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Complete List of Social Media Verification Forms

Susannah is a Digital Marketer who is verified on Twitter, Facebook and a few other platforms.

How do you get verified on social media? Read on to find out.

How do you get verified on social media? Read on to find out.

A blue tick, on most social media platforms, is something that sets certain accounts, pages and profiles apart from others. The tick is usually associated with celebrities and well known public figures. An account with a tick often garners more follows and more attention than normal accounts.

There's a problem though; no two social media sites seem to have the same criteria or application processes for applying for the elusive blue tick.

So we've grouped together a list of exactly where you can apply for a social media tick, across every major platform.

Who Is Eligible for a Blue Verified Tick?

The verified tick is given out to people who meet the following criteria:

  • High profile people and brands
  • Celebrities and influencers
  • Journalists and sports people
  • Other accounts of public interest

What Special Benefits Come With a Blue Tick?

Verification isn't just about having a blue tick beside your name; it comes with other benefits. The benefits vary by platform, but can include:

  • Separate ways to contact and connect with other people who have a blue tick.
  • Higher rankings in newsfeeds and suggested accounts to follow.
  • The ability to comment, like or follow more people.
  • Access to separate account managers.

Who Qualifies for a Blue Verified Tick?

There's no single guaranteed way to ensure you'll be given a blue verified tick, no matter how many times you apply. However, there seem to be a few things which increase your chances of receiving the tick on some platforms.

  • If you're a journalist (particularly on Twitter)
  • If you work on TV or radio
  • If your name appears on a number of mainstream news sites
  • If your creative work, such as music, art or video, is popular online
  • If you work for a large and well known company in certain sectors
  • If you have a manager or agency handling your PR
Facebook Verification Request Form

Facebook Verification Request Form


Verification Request: Form.

Facebook offers the option of verifying a page OR a profile, but you cannot have both for the same entity.


Verification Request: Closed.

Twitter opened verification in 2016, but following some media scrutiny of their verification of controversial accounts, they closed the application process.

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As of 2019, Twitter was still verifying accounts, but there is no way for the general public to apply.


Verification Request: In App.

Instagram recently opened up verification requests. You can request a verified badge every 30 days. To do so, you'll need to use the Instagram app.

Log into the account you wish to verify, visit your profile, then click on Settings>Account>Request Verification.

Many people who are verified on sites such as Facebook or Twitter, have been turned down by Instagram, so this one may take some time.


Verification Request: Closed.

Periscope isn't currently accepting applications for verified accounts.

However, if you have a verified Twitter account linked to your Periscope account, the Periscope account will automatically receive the verification badge.


Verified Request: Form.

Flipboard is one of the few platforms who offers a red verified tick, instead of a blue one.

Flipboard has a Google form through which you can apply for verification, although news outlets seem most likely to receive verification right now.


Verification Request: In App.

Vero will verify your account if you can prove ownership of another verified account, such as Twitter or Facebook. To apply, you'll need to go into the app on the account you wish to verify.

Go to Profile>Settings>Contact support>Choose a department>Verify My Account to apply.


Verfication Request: Form.

Quora offers verification requests through their ticketing system. At this point in time, however, they say they only "verify a profile if we believe that many people reading answers from the person will recognize the name and will value confirmation that the writer is the person that they think it is."

In others words, verification on this platform is fairly low, unless you're a well known expert in the field you're answering in, or you're a celebrity.


Verification Request: Email.

MeWe offers verification to users who are verified on other major platforms. You can contact them via email. They'll request a copy of your ID, a photo of yourself holding the ID, and a DM to a verified account to prove ownership.

Verification Request: Linking. offers verification simply by linking a verified Twitter account.

Alternatively, they offer verification to any users who reach a certain level of popularity on their platform.


Verification Request: Bot.

Telegram offers verification by bot, but it's not as easy as it seems. For the bot to automatically verify your channel, you'll need to supply links to Twitter, Facebook AND Youtube verified accounts, or a Wikipedia page. If you can't supply all of these, the request will be passed on to a human moderator.

Did we miss one of your favourite Social Media platforms? Let us know in the comments below!

Blue Verified Tick Myths

Although many people want the blue tick, they're not necessarily going to be guarantee you the fame and fortune you may expect. There are a range of myths about the tick, including the following:

  • You'll get paid. No, verified accounts do not receive payment from the platform that verified them.
  • You'll see no ads. Verified accounts see the same number of ads as any other account.
  • If you have lots of followers, you'll be verified. No, not unless the account has a strong online brand which expands just beyond the platform it's on.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on June 30, 2020:

Much of this information was news to me starting with the blue tick. Thanks for enlightening me.

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