Marine Engineering Salary and Salary Ranges in India

Merchant ship being unloaded at Jawaharlal Nehru Trust Port in Navi Mumbai, India (CC BY 3.0).
Merchant ship being unloaded at Jawaharlal Nehru Trust Port in Navi Mumbai, India (CC BY 3.0). | Source

Marine engineering describes the type of engineering work done on ships and rigs. Compared to other shore jobs, the pay is quite good. In order to become a marine engineer, you must graduate with a bachelors of technology from a college approved by the Directorate General of Shipping of the Government of India.

This article discusses the different jobs you can do as a marine engineer, how you become one, and what the pay is like.

Marine Engineering Ranks

Your salary will be determined in part by your rank. This job has five promotional levels, from bottom to top:

  1. Fifth Engineer or Engineering Cadet
  2. Fourth Engineer
  3. Third Engineer
  4. Second Engineer
  5. Chief Engineer

Salary Ranges by Rank

These are the average salary ranges by rank. These figures are payment per month:

  1. Fifth Engineer or Engineering Cadet: Rs 35 to 75 thousand; or 300 to 1200 USD
  2. Fourth Engineer: Rs 1.5 to 2.25 lacs; or 2000 to 4000 USD
  3. Third Engineer: Rs 2.75- 3.5 lacs; or 4000 to 5900 USD
  4. Second Engineer: Rs 4 to 5 lacs; or 7500 to 9500 USD
  5. Chief Engineer: Rs 5 lacs and above; or 10,000 USD and above

How to Become a Marine Engineer

Marine engineering workshop at Training Ship Chanakya (GNU Free Documentation and CC BY-SA 3.0).
Marine engineering workshop at Training Ship Chanakya (GNU Free Documentation and CC BY-SA 3.0). | Source

Requirements for Marine Training Colleges

In order to become a marine engineer, you must receive a bachelor's degree of either engineering or technology in marine engineering from an approved training college. The Indian Ministry of Shipping maintains a list of 133 approved marine training colleges in the country, organized by region, and including both government-run and private schools.

The general eligibility for the degree, regardless of where you are trained, includes the following educational requirements:

  • A pass in Plus Two with a 60% aggregate in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.
  • Good marks (usually 50%) in English.
  • Most schools have an entrance exam. Most, including the best-known colleges—T.S. Chanakya in Mumbai and the Marine Engineering Research Institute (MERI) in Kolkata—use the Joint Entrance Examination given through IIT.
  • Training colleges usually conduct interviews and psychometric tests for potential candidates.

As working at sea can sometimes be strenuous, candidates for marine training colleges must meet certain physical standards, which are determined by the Merchange Shipping Meidcal Examination Rules.

  • No younger than 17 and no older than 25, with 5 years of relaxation for candidates from Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes.
  • Good eyesight with no color blindness or impaired field of vision.
  • No impairment in hearing.
  • Weight of no less than 42 kilograms and height of at least 150 centimeters.
  • Good dental health.
  • Mentally stable and in good psychological condition.
  • Be otherwise in good health as determined by a medical examination.

Other requirements:

  • There are no gender restrictions for marine engineering training.
  • Candidates should be unmarried by time of commencement.
  • Indian citizenship, though a few foreign candidates may receive special permission from the Ministry of Shipping.

Why is the Salary so High?

Marine engineering curriculums are very similar to those in mechanical engineering. You will be trained to be a practical engineer and learn to work with the giant marine engines and auxiliary machines on board merchant vessels.

It's a very technical job where you have to make time-sensitive decisions in order for the ship to run in good shape. Ship travel is enormously expensive, and mistakes can cost a shipping company millions. This is why, as an engineer, you will be paid such a large amount to maintain the ship's machinery.

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shyam 4 years ago

placements about marine engineer?

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sir, thank you for giving me this valuable information

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good information

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thanks for gud information

Antu Datta 3 years ago

How and where can one study "Graduate Marine Engineering" course after completing the B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and what will be the rank of him in the merchant ship??

Dhruvesh 3 years ago

good site

Rahul Naidu 3 years ago

thanks for giving this information

Marine Er. Sukhdeep 3 years ago

After Diploma.. DME course 2 years

After Degree. GME course 1 year

After 12th.. BTEC marine 4 years


can i do as a marine engineer i had completed my mechanical engineer can any one tell me..!

kinleysingh 3 years ago

ramesh, u will have to enroll into the one year presea training programme conducted by any of the "DG approved " institutes. there are severel of them all over the country the list of which can be had from the " DG shipping, mumbai" website. after completing your training you can join any shipping company as a junior engineer/5th engineer. to save yourself the trouble of hunting for a shipping company later on it is best to do the presea training as a sponsored candidate from shipping company wherein the company will guarantee you a job when u complete your presea course. ( i guess shipping corporation of india conducts some entrance exam for its junior engg. there is one in lonavala which is sims lonavala.. hunt for others...

