How to Embed an Amazon aStore into a Facebook Page for Free

Updated on April 23, 2016

An aStore in Facebook?

You've decided that affiliate marketing is for you. You've built an Amazon aStore. You've spent your time, diligently sifting through products to add to it...

Harnessing the power of social media, you even have a Facebook page dedicated to your affiliate marketing efforts... You created a timeline cover photo to clearly express the page visually... You post status updates to that Facebook page with links to specific products in your aStore...

But wouldn't it be awesome if you could show off the whole aStore right in that Facebook page? Well... you can!

Custom tabs are quite easy to manage.  You can even customize the images and title text that show on the tab itself.
Custom tabs are quite easy to manage. You can even customize the images and title text that show on the tab itself.

An Example

Have a look at the Communist Closet Facebook page, for example. Notice the tab titled "Soviet Shop?"

The Soviet Shop is an Amazon aStore embedded directly into the Facebook page with a little HTML and a "Facebook-legal" app. No, we're not hacking anything... just making use of resources.

What You'll Need

  • Admin access to a Facebook page (if you created it, you already have admin access)
  • Free custom tab app (I like to use Static HTML: iframe tabs)
  • Amazon aStore and its associated link

Do yourself a favor... have Facebook and Amazon Associate Central open in separate browser tabs (or even separate browsers, if you prefer). That way, you can go back and forth between the two if the need arises.

Adding the App

Navigate to the app within Facebook (with the link above) and click the "install" button to add the app to your page. On the next screen, the app will ask you to confirm the installation destination (the page in which you will install the app) if you admin more than one Facebook page.

Select the proper destination page and click the "install" button to confirm. Yes, it really is that simple.

Edit the Tab Content

After the app installation is complete, return to your page. You'll find a new tab titled "Welcome!" on your screen. Click it and let's work some magic!

Don't worry about the tab title and image just yet, we'll get to those shortly.

Clicking on your new Welcome tab will bring you to this editing screen. Here, you'll be able to:

  • Host your "code" in the index.html section
  • Organize code further in the style.css and script.js sections (for more advanced users)
  • Change tab settings
  • Create a Fan-Gate (we'll do that in another Hub)

By default, you'll land on the index.html section of the app (this is where we'll do all of our work). Please delete the existing text in that section.

Get Your aStore Code

In Amazon's Associate Central:

  • Use the drop down menu at the upper left of the screen to select the proper tracking ID of your aStore. (This is only necessary if you have multiple aStores in the same account... if you have only one aStore, don't worry about this step.)
  • Click "Get Link" in the left menu.
  • The page will display a new screen titled "Your store has been published!" Directly below the announcement, you'll see several versions of your aStore link.
  • Select the "Embed my store using an inline frame" option. We'll modify this code slightly to optimize it for Facebook integration.
  • Copy all of the code in the text box and paste it into the app (index.html section) within Facebook.

The code we'll be working with should be something like:

<iframe src="" width="90%" height="4000" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Secure URL

When first pasting your link code into the app, you'll see a message warning about your aStore URL being insecure. No, the link won't ask you if its source code makes it look fat. But, some browsers may not display your aStore properly because they don't "think" that the store is hosted on a secure server. This is particularly important here because, after all, we don't want to make your potential customers paranoid when shopping.

So, first thing's first... Change the http:// within your code to https://

Adjust Display Dimensions

Now, we'll change the displayed dimensions of your aStore within the Facebook page.

Notice that the width is set to 90%? Well, that's 90% of what the browser calculates as the current page size. This will be absolutely inaccurate... We'll specify the width as 815 pixels to fit into the iframe app.

Change width="90%" to width="815px"

I also recommend shortening the height (significantly) to 1000 or even 1200 pixels. It'll make your content a little more contained...

Change height="4000" to height="1200px"

NOTE: If necessary, you can get a better understanding of Pixels here.

Allow Scrolling

Your aStore can get quite lengthy (even longer than the original 4000 pixels specified). This generally happens if product descriptions are long and there are several product reviews posted as well. By default, scrolling is disabled... and that'll cut off content beyond the specified height. Since we don't want to limit your aStore, we'll enable scrolling.

Change scrolling="no" to scrolling="yes"

Your finished code should now look something like this:

<iframe src="" width="815px" height="1200px" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>

Don't forget to hit the "Save & Publish" button in the upper right corner. You may also preview your work at any time with the adjacent "Preview" button...

Picky, Picky...

OK, I'm nitpicking... We have iframe code within an iframe app. Yes, it's redundant. Yes, it should be fixed. But, for ease of use in this beginner's level guide, I'm going to leave it as is. Don't judge me.

Customized Button

Now that your aStore integration is complete, you'll want that pesky little "Welcome!" button on the front page to look a little more meaningful, right?

