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Updated on March 10, 2018
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BPO JOB Description

There are many jobs in the BPO sector such as those that require you to attend calls, or to make calls, for customer support, making sales, or also for customer retention or for collection of dues. And then there are jobs which are commonly known as back office jobs, team leader position, and other higher management level jobs.

This article will give you a brief description of the main types of jobs that are available in the BPO industry. So let's get the ball rolling.

  • Voice Process

Voice processes can be either inbound or outbound. In inbound processes you'll be handling calls that customer or prospects make. For example, a telecom company outsources its customer support, so in this you'll be handling calls from their customers on the telecom company's behalf. One other example would be that a prospect customer is calling to get more information about a product or service.

In outbound processes, calls are to be made in order to generate sales or may be to collect dues. For example, a satellite TV company outsources the Telesales department, so in this you would have to make calls to prospect customers in order to generate sales. This type of positions offer good salary with additional incentives for making sales.


For voice positions one must have excellent communication skills, average computer skills, and the ability to solve the customer's queries quickly. For this they are also required to have good listening skills and having a neutral accent will only help. Having a neutral accent is nothing but having a clear voice without any influences from the mother tongue that you may have.

Almost all international BPO jobs for voice process will have night shifts. For instance, if you join a BPO which has a UK process. Suppose the customer support center starts at 8 A.M and ends at 8 P.M UK local time then it would be nearly 1 P.M in India and approximately 3.30 P.M Philippines. So if you are a worker in India then your shift would start from 1 P.M local and accordingly if you are a worker in Philippines then your day would start at 3.30 P.M.

There is always a monitoring process wherein your calls will be monitored for determining your productivity.

  • Non Voice Process / Back Office

Businesses outsource not only contact centers but also data processing work and administrative operations. So there comes the need of professionals who pwill do official work that may include creating reports, preparing spreadsheets of daily sales, data entry in a particular software etc.

Without going into much detail let me put it this way. Work that can be done on a computer system and does not require actual visits or direct face-to-face coordination with clients. Though it may require inter-department coordination and collaboration.

For back office processes recruiters generally require you to have good computer skills, communication skills, written skills (If you can write an email without grammar and spelling mistakes that would be fine) etc. Good computer skills here means you should be thorough with the office applications such as MS Word, MS Excel. Whereas good communication is nothing but getting your thought across in a clear and simple way.

Back office job requires you do the job fast and with minimal or no errors. For that a minimum 25 Words Per Minute typing is considered good.

  • Semi Voice Processes

Semi-voice processes are more or like the voice processes. But with a slight difference. The difference is that in addition to handling calls, they might also have to send emails, or to give chat support, may have send to fax etc.

The requirements for these positions are same of the voice processes.

  • Team Lead

There are also positions for team leaders. They are generally required to handle a specific department or to manage a team and lead them to increase productivity and to keep the team motivated. These positions may also be referred as team manager, process leader, process manager etc.

Normally team leaders should have 3-5 experience.

  • Other Jobs

There are also many other jobs such as voice accent trainers, quality managers, and other management positions.

BPO Jobs

The graph showing the growth of the BPO industry in India
The graph showing the growth of the BPO industry in India

The BPO job sector is still strong and the upcoming year will also see a modest growth in the sector. Many more companies are looking to start their operations and many of them are looking to expand their existing operations. Not only in major cities but many of them have also started their operations in tier 2 cities.

Despite many of the protectionist measures that the United States has taken in the past year or so, the job growth in countries such as India, China, Malaysia, and Philippines is only going northwards.

India leads the position with nearly 70-75% of the total market share of the total BPO industry. Countries such as Philippines, Malaysia, and China are fast catching up. Probably, India will remain the market leader. There are two reasons for it viz. the IT sector of India is strong and there are large number of English speakers.

BPO Job Salary

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There is no argument that BPO jobs pay well. Any graduate or even undergraduate having good communication skills can get job that pay 12,000 to 15,000 INR per month in India. And with experience the salary only increases and so does your position. You could move up the higher positions of Team Leader, or even a Trainer.

Below are the approximate annual salary that you will get in various countries. All the below data is courtesy Payscale.com

The calculation is done considering fresher with no experience for Customer Support Representative and Back Office Jobs. Whereas for the team leader position experience of 3 years is considered for calculation.

All the figures below are on a per annum basis. The data below is only an approximation and salaries may differ on company size, your skills among other factors.

BPO Jobs Salary in India, Philippines, Malaysia, and China

Customer Support Representative
Rs 127,017
PHP 172,371
RM 27,057
CNY 67,391
Back Office Representative
Rs 125, 017
PHP 170,000
RM 26, 098
CNY 65,391
Team Leader
Rs 285, 017
PHP 300,000
RM 40, 100
CNY 110,000

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