Marine Engineering Salary Ranges in India

Updated on October 6, 2017
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A Marine Engineer sailing the high seas with a global shipping company and living all that life has to offer.

Merchant ship being unloaded at Jawaharlal Nehru Trust Port in Navi Mumbai, India (CC BY 3.0).
Merchant ship being unloaded at Jawaharlal Nehru Trust Port in Navi Mumbai, India (CC BY 3.0). | Source

Marine engineering describes the type of engineering work done on ships and rigs. Compared to other shore jobs, the pay is quite good. In order to become a marine engineer, you must graduate with a bachelors of technology from a college approved by the Directorate General of Shipping of the Government of India.

This article discusses the different jobs you can do as a marine engineer, how you become one, and what the pay is like.

Marine Engineering Ranks

Your salary will be determined in part by your rank. This job has five promotional levels, from bottom to top:

  1. Fifth Engineer or Engineering Cadet
  2. Fourth Engineer
  3. Third Engineer
  4. Second Engineer
  5. Chief Engineer

Salary Ranges by Rank

These are the average salary ranges by rank. The figures are salaries paid per month in Indian Rupee and US Dollars :

  1. Fifth Engineer or Engineering Cadet: Rs 35 to 75 thousand INR per month; or 300 to 1200 USD per month
  2. Fourth Engineer: Rs 1.5 to 2.25 lacs INR; or 2000 to 4000 USD per month
  3. Third Engineer: Rs 2.75- 3.5 lacs INR; or 4000 to 5900 USD per month
  4. Second Engineer: Rs 4 to 5 lacs INR; or 7500 to 9500 USD per month
  5. Chief Engineer: Rs 5 lacs and above INR per month; or 10,000 USD and above per month

The salaries are usually paid when the seafarer is on the vessel. No salary is paid when the sailor is at home / vacation.

Although some companies pay their sailors every month and even when they are not sailing but the average salaries comes to about same.

How to Become a Marine Engineer

Marine engineering workshop at Training Ship Chanakya (GNU Free Documentation and CC BY-SA 3.0).
Marine engineering workshop at Training Ship Chanakya (GNU Free Documentation and CC BY-SA 3.0). | Source

Requirements for Marine Training Colleges

In order to become a marine engineer, you must receive a bachelor's degree of either engineering or technology in marine engineering from an approved training college. The Indian Ministry of Shipping maintains a list of 133 approved marine training colleges in the country, organized by region, and including both government-run and private schools.

The general eligibility for the degree, regardless of where you are trained, includes the following educational requirements:

  • A pass in Plus Two with a 60% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.
  • Good marks (usually 50%) in English.
  • Most schools have an entrance exam. Most, including the best-known colleges—T.S. Chanakya in Mumbai and the Marine Engineering Research Institute (MERI) in Kolkata—use the Joint Entrance Examination given through IIT.
  • Training colleges usually conduct interviews and psychometric tests for potential candidates.

As working at sea can sometimes be strenuous, candidates for marine training colleges must meet certain physical standards, which are determined by the Merchange Shipping Meidcal Examination Rules.

  • No younger than 17 and no older than 25, with 5 years of relaxation for candidates from Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes.
  • Good eyesight with no color blindness or impaired field of vision.
  • No impairment in hearing.
  • Weight of no less than 42 kilograms and height of at least 150 centimeters.
  • Good dental health.
  • Mentally stable and in good psychological condition.
  • Be otherwise in good health as determined by a medical examination.

Other requirements:

  • There are no gender restrictions for marine engineering training.
  • Candidates should be unmarried by time of commencement.
  • Indian citizenship, though a few foreign candidates may receive special permission from the Ministry of Shipping.

Why is the Salary so High?

Marine engineering curriculums are very similar to those in mechanical engineering. You will be trained to be a practical engineer and learn to work with the giant marine engines and auxiliary machines on board merchant vessels.

It's a very technical job where you have to make time-sensitive decisions in order for the ship to run in good shape. Ship travel is enormously expensive, and mistakes can cost a shipping company millions. This is why, as an engineer, you will be paid such a large amount to maintain the ship's machinery.

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    • profile image

      Mosarof 13 hours ago

      how can i be a chif engenear?

      can i need msc to be a chef engenear?

      how is the demand for marin engenearing?

      how is the demand for indian deploma marin engenear?

      can i will get par time job there?

      can i have scope there to contenue my study there?

      after compleate my deploma what will my post from fift to chif engenear?

