.. is 74 dollars I believe. I don't bundle anything though.

    • Edith 6 months ago

      Every time I call Directv since Jan 2016, they refuse to give any discounts. I have been a customer since 1996. You would think they would appreciate a loyal customer. I think it's the merge with AT&T . They always say when I call that I'm not eligible for any discount this month but call back next month. No discount next month either.My bill also keeps going up. How do some get several discounts while others get none?

    • Rucky 5 months ago

      I have been a long time customer and the last time I had called I got mad and canceled the service. After I calmed down I call back and got an awesome rep.

      She told me to ask for promotional the next time you call. That turned out well. Waiting for 2 weeks to call again. I want that NFL package.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 5 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Hey Rucky, they don't like giving up that NFL Sunday Ticket too early anymore, but I always wait until Week 2 is in the books and call to get it then. They offer the standard package pretty easily. The Sunday Ticket Max package you may end up paying $60 for, but if you're die-hard that can be worth it.

    • Jono 5 months ago

      Just called again, wanted to try and get NFL Sunday Ticket reduced or removed. I had the dish lineup and offer in front of me (clearly superior to DirectTV and $100 per month cheaper) and the guy wouldn't budge. He seemed like a pretty unhappy guy so I just ended the call (politely) and will try again in a few days. Seems pretty ridiculous when Dish is so much cheaper with more channels, and they won't do anything for you.

    • D in Tennessee 5 months ago


      I got the Choice package for $53.63 a month with your friends and family..thanks again. I also got year 2 for $63.63 which I made her repeat to me just to make sure. Taxes, installation included and 3 months movie channels. I was with them for 11 years straight and left 2 years ago because of prices. I appreciate your friendship and advice and agree that Direct TV really is the best from both past experiences and present business.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 5 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Happy to hear that D in Tennessee. And thank you for the referral, I saw that come through yesterday :). Enjoy your DirecTV!

    • Carrie 4 months ago


      I am about to hit my 1 year with direcTV. Because I had Sunday Ticket free last year, and i signed a 2 year contract, I feel like they really have the upper hand here. Naturally, went i spoke with retention, they didn't offer me anything, despite me calling for my parents a few hours earlier and getting it free for adding 1 year subscription. suggestions?? Thanks!!!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 4 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Lol, I tried the same thing for my parents as well and got completely shot down. They are quite the sticklers lately. No new suggestions other than keep trying. And for the Sunday Ticket, I would hit them up 2 or 3 weeks into the season. At that point everyone who is willing to pay full price already has, and they will give it away much cheaper. That's always my last resort as well.

    • Danny 4 months ago

      Chatted with them today and they took 50 dollars off my bill for 12 months :-)

    • KANDERS 4 months ago


      I WILL NOT MISS THEM ONE BIT!! kanders

    • Rafael 4 months ago

      Hey Scott, Just making sure you are still willing to do the refer a friend.

      I just signed up for DirecTV and would like to use your name and account for that refer a friend discount code. Let me know.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 4 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Absolutely Rafael. Account # is at the bottom of the article. :)

    • Nancy 4 months ago

      all I could get was $5 off a month. I still have 12 months to go on my 24 month agreement. but my $30 in monthly discounts has expired. I was offered Sunday Ticket for $100, which I declined because I am not interested.

    • Michael 3 months ago

      I've been with DTV since 2009. I reached the 'Loyalty Group' to reduce my bill. She offered me $50 off for a year and also upgraded all of my equipment for free. This required a 2 year agreement, but she said to call back in a year to get the next promotion. This is great because we wanted to move up to Genie anyway. (I believe the 3rd party rep said that if we cancelled early there would be a $10 charge per month remaining. If that is correct then it isn't too bad.) BTW, I did not have to haggle for any of this, she just offered it up right away. They still have great customer service IMO. I hope AT&T doesn't screw them up.

    • Sophie 3 months ago

      I tried to get the agent to lower my bill, but all she offered was to "downgrade" my package from XTRA to Choice and asked what channels were a must for me. I threatened to change but it had no affect. I'm not due for an upgrade on equipment until april 2017 but right now I'm paying about $100. So frustrating~

    • Matthew 3 months ago

      I guess this worked well for people 3 years ago but I just called Direct TV and like everyone else was just offered $5 off and the suggestion to downgrade my services. I can see why they do this but in the long run it's horrible business because when they don't have a me under contract I'm gone.