  • Return to the "front end" of your Facebook page.
  • Click the small button (with a downward pointed triangle) to the immediate right of all page tabs.
  • As the page expands, hover your mouse over the new "Welcome!" tab.
  • You'll notice a new icon (pencil) appear over the tab. Click this icon for a new drop-down menu.

  • From the drop-down menu, click "Edit Settings."
  • A popup window will appear in which you can change the tab's name and add a custom image to display as the button.
  • Customize the tab as you please.

And you're done!

Questions & Answers


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      • profile image

        Debasish Pal 12 hours ago

        Looking error: This page does not have permission to install the custom tab.

      • profile image

        Kelly North 16 months ago

        I tried this. My aStore is there but when I view the products and click on 'Next' or page 2. I get a message that says 'well, that didn't work, refresh the page. But refreshing does nothing. What went wrong?

      • profile image

        TraderJustin 19 months ago

        Thank's for all the great information everyone! Still having same problem categories do not work...It's like missing the back-end links... Any ideas?

      • profile image

        Articulated 19 months ago

        Did anyone ever figure out how to get this working?

      • profile image

        Steven Denger 21 months ago

        Hello - What this "https" amounts to is the astore is not at all a workable store for a facebbok page. The only thing I get displayed is the first front page, When I try to change pages or categories, I get a white blank page. I tried changing back the https to http on the form url and I got a total blank from the beginning. Unless Amazon changes all their urls to secure https, this astore thing in facebook pages will not work - unless one wants to pay $50. per month for the premium thunderpenny - and I am not so sure if that would even take care of the problem. As I see it, Amazon needs to change all their url's to secure or forget it.

      • profile image

        Steven 21 months ago

        Helllo - I already had a "shop now" button on my fb page that linked to my website - which I wanted. However - I did not see a "welcome" tab after I followed your instructions. There are no additional tabs created so how do I link the "page astore" so fb veiwers that go to my page can see the "page astore" as well as go to my site if they want to instead?

      • profile image

        Timothy 21 months ago

        So I did some digging on this — I found this is a common issue without an apparent native solution, but that there is a paid solution with the Thunderpenny secure website app. Details below.

        Why this happens: Not all the content from the Amazon aStore is securely hosted, which is required by Facebook for privacy and security reasons. This is why not all the links load. Securely hosted content will have a native address of https:// instead of http:// (the s stands for secure). I made this video to help explain it:

        Solutions? I spent about 40m looking for a native solution online, specifically using the term “amazon astore https issues”. One solution looked promising ( but didn’t work for me. In any case this appears to be a widespread issue, and that alas, the Thunderpenny secure website app appears to be the one workable (paid) solution.

        Good luck,

        Tim :)

      • profile image

        Alex 22 months ago

        The issue with posting aStoe as a static HTML seems to be that static HTML is, you know, static. It only shows the url you have linked to it. To avoid the issue of blanking out, you need to update static html to website html. The problem with that is it won't be free anymore. If you have another walkaround, please let me know

      • profile image

        Nader 2 years ago

        Having the same issue, the store displays and function on IE explorer after dismissing " only secure content is displayed " and choosing to show all content

        Any one have any luck with this?

      • profile image

        Stan 2 years ago

        I get it all working but when I click on "shopping cart" or add something to it, the page goes blank.

        Some thing on your Communist Closet fan page.

      • Yukiko Takemoto profile image

        Yukiko Takemoto 2 years ago from New York, USA

        I am also having huge trouble. I really want to do this, but impossible to follow. I followed your steps, but it does not show the exact result your are showing right from the beginning, and I don't know what to do. Meanwhile my brand new FB page I just campaigned with is blank!!! Please help!!

      • profile image

        Dessie 2 years ago

        I am having so many problems with this. My store shows up but you can not click to categories the page goes blank and you can not add to your cart. The page goes blank. Please help.

      • Arc4life profile image

        Matthew 2 years ago from Florida

        That's cool, I have had an online store for awhile and have never really used facebook...

      • profile image

        Allison Wonderland 3 years ago

        Thank you! I didn't even know this was possible, but I found your tutorial searching for information on aStores.

      • SwirlySal profile image

        SwirlySal 3 years ago from York

        Had the same problem .... need to use different static html tabs rather than the Thunderpenny one that seems to be the default choice .... currently looking for the best free alternative

      • profile image

        Jay 3 years ago

        I have tried remedying the problem of not being able to navigate through category links also but I noticed if you right click to open then it will open in a new tab or window then the A stores category links may be clickable.

      • Eddie Dagstanyan profile image

        Eddie Dagstanyan 3 years ago from California

        You're all very welcome, glad it works for you.

