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How to Use Walmart Grocery Pickup and Coupon Codes

Katy tests money-saving apps, tools, and websites to find ones that are legitimate, easy to use, and effective to share with readers.

Do You Use Walmart Coupon Codes?

You don't need a promo code to get a discount on Walmart groceries. Just sign up with a new email and they'll give you $10 off your first order!

Walmart hardly ever runs promos for their grocery orders. Adding free pickup as a service is incentive enough for most customers. If you're a little unsure about ordering from a grocery store and picking the food up in the parking lot, read on below for the process.

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Are you new to the grocery pickup thing? I was pretty unsure about getting groceries delivered to my car the first time. It is kind of weird shopping for food online and then hoping they pick out the right things and then just waiting in the parking lot.

To make it a little easier on you, let me tell you how grocery pickup goes:

  1. First, you go to the Walmart website or app and make an account. Put in your address and make sure the store close to you offers pickup. Starting with this step ensures you save your cart with a login if you get interrupted.
  2. Add items to your cart. There is probably a minimum you have to reach (Walmart's is $30, which is typical) to qualify for pickup. You can't just get the one clove of garlic delivered to your car door, sadly.
  3. Set alternatives, pay, and set your time slot. If you pick a specific brand or type of product that has a chance of being out of stock they'll have you choose an alternative before checking out. You can also say you don't want it replaced if they don't have the exact thing, then you won't pay for it. Next, you'll select a two-hour time window for when you pick up the groceries, they usually have same-day or next-day available. Pay for the cart with the typical card or Paypal.
  4. Go to the grocery pickup parking spot and tell them via the app that you're here. The fancy grocery pickup spots are just for you. Clear out your trunk/cab.
  5. Receive your groceries and go home happy. Someone else just hauled out that 50 lb bag of dog food and wadded through the commoners to get your no-pulp orange juice, rejoice!
Walmart fruit section online

Walmart fruit section online

Save $10 per Order

If it's your first time signing up, you can go to and save $10 on your grocery pick-up order.

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You can use another email address and get the $10 discount again. That's a bit of work to go through for each grocery order but if you only use it a few times it'll be worth filling out the entries.

Paying for Delivery

Is it worth it to pay for your groceries to be delivered?

In my area delivery costs an extra $8 - $10. You can get the $8 on less busy times like after 7:00 pm but it's $10 for most of the day. For some households that's an easy price to pay for not having to drive to the grocery store.

But for most of us since grocery runs happen a lot it's crazy to think about adding on another ten dollars every time. Driving to the store is not that big of a deal, especially if you can add it to a commute or coordinate with other errands.

Not having to go in and look at my options among the crowd is where the real convenience is for me. Since that's free it's really an easy choice for me.

Walmart pickup cart

Walmart pickup cart

Walmart Grocery Shopping Tips

  • Grocery shopping routine - get in the habit of doing one pickup per week and you'll hardly need to go to the store during the week.
  • Shop the deals - any grocery store website should have its seasonal deals listed.
  • Meal planning - schedule your pickup in the mornings of meal planning days when you do bulk meals. Use your previous orders to decide what you need for the coming week.
  • Household items - don't forget Walmart grocery has household staples like paper products, pet food, and clean supplies to help you meet the minimum on small food orders.

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