Before Launching a Campaign

Updated on March 16, 2020
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Ryan is a poet, article writer, screen writer, copywriter, and song writer.


Be honest, the creator of facebook.
Saw a need and he took.

Took the risk and didn't regret it.
Now facebook is often chosen.

Chosen by many CEO's.
To help their business reach their goals.

They use it to manage their ads.
Facebook makes businesses glad.

Years ago, I saw it evolving.
It's a top platform for marketing.

A platform that caught my interest.
A platform that made me pursue it.

So I have learned in my studies.
The real reason that they are using.

It has a lot to do with the campaigns.
But the bulk is how it makes the way.

It makes the way a lot easier.
The way to began is so simple.

It's demographics are sensational.
I'll present the first steps you must know.

Create a Business Account

Now before you launch your business.
Create an account to help manage it.

This account is essential for growth.
So this, you really must know.

Now, lets go a little further.
A company is looking to hire.

Someone to manage their page.
& they hear of your name.

They approach you with an offer.
You accept the offer.

You immediately get to work.
Their account is where you start first.

Creating it is free and easy.
But you are known to pay the money.

So that it is done it properly.
You want the privileges and settings.

To be in place before ads running.
The results will be uplifting.

The account only works in google chrome.
Add your name, currency and time zone.

Don't forget the payment method.
Be sure that the account is perfected.

Sometimes, they have it set up.
But if not, make sure, you set one up.

Install Facebook Pixel

Well, that was incase someone hires you.
But it was also some tips for you.

Businesses first create business accounts.
But it's steps, that are often left out.

Steps that owners all have to take.
But sometimes they make the mistake.

& ignore it. They overlook it.
As a response, they guess their performance.

So be smart. Don't move fast.
Don't do what many have in the past.

& ignore this great benefit.
keep track of your performance.

Install Facebook Pixel.
Your business account will show.

Will show you how to start it.
Click ad account before launching it.

The pixel has a Javascript code.
That will make sure that you know.

That you know your websites visitors.
Your audience will grow larger.

To set it , go to Ads manager.
& click on the lines in the corner.

Now, if you run into problems.
& you have no clue on how to solve em.

Don't be afraid to seek help.
You don't have to do it all by yourself.

Target Your Audience

Think of an Ad you have many times.
An Ad that really captivated your mind.

While you think, let me use myself.
Kay Jewlers is one that helped.

Helped me understand that Ads.
Are clear, no matter the masks.

By that, I mean skin color.
But the message makes it all better.

The message never does change.
Every Kiss does begin with Kay.

That's the creative part I love.
Something simple and easy to think of.

I also like Nike's Just Do it.
A simple but strong message.

Now they are huge companies.
& an audience, helped it be.

That Ad that captivated you.
Left a message within you.

Now it was annoying.
But it also was revealing.

How your Ads must have one message.
It's important that you stay specific.

On what and who you want to target.
& facebook's tool will help you do it.

Facebook Audience Insights.
Target your crowd but do it right.

You will know the location and demographic.
You'd do what you what you never imagined.


I have given you the keys.
That will open doors and release.

Release ways for your business to be.
Sucessfull and guarantee.

To give the service that's required.
The last key, it will inspire.

Many that your Ad reaches.
That will bring your business more traffic.

If you have a website, that will grow.
You must decide the right ads to show.

Build up your sites credibility.
The will result in more prosperity.

Now, if you're hired to manage.
You'd make ads and track their performance.

Facebook has all that you need.
It easy, costly but worth every penny.

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    © 2019 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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      • PageBeard profile image


        8 months ago from Always Moving

        Good article mate. I’ll be sharing this one with a few people.


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