How to Find Out Where Your Content Is Being Shared on Social Media

Updated on June 22, 2020
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Melanie loves social media, is a viral writer, and is an expert on internet culture.

One of my favorite things to do is check out who’s been sharing my stuff on social media (it’s a nice boost to the ole’ ego.) And hey, it’s a great way to find new places to strategically share your content or give the share a boost. I use the following bagful of tricks to find the presence of my blog posts and articles on social media.

How to Find Your Content Reposted on Pinterest

Pinterest is the easiest social media network to work with in terms of finding whether your stuff has been shared.

To find out what stuff from your blog has been shared on Pinterest, put in your address bar, followed by your blog’s URL (without the HTTP and WWW stuff.) For example, my URL is To see which of my articles people have shared on Pinterest, I go to and voilà!

Taking a look at what’s doing well on Pinterest can actually help you write articles that perform well on social media.
Taking a look at what’s doing well on Pinterest can actually help you write articles that perform well on social media.

How to Track Retweets on Twitter

Twitter is slightly more painful than Pinterest. If you have a badge on each of your blog posts like I do, you can just click the number and it’ll take you to some of the tweets users have made. If you don’t, this is where the pain comes in.

You can search Twitter for various URLs of blog posts. For example, if I want to see who has tweeted about my Michigan Accent article, I search Twitter for the URL of my article. You can also search for the title of your article, which is especially helpful if you have a somewhat unique title.

Tracking Your Shared Content on Facebook

Let’s face it, Facebook is nobody’s friend right now when it comes to marketing on social media. Many users have private pages (and rightfully so) and this makes the search process even more difficult. You can search on Facebook, but their search function isn't going to bring you very specific results.

This is where our friend Google comes in. Enter your search term. You can search for a URL, but if you’re using the title of your blog post, put it in quotes and then end the query with


If you’ve been blessed by the Reddit gods and somehow ended up with your stuff on Reddit, I bow before you. This trick is just like the Pinterest one. Just tack on your domain name at the end of As in


This one is the nicest, just search for your domain in the Google+ search bar. How fancy! "Google, I love you! You have your stuff together like no other!"

Google Analytics

Okay, so Google Analytics is a fabulous way to find out where your stuff has been posted on those smaller social media sites and on forums the world over. However, it can be a pain to navigate. I have a collection of fabulous custom Google Analytics reports that save time, but here’s a quick run-through for this case!

1.) Get into the site panel in Analytics for the site of interest.
2.) Click Acquisition > All Referrals

3.) Hey look it’s all your referrals! Click an interesting one. I want to see my most popular pins so I hit

4.) Here are all the specific pages (in my case, pins) that have been sending you traffic. To view the page, go to your address bar and type in the site of interest with the specific page tacked on to the end.

Choose a particular pin
Choose a particular pin
Tack the page info (from the above picture) to the end of the referral url to see where your stuff was shared
Tack the page info (from the above picture) to the end of the referral url to see where your stuff was shared

Google Webmaster Tools: The Best Way to Find Who Posted a Link to You

It’s the most touching thing in the world when someone writes a blog post and includes your site in the post as some awesome place their readers should visit. It’s the warmest and fuzziest feeling.

Webmaster Tools shows you backlinks and those backlinks are sprinkled with blogs… and of course there are a lot of crap sites that link to you (and Webmaster Tools shows those too), but eh, I wouldn’t complain.

1.) Once in Webmaster Tools, select your site.

Select your website in Webmaster Tools
Select your website in Webmaster Tools
Search Traffic   Links to Your Site
Search Traffic Links to Your Site

2.) Click Search Traffic > Links to Your Site

3.) You have two columns (I’m sure you’ll have a blast digging into both of those.) Under the “Who links the most” column, select a site you’re curious about.

4.) Once in the stats for that site, you’ll see a list of one or more pages from your blog. Click something that you’d like to see stats on. (I selected since the author is a friend of mine and I want to see where she linked to me.)

5.) The next page will have a list of all the blog posts or pages on the person’s blog or website that link to your blog. Isn’t that awesome?

Aww, she blogged about our trip to Anderson Cooper. :)
Aww, she blogged about our trip to Anderson Cooper. :)

Where to Get All Your Stats at Once

For a quick and dirty look at how many shares a specific page has across several social media sites, check out SharedCount and punch in your URL. You’ll get a rough number of social shares across various social media sites.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2016 Melanie


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      3 years ago

      Thanks! Interesting and useful.

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      Marisa Hammond Olivares 

      3 years ago from Texas

      Great tips!


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