    • Monica 2 months ago

      Thanks for the info Scott (and the refer a friend discount)! I was able to get the promotional package for DirectTV Xtra down from $60 to $45. I'm still working on getting my HBO movie channel. And you should be getting a bit of a kickback in 6 weeks.

    • Matthew B. 2 months ago

      Directv is so frustrating. It would be laughable if it wasn't so painful. So I canceled my service after 1 year because they wouldn't budge on price. I switched to a company offering a $200 gift card so it almost equals the cancellation cost. The day after I cancel while I have the new company's installer installing services I get a call from Directv offering a year deal at $75. I tell him no thank you and he throws in a $200 gift card. Where was this tactic two days ago. I would have stayed at this price but what was I supposed to do? Tell the installer to take all his equipment he just spent 2 hours installing and to get out of my house. It was a nice offer just a little late.

    • Jason 2 months ago

      Great advice! I've been a DTV customer since 2009, have moved a bunch of times with it, and have been getting both NFL Sunday Ticket and NBA League Pass for the last 4 years. 3 years ago they offered me free NFL and 3 years of promo pricing if I upped to the Premier package and locked in a new contract. Done deal. Fast forward to the last few months, credits ran out, bill well over $200 with NFL renewal. Time to call...

      Went swimmingly, I barely had to ask for anything. Asked for retention right away and was switched. Politely asked for them to review my bill and service and see what they could do for me. Played up long time customer, auto pay and never missed a payment, paperless billing, premier package, two sports packages, etc. First they tried their new tactic of trying to figure out what channels we watch the most to drop down, and I politely said we enjoyed having all the options. They immediately offered $30/month for 24 months, free wireless genies to replace the wired ones in exchange for a 2 year contract. Done deal, I'm far too into DTV to ever really leave.

      Fast forward two weeks and I was feeling greedy. NBA League Pass was about to renew so I called to ask for a potential discount. Had a great convo about NBA teams and turns out the package hadn't been priced yet, so no discount yet. Fine, let's talk about NFL package. He offered me $12 off for the next 3 months of payments I still had on that. Deal. Asked if he could retroactively give me $36 in credits for the three payments I already made. He said yes, then told me he was just gonna round up and give me a $40 credit. Bam! Asked if there was anything else...

      I told him I was very satisfied but if he could just take another look at my account and see if there were any discounts I was eligible for, said it wouldn't hurt to ask. A couple minutes later he offered me an additional $32 off a month for 6 months ON TOP of the existing $30 credit. Broke down to $5 off HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, $7 off Stars, and $10 of the sports package. Seriously, best deal overall I've gotten from them short of free NFL Sunday Ticket.

      Great company and I hope this helps all of you with the Premier package. I know we sometimes get less offers because they can't really offer free premium channels when you already subscribe. Great tips and tricks, thanks again!

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 2 months ago from Pennsylvania

      Thanks for the referral Monica, and way to go Jason!!

    • Paul Reiter profile image

      Paul Reiter 2 months ago

      Just made a quick phone and the first lady just wanted to "right size" my channels without giving me a discount. After politely telling her that I liked my channels and was simply unhappy paying over $100 for my bill. She then transferred me to "Loyaly" department. I was polite with rep and just told them I was not comfortable paying $105 for my cable bill. He then asked me what I would be comfortable in paying. I said around $50. He then put me on hold and after a minute or two he came back and said that he could give me a $50 discount and lower my bill to $52. Done. It's even cheaper then I was paying before it went up to over $100! I'm so glad others are having similar success.

      My package is pretty simple with no real extras so all the hassling and fussing over package discounts is just not worth it to me. As long as they keep my bill to around $50 for the Choice package I will stick with them.

