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7 Really Simple Ways to Make Money From Pinterest

Farrah Young is a research analyst and carries out in-depth research on topics.


7 Really Simple Ways to Make Money on Pinterest

A lot of people see Pinterest as a social networking site and a search engine. Most do not know that beyond these, you can make money on Pinterest.

Pinterest works as a money-making platform because it is teeming with super active users. There are 320 million active users on the platform, all engaged in different activities, like searching for ideas or information as well as promoting their brands.

Interesting Facts About Pinterest

Here are some interesting facts about the platform you should know:

1. 70-80% of Pinterest active users are females, which means if you have a brand that caters to females, you will find marketing on this platform useful.

2. A large percentage of the users on Pinterest do not go there for idle browsing but do so in search of services or products and need options to purchase.

3. It gets more interesting as every pin you send out to the platform gets an average of 11 repins and six likely website/page visits.

4. Research also revealed that an estimated 87% of Pinterest users state they have made a purchase because of Pinterest, while another 93% say they plan to do so shortly.

5. Brands who pin between 15-25 pins daily start to see a sharp rise in their website traffic in as little as four weeks.

6. Unlike Twitter, where every tweet has a shelf life of 15 minutes before being buried under the thousands of new tweets that get tweeted, pins on Pinterest survive as long as seven months and continue to bring you traffic during this time.

7. Over 2 billion searches get carried out every month on the platform, so the chances of your pins appearing are high, especially when you make use of relevant tags when pinning.


How to Make Money on Pinterest

Having established the fact that there is a considerable potential to make money on Pinterest, it would be nice to look at the several ways pinners have discovered to achieve this.

1. Make Money on Pinterest by Driving Traffic to Your Blog

This is the number one way people make money on this platform. A large percentage of the users on the site are bloggers looking to leverage the free traffic they can get from this site.

Making money from blogging is mostly proportional to the amount of traffic you get to your site each month.

Bloggers make money via means like:

  • Advertising networks like Google Adsense, mediavine, and
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling products

A lot of bloggers who got active on the site report seeing their traffic shoot up to as much as 90,000 page views per month.

2. Promote Affiliate Programmes

Another way you can make money from Pinterest is to become an affiliate marketer.

Some affiliate marketers boast of earning a commission as high as $1,000 and above each month. It doesn't get better than this; most do not even have a website, although the majority do, neither are they saddled with the task of fee collection and product/service delivery. All they do is act as a middleman by connecting prospective buyers (most of which they get on Pinterest) to brands, and they earn a tidy income. Easy peasy.

Marketers have earned a profit as much as $50,000. Ask Pat Flynn and Kirsty McCubbin.

Some good affiliate marketing platforms you might want to check out include:

  • Amazon
  • ShareASale
  • eBay
  • CJ Affiliate

3. Become a Pinterest Manager

Even though Pinterest works, some people are busy and can't find the time fit I all that's required of Pinterest to see the fantastic results Pinterest offers.

This is where Pinterest Managers come in. These guys are Pinterest users who are experts on the workings of the site. They work by helping people manage their Pinterest accounts.

In managing, they create eye-catching pins and, employing a mix of manual pinning and scheduling, send out your pins to the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest managers earn between $30 - $50 per hour, some more, depending on how well known they are.

The point here is that Pinterest experts are making use of their knowledge of how the platform works to make money, and you too can.

4. Sell Your Own Pinterest Course

There are Pinterest managers who work actively on the platform, and then there are those who decide on an easier way to make money on Pinterest. These guys package their knowledge of Pinterest into courses that they sell to interested persons and make passive income off this effort.

They market these courses any way they feel will bring the most traffic and yea, especially on the Pinterest platform.

5. Create and Sell Your Product

If managing account or selling courses isn't your thing, then you can disregard these and, instead, concentrate on what is.

A lot of people develop products each day (ranging from ebooks to apps) and choose Pinterest as the platform of choice to promote said products.

For this to work, though, you would need a website or, at the very least, a landing page to showcase your products.

If you can drive maximum traffic from Pinterest, you should see your traffic begin to climb.

6. Make Money by Becoming a Pinterest Consultant

When I first started out on Pinterest, I didn't know what I was doing and, consequently, didn't get the traffic I expected.

I'd heard so much about the site and knew that many people couldn't be wrong. Therefore, I figured there must be a few things I was doing wrong and so embarked on extensive research into the subject. When this still didn't yield the desired result, I knew it was time to meet an expert, one with apparent success using the site.

My search landed me on a Pinterest Consultant who showed me the problem a well as things I was supposed to be doing but wasn't.

Of course, this information didn't come free; I paid a fair price. She offered to help me for half the price if I would be willing to give her a review at the end of it all. It was too good an offer to pass up.

Pinterest consultants make money by trading their knowledge of the site for a fee. They go through your profile to tell you what method should be discarded and which picked up.

Pinterest consultants charge by the hour for such services and make good money from it.

7. Make Money by Building an Email List

Pinterest traffic is excellent, and so is organic traffic from search engines. However, these two cannot be compared with having an email list, and that's because the former can be taken from you at any time.

I recently had my Pinterest account banned and had to build a new one from scratch.

Google, the biggest search engine out there, could also come up with a new update that will see your traffic plummeting.

On the other hand, when you build your email list, even if you have fewer than 5,000 subscribers, this list is yours to work with for life.

An excellent way to build an email list is to create a landing page, offer a lead magnet (freebie), and drive traffic to your page using Pinterest.

Since everyone loves a freebie, you should start to see your list grow, and then you can monetize it.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Farrah Young


Farrah Young (author) from Lagos, Nigeria on June 06, 2021:

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You are welcome. I'm glad this hub could be of help

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Awesome! Gonna try affiliate marketing in Pinterest for a new stream of income. Thanks for the info, Farrah. I really appreciate it.

Farrah Young (author) from Lagos, Nigeria on July 28, 2020:


Yes, you can. You can make a good living off of this platform besides the really obvious ways.

Thanks for stopping by and for your comment.

Farrah Young (author) from Lagos, Nigeria on July 28, 2020:

@Liz Westwood

Pinterest really is a great site, especially for new blogs and you will it useful.

Marissa from Nigeria on July 27, 2020:

Wow, I had no idea that I could make money just by using pinterest. Thank you for sharing this!

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Farah, you're welcomed.

Liz Westwood from UK on July 25, 2020:

I have recently started exploring Pinterest, so I have found your article helpful and interesting.

Farrah Young (author) from Lagos, Nigeria on July 25, 2020:

@Miebakagh Fiberesima

Thanks, Im glad you found it helpful.

Farrah Young (author) from Lagos, Nigeria on July 25, 2020:

@Riffat Junaid

Pinterest is a great site to get continuous traffic.

I would look into getting an account there.

Miebakagh Fiberesima from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, NIGERIA. on July 25, 2020:

Farrah, it is well wrhtten and informative. Thanks.

Riffat Junaid from Pakistan on July 25, 2020:

Very informative article about pinterest, I haven't account yet but now I am thinking about it.