Top 11 Websites Like Amazon for All Your Shopping Needs

Updated on July 30, 2020
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Rahul is a web enthusiast who loves scouring the web for alternatives to different websites. Monopoly mustn't prevail! Join his cause.

What Websites Are Like Amazon?

Over the years, Amazon has become our one-stop solution for all our needs. Its user-friendly interface and the convenience of buying and selling has impressed everyone. Whenever it comes to online ordering, Amazon immediately pops up in our heads. The reasons could be many. It could be the psychological effect of the letter ‘A’ appearing first in the order of our alphabets, or its swift deliveries, which have turned out to be a savior for many.

However, almost all of us have faced some issues with the giant at one point or the other. From the non-availability of the products to delayed international deliveries, minute issues have haunted Amazon every now and then. Their packing, for instance, could be a lot better, especially when you order two or more products at the same time. More often than not, they'll throw these items in the same box with little to no packing. Though there is not much to complain about when it comes to its stellar customer service, the company still has a lot to improve upon in other areas.

Interestingly, there are a number of websites similar to Amazon present in the market that provide items at affordable costs. However, they have not been able to come into the limelight, thanks to platforms like Amazon that steal all the spotlight.

Scroll through to find out about some of the websites like Amazon to enhance your online shopping experience.

Sites Like Amazon

  1. eBay
  2. Overstock
  3. Alibaba
  4. Etsy
  5. Flipkart
  6. Snapdeal
  7. Shopclues
  8. Myntra
  9. Walmart
  10. Quickr
  11. TATA CLiQ

1. eBay

Availability - Worldwide

Founded - 1995

eBay is one of the best virtual e-commerce platforms offering products across various categories under one umbrella. Unlike Amazon, however, eBay doesn't own any of the products it offers. Its role is limited to mediating between buyers and sellers.

It offers two ways for the customers to buy products - either at its fixed-price or by paying the price you want by bidding on the item in the auction. If you're the highest bidder, you will get the item at your desired price.

As per their website, almost 20 lakh users in India have registered themselves on the platform and use it for their buying and selling activities. From electronic items, apparel, skincare, home decor, to baby care products; you're guaranteed to find whatever you're looking for on eBay.

Just like Amazon, they have a separate column on the homepage for listing their deals to grab the attention of the customers towards ongoing offers. Shut down once a few years back, eBay has regained its position in the market and tends to be counted as one of the top e-commerce platforms.

2. Overstock

Availability - Worldwide

Founded - 1997

If you are looking to revamp your house and wish to give it a chic look, Overstock should be your best bet. As the quality of its commodities is premium, you'll have to shell out a few extra bucks. It's totally worth it, thanks to their luxurious quality and designer products. Overstock's offerings are a clear reflection of its class, elegance, and sophistication.

Along with home refurbishing, the apparel and jewelry section will also attract you and make you add items to your cart. Scouting this website will be a delight for all the pet owners. More often than not, you'll find you're looking for.

Unlike Amazon, Overstock has limited supplies, which means that they don't have everything available all the time. When it comes to the after-sales service, Overstock is on par with the likes of Amazon. It's pretty easy, for instance, to return or replace a product. Just call or email them, and they shall resolve the issue in no time.

3. Alibaba

Availability - Worldwide

Founded - 1999

This Chinese platform is the one-stop solution for all your needs. With their meticulous segregation of categories, you can easily navigate your requirements. There is no need to wander all over the place to search for the items.

They have recently launched online trade shows on their website, which allows the customers to connect in real-time with the exhibitors. Alibaba's products are not just limited to personal use. You can find numerous options available for commercial/specialized use, too. In the fashion category, for instance, you might find clothes for novelty and special use (costumes, uniforms,etc.). Similarly, in the vehicle category, you will find aviation along with bus parts and accessories!

While there are many speculations about China's tiff with US, India, and a handful of other countries - something that might lead to disrupting the company’s functioning overseas - I sincerely hope with fingers crossed that things resolve soon. For now, Alibaba remains one of the best alternatives to Amazon.

4. Etsy

Availability - Worldwide

Founded - 2005

Even though Etsy is recognized as a jewelry and accessories e-commerce brand, it also offers an extensive collection of handmade and vintage products. Spread across fashion, home decor, entertainment verticals, handmade items, and much more, its artistic products will make you linger on and check out their unique collection. Along with fashion and art collections, Etsy also provides solutions for your party and wedding preparation needs.

Etsy also offers vintage products to mesmerize you with their crafty and unique pieces. They are a one-of-a-kind global online marketplace with a focus on supporting independent sellers. Though Amazon has an impressive collection of handmade goods and art, Etsy provides more variety.

Found in 2005, Etsy has established itself as the ultimate destination for selling, buying, and collecting all sorts of unique arts. Check it out, if you haven't already.