hope this answers your querry to some extent.

to know more drop a mail at "". will b glad to help if a m around.

mehaboobasha 3 years ago

i have completed GME 80% with but didn't got placed till now . can any1 help me?????

kinleysingh 3 years ago

give in your resumes to various companies in mumbai dude.. visit them personally and do regular follow ups.. do not negotiate on salary.

sunil 3 years ago

which is the best marine engineering clg in india

sanju 3 years ago

try what will be done is done

uday srinidhi 3 years ago

good tanks

but how to join the marine

anu 3 years ago

did the diploma candidate's take admission in marine engg. college's. pls tell yes or no...

ganesh kaokhe 2 years ago

how money pay for study of 4 years marine engenniaring

sagar ankatwar 2 years ago

thank u for this valuable information

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Thanks for information

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Thanks for ur Good information

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how much money we have to pay for four years btech marine engineering degree

kumaran 2 years ago

after finishing information there any opportunities to come to marine engineering or related marinetime courses

rajkumar 2 years ago

I am marine engineering student how to i get a job

omkar 2 years ago

how percentage would b required to do marine engineering.

abhisek patil 2 years ago

There is job guaranty in marinetime engineering.

nelson 2 years ago

sir, i am doing 2nd pu science after that can i join marine engineering

sandeep 2 years ago

what we have to study for it and percentage needed

Akshay Bankar 2 years ago

how percentages this career ? 10 class

saurabh 2 years ago

how many percentages is needed in 12 sci

prasanna 2 years ago

Is there any scholarships for sc students?

suyash somvanshi 2 years ago

its very fabulus job and i'm getting exited

nithesh 2 years ago

i am trying to take up marine engineering

this information is really important

Ashutosh Dube 2 years ago

I want bcame a marine engg. Iam completing 12th,what should i do next to become an marine engg. Please help me frnds

My email id is -

(Please friends this id is of dad don't snd any faltu msg)

Santhoshkumar 2 years ago

I will reach the job in 4 years is a good job

anushree,k 2 years ago

Is this job suit's girls

saksham 2 years ago

Is tolani maritime institute a good institute? What will be the salary after graduating from it?

saksham 2 years ago

Please help me.. Is Tolani Maritime Institute a good college? What are the names of other top colleges for marine engineering in India? Please reply asap.

Vinayaka 2 years ago


Wheather this course(marine engineering) will give definate jobs after studies?

rahul 2 years ago

Thank u sir

Rutvik 2 years ago

Now...i am in 12 th standard....i would like to do marine what can i do ? What is level of % to take admission in marine engineering..please help because i love marine eng

prasanna 2 years ago

now im completing diploma in mechanical engg. form nagpur,

so how to apply for marine engineering , please suggest eligibiliti criteria,

best collages and year round fees structure.

Meet Patel 2 years ago

can you tell me that how can I get into marine engineering after completing my hsc exams.Do I have to crack some special exam for gettin admission in marine engineering????

Gowtham 2 years ago

I will join and complete this course in 4 year

job 2 years ago

Is the marine engineering course(btech) given by cusat good????

Ganesh 2 years ago

Sir..i am in 12 th pass student..i would like to do marine what can i do ? What is level of % to take admission in marine engineering..please help .


mohit 2 years ago

is there a job surety in marine engg. i am doing it from indian maritime university

arun 2 years ago

which college is best 4 GME course

dheeraj 2 years ago

excellent job i would like to do

sagar 2 years ago

sir . i have done my gme .. 1 yr course ..a s of now u know the situation in market for junior engineers so . its gona take a while .. bt i have my cdc valid for 10 years , what i was thinking is that . if i can do my masters in marine or mba in marine will that be help full .. what are the different scopes after mba in marine . will the pays be as good as the once for sailing .. pls help me out .. thank you in advance :)

ajith rock 2 years ago

Sir i need details about marine engineering

sonal choudhary 2 years ago

Its nice idea for one for sake of shipping information

kanaga raj 2 years ago

I am marine engineering my dream my job

Aasawari Shete 2 years ago

I m crazy about marines n damm want to be a marine engineer I m on my 10+1 grade and want to pursue a career in marine engg could u help me wid these questions

Top institute in India

Duration of education

Total expenses for education



What to pursue after10+2 grade

p.muthamil selvam 2 years ago

sir now i am studying B.E MECHANICAL ENGINEER in ANNA UNIVERSITY ,CHENNAI.i like the marine after finishing my mechanical course,i will like to study the marine many years i will study this course sir?pleae send msg to this number sir 8489689811

Aditya Nanda 2 years ago

I want to 6 month marine fitter course.sir details of marine engineering pls guide me.

muthu 2 years ago

I complete Diploma in mechanical engineering can join in Marine engineering ?

tharan 2 years ago

Marine engineering is good r bad?

salu oustian 2 years ago

Is any 1year courses available after diploma in mechanical engineering.

