I Am a Remote Logging Camp Cook

Updated on February 15, 2018
current camp I am working on.
current camp I am working on. | Source

The Rewards

view out my camp window
view out my camp window | Source

I cook in a remote logging camp for a living. I also take care of the first aid duties when I am the designated first aid attendant on the job.

This is a challenging, financially rewarding career.

Boat Ride to Work!

beautiful day for a boat ride!
beautiful day for a boat ride! | Source

I fly over vast areas of ocean, rivers, streams and forests to get to work.

I know that logging practises have come under fire in past years but it is hard to imagine that we have depleted our forests when I see thousands upon thousands of acres of trees from the air, as we fly over in a small float plane.

When I boat into work I see the same thing. The journey takes a couple of hours of travel by water, across the Johnstone Strait that is located off the east coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Most of the way the shoreline and hillsides are thick with trees.

I Love Mornings

Day breaking on Harblesown Island
Day breaking on Harblesown Island | Source

During the summer months I need to be up and in the kitchen by 3 AM. For some reason known only to God, I am cheerful in the morning. I have learned, over the years, not everyone is in the same state of bliss as I am in the AM. I am a quick study when it comes to body language and I have learned that some mornings it is best to just sing and dance on the inside. Outward displays of cheerfulness may be met with grumpy glances or frosty frowns.

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Camp Kitchen Facility

Lasagna ready to go in the oven
Lasagna ready to go in the oven | Source

The camp kitchen I am currently working in is equipped with the basics. I have a flat-top propane grill, six burners, and two ovens. I have three refrigerators, two chest freezers, a commercial-size mixer and a meat slicer.

A really well-equipped kitchen would have a dishwasher and a deep fryer, but I do not miss either one of those appliances.

The Guys

There is anywhere from 2-12 guys in this particular camp, a comfortable number for one person to attend to the catering and cleaning. Some camps are much larger, holding dozens and sometimes hundreds of workers.

Most of the guys, most of the time, are, if not cheerful, at least pleasant. Everyone works hard in a logging camp environment. The guys go about their morning routines, preparing for the day ahead, making sure they have lots of water, food, bug and bear spray. We are smack in the middle of the great bear rainforest. Grizzly bears, black bears, wolves and deer are often spotted in the work sites.

Most of the guys, and the occasional woman, that come into camp are hard working individuals. The lazy and/or dishonest ones get weeded out pretty fast. Everyone needs to pull their weight and get along in a such a small environment.

Tree Planters

Every spring a crew of tree planters comes into camp to plant tree seedlings and begin the reforestation process.

Tree planters are a hearty and hardy bunch of really strong humans with voracious appetites. They swarm into camp, a crew of seedling packing planting warriors. The crew of half a dozen to a dozen planters stays for about a week, planting thousands of trees and eating pounds and pounds of food during that time.

Savory Soup!

yummy chicken soup
yummy chicken soup | Source

Camp Breakfast

A logging camp breakfast consists of morning meal basics including bacon, ham and sausage. Depending on the size of the crew, I prep the meats the evening before. I lay the meat on cooking trays to pop in the oven in the morning. Once in a while I might get creative and make a corned beef hash but I have found that most guys, over time, like to stick to the breakfast basics. I pan fry frozen cubed or shredded hash brown potatoes. If there is leftover potatoes from the previous night's supper I will fry those up. I add chopped peppers, green onions, sometimes thin slices of Chorizo sausage to liven the potatoes up a bit. Fresh baked muffins, strudel, pizza pops or just about anything made with puff pastry smells delicious when baked first thing, along with the breakfast meats. I put out a freshly baked item every morning. When the baked goods, breakfast meats and hash browns are ready they go into the steam table to stay warm. I prepare eggs to order for the guys. I make a pot of porridge if there is a porridge eater or two in the crew. Fresh fruit, berries, cut melons and pineapple for example, are prepped and made available during breakfast.

I cook a never ending stream of food to keep the crew's appetites satisfied. I start their day with fresh muffins, bacon, hash browns and eggs, french toast, pancakes or omelets, their choice. The guys prepare their own lunches. I put out four or five deli meats on the lunch table as well as two or three cheeses, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumbers, sliced peppers and anything else that would be good on a sandwich or in a wrap. There are also hard boiled eggs, left over supper meats, apples, oranges, bananas and other fruits in season available. They come back to a hearty home cooked meal at the end of the day. I cook a wide variety of dishes including lasagna, pot roast, pork chops, ham, turkey, the list goes on. The main course usually consists of a starch, potatoes, rice, noodles etc, two vegetables, meat, gravy or cheese sauce if warranted. Fresh dessert is prepared daily including pies, cakes, pudding.

Kitchen Aromas

tasty additions to use in many dishes
tasty additions to use in many dishes | Source

My Favorite Part of the Job

Scrumptious Cinnamon Buns
Scrumptious Cinnamon Buns | Source

Job Perk

My favorite task in camp is baking fresh baked goods. I enjoy making home made bread and cinnamon buns, cakes, pies, cookies, brownies and other pastries and the guys love eating them. I love everything about baking, from the mixing, to the heavenly aroma and tasting the final product..

A close second is making home made soup. Soup building is always an adventure and no two pots of soup are ever the same.


I love the adventure of boating to work. I am not too crazy about flying in little float planes anymore. I love seeing bears, wolves and cougar, all from a distance mind you! I enjoy all the trials and tribulations and all the hard working hard living men and women that I encounter out here in the bush. This is a challenging and rewarding job. I hope I get to do it for a few more years.

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