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Careers in Real Estate

Updated on October 31, 2016
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Sydney has been a licensed real estate agent in the State of Texas since 2006, with experience in leasing and property management.

Welcome to the world of real estate. Whether you have been considering a career in this ever-changing industry for quite sometime or this is a new venture you're looking to take, real estate can be a lucrative career for the right person.

Knowing your options can help ensure you make an informed decision about the real estate industry. Understanding the career path that is best for you will save you a lot of time, money, and stress.

Why Are You Thinking of Real Estate?

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Apartment Locating

Licensed Required: Yes

Apartment Locating allows you to immediately get started in real estate without having to join the expensive boards required to be called a Realtor®. We are going to touch a little more on this profession in real estate because it is the best way to begin generating an income.

Advertising to potential renters should go something like this so you get the point across that your services are free to them.

"You are in the market to rent. Nothing wrong with that. In this case, use a licensed real estate agent to find you the apartment or rental home you need. Also known as apartment locators or rental specialists, these pros serve the rental market. They are able to access listings that you or the general public are not able to and can find those awesome move in specials for you."

​Recap the Benefits of Using a Locator:​

  • FREE to you

  • They are licensed real estate agents

  • Dedicated to rental market

  • Can find great move-in specials

  • Referrals to moving resources

  • Often rebates for using their service

Buyer's Agent

License Required: Yes

Expect to spend a lot of money if you go straight into residential or commercial home sales. There are dues, lock box fees, etc. associated with just getting started. Also expect to spend the first six months without an income while building your client list.

A Buyer's Agent represent buyers in purchasing a home.

Simply put, this is an agent licensed in real estate who represents a buyer in the real estate buying process. A buyer's agent will ensure their clients are knowledgeable in the transaction, treated fairly, and protect their interests.

​Needless to say, a buyer's agent is an important piece of the real estate puzzle when someone is looking to buy a home. Not only will a buyer's agent help them find their dream home, an agent will also help with:​

  • Obtaining a credit report

  • Setting a budget

  • Finding a lender

  • Choosing an area

  • Searching for your dream home

  • Obtaining an appraisal

  • Submitting an Offer

  • Setting Up Utilities

  • Researching Home Warranty Companies

Seller's Agent

License Required: Yes

A Seller's Agent represents seller's looking to sell their home.

You may be wondering what a seller's agent is. Simply put, this is an agent licensed in real estate who represents a seller in the real estate selling process. A seller's agent will ensure their clients are knowledgeable in the transaction, treated fairly, and protect their interests.

A seller's agent is an important piece of the real estate puzzle when clients are looking to sell a house or property. Not only will a seller's agent help them market their home to ready buyers they will also help with:

  • ​Obtaining a market analysis of the area
  • Setting a starting price

  • Finding a ready buyer

  • Recommending repairs

  • Obtaining an appraisal

  • Negotiating offers

  • Turning off utilities


Leasing is usually done on-site at an apartment complex. Your duties include showing the unit that is for rent, processing application to ensure they qualify, and retaining residents. The ultimate goal is to reach 100% occupancy.

Property Management

License Required: No

Property management is a way to get into real estate and provides a more stable work environment because you are typically hired by companies to manage their properties. While this position doesn’t require a real estate license in most cases, keeping your license up to date will help you in keeping with Fair Housing Laws, changes in regulations, and more. Not to mention, it will enhance your value in the real estate industry.

New Home Sales

License Required: No

Manufactured home sales are in high demand and though those types of home sales don’t require a real estate license, but again having your license doesn't hurt. In some cases, the company that hires you requires your license be inactive but that doesn’t mean you are giving up your license, just putting it on temporary hold.


Licensed Required: No

Investing is as simple as scooping up properties for your own purposes such as flipping, developing, or renting out.

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