Gaurav raj 2 years ago

Sir I want to become a marine engineer so you tell me which subject is more important and now I m 16 year old.8804198670

Raj prabhakar 2 years ago

it is a very nice job i impress it i will get it for any rate

ranjit randive 2 years ago

Sir I completed me diploma

I can join marine engg

sam250693 profile image

sam250693 2 years ago

one of the best college is Marine Engineering and Research Institute,Kolkata formally known as DMET.

Shantanu 2 years ago

[lzz can any1 tell what is the steps to get into tolani after 12th ...........

soma rawool 2 years ago

Its my passion..

dinesh 2 years ago

market is very poor...don't join...

abhijeet khaire 2 years ago

sir l am completed 12th plz give lmformation for Marin engg how are the study for

sir i have got stammering problem can i became marine engg. 2 years ago

Plz reply sir

Chetan Kumar Rout 2 years ago

i am mechanical engineer can i directly join merchant navy, if yes then please help me

niteeshbhardwaj 2 years ago

how can i get a free seat sir?

mohammad 2 years ago

Hi Dear

im mohammad from iran. i have 3rd engineer certificate and until now 18 month as the 4th Engineer seaTime. im searching job with other country shiping line.

pls guide me.

Many Thanks.

selva jeban 2 years ago


valavan 2 years ago

I'm doing mechanical engineering I want to do gme after it where we can study the corse...?

mohamed 24 months ago

I like job but which area to steady marine engineering

Ananya govindan 24 months ago

Is there marine engineering be courses offered in BITS

Sushmita 24 months ago

Iam in 12th now ....!!And iam intreasted in Marine ..field

!!so what should I do after my 12th examination..??Can anyone help me ...??

Sushmita 24 months ago

Iam studing in 12th std.Can any one pls tell what is the procedure after 12th examination??And how much %qualification is there in this field??which college should be best for this field??

Samyak Jain 23 months ago

which course should i opt to be an mairne engineer

sadham 23 months ago

what rank to give the diploma marine engineer in panama cdc and salary

BIKSHU 23 months ago

Nice site but not understand how to get this engr

saurabh 23 months ago

Helpful info

vinoth 23 months ago

I'm completed mechanical engineering. How to joint marine job?

sathya prabu 22 months ago

iam studiying 12th standard .after 12th i want study marine ..which course is best for marine.

Prabhat Ranjan 22 months ago

want bcame a marine engg. Iam completing 12th,what should i do next to become an marine engg. Please help me frnds

My email id is -

Prabhat Ranjan 22 months ago

Dear Sir,

I have completed 12th.pls tell me procedure about admission in marine engineering and abt colleges...

shivam 22 months ago


Pritam 22 months ago

Yes you do earn a lot per month but sadly you don't get to work for 12 months a year. Max. no. of months you would want to work voluntarily is 8 so 40 lpa is the average pay you'd get.

dhanush 22 months ago

It is good job

Meharab hussain 21 months ago

It was very intresting to do...

Now i m studying 12th after finishing my xams i would wish to join marien engineering.

Mani kandan 21 months ago

Hai.I would like to become an marine engineer bt still i don't know how many courses r there..can u help us..n say which course z better than other

syed imran 21 months ago

After 12 th to join in marine engineering ..which college is best?

Nishith chinnappa 21 months ago

Is it better that we do marine engineering after mechanical engineering or to do it before mechanical engineering........Please Reply

admin 21 months ago

Don't join indian maritime university. Chennai campus.

SANTOSHKUMAR 21 months ago

sir i completed my b-tech mechanical engineering and diploma mechanical engineering....i want join graduate marine engineering 1-year cource.......

how to joining process please tell me sir.........

herbert 21 months ago


I'm a final year diploma marine engineer student.which rank i get in cdc.plz tell me.

SARATH 21 months ago


I'm diploma in Mechanical Engineering final year student. How can I join GME ?

naresh 21 months ago

Placements in marine engineering

karthik 21 months ago

I'm diploma in mechanical engineering final year student . how can I join marine engineering?

RAHUL SHARMA 20 months ago

I am coming sir

ANISH 20 months ago

Don't do this course its a lottery.salaries mentioned above may be true but due to increased competition in this feild there is less scope of job.indian company need indian crew as same other countries need their countrymen for better communication my self is an marine second engineer.i am not able to get the salary i was getting 5 years what's the use of wasting life in present salary is available on land job friends wakeup don't get cheated as i have seen many freshers been by agents.beware.thks.

mhalappa vhanamane 20 months ago

How many percentage required in 12th science for marin engineering.

gopi 20 months ago

im studying BE computerscience..i can offer to join any course in marine field

Arun paul.c 20 months ago

I am a mechanical engineer.........l like this job for right way to turn our life style

shubham rajput 20 months ago

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Specially for those who really do......

