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5 Things to Consider Before Becoming a Flight Attendant

5 things to consider before becoming a flight attendant.

5 things to consider before becoming a flight attendant.

1. You Will Miss Family Events and Holidays

Being a flight attendant means that your schedule will be crazy and all over the place. You will work mornings, nights, weeks, weekends, holidays, and everything in between. One of the first questions you get asked on an application is, "are you willing and able to work all hours, including weekends and holidays?" This should be something you really really think of when considering this as a career.

The first holiday I missed as a flight attendant was Easter. Now, Easter was never a big holiday that I celebrated besides getting together with family to eat a good meal. I never thought anything of it until I was across the country all by myself on Easter ordering myself a pizza. I've also missed birthdays, graduation parties, and so on. Luckily, I have an amazing support group of friends and family that help make me feel okay when I miss those important things.

2. Being a Flight Attendant Is a Lifestyle

A lot of people think being a flight attendant is a job, and I always always always let them know that it is a job but also a lifestyle that a lot of people are not aware of when they start. You will basically live on an airplane and stay in a different hotel every night. You will be alone most nights. You will find yourself eating crappy fast food. You will be tired most days. You will be dealing with new people non-stop. You will have to go go go most days.

Being a flight attendant can be tough. It is the complete opposite of a Monday through Friday, 9 to 5 job. Not that it is a bad thing, but it is not for all people. It really is hard always having to be on the go and not have the same schedule every week, let alone every day.

3. You Will Get Lonely and Feel Homeless at Some Point

I am from Phoenix, so that is home to me. I also have a place that I currently rent in Virginia for the nights that I am not on an overnight flight but don't have enough time to get home to Phoenix and back. To you, that sounds like I have a home... which I do. BUT, it gets SO lonely sometimes. Before this job, I was rarely more than 30 minutes away from home, I went to the same place every night, and I was really able to call it home. Now, I stay in a hotel, at the place I rent, or at my mom's house. I don't really have a place that I really call home at the moment, which can be hard.

I love being alone because I'm such an introvert, but sometimes even loneliness needs company. It can be tough always being alone every night, every morning, and every day. Sure, you get to talk with people all day, every day, but it's different when you have to go to sleep and wake up alone most days.

4. You Will Always Have to Act Happy

One thing that I really learned while being a flight attendant is that you have to really be able to have a good attitude all the time, no matter what is going on in your life. The passengers getting on and off the planes all have their own connections to make, fathers they're mad at, and co-workers that they can't stand. We never know what is going on in anyone's day, and the same goes for people not knowing what's going on in our day.

We have a job to do, and that is to get the passengers from point A to point B as safely and as comfortably as possible. This means that we have to usually be nice to the passengers and act like we enjoy it (which if you don't, you shouldn't be working as a flight attendant, lol). Even in the terminals, when you are not in base, someone may ask you which way to baggage claim, and because you are in uniform, you answer, and you have to do it with a smile.

As a flight attendant, you might feel tired... a LOT.

As a flight attendant, you might feel tired... a LOT.

5. It Will Be Very Tough to Eat Healthy

This is probably the hardest thing about being a flight attendant. Eating. I love food, and I love to eat it all the time. I have never been considered a "good" eater, but it definitely got worse when I moved out to D.C.! It is hard to always be in the airport with all fast food or a really expensive salad that won't even make a dent in your hunger.

You are able to pack a lunch box with anything you might eat on a trip, but that takes discipline (which I do not have). I bring food on my trips, but then it's late, and I order a pizza to the room instead, or it's too early, and I just grab something at the airport before we board. It is not impossible to eat well, but it is very tough to do with all the different types of food around you at all times.

With That Being Said...

Those are just a few things from my experience that I have learned while working as a flight attendant. The good thing is that along with all of those things, in my eyes, there are so much more good things to come with it than bad. This is a great thing to make a career out of if it is for you!

Every person is different, and everyone needs certain things in their life to help with their happiness, so just keep in mind the pros and cons of ANY job you may take one day!

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