How to Buy on eBay without Paypal

Fortunately for you there is a way you can buy items on eBay without using PayPal, this method enables you to pay with your credit/debit card through the 'eBay guest checkout'. Virtually all of the eBay sellers accept credit/debit cards and your purchase will be covered by the eBay Money Back Guarantee.

Just Follow the procedure stated below and you must be able to carry out a seamless and secure transaction.

Look for this in the payment details section of your product.
Look for this in the payment details section of your product.

Step #1

  • Clear you browser's history, cookies and everything else, better go with a fresh installation for example if you have been using Firefox you can install Chrome to work with this procedure (this is recommended).
  • Actually what you need is a fresh browser with which you have not signed in to any Paypal account before, that explains why clearing the cookies is required.
  • Now go to, select your product in the normal way, click 'Buy it now' and proceed to the checkout.
  • You will find an option to continue as a guest (Refer to the images below).
  • If 'Register' appears in place of 'Continue as guest' you can register for a new ebay account and then move on to Step #3. Do not associate a Paypal account with this ebay account.

Step # 1
Step # 1

Step #2

  • Select continue as a guest and enter you shipping details.

Step #2
Step #2

Step #3

  • Next You will be asked to select a Payment option, here you have to select the Visa or MasterCard option.

Note: You will not be able to find this option in the checkout if you have used any Paypal account with the ebay account you are trying to use for this purchase. It will only appear if your current ebay account is completely oblivious of any Paypal.

Step # 3
Step # 3

Step #4

  • Enter your Credit/Debit Card details here.
  • Scroll down and click Pay Now. You are done!
  • You will be forced to signup to Paypal in order to complete your purchase and Paypal will receive your credit card information however once the purchase is complete delete that Paypal account so that you can reuse your email address and ebay account for another purchase.
  • There is no other legit way to pay on ebay with credit cards other then this so you have no alternative other then to follow this if you want your purchase to be covered by the money back guarantee.

Step # 4
Step # 4
  • You will have to clear your cookies again for another purchase.

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eBay has now officially allowed a third party payment gateway to accept credit cards for its sellers and some sellers have started accepting credit / debit cards directly through this gateway.

If your seller accepts credit cards directly you will see this in the payment details section in place of the usual Paypal logo.

If you go on to make a purchase with these sellers you will be taken to a page to enter credit card details. As you can note the url in screenshot, it is an authentic checkout page from eBay.

eBay is now directly accepting credit / debit cards.
eBay is now directly accepting credit / debit cards.

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peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 21 months ago from Home Sweet Home

what if i don't have paypal and credit card or debit card? Pay cash?

alikhan3 profile image

alikhan3 21 months ago from Karachi, Pakistan Author

Then ..... negotiate with the seller ...... about countless other ways outside ebay ...... I have gone as far as asking the seller to enter his paypal into my hubpages a/c so he could directly receive a payment in his paypal.

Shiji 20 months ago

Dude there is no option for Pakistan in the drop box. And I have a UBL INTERNET VISA can I use that for purchases?

alikhan3 profile image

alikhan3 20 months ago from Karachi, Pakistan Author

Paypal is not known to process plastic cards or VCCs from Pakistan. Chances are that you will run into trouble, that's the reason I have kept my own credit cards away from eBay (that goes for local banks only).

I have written a separate article concerning Pakistan and eBay however.

ladyguitarpicker profile image

ladyguitarpicker 11 months ago from 3460NW 50 St Bell, Fl32619

It worked great for me when I did not have a paypal account.

Jamescurt 8 months ago

Wow, whatta nice guide! made me shocked! thanks again.

Ida Sessions 4 months ago

In the US, PayPal only allows guest payments for a limited number of transactions. It doesn't matter whether you use another CC; at checkout, PayPal states that "the transaction cannot be completed with this payment method. Please try another." A PayPal database no doubt stores our names as a way to encourage us to open an account. Clever them.

I now use Square instead. So far transactions through Square have been seamless.

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