    • profile image

      Jeet Roy 4 weeks ago

      Can i can do LASIK before joining marine

    • profile image

      Hridhya kumar 5 weeks ago


      Can somebody please guide me about Marine Engineering for girls.Just want to know is it profitable for girls and how many girl candidates study Marine.

    • profile image

      Ashutosh kumar 5 weeks ago

      My date of birth is 3/10/2001.

      Can I fill the form of imu?

    • profile image

      Sachin raj 7 weeks ago

      My eyesight is -1.5 so i can apply IMU exam or not

    • profile image

      Sachin raj 7 weeks ago

      My eyesight is -1.5 so I m apply IMU exam or not

    • profile image

      jegan 2 months ago

      To join marine engineering computer science degree is okay

    • profile image

      Sinzzz 2 months ago

      I want yo become a marine engineering

    • profile image

      prasad date 2 months ago

      i want to become marine engineering but not given IIT jee exam so what i can do

    • profile image

      Jegan 2 months ago

      For marine engineering in B. SC what course wanted

    • profile image

      pawan kalyan 3 months ago

      what is work in the marine enginer

    • profile image

      Samrat bhagwat 3 months ago

      phy chem not having 60% . Can i can take admission in marine engineering college

    • profile image

      Shaikh Zaid 4 months ago

      I want to become a marine engineer .

    • profile image

      omkar 4 months ago

      Can I get admission in a graduate marine engineering course after doing a diploma and degree in mechanical engineering?

    • profile image

      sathiyan k 6 months ago

      i am a marine student in svce i want job on 2021

    • profile image

      sapta 7 months ago

      if one has cavity can he apply for marine engineering

    • profile image

      kedar 8 months ago

      Hi , Now I'm in class 12th . I will give HSC exam of 2018 from CBSE. I have pass out SSC from CBSE with following CGPA's eng 8, maths 9, science 7, social 8, marathi 8. Which field will offer me highest salary and benefits in future .

    • profile image

      Hiren Mangroliya 8 months ago

      I want to be a Marine engineer. I am

      Capable for All Requirements.

    • profile image

      Harsh 9 months ago

      English marks below than 50 what should I do

    • profile image

      rathnakumar 9 months ago

      I like merine

    • profile image

      Dharani 9 months ago

      Any enterance examination before the job?

    • profile image

      jeeva 12 months ago

      maximum how many year for retirement .what is the salary for after graduate in BE(mechanical)&GME

    • profile image

      jegadesh 12 months ago

      when i take GME course ,shall i get a job?100% or not

    • profile image

      rehan 12 months ago

      Sir, I've completed my mechanical engineering this year and is planning to do marine engineering. I've also applied to some colleges for gme in vishwakarma maritime institute and geims. But I'm also thinking to do hnd course. So plz guide which should I choose gme or hnd and what colleges to apply for both.

    • profile image

      suvam das 12 months ago

      can i become a marine engineer after doing in electrical engineering.

      please anyone can tell me ASAP!

    • profile image

      Pavanraj 12 months ago

      Hello sir

      In the field of marine engineering jobs availablelity is less or more

      And I need extra information about this sir

    • profile image

      kuldip vora 12 months ago

      Hello, I am a mechanical engineer.

      So, how can I applied in marine engineer course.

      Give me a suggestion please....

    • profile image

      shayam 13 months ago

      placement in marine engineer

    • profile image

      chanchal mishra 13 months ago

      I should want take direct lareral entry admission in marine engineering

    • profile image

      santhosh s 13 months ago

      what to study for marine engineering and what type of stages ,it is hard or easy what are the books study for it .

    • profile image

      Vinod kumar 13 months ago

      Sir: after 10 standard i am completed diploma mechanical engineering and that I completed BE mechanical engineering. now my question is ,am I eligible OR not for 1year GME COURSE.

      And in the GME application form asks the 12th standard details, my diploma certificate is accepts or not.

    • profile image

      Ikshit 14 months ago

      This information is very awesome............THANK YOU!!!!

    • profile image

      sreeram 15 months ago

      taking gme or marine engineering is the best choice after plus 2

    • profile image

      Kempraj 15 months ago


      Is it ok if i have colour blindness

      For the job

    • profile image

      fee structure 16 months ago

      fee structure

    • profile image

      shake 16 months ago

      please about tell marine engineer?

      1st marine engineer is chief engineer tell information about 1st engineer

    • profile image

      siddharth kumarr 16 months ago

      can i do marine engineering even iam in class12

    • profile image

      ajay 16 months ago

      working days in year

    • profile image

      Prashant khilari 17 months ago

      Thanks for giving me information

    • profile image

      Sachin 18 months ago

      Guys... present scenario in marine field is pathetic. Please please don't chose this career.You will be in a trap. This was a hot career to pursue years back, but not anymore.There are numerous cadets without job after having completed the course in flying colours.Supply is more than demand in the field.Please take it as a kind advice.