    • Shaun 2 months ago

      Thank you Scott for this information. With what you posted and the recent comments, I called DirecTV prepared. I asked the lovely automated phone tree we all hate for the "Loyalty Department." I got a customer service rep named Carrissa. I explained I had been with them for nearly 6 years and never renewed or upgraded. I also noted we all know there is other options for television for a lot less, such as Firestick (etc.) but I wanted to keep DirecTV and what could she offer me. I was offered and accepted $30 off a month/for 24 months, HBO for 12 months for free, and replacement (wireless upgrade) on all my equipment. I asked was there anything else she could throw in and she looked and said NFL ticket to the end of the year. I told her I was protesting the games this year but if that was all she had and it was free, I said sure why not. Pain free, no haggle, and very pleasant phone call. Thanks for your input and everyone else's comments.

    • Paul Reiter profile image

      Paul Reiter 2 months ago

      I'm kind of bewildered at how random everyone's offer are. You'd think there would be a standard template that reps go off of but it seems completely random and hit or miss as far as I can tell from reading these comments. I'm guessing a lot of that has to do with the fact that everyone's bill/setup is different. I'm also wondering why I never get offered HBO for free. I think next time I may have to hold out for that.

    • Lexi 8 weeks ago

      I must not be pushy enough. I just called, have had direcTV for a year, and of course bill went up $40. I told them that I was't sure if I was able to pay $102 a month, and that maybe I'd switch to dish. They said well wait, we can give you $5 and she tried to get me into a lower package, but I said I picked this package for a reason so I don't want to change. She offered me free HBO for 3 months, like I'm sure they always offer. Gosh I wish I could be more assertive!

    • Rant Durden profile image

      Rant Durden 6 weeks ago

      So in looking at my bill after reading this thread, it looks like I'm paying for; a protection plan$20, HD receiver $10, whole home DVR $3, additional tv $7, additional tv and primary tv $14, regional sports $5 and $145 for premier. My primary has a discount of $7 and my premier is discounted $10.

      I'm curious if anyone else is paying that much (or anything) equipment fees. The premier price seems crazy high (even with the $10 discount).

      Been a loyal customer for 16 years but a $180 bill doesn't seem all that good.

    • Rant Durden 5 weeks ago

      One fairly short conversation, I am ditching my premier, to choice. Got rid of most of my extra fee's and a $50 a month credit. Bill will be $60 a month for 12 months. And I got an upgraded Genie box for no charge. Pretty happy DTV customer.

    • scottbarr profile image

      Scott Barr 5 weeks ago from Pennsylvania

      Way to go Rant!

    • Mark 3 weeks ago

      I just got off the phone with Directv. Negotiations started at $20 off per month. By the end I had $50 off per month + 3 premium movie channels for 3 months + NFL Sunday Ticket for 2017 + $231 in credits from past charges. Hang in there. Don't let them see you blink!

    • Techs 2 weeks ago

      Hey, used to work with DirecTV, so let me give you a few other tips.

      1. Make sure you have the right department. Tech support will love to upgrade your system, and make sure that you get all the hardware you need, while retention has the best deals for bill reduction.

      2.Remeber that these agents are people too, and they're graded on performance. If you make thier life easier, they're more likely to make yours easier. Make sure to give them a high score (only 9s or 10s count, really it's a stupid system) if you get a survey callback.

      3. Look stuff up online, and pay very close attention to the disclosures. Upgrading your system will likely put you into a 2 Year contract, but if you're willing to stay with them for those 2 more years, you can get a lot more than a system upgrade, most times.

      4. If your account isn't a good one, like if you don't make your payments on time, you don't get anything but the basic package, and you have nothing past HD service on your account, the options for free or reduced price stuff will be lesser. If the agent doesn't have an offer that you're looking for, trying another agent won't help. That offer just isn't available on your account, and there's no way you'll be able to make it appear. Each time you call back, it affects those agents who previously took your call. Wait a week, than call back. The offers may change, and you won't hurt those agents.

      Sometimes being a ruthless socialist is a good thing. Make sure everyone else picks up the slack in what you're paying for, so you can get it for less, or even free. Just remeber not to hurt everyone else who still had to live capitalist.

    • Brian M 5 days ago

      I've read this blog several times and all the comments along with it. Thanks to all that gave advice here. I called directv 4 days ago. I was very nice and explained my need to decrease my bill in order to afford school bills. Made a bunch of small talk with the nice lady in retention, as well. Got my bill lowered by 45 bucks a month, which brought me to right around 104.00. Which I can tolerate for now...

      Thanks again All!


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