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6 Notion Grocery List Templates

Hugo is obsessed with Notion, a productivity tool that helps you stay organised.


Let's face it; Notion is a convenient and useful piece of software. It has me include anything and everything regularly used in paper form in the Notion app.

So, grocery lists to ensure that I remember everything on the list are no exception. Here, we will explore some of the very best templates for grocery lists that others have used.

Then you can get some inspiration from them and use them as an initial foundation that you can then build off when creating your very own grocery list template on Notion that you can then use time and time again. Some of them come with clever features that you can incorporate.

So here are six Notion grocery list templates to check out:

  1. Notion Grocery List By Easlo
  2. Sev Estill's Grocery List
  3. Notion Meal Planning System
  4. Aesthetics Shopping & Groceries List Manager
  5. <Kitchen>
  6. The Happy Kitchen

1. Notion Grocery List By Easlo

You can always rely on Easlo to make simple, minimalistic and to-the-point templates for what you're looking to achieve. They serve as a great foundation for those who want to build something but need a starting template to help them get going.

However, they also appeal to those who like the minimalistic look (like me), who don't want to overcomplicate everything and just want a simple-looking template that just works how you would want the template to function in an everyday manner.

To find the template, simply head over to Gumroad and search for Notion Grocery List, and you will come across a free (at the time of writing) template you can download for use straight away.

2. Sev Estil's Grocery List

As you can see from the video above, Sev Estill's Grocery list is a Notion template that allows you to categorise the products but includes a pre-section for products you need (saving you having to write a grocery list in the first place) but then also a separate checklist for actually buying the products.

Essentially, the grocery list can be thought of as two in one, whereby you have a reference list throughout the week to remind yourself that you need to purchase a certain product. Then you also have a list that you can reference when it comes to actually buying the groceries as well. You can find the template via Gumroad as well and just search for 'Notion grocery list.'

3. Notion Meal Planning System

This is a Notion template that I definitely had to include. It's another free Notion template by Reem which not only combines a grocery list but also uses it as part of the overall template experience for meal planning.

So you will be able to connect what's on the grocery list to a recipe and that recipe gets fed into the meal planning system that you have – which you can then keep organised for what you're planning to eat that week. Everything is simple to use, inter-connected and is great to solve so many nags in the back of your mind regarding eating, preparation and delivery every week.

4. Aesthetics Shopping & Groceries List Manager

If you are looking for not just a grocery list template but a grocery list template that is uniquely and fashionably designed, this is the template for you. As per all templates by The Notion Bar, this grocery list template is no different. It has all the functionality of a typical template for taking down your grocery list but also looks epic. So take a look and see if it is in your style, and then you can amend it how you like.

You can again find it on Gumroad. Simply search for 'shopping/groceries list manager', and you will be able to grab it as a download that you can incorporate straight into your workspace.

5. Kitchen

There is, of course, the template that Notion themselves have made aptly named Kitchen. It is somewhat basic in nature, but it provides you with a foundation that you can amend and build upon (which, as you will find, most Notion templates seem to be constantly evolving as you adapt your life and workflow) so that it is definitely another template that is well worth checking out.

Free to download as well, just might need to bring it up to speed in terms of aesthetics unless you are a more minimalistic person like myself. You will find that it houses pages for recipes, meal planning and a grocery templates list as well.

6. The Happy Kitchen

The Happy Kitchen system is a fully integrated and dynamic Notionsystem for managing meal planning and grocery shopping. It is extremely simple and easy to use – just a few clicks to plan and you're done. Stop making shopping lists manually over and over again. Make meal time exciting again with almost no effort at all.

What's more, the Happy Kitchen system can be customized to your family's unique needs and preferences. Whether you have picky eaters, dietary restrictions, or just want to try something new, the Happy Kitchen has you covered. Definitely worth checking out, and it looks great too!

This is a template that you can definitely get a lot of inspiration from and build into your own and doesn't need to be this complicated, but it is something that is certainly worth thinking about when trying to make the perfect grocery list Notion list template system for you.

Happy Shopping!

From the list of Notion Grocery list templates above, hopefully, you have got some ideas for creating your own. If you have other grocery list templates that you think should be included in the list above, don't hesitate to leave them in the comments section below.

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