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Should I Use Professional Brochure Designs?

Dmitri works for a design group in Toronto, delivering effective branding strategies for various industries.

Read on to learn how brochures can help your business.

Read on to learn how brochures can help your business.

It’s a rare company that can market itself without a brochure to help sell their products. If you’re a business owner and need a glossy brochure designed to generate more sales, how much are you likely to pay? The final cost is dependent on two fundamental issues: the type of brochure and the choice of designer.

1. Brochure Type

If the brochure is intended for mass giveaway at an exhibition, the focus will be on grabbing the customer’s attention with great visuals and a punchy tagline on the front page. This kind of brochure is a ‘taster’ of what the company offers and the objective is to get the reader to contact the company for more information. For this, a simple flyer (simple printed sheet) or a bi-fold (where the printed sheet is folded in two) will be more than adequate.


If the brochure is a sales tool for one-on-one discussions with clients, a corporate presentation folder would fit the bill. These branded folders are created to hold loose one page inserts which are printed with information likely to change, such as prices and product details. The main folder can last a lifetime and the individual inserts can be reprinted as and when required.

For catalogues and brochures containing much more information, a bound booklet is a necessity.

Common sense tells you that the number of pages in your brochure will dictate the amount of design work—and more design work means you will pay more.


2. Choice of Designer

There are several different options available when choosing a designer to produce a company brochure.

Free Templates: some websites offer free brochure templates which you can download and then add in your own text to create a brochure. Not surprisingly these templates are usually simple bi-fold or tri-fold designs. However if you can use the template, anyone can! Do you really want a design that’s identical to someone else’s? Furthermore are you confident that the final design will be appropriate to your business? Will it set you apart in the market place? Do you even have the time and patience to create your own brochure?


Outsourcing: Design Crowd is an example of a website which allows you to outsource your brochure design. Simply place your brief on the website and wait for designs to flood in. For as little as $15 designers from across the globe are happy to design a simple brochure. This sounds like a good deal but how can you be sure that the design is unique? How well does it suit your business? Does it really look as professional as you need it to look?

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Cheap brochure design websites: There are plenty of websites such as Logo Pearl that offer cheap brochure designs. You provide the images and content and the designers create a tri-fold for $150 within three days. Another bargain!

Professional brochure designers: Not surprisingly, the better qualified and experienced the designer, the better the final design. You may think that employing an amateur or a cheap logo design service is a great way to save on costs. These people may know how to use design software but do they have experience of the corporate world? Will the final brochure design be professional and appropriate to your business? Unfortunately in most cases, the answer is a resounding ‘no’. And if you need a larger bound booklet or a presentation folder, the above designer options are just not up to the challenge.


Using a professional brochure designer will ensure the final product can hold its own in the marketplace. The professionals will be designing with your company brand at the forefront of their minds.

When Professionals Design They:

  • ensure they understand your company’s objectives, unique selling point and where you fit in the market place
  • research your nearest competitors to see what marketing collateral they have in place
  • produce a brochure which makes you stand out from your competitors for all the right reasons
  • create a design that is fully branded with the right tone of voice and one that enhances brand recognition
  • make a brochure that is aesthetically pleasing by combining images and content to result in a perfectly balanced look
  • create a brochure to appeal to your target market which delivers your key messages concisely and clearly from the front cover and beyond
  • design a brochure appropriate to how it will be used

Professional brochure designers work directly with you and you can discuss the project with them in detail. A good company can provide royalty free images to supplement any images of products that you supply. Once they have taken on the project, you can expect 3 or 4 design options to choose from, and revisions will continue until the brochure is finalised. Then the final files will be provided ready to print and you will also be provided with editable, layered source files for you to make future changes if you wish.

And what of price? Professional brochure designers will charge a fair and appropriate price for their work depending on the type of brochure and complexity of design. As a rule of thumb, you should expect to pay around the following amounts for different types of professionally designed brochure.

Costs of Professionally Designed Brochures

  • Single sided flyer (A4) approx: $200
  • Bi-fold (A4) approx: $500
  • Tri-fold (A4) approx: $600
  • Presentation folder with inside pockets (A4) approx: $400
  • Double-sided A4 insert approx: $300
  • Booklet design costs will always vary depending on the number of pages. However for a corporate brochure of up to 10 pages, you can pay around $5000 dependent upon the design complexity.

It's Always Tempting for a Business Owner to Save Money

It will always be tempting for a business owner to save money, but at what cost in the long term? A brochure that is poorly designed, ill-branded and with an amateur appearance will not bring you more customers—in fact quite the opposite. Customers won’t take you seriously if your brochure is sub standard. If you are serious about making sales, invest in a good quality brochure design. It will look superb and will show customers that your company is professional—furthermore they will be reassured that you can deliver on your brand promise. And as sales increase, you’ll never regret investing those extra dollars on a professional brochure designer.


This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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