Websites Where You Can Trade and Sell Books

Updated on May 5, 2020
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Angela is a business owner and blogger who is learning her way through the professional world.

Try trading your old books for new ones with these book-swapping websites.
Try trading your old books for new ones with these book-swapping websites. | Source

As a voracious reader and a would-be minimalist, I have found that the one area that I seem never to minimalize fully is my book collection. Fortunately, through the help of several sites, I have found that I can trade and sell many of my books, which allows me to stick to just one bookcase (plus a nightstand) of books. I have personal experience with each of the sites below and would recommend every single one of them.

Recommended Websites for Book Trades and Sales


1. is not just for paperbacks; you can also trade hardcover books. I have found that the quality of the books you get through this site is usually excellent. The people are pretty honest, and I have had no problems whatsoever!

Affiliated Sites

They also have two sister sites where you can trade DVDs and CDs. They include:

  • You can only swap DVDs here, no VCR tapes. The availability is not as good as their counterpart, but if something becomes available that has been on your waiting list, they will notify you. You also can trade your credits between its two affiliates and
  • Here, you can swap CDs. The availability is not so good, but if you are patient, you will eventually get the CDs that you are looking for, and you can also exchange credits between its affiliates.


This one is only my second favorite; it is not my favorite because the quality of the books isn't that great, and the selection is not always stellar, but I post it because it's such a good deal and you can earn lots of credits! In other words, the ratio is more than one book per book, which is excellent for the avid reader, as long as you don't plan on collecting the books afterward.

I like this site, but I never trust it to give me books in good condition, although I have gotten new-looking books as well.

You can find tons of options for trading and selling your books online.
You can find tons of options for trading and selling your books online. | Source

3. is such a great name, and that is why I started using the site. Make sure to note the spelling. There is no -er; it is spelled d-e-c-l-u-t-t-r.

They are a great site if you are trying to get rid of items of multiple media types. buys back books, DVDs, and CDs, and although sometimes they offer a meager price, occasionally the price is very competitive.

4. is by far the best-paying of all the sites. Unfortunately, it also accepts the fewest books. You do have to reach a minimum amount before they are willing to buy back your books, but since they do pay more than other sites, it is not difficult to reach that minimum if you have multiple books to sell back.

Want to buy a new book? Why not trade an old one for it instead?
Want to buy a new book? Why not trade an old one for it instead? | Source

5. sometimes only pays a penny for good books, but my goal is to get rid of books, not to make money. So sometimes, if I felt that I would be hard-pressed to get rid of a book otherwise, I accept the penny sale. Then again, I have made the most money from this site, as some of the books sell for a significant amount, and they accept most books.

6. connects you to so many bookselling sites and tells you how much they are willing to repurchase your books for. Two of the places that I had the best luck with through this site were and They also took back some of my CDs and DVDs as well.

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    • angela_michelle profile imageAUTHOR

      Angela Michelle Schultz 

      4 months ago from United States

      It really is hit or miss with Bookmooch, but they are all readable. They just are not necessarily where I like the idea of posting them on paperbackswap, but I usually post them back on bookmooch.

    • Linda Courtney profile image

      Linda Courtney 

      4 months ago from Bloomsburg, PA

      I used to belong to PaperbackSwap, but they started charging too much money for my tastes. Before that, I loved them! I joined Bookmooch just recently. Hopefully the books won't be in too bad shape as you mention. The swap thing is a great way to get rid of and get good books to read.

    • k@ri profile image

      Kari Poulsen 

      7 months ago from Ohio

      I really need to check these out! Thanks for the information!

    • poppyr profile image


      7 months ago from Enoshima, Japan

      This is great! I have several paperbacks on my shelf I don't want anymore. I'm not keen on e-readers, so I always buy paperback or hardback versions of new books. There are a few I didn't enjoy and would be better with someone who loves them.


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