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Becoming a Sales Evangelist

My 1st book came from the passion of 2 teachers for developing their students. They were evangelists for education. Now I do the same.

How Do You Become a Sales Evangelist?

Want to become a god of sales?

You must become utterly convinced that buying your product or service will bring the buyer a better life. You must convince yourself that it would be morally wrong to not sell this product.

Lex McKee

Lex McKee

Why Sales and Salespeople Get a Bad Name

The difference between being a "Pseudo-Salesperson" and a "Good Salesperson" lies in the ambiguity of the word "good."

Pseudo-Salespeople, even if they have a great product or service, are driven by self-interest. Whilst this may be understandable from a biological perspective (The Selfish Gene concept), from an evolved business perspective, it should never be about what's in it for the salesperson, their company, or their shareholders. We customers just don't care (usually!)

The Good Salesperson brings 'good news'—hence the 'Evangelist' term used in this article—an evangelist is someone who brings good news. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the good news of your products and services is defined as 'good' in the sight of your ideal customer.

You may think you know what's good for them! The truth is that just as we should never coach someone without their permission, so also we should never sell to someone without their permission. We gain trust and rapport through really listening to their perspective on what would be good for them.

  • What would solve their problem?
  • What would ease their pain?
  • What would give them their time back?
  • What would improve their relationships?
  • What would accelerate and increase their cash flow?
  • What would give them a better future?
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Once you and I know the answers to these questions, we really can frame our proposition in their terms as the good news they've been waiting to hear.

Until the potential buyer hears the proposition and recognizes it as good news, we are only giving sales and salespeople a bad name.

Five Steps to Becoming an Evangelist for Your Brand, Product, and Yourself

  1. Refine and then redefine your message from the buyer's perspective
  2. Prepare the way for your message, buyers need 14 touch-points before they learn to know, like, and trust you.
  3. Deliver the message, whenever possible, in person.
  4. Have an unambiguous call to action—you get what you asked for—ask for it!
  5. The buyer's "Yes!" is the beginning of the success of your relationship, what happens next is far more important to their future... and to yours.
The salesman's clock

The salesman's clock

Before We Meet Again

I can deliver on my promise, if, and only if, I get to learn what would be good news for you to hear. Just as there are four Gospels ("Gospel" meaning "Good News") so also I am more than me. That is to say, my network is huge and full of talented people.

I might not be the evangelist you need. I might not have what you want, but I can assure you that I am certain that I can quickly connect you with someone trusted in my network who will be the answer to the question or requirement you have now.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Rev Neil 'Lex' McKee

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