5. Flipkart

Availability - India

Founded - 2007

This Indian e-commerce company is one of the best online shopping destinations, not just for its diversity and variety of products, but also for its affordable pricing. This platform will spoil you with its various choices for any item you wish to purchase.

Over the years, it has been successful in attracting and retaining its customer base with its various deals and offers. Apart from catering to our shopping needs, Flipkart has now quickened the flight travel tickets booking process as well. You are bound to find some great deals and offers in that section, too!

Even though they have received negative reviews for its lackluster customer service in the past, they are still going strong. Thanks to some stiff competition from Amazon, this Indian e-commerce platform has come a long way from its early days. The customer service has improved, but it still has ways to go.

6. Snapdeal

Availability - India

Founded - 2010

Snapdeal leaves no stone unturned to attract you. Be its vast product offerings across segments or its amazing offers, it will find a way to convince you to buy.

Considering the pandemic situation, the brand has a dedicated section on its website for hygiene products like masks and sanitizers. It's also providing great deals via a unique ‘spin the wheel’ option. On top of that, it's one of the few e-commerce platforms to provide digital cards for gifting purposes.

Though Snapdeal had tarnished its reputation in the last few years, it's still one of the best websites like Amazon for online shopping. The products you'll often find here are ridiculously cheap. Be vigilant and you'll end up getting a good deal.

7. Shopclues

Availability - India

Founded - 2011

Shopclues will take care of all your shopping needs. From daily essentials, kitchen appliances jewelry, baby care, to electronic gadgets, you'll find whatever you're looking for without much hassle, thanks to the clutterless designing and the thoughtful categorization.

There is a dedicated column for their sale offers where you can find your desired products for cheap. Since most of the products are available at ridiculously low prices, you need to be wary of scams. Expect some shipping and delivery delays. Your ordered product will eventually get to you.

8. Myntra

Availability - India

Founded - 2007

Myntra has been our wardrobe provider for a long time, pampering us with its unique collection and irresistible discounts. They have made it easier to own high-priced brands without thinking too much about the cost.

Along with clothes, Myntra also offers plenty of options in daily beauty and healthcare segments. With its irresistible collection of disparate brands, don’t be surprised if you end up browsing through the app/site for hours. It's pretty likely that you'll end up purchasing more than you'll ever need.

The point system rewards you for buying regularly. Accumulate enough points to reduce the total billing amount of the items in your cart. Though it's not much, every bit counts.

If you don't like something, there is always an option to return it back within the stipulated days. It's usually pretty quick and hassle-free.

9. Walmart

Availability - Worldwide

Founded - 1962

Walmart offers a large number of groceries, home supplies, home care, commercial supplies, as compared to apparel and electronics. There might also be cases when you would have to buy the combo of the products rather than single pieces. Don't let the compelled combos discourage you from the shopping there, though. More often than not, you'll walk out with some amazing deals. Be ready for a high-quality brand experience while shopping with Walmart.

My only gripe is its limited collection. Unlike Amazon or eBay, they don't have almost everything available under one umbrella. Let's not dwell over it, though. Apart from this minor inconvenience, Walmart is on par with other e-commerce giants in the market.

While Amazon is still the undisputed king, Walmart sure is closing in, thanks to its rapid expansion in countries like India. It's hard to compare the two giants to declare a clear winner. The cut-throat competition, however, ensures that there's one party who's never on the losing side - customers.

10. Quikr

Availability - India

Founded - 2008

This e-commerce platform offers almost all the products for your home. From appliances, furniture to decor; it's easy to buy or sell anything you'd like. If you are a gadget or automobiles enthusiast, you'll love Quikr's electronics and automobiles section, which offers a wide range of products.

Apart from buying and selling, you can also avail of its services like interior designing, packers and movers, pest control, and home appliance repair, just to name a few. Along with the plethora of options in products and services, it also offers the e-gift cards facility, enabling you to use these cards across categories like fashion, services, food, and beverage.

With Amazon's entry in peer to peer sales back in 2017, classifieds sites like Quikr and OLX have taken a huge hit. Regardless, Quikr is still going strong, thanks to its minimalistic approach to buying and selling new and used products.

11. Tata CLiQ

Availability - India

Founded - 2016

Tata has always been a respectable and reputed organization, not only in its diverse business categories but also as a whole brand. This over 150-year-old company embarked upon its journey in e-commerce business not too long ago, receiving mixed responses at first.

Launched in 2016 in India, the e-commerce platform has been another feather in the Tata's achievements. CLiQ offers myriad of choices spread across verticals, thanks to its amalgamation with the medium-priced and selective luxurious brands. Though CLiQ offers reasonable discounts, it's nowhere near as jaw-dropping as sites like Amazon or Flipkart. It goes without saying that the products offered here are priced than its competitors. Rest assured. You're getting a quality product.

Did I miss out on any other sites like Amazon? Let me know in the comments section.


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    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 

      8 days ago from The High Seas

      i have to admit that I have never heard of most of these so this was very interesting to me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


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