Dear Customer, You Are NOT Always Right...

Updated on December 6, 2016

Dear Bad Customer: As A Fast Food Worker...

I honestly believe that the cause of the decline of people interested in working in fast food is this: You. Bad customers make everything harder than it has to be. Don't get me wrong, we all have bad days and get a little moody. That, I can understand. But when you intentionally go OUT OF YOUR WAY, to yell, cuss, scream, throw food, and pitch a fit, just because you are the customer and 'you are always right', then believe me. You are not. You suck. We don't appreciate your service. And we wish you'd just stay home.

The truth is, we are human. Not perfect.

There, I said it.

We are completely 100%, undeniably, human. We mess up and we get things wrong. That however, does not give you the excuse to be a jerk anymore than it gives us the right to be one back to you.

Customer service jobs are hard. Jobs that require total and complete respect and courtesy to the customer regardless, are even harder. I don't say this because I hate my job. I love working with the public. I actually adore customer service. What I do not adore, is mean, rude, hateful people, like you.

Believe it or not, fast food jobs are rough. Cashier jobs are hard. Standing on your feet on concrete floors all day long, getting fussed at and being on a tight time crunch to meet goals is stressful enough. When you add in negative people who are being rude for no reason, it makes our days 10x harder, especially when we are only trying to do our jobs!

So dear Customer, I have this to say to you...

What is the point in ruining someone else's day just because yours is not going how you'd like?

The REAL Thoughts

So..Dear Customer...

You should know. You are not the only one who has a bad day. You are not the only person standing in this twenty food radius who is in a bad mood, nor are you the only one who wants to complain and throw a fit. The difference is, I have self control, and you don't. The problem is, I will lose my job if I say to you the things that you feel it is okay to say to me.

I just want you to know, dear customer, that your behavior, is wrong. Demanding a refund and throwing your food at me, is rude. Calling corporate because something didn't go your way is crappy. And being a jerk for no apparent reason, is not okay.

I get it. You want someone to take it out on. Whatever happened to you today is eating you alive so you see me, the innocent little fast food worker. Struggling. I'm running with a headset on, answering phone calls and cars pulling up to the speaker, cashing people out, and trying to gather your food. I don't have time to even gather my thoughts. Instead of having any form of sympathy or empathy for me, you get angry. You get angry because I do not have eight arms and because I obviously cannot multi task fast enough for your liking. So you yell. You scream and you throw things because you think this will somehow put me into overdrive mode and I will get you your food faster. Little do you know, the cooks have been yelling at me out of frustration because of how things are going today. Because we are holding on food. Because there was a setback in the kitchen. Little do you, I have going off of three hours of sleep because my two year old baby is sick and I was up all night with her. Little do you understand or care to even hear, I am doing all of this running around while being six months pregnant, trying to make a living for myself and my children.

So, dear customer.. I implore you.. Stay home. If your going to act like a total jerk for no good reason, then please, save us all the stress and negativity, and stay at home.

I don't mind getting you eight sauces for your six nuggets, so long as you ask me nicely. I don't have a problem in the world getting you a refill, so long as you don't throw your drink cup at me. Serving you is not and has never been an issue in my mind! Serving someone who feels like they can treat other human beings any way they please, is however, an issue.

So please, I insist, if you are set out to ruin someone's day, then don't. Just stay home until you can wake up on the right side of the bed and remember that we are all human and deserve to be treated with respect!

P.S.: To the Real MVPs

This is my thank you to the customers who give even the associates an awesome experience.

This is my sincerest outpouring of gratitude to those who, no matter what happens during their experience, are understanding, kind, compassionate, and patient. To those who don't get mad at me who are thoughtful and caring about the situation - This is for you.


Thank you for not yelling at me when your order was late.

Thank you for smiling at me and telling me you understand.

Thank you for talking to me and telling me that you also work in the industry and you totally get it.

Thank you for reassuring me after I have apologized for the twentieth time about your order that you are not angry.

Thank you for not asking for your money back or storming out like a mad man.

Thank you for placing your huge orders at the walk up counter and not holding up the drive thru.

Thank you for being patient.

Thank you for being considerate.

Thank you, a thousand times over, for not being the dude pictured here.

Thank you for MAKING MY DAY.

We cherish you. We love you. We adore you. We appreciate you more than you know.

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