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Unusual Things You Can Rent or Lease

Rent a private island!

Rent a private island!

What's the Difference Between Renting and Leasing?

Before we get into the unusual things people can rent or lease, let's define each term and indicate the differences (even though most people use the two words interchangeably).

A lease and rental agreement are both legal documents between two parties. A lease agreement has a designated completion date, such as six months or a year. A lease agreement is very specific with details so both parties can be protected. A rental agreement, on the other hand, is not a long-term contract and usually occurs on a month-to-month basis.

We all know that apartments, cars, and furniture can be rented or leased, but some of the things listed below that can be rented just might surprise you!

Wedding Clothes

Most people know that clothes for a wedding can be rented. The bride and bridesmaids can rent their outfits. The groom and his groomsmen also rent their outfits and take them back to the company after the wedding is over.

If you go to a wedding as a guest and you don't have anything fancy to wear, you can also rent an outfit. There are plenty of places where rental clothes are available with many different packages. For instance, Rent the Runway is a good place to start. The starting price is only $30 for each rental, and you can rent from 4 to 8 days. Free shipping is included with a backup size.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cakes

Brides don't have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a wedding cake just to have a beautiful photo. They can rent a fake cake for that reason.

Sheet cakes are usually cut into slices in the kitchen and served to the wedding guests. Fake cakes have a cutout in the back to hide a real piece of cake for the bride and groom to take the first bite for pictures.

The prices of fake cakes depend on the size and the design. Prices usually range from $75 for two tiers to $350 for six tiers.

Flowers and Decorations

It is a great idea to rent flowers or potted plants instead of investing a lot of money into them. The flowers arrive fresh and get picked up after the event. Local flower shops are in the business of renting flowers and wedding decorations.


Chairs and trellises can be rented for outdoor weddings. It is a good idea to rent them instead of spending money to purchase them. They can be returned when the event is over.

Designer Handbags

You might not be able to afford a designer bag for a special event such as a class reunion or a gala. For as little as $55 a month, however, you can rent a designer handbag from companies like Bag Borrow or Steal.

Of course, the rental price depends on which bag you choose. The prices range from $55 up to $600. They are much cheaper than owning one that runs for thousands of dollars.

Expensive Jewelry

Renting expensive jewelry is also an option. To keep up with the demand, dozens of websites like Rent the Runway, Switch, and Adorn offer rentable jewelry. Women can rent necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. The prices depend on the piece of jewelry and the designer. For instance, a Kate Spade necklace that sells for $128 can be rented for as little as $18.


This might surprise people because the bride usually has her own bridesmaids. If she doesn't have a bridesmaid or enough bridesmaids, however, she can rent a professional bridesmaid from companies like Bridesmaid for Hire.


If you move to a new city and you don't know anyone, you can rent a friend to hang out with. That friend can introduce you to others and show you around the city.

The 1990 romantic comedy, Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, is based on that premise. The Hallmark Channel has plenty of movies where women pay men to escort them to weddings, so they don't have to go alone.

You can rent a friend to teach you a skill such as tennis, chess, or whatever you want to learn. Check out the Rent a Friend website to see that friends are rented all over the world.

Professional Cuddlers

If you are lonely and you want a hug or to cuddle with someone, you can rent a professional cuddler for $60-80 an hour. Of course, there are certain rules associated with the service, according to the Snuggle Buddies website.

Someone to Stand in Line for You

When a sought-after product goes on sale, some people spend days waiting in line before the store opens. There is a service to save people from having to do this. You can stay in bed while you pay someone else to stand in line for you to get tickets, new electronics, or the latest video game.

The service costs $25 for the first hour and $10 for each additional 30 minutes.


If you are obligated to be present at an event, and you can't go for some reason, you can pay someone else to take your place. The cost depends on the type of event and the time involved. The events range from meetings to weddings and even personal pilgrimages.

Mourners for a Funeral

There are paid mourners in the Bible. In these modern times, there are still professional mourners who are paid to show up at funerals. There are also people who like to go to funerals even if they didn't know the deceased. They don't get paid for showing up.

The Rent a Mourner service is based in Essex, where the company pays mourners to show up to funerals and wakes in the United Kingdom when a grieving family wants their deceased loved one to have a big funeral.

Garden Plots

If you don't have space for a garden, don't worry if you want to plant a few vegetables. You can rent a garden plot from a community garden. Most community gardens charge a very minimal fee. The cost depends on the size of the plot you desire. Others community gardens require you to help with maintaining the garden.

Neighbors' Garages

If you need storage space, you don't need to rent a storage unit. You can ask your neighbor if he has space in his garage. He will not charge you what a storage company will charge. He might enjoy getting the extra money. Find out more by visiting StoreWithMe or Store at My House to rent space from your neighbor. Perhaps it will give you tips about renting space in your neighbor's garage, basement, shed, or attic.

Private Islands

You can actually rent a private island if you are willing to pay anywhere from $500 to $150,000 a night. The cost depends on the location, the duration of the stay, and the services that are offered.

Some brides rent an island for their destination wedding. Couples sometimes rent a private island for a honeymoon. Others might rent one for a special occasion or a well-deserved vacation. Private islands can be rented from anywhere in the world.



You can get 8-14 eggs a week when you rent chickens from Rent The Chicken. You can get more eggs depending on the number of chickens you rent. The company offers a portable coop, the chickens and all supplies.

The price depends on your location and the number of chickens you rent. The price starts at $400. When the rental period is over, customers are given the opportunity to adopt the chickens.


There is a rise in puppy leasing. Puppies are available to be rented for as low as $15 an hour to people who are thinking about owning one but have not completely made up their minds to do so. Puppies for Rent will deliver a puppy to you to test the waters.


Look into renting goats from We Rent Goats if you have grass and weeds to be removed from your lawn. The price depends on the space you need cleaned and the number of goats you want to use. When you rent goats, supplies and other things are included in the packet, including electric fencing, water troughs and nutritional supplements.


Tools and Appliances

If you are going to use certain tools only once or twice, you should rent them instead of buying them. Most people rent tools from The Home Depot. The price of the rental depends on the tool and the length of time you keep it. You can also rent vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners.

Cameras and Accessories

Suppose you are in charge of a special project and you don't have the proper camera and related equipment. In that case, you can rent those items from places such as Borrow Lenses for a variety of cameras, video gear, and accessories.

Movie Theatre Screens

If you don't have a big screen television, you can rent a movie theatre screen for occasions such as the Super Bowl and other big events you want to watch with your friends. The rental price depends on the size of the screen and the length of time you want to use it.

Other Things To Rent


You can rent luggage for that trip you have been looking forward to taking. Check out to find out the details.

You can rent tires and wheels.

You can rent tires and wheels.

Tires and Wheels

If you are short on cash, you can rent tires and wheels instead of paying full price for new ones. They will cost you more to rent, but it will save you money initially.

You can sign up for the rent-to-own program from Rent A Wheel and pay off the balance before the leasing period is up. You will receive a big discount if you decide to purchase the items.

Solar Panels

If you want solar panels for your house but don't want to invest in purchasing them, you can rent solar panels on a monthly basis. Companies will install and maintain the panels.


Some people want elaborate funerals that cost a lot of money. Families can rent high-priced caskets instead of buying them and putting them on the ground. The expensive caskets can be rented and the body can be buried in a simple and less expensive one.

If a person is going to be cremated, the family could rent a casket temporarily for the funeral. For more information, check out rent a casket.



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