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12 Tips to Nail Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Updated on July 13, 2017
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Virginia has learnt the ropes of online marketing by trial and error. Her travelling blog has 30,000 unique visitors a month.

Twitter with its 319 million active users can offer you amazing marketing opportunities. Still, nearly a half of the marketers who use Twitter don’t know if their efforts are worthwhile. Learning the right Twitter marketing strategies can save you a lot of time.

1. Establish Your Identity

Know who you are and use an appropriate, consistent voice across your messages. Your identity will distinguish you from the competition and make people relate to your brand. Fill in your Twitter bio carefully, making sure to include a link to your website and relevant keywords to rank high in search results. Identity may also be conveyed by a high-quality cover photo that reflects the values of your brand.

2. Use Twitter Chats to Your Advantage

Using Twitter chats is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in the field. Helping other members out is a great way to convert chat users in followers. If there aren’t any niche-specific chats, create one yourself.

3. Interact With Influencers Regularly

Interacting with influencers is key if you want to move up the Twitter hierarchy. However, as many people crave for influencers’ attention, you’ll need the right strategy. Interact regularly, avoid being promotional, and offer influencers something they want (such as interviewing them or promoting their products). People are likely to return favors on Twitter. To find influencers in your niche, use tools such as Topsy or Followerwonk.

4. Plan Ahead

As you should post at least one tweet a day, it’s a good strategy to prepare your content in advance. In particular, craft posts for future holidays and special events as soon as possible to be one step ahead of the competition. Use trending hashtags to your advantage.

5. Be Active

If you tweet just once a month, your followers will quickly forget about you. For best audience engagement, tweet valuable content daily.

6. Leave Valuable Comments on Others’ Content

Interacting with other users’ niche-specific content will help you get noticed as an authority. You may also tag the author in your post or ask a question.

7. Encourage People to Answer Your Tweets

Better audience engagement will result in more traffic to your websites. Rather than simply stating facts, post a question or ask for opinions on your newest article. This way, you’ll make your followers interact more with your content.

8. Track Mentions of Your Brand and Relevant Keywords

Reply to any customer complaints or queries related to your brand in a professional manner. This will show that you have an excellent customer service and will increase your brand’s credibility. Tracking relevant keywords can also increase your customer base. For instance, if you’re an electrician in Nashville and someone is asking about electricians in Nashville, you can offer your services.

9. Tweet Your Content More Than Once

Tweets tend to get lost in the noise. Research shows that your second tweet with the same content will receive 86% as much engagement as the first one. Tweet at different hours to see when your audience is most active.

10. Encourage Your Followers to Do the Marketing for You

You may run contests to encourage people to re-tweet your content or post pictures of your followers with your merchandise. Offer discounts or other values as a reward. User-generated content will add a touch of authenticity to your brand.

11. Vary Your Format

Posting a link to an interesting article, video, or an infographic will engage your audience more effectively than a dull tweet about eating breakfast. Most of the links you post should direct to other users’ content, as being overly promotional is off-putting.

12. Look at Data and Learn

Use Twitter analytics to learn which strategy works and which doesn’t. Post at different times and check when your posts receive most engagement. Likewise, pay attention to which topics and formats have been most successful and repeat those patterns.

For an effective Twitter marketing strategy, you need to create better audience engagement, establish yourself as an authority, and encourage followers to promote your products. Following the above tips will save you tons of time. In addition, marketing on Twitter can increase brand awareness, which will translate into more customers.


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