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Facebook Marketing: 17 Things You’re Doing Wrong

Updated on July 13, 2017
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Virginia has learnt the ropes of online marketing by trial and error. Her travelling blog has 30,000 unique visitors a month.

41% of all American small businesses use Facebook for marketing. However, only 45% of those feel that their efforts pay off. What are they doing wrong? Learn the most common Facebook marketing mistakes and do it right.

1. You Don’t Pay Attention to Your Facebook Page’s URL

Many marketers don’t take advantage of their Facebook page’s URL, losing the opportunity to rank higher in Google and Facebook searches. Customize your URL when your page reaches 25 likes to include your brand’s name or good, long-tail keywords.

2. You Don’t Personalize Your Facebook Business Page

Add a personal touch to your business page so that people can relate to your brand. You can do it by adding original posts that reflect your brand’s character. Add high-quality entertainment to the standard mixture of commercial or educational posts – people will love it! Can your brand be associated with funny videos of cats? Sure it can, provided you can make meaningful connections.

3. You Don’t Do SEO in Your About Section

The About section can be customized to increase visibility in the search engines. Head over to Google AdWords Kyeword Planner to find keywords with a good monthly search volume and low competition. You can also direct traffic from your About section to your other websites.

4. You Don’t Take Proper Care of Images

Images on your website will frequently form people’s first impression about your business. Low-quality, irrelevant, or skewed images may discourage potential clients. Take your time to design professional-looking, unique images that will reflect the values of your business. Remember about the right sizes – 851x315 pixels for a cover photo and 160x160 pixels for a profile photo.

Capture the spirit of your business with professional-looking photos
Capture the spirit of your business with professional-looking photos

5. You Don’t Host Contests

Hosting contests is a great way to increase brand awareness. Although you can’t run contests directly on Facebook, you can use third-party apps (many of which are free), such as Shortstack or Pagemodo.

6. You Don’t Pin Your Best Post to the Top of Your Page

Facebook users may pin one post to the top of their page. As most people will see your page wall only once, it’s important to use this space for placing a relevant link. The pinned post should be of outstanding quality and contain useful information, entertainment, and/or stunning visuals.

7. You Don’t Ask Your Fans to Promote Your Products

A user-generated content campaign is the most authentic way to showcase your products. Encourage your fans to share photos, videos, or stories featuring your merchandise in exchange for prizes or discounts at your shop.

8. You Don’t Take Full Advantage of Facebook Groups

A marketer can use Facebook in at least two ways. You can establish yourself as an authority and help people out in niche-specific groups. Alternatively, create a new group for people to talk about anything related to your industry. Members of such groups may be transformed into a loyal client base.

9. You Don’t Place Facebook Share Buttons Next to Your Articles

Don’t make it difficult to share your content on Facebook. Your website and Facebook page should send users in both directions to increase your visibility. Add a like and share button manually or use the Add This WordPress plugin.

10. You Don’t Encourage Referrals

Marketers frequently overlook the opportunities offered by customer loyalty programs. Reward customers for sharing your content on their Facebook wall or encouraging friends to give your page a like.

11. You Don’t Use Videos in Your Posts

Videos on Facebook are gaining more and more popularity. Diversifying your content format will increase audience engagement and reach.

12. You Don’t Check What Types of Content Are Most Successful

Head over to the Facebook Insights tool to find out which of your posts have been most successful. Pay attention to content formats (infographics, photos, videos, text), topics, and tone. Spot the successful patterns and repeat them.

13. You Don’t Post With the Right Frequency

Although the perfect frequency may vary across businesses, don’t expect much engagement if you post just once a month. Research shows that about 5-10 posts a week is optimal to keep in touch with your followers and not overwhelm them with information. You may find the perfect frequency for your audience by trying out different models and monitoring engagement on your Facebook Insights.

14. You Don’t Give Your Customers the Opportunity to Rate You

Reviews are an important factor that consumers take into account before making a purchase. Set up a rating system on your Facebook page to increase your brand’s reputation. Reviews can also show in search results, increasing your visibility.

15. You Pay for Promoting the Wrong Posts

Facebook offers you paid promotion options to increase a post’s visibility in users’ newsfeeds. It’s a good way to prevent your posts from getting lost in the noise, especially if your fans are off Facebook. However, many marketers complain those paid options don’t pay off. That’s because they’re giving a boost to the wrong content. You should only pay for promoting posts with a tangible goal, such as driving traffic to your website or selling a product. It also doesn’t make sense to boost a post which won’t be relevant for a longer period of time.

16. You Don’t Use Audience Targeting When Creating Facebook Ads

If you’re not interested in cars, you won’t click an add promoting vehicles. That’s why it’s important to target audiences with adequate interests.

17. You Don’t Modify Your Ads

If you don’t modify your ad every 1-2 weeks, your target audience will stop noticing it. Be sure to change your ad’s image.

Many marketers don’t take full advantage of the marketing opportunities Facebook offers. For instance, they pay to promote the wrong posts or don’t do proper onsite SEO. Avoid these common mistakes to save a lot of time, make your marketing efforts more effective, and your brand more successful. A smart Facebook marketing strategy will help you to always be one step ahead of the competition.


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