    • profile image

      sidhikulakbar 18 months ago

      after +2 ...

      which course I will choose for achieve the goal of Marine engg

    • profile image

      Ankit Sharma 18 months ago

      What is the time period of promotion from bottom to top in marine engineering

    • profile image

      prathamesh sahane 19 months ago

      i have done my 12th what can i do next to become a marine engineering

    • profile image

      pruthviraj 19 months ago

      Sir i have completed my BE in mechanical with 61% and i want to join marine engg course but is theire 100% placement colleges in pune ????....and is merchant navy expeeience consider for land job after few years????

    • profile image

      shubham 21 months ago

      Sir ,

      I have been comple ted my 12th board this year with an 78%marks and I want to join marine ,so which entrance exam need for this, which course is the best for my future career ,and which is the best college in India,

      Pls reply soon

      Mobile no--08302003441

    • profile image

      jaya aivan 21 months ago

      i will joint the marine engg

    • profile image

      Sanjay chowdary 21 months ago

      Now I am in 11 th , as soon as possible I will complete my engineering after completing b tech what could I doo..

    • profile image

      praveen 21 months ago

      I want to know about promotion of gme students

    • profile image

      biranchi 22 months ago

      Dear sir/ma'am

      I am completing B.Tech in mechanical engineering in the year 2016, with 70-80% , but I could not secured 50% in English (10th-48%, 12th-40%), I have a dream to join merchant navy or marine officer . Can I fulfil my dream????

    • profile image

      sagar 22 months ago


      i have completed my btech from mechanical engg. last year. and i started my job at delhi last yr.

      now i want to go for GME course.

      kindly suggest me, is there any option of non attending or correspondence mode so that i can continue my job too??

      if yes,,/ please suggest me the respective institutions also..


    • profile image

      RISHABH RAJ 23 months ago


    • profile image

      indra kumar Aj 24 months ago

      sir hi complet +12 than give information fior marine field give deatil in my Email indrakumarhockey@gemail .Com

    • profile image

      Sharfraz Ahmad 24 months ago

      I am in 12th now and I am intreasted in Marine field so what should I do after my 12th examination? How many percentage required in 12th science for marin engineering.

    • profile image

      shubham yejare 24 months ago

      can i get 100% placement after completion of my 4 years marine eng

    • profile image

      Harish 24 months ago

      Sir i have completed my 1st year engineering in ENTC in solapur university, bt i want to study marine engineering, what should I do?? I even dont want to waste my 1 year.... N 1 more qsn,can i do marine engineering after my BE??? N if yes than how many years it will take...?????

    • profile image

      soumyadeep 2 years ago


    • profile image

      sukhvindr 2 years ago

      sir how can i get admission in marine engineering collage

    • profile image

      pranjal 2 years ago

      how much salary can a marine engineer get in starting

    • profile image

      sundar 2 years ago

      Sir I'm doing B.E mechanical final yr. I'm going to do GME. Which colg is best for studying & how much does the fees requires for this course. What abt placement. Email

    • profile image

      Rohit kumar 2 years ago

      Sir ,,,i am suffering from myopia ,is their any problem to take admission in marine colleges through IMU exam.

    • profile image

      sundar 2 years ago

      for joining GME course. what about the fees sir

    • profile image

      harshini 2 years ago

      thank u for providing information that there is no gender discrimination in this field

    • profile image

      Praphull 2 years ago

      I am completed mechanical engineering in the year 2015.I am more interested to do marine engineering GME course,what is the future of this course. Please which college is best it means give 100% job placement becouse many people said that job condition in marine is so bad. Please give advise to me at

    • profile image

      Abhiram 2 years ago

      Thanzzz for giving me this informationss.. It may sometimes change my life thanzz a lot

    • profile image

      ananthu 2 years ago

      Thank you for the valuable information

    • profile image

      dracula 2 years ago

      i have specs of power -0.75 and -0.5 on left and right eyes respectively .

      am i eligible for this course

    • profile image

      yogesh patidar 2 years ago

      Thanks for kinds of information...

    • profile image

      Ranjit ghadage 2 years ago

      Hello sir,

      I'm just pass out diploma in mechanical engineering and I have to joint marine navy so, please suggest me best college in Mumbai or pune

    • profile image

      Kshitij 2 years ago

      Sir , I have completed my Diploma in Mechanical Branch. I wanna know the courses offered to diploma graduates/holders in Merchant Navy. And please also tell the Best institutes to do that particular course which provides good placement and lastly what will be the rank after completion of course.