        @ DPG - Sorry for the delayed reply. Any luck yet? What browser are you using?

      • snerfu profile image

        Vivian Sudhir 3 years ago from Madurai, India

        Great, thanks for the information.

      • noenhulk profile image

        noenhulk 4 years ago

        Very useful information. I will try this one. Thanks for sharing!

      • profile image

        DPG 4 years ago

        Hi, Thank you for your page !

        I've successfully added my astore to my FB page but like some others people i can't navigate trough categories, even in visitor mode...

        Any idea please ?

      • Eddie Dagstanyan profile image

        Eddie Dagstanyan 4 years ago from California

        @cobby - You're very welcome, glad I could help. :)

      • profile image

        cobby 4 years ago

        thanks your page helped me a lot

      • Eddie Dagstanyan profile image

        Eddie Dagstanyan 4 years ago from California

        @ Will Lake - I also don't see anything prohibiting the aStore. There are conditions that prohibit the sales of pharmaceuticals or promotion of gambling websites. The aStore, however, seems to be OK. I would certainly appreciate being corrected if I'm wrong.

      • Eddie Dagstanyan profile image

        Eddie Dagstanyan 4 years ago from California

        Thank you all for your patience as I research this (without an awful lot of luck, I might add). For all of you that did have an issue, please make sure you are trying to access the secondary categories in "visitor mode" of the app rather than "edit mode."

        To enter visitor mode... Click on your custom tab, it'll bring you into the default edit page. On the upper right corner, click on "view tab as a visitor." This will open a drop-down instructions tab with a second button titled "open visitor mode." Clicking on this button will open a new window with your aStore embedded into your facebook page. Editing in this window will not be possible, in this window you will be viewing the tab just as anyone else without admin privileges.

        For some, this may be the hold-up. If it still doesn't work for you, I would appreciate more details (your browser, which version you're using, etc) to help troubleshoot.

      • profile image

        Kate 4 years ago

        Urgent - I cannot change the tab icon picture and get this message: User Is Not Authorized To Edit App settings

        Store displays find inside the tab.

        I am signed it as Admin. Please advise how to change icon picture????

      • Will Lake profile image

        William Lake 4 years ago from Siem Reap, Cambodia

        Is the aStore OK with regards to the terms and conditions? I'm not talking about the content of the page/aStore, but instead the actual aStore itself.

        I've looked at the terms and conditions and I can't find anything!

      • profile image

        Jen 4 years ago

        Any new updates? I'd love for this to be an option on FB! :)

      • profile image

        Andrea 4 years ago

        great thank you!

      • Eddie Dagstanyan profile image

        Eddie Dagstanyan 4 years ago from California

        Hello, all... Please forgive the delayed reply. I've just had a look at the example used in this Hub and I'm also having some new issues. Interestingly enough, it's Chrome that is behaving well but IE that is giving me the most grief. I'll work on it between different browsers in hopes of finding a solution, assuming that a solution can be found with a modification of our code rather than something within Facebook or Amazon. Stay tuned...

      • profile image

        Dan 4 years ago

        I had the app working for months but now the add to cart button does not work. A few of the links in the astore work. I am at a loss.

      • Kelly Manning profile image

        Kelly Manning 4 years ago

        I'm having an issue with FireFox and Chrome. The "add to cart" button works just fine in Internet Explorer 11, but the latest Firefox and Chrome just see the button as an unclickable image. Any idea how to remedy this?

      • profile image

        PamMcKeen 4 years ago

        I'm having the same problem. My Amazon store worked when I first set it up Now the store comes up when I click the tab but I can't click through to the Amazon Store or My Categories. Please advise.

      • profile image

        Mary Baker 4 years ago

        When I test click on products, it does not take me to my Amazon account. No message, nothing happens. What's up?

      • profile image

        Craig Stapleford 4 years ago

        Im also having the problem of the categories not opening, anyone got a fix for this? i know accepting unsecured content on your browser fixes this but i don't want customers to loose trust.....facebook isn't the most trustworthy place as it.

        your guide did the trick at getting it up tho which i thank you for......just need some way of making them categories Https

      • Eddie Dagstanyan profile image

        Eddie Dagstanyan 4 years ago from California

        Happens to the best of us. :) Glad you got your answer, Jane!

      • profile image

        Jane Akshar 4 years ago

        Ignore my question I had static HTML block, my bad

      • profile image

        Jane Akshar 4 years ago

        Does this still work as I notice the shop is no longer on your Facebook page?

      • Eddie Dagstanyan profile image

        Eddie Dagstanyan 4 years ago from California

        Hmmm... I don't seem to have that issue. What browser are you using?

      • profile image

        Myself 4 years ago

        problem is, categories do not open up on fb.


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