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Five Things Riders Do That Rideshare Drivers Hate

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Five annoying things rideshare passengers do that drivers hate

Five annoying things rideshare passengers do that drivers hate

What Are the Most Annoying Things Rideshare Passengers Do?

I have been a rideshare driver for five years, and I can honestly say it's been one of the most entertaining careers I've ever done. For the most part, it's been good. I meet great people, have interesting and informative conversations, and make good money. I would recommend rideshare driving to anyone.

There is a flip side to this—annoying riders. Luckily, most riders are not this. However, you have those few that make you want to yell things at them that aren't so nice. Here are five things that can make a rideshare driver feel this way.

1. Riders Who Walk in Front of the Car While Drivers Are Pulling Into the Driveway

Words can't express how irritating it is when riders see us trying to pull into the driveway or trying to park, and they just cut right in front of the car, causing us to have to slam on brakes. Why is it so hard for people to just wait until we stop the car? It's like people don't realize that they can win against a car.

This happens way more often than you would imagine. From my personal experience, I'd say that out of people I'm picking up near a driveway of some sort, around 50 percent of them cut right in front of the car. I mean, it's a DRIVEWAY, not a walkway.

2. Riders Who Order the Ride to a Location but Wait Elsewhere for the Driver

This issue baffles me. I mean, common sense would tell you that if you order the ride to a location, the driver is going to go to that location—not your neighbor's house, not the corner of your street, not three blocks over where there is a convenient park bench for you to wait at.

I know people think it's helping out the driver if they walk out to the street to wait. However, all this does is cause confusion. If you order the ride to a specific place, be at that place when the driver arrives.

3. Riders Who Call and Ask the Driver to Cancel the Ride

If you need to cancel a ride, there is a button for that right in the app. Yes, you'll pay a cancellation fee most of the time. In fact, that's why riders call the drivers to cancel—because they don't want to pay a cancellation fee.

However, think about this—do you really think that after I've u-turned into oncoming traffic and driven almost all the way to your location, I'm going to be okay with receiving no compensation? Aside from this, we have "cancellation rates" that can affect certain perks we get from the company. I am not going to increase my cancellation rate just to be nice. Sorry, not sorry.

I never, ever cancel rides unless there is some reason on my end that I can't pick the rider up. If there are drivers out there that do this, please stop it. Rideshare platforms have cancellation fees for a reason. This prevents riders from wasting our time. Riders, if you want to cancel, that's fine. However, that's your problem, not your driver's. You must cancel the ride and take the consequences along with that.

4. Riders Who Smell Heavily of Marijuana When They Enter the Vehicle

You can say I'm mean, but if someone smells heavily of marijuana when they get in my vehicle, I end the ride and ask them to exit immediately. Although it can be legal to smoke marijuana in some cases, that scent lingers and is hard to get out of a vehicle. Plus, I don't know if the person has marijuana on them or not and in some states like mine, marijuana is illegal. I'm not going to put myself in a compromising position for anyone.

I don't do drugs and I don't smoke cigarettes. I don't judge those who do, but I work hard to keep my vehicle clean and fresh. I absolutely will not allow anyone to mess up my hard work. Like I tell people, it's your right to smoke marijuana, but it's my right to choose not to have it or the scent in my car.

5. Riders Who Leave Their Kids in the Car With the Driver

This is not okay. You've only been in the car with the driver for five minutes. That doesn't mean you know the driver well enough to leave your kids alone with him/her. With all of the madness going on out here with child abductions and sexual predators, why on earth would a parent think that this is okay?

Another point to consider is that your driver is not your babysitter, not even for two minutes. Your driver doesn't know anything about your kids. You don't know how your kids will react to being alone with a complete stranger when you leave the vehicle. Don't put that responsibility on the driver.

People try me, but I never allow them to leave their kids in the car with me. I don't need the problems that could come along with that. I don't care if they will only be in the store or location for a minute, they must take their kids with them.

Ridesharing Has Advantages, but Some Riders Are Strange

Ridesharing has had a positive effect on transportation and the economy. Overall, most rides go over well. People just need to get where they're going safely, and drivers just need to make a few bucks. However, there are the occasional people who do the weird things above.

If you're one of these people, please stop doing these things. Not only are they annoying, but they're also just weird. It's really just a matter of respecting the person who is getting you to your destination. All we ask is that you work with us so we can work with you. Rideshare drivers everywhere will appreciate the cooperation.

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