      Thank You

    • profile image

      shyam mishra 2 years ago

      SIR ,


    • profile image

      roystan monteiro 2 years ago

      Sir now i am in 10 i want to become an marine engineer and want to get chief post directly sir can you tell what steps i have to take further.

    • profile image

      Nilesh Singh 2 years ago

      Sir im now in 10 and i want to become a marine engineer through iit but i m having an eye pronlem

    • profile image

      nizam 2 years ago


    • profile image

      vinayak barkale 2 years ago

      I am intrested to being an marine engineer , but i did`t know the procedure ., how to be a marine engineer can anybody help me . Now i am studying in 11 th std. i need guidance ... can anyone advice or suggest me please for bright future...I am really interested..

    • profile image

      keerthi 2 years ago

      i am studing 9th i am interested in marine. what is the salary in marine per annum?

    • profile image

      Ajay Sushil 2 years ago

      What should be the procedure to become a successful marine engineer?

    • profile image

      Tapan Jana 2 years ago

      Whether girl student can join in Marin Engg? Great knowledge for me .

    • profile image

      sherinjohn198 2 years ago

      Im also planning to choose B-tech in Marine engineering from Ima-Chennai. when it comes to my high end researches - Ima-Maritime Chennai sounds good, is anyone knows about IMA?, Please let me know

    • profile image

      kiran 2 years ago

      iam completed mechanical engineering in the year 2015.iam more interested to do marine engineering,what is the future of this course.send me the mail,

    • profile image

      Elbin Stephen 2 years ago

      Its good for me but in this time Iam studing in sslc [10]

    • profile image

      Piyush ryan 2 years ago

      It's good for me......

    • profile image

      CHANDAN JAISWAL 2 years ago


    • profile image

      vivek 2 years ago

      I am wearing spectes I am eligible for marine engineering

    • profile image

      chandan tiwari 2 years ago

      thanks ,sir

    • profile image

      hrushi kesh 2 years ago

      I am completed graduation in chemistry hons ijoin nautical science course?

    • profile image

      prabhakaran.d 2 years ago

      Sir i'm going to finish my mechanical engineering degree in 2016 may .so is this GME 1yr course is good to do i'm feeling with confusionconfusion whether it offers a job or not.kindly give your opinion with detail about the 1yr gme course. Thank you.

      My mail add

    • profile image

      s.thennarasu 2 years ago

      i think i will miss my family

    • profile image

      jazril 2 years ago

      Sir i am doing mechanical engineering and i am with 7th sem right now sir how could i become marine engineer without GME........?

    • profile image

      Arif khadri 2 years ago

      I am doing mechanical engineering 1st year ..I have 5 Peper back not LG for 2nd year .. can I join marin engineering for one year course sir

    • profile image

      Shashikant chitte 2 years ago

      sir I m complete in diploma electrical engineering can I join Marin engineering and how many year is done this course. please give me idea.

    • profile image

      suraj rohilla 2 years ago

      sir tell me about placement in marine engg.

      im studied marine engg. In gurukul vidyapeeth.

      about scope or etc.

      my email id:-

      08950528047 08929830002

    • profile image

      sunil 2 years ago

      After completion of mechanical how to join the marine engineering can u say the details plz

    • profile image

      Abhijeet 9506600806 2 years ago

      Sir I have taken admission in marine engineering in cusat is it good???

    • profile image

      Bivash mondal 2 years ago

      nice service.I want to be a marine engineer.

    • profile image

      SURESH 3 years ago

      Thanks. Plz more information..

    • profile image

      umang vats 3 years ago

      hello sir i cleared imu-cet this year with a rank of 1603 and now i am intrested in doin btech in marine engineering .

      please tell me if indian maritime universities are a good option for a good job or not ?

    • profile image

      Mohan 3 years ago

      sir I completed 12 in 1080 mark then I want join

      marine engneering.If good joice for my future and I want to know placemented collages.

    • profile image

      ganesh 3 years ago

      I completed my b.e mechanical engineering in 2014 now I want to do gme can anyone suggest me which college us best and what's the placement record and fees structure of college

    • profile image

      Abinesh.G 3 years ago

      Sir I finished 12th on 2015 with 905 mark and going to study marine pls say me some best studies in marine

    • profile image

      Mogun 3 years ago

      If we comple marine engineering course how do get placement


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