10 Amazingly Cool Underwater Jobs

Updated on April 22, 2016

A lot of people wake up in the morning with the thought, “ugh, I don’t want to go to work”. Do you think that you’d feel the same way if your job was a job that you could do underwater? It would probably still depend on the job but there sure is something interesting about waking up in the morning and heading off to a job that isn’t on the land (or even on the water but actually under it!) There are a surprising number of jobs that fit this description.

Here’s a look at ten cool jobs that you could do if you wanted to work underwater:

1. Divers. People who are interested in SCUBA diving will find that there are a number of jobs available that allow them to do this sport in the course of their work. These jobs include interesting positions in non-profit and government agencies. One example of jobs that a diver might get is working as a HazMat diver who dives through hazardous materials in order to assist HazMat teams. Other diving job examples include cleaning huge marine animal aquariums (particularly at amusement parks like Sea World) and working at a fish farm doing the underwater operations such as cleaning cages and checking for predators.

2. Diving Instructors. People who enjoy diving but who don’t want to do these other types of jobs may find that they enjoy making a living as a dice instructor. If you’re skilled at diving and like to teach then this could be a good option. A related job is to operate a dive shop where people may come to rent dive equipment as well as to learn how to dive.

3. Underwater Photographer. One of the coolest underwater jobs is the work of the underwater photographer. This person uses advanced underwater cameras and photo techniques to capture the types of underwater images that most photographers would never be able to get. You could start your own specialty business doing underwater portraits or you could do underwater nature photography and submit it to magazines or art galleries. There are also people who work as underwater videographers doing essentially the same thing with videos instead of just with still photos.

4. Underwater Model. Believe it or not there are some beautiful women out there who make a living working primarily as underwater models. They do the same basic things that other models do but they specialize in being able to take pretty pictures while underwater. The ability to stay calm in the water, hold their breath for long periods of time and learn how to manipulate their bodies in new ways are all features of someone who might be good at this job.

5. Marine Contractor. This is a really interesting position which involves doing construction and demolition work but it’s all done under the water. Construction of new bridges and underwater tunnels often involves this type of work. Marine contractors work with heavy machinery that’s been adapted to suit the environment of working in the water. This is hard work but to many it’s a lot better than doing the same type of construction and demolition jobs on the surface of the land.

6. Underwater Welding. One specific job that underwater construction workers might take an interest in is underwater welding. This is a highly specialized niche area of underwater construction. People who do this job may do it as a “dry” job or a “wet” job. The dry jobs are those which involve setting up a chamber around the welding site in order to stay dry while working. The wet jobs, as the name suggests, are welding jobs that are actually done in the water. Each of these jobs has unique challenges.

7. Submarine Work. Submarines are a cool way to go underwater without actually having to get wet. There are many different jobs available on submarines. If you’re interested in this type of work then your best bet would be to contact the Navy to get information about the different jobs that they have available to people with an interest in working on submarines.

8. Underwater Archaeologist. If you are someone who has an interest in both history and science, particularly marine history and marine science, then you might take an interest in becoming an underwater archaeologist. This is someone who spends time exploring shipwrecks, abandoned underwater cities and other things of that nature in order to gain an understanding of the past. This work typically involves both working under the water and working in an office on research.

9. Underwater Tour Guide. There are some people who might take an interest in being an underwater tour guide. The most common example of this type of job is the person who leads tours for visitors who want to swim with sharks. This is a scary and exciting position in which you are responsible for the lives of others while swimming under the water. It’s also a great position which lets you meet a lot of people, live in a vacation destination and spend a lot of your time under the water.

10. Work in an Underwater Hotel or Restaurant. There are a few underwater hotels and restaurants around the world. You would be doing normal work here (such as working as a concierge or serving drinks at a bar). Still, it would be a lot more unique than the typical restaurant job since the entire place is submerged underwater!



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    Tammy 22 months ago

    yo dog

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    Elias Rufus 2 years ago

    I honestly had no clue that you can weld under water! That would be a very neat job. I too love to be in the water. I would think that the technicality of welding mixed with the rush and freedom of diving would be a wonderful job. Does this pay well?


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    bernardo 3 years ago

    pretty cool job ended,, thanks a lot for the info.. can i ask of an agency who are employing underwater divers thanks a lot

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    Sebastian 4 years ago

    I heard of divers in liquid concrete checking the material parts. That's crazy.

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    htodd 6 years ago from United States

    Great post..Thanks

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    JamesLynch 7 years ago

    My word, never gave too much thought to underwater occupations. This report shows the value of having hubs.

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    Tony M 8 years ago

    I like your hub. Underwater photography is a hobby of mine and I'm always interested in the type of camera that a pro would use to get the best pictures. Having it as a full time job would be a dream come true.

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    flurish 8 years ago

    I just love your hub.

    This is so creative.

    Great work! :)

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    Alicia8657 8 years ago from Georgia

    great hub! I love it!

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    mayhmong 8 years ago from North Carolina

    Sounds very exciting! I wish I could be the one taking underwater pictures or be on one of them killer whale shows, showing off some skills. If only I knew how to swim. :(

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    2patricias 8 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

    Thanks for an original hub - where did you get the idea?

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    dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

    This is such a cool hub. My brother used to do underwater welding and from what I understand, the pay was very good, but the insurance took a big chunk from it as well. The underwater restaurant sounds pretty interesting. I'd like to do that or work on a cruise ship just for the experience. I can imagine all of the stories I would be able to compile. Thanks!

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    outdoorguy38 8 years ago from Brookings,Oregon

    Excellent hub Kathryn, as a commercial fisherman I did a lot of work on the ocean, but I must admit I never had a cool underwater job. Underwater welding must be very intense, I wonder how many people die from electrocution this way?