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I am interested in ....pLz I want more information that field

phani 20 months ago

i had completed 10th .i want to be as marine there any integrated course to complete it

please reply

Romit kumar 20 months ago

how to admission in marin 10th and 12th % is 60 and completed in 2015 in 63%.please reply in, my mob no is-9599442181

SAA 20 months ago

Some people want reservation in marine too (see the comments)...These black sheep will surely sink the ship...MC

suryq 20 months ago

Important information admin and it is very useful for us thank u

Which is the best college for marine engineering ?

surya 20 months ago

Important information admin and it is very useful for us thank u

Which is the best college for marine engineering ?

Sinha 20 months ago

After B.Tech(ME) it is very difficult to find on -board ship training experience which enables to appear for 4th engineer exam.Unless you get on-board training your in (ME) has zero value.and your dream will not be full filled.There are many colleges offering marine engineering courses but they do not give guarantee to provide on-board ship training.Even even DG Shipping will not help u. So think again and again berofe joining 4 yrs B.Tech (ME) cours

ayush 20 months ago

I m completed mechanical engineering, now can any one help me- how can I get merine job and training? ???

shahil 19 months ago

I'm a b tech graduate student, am interested to join marine fields..wt cn I do?? Is m-tech in marine or gme course..pls help me"

DINESH 19 months ago

If we take this course is valuable for future. ..?

Nsk 19 months ago

@rajesh how much did you scored in PCM in 12th?? according to IMU the criteria for getting admission in Btech marine one should have minimum 60% IN PCM.... And a valid score in IMU-CET. And if you have scored less than 60% then go for btech mechanical engineering for first year and try for a lateral entry in btech marine engineering in second year or u can complete the 4 years in Mechanical Engineering and then do a one year course of marine engineering.

raghul 19 months ago

its cool

satyam gupta 19 months ago

I have just pass SSC . and I want too become a marine enginear .what I should do for this career if you can Gide ma than contact at 8691957335

vijay 19 months ago

How can we prepare to ourself for marin engineering.

Ramesh 18 months ago

I'm completing B.E Mechanical engg with 80%,next what can I do???? But my aim is marine field

leel 18 months ago

precious one

shubham 18 months ago

I got 65% in 12 now i want to know about course of imu and fee structure...and also packages n jobs which i can get by this.

rahul 18 months ago

hi ,sir..

i recently completed my diploma in mechanical engineering,,how should i apply to marchant navy

keshav 18 months ago

hell I wanna known what would be the collafe fee of marine engineering

keshav 18 months ago


I wanna known what would be the college fee of marine engineering

Abhimanyu choudhary 18 months ago

sir..i want to become marine engineer ..and i m also got 6894 rank in IMU btut i don't know my name will come in admission list or not ...and my physical health is also not good ...please give me some idea or advise to become an engineer.......plz reply at my i will always great full to your kind work

shivani 18 months ago

Is their scope have or not? Means do we have to struggle for job or not??????

Mogun 18 months ago

If we comple marine engineering course how do get placement

Abinesh.G 18 months ago

Sir I finished 12th on 2015 with 905 mark and going to study marine pls say me some best studies in marine

ganesh 18 months ago

I completed my b.e mechanical engineering in 2014 now I want to do gme can anyone suggest me which college us best and what's the placement record and fees structure of college

Mohan 18 months ago

sir I completed 12 in 1080 mark then I want join

marine engneering.If good joice for my future and I want to know placemented collages.

umang vats 17 months ago

hello sir i cleared imu-cet this year with a rank of 1603 and now i am intrested in doin btech in marine engineering .

please tell me if indian maritime universities are a good option for a good job or not ?

SURESH 17 months ago

Thanks. Plz more information..

Bivash mondal 17 months ago

nice service.I want to be a marine engineer.

Abhijeet 9506600806 17 months ago

Sir I have taken admission in marine engineering in cusat is it good???

sunil 17 months ago

After completion of mechanical how to join the marine engineering can u say the details plz

suraj rohilla 16 months ago

sir tell me about placement in marine engg.

im studied marine engg. In gurukul vidyapeeth.

about scope or etc.

my email id:-

08950528047 08929830002

Shashikant chitte 16 months ago

sir I m complete in diploma electrical engineering can I join Marin engineering and how many year is done this course. please give me idea.

Arif khadri 16 months ago

I am doing mechanical engineering 1st year ..I have 5 Peper back not LG for 2nd year .. can I join marin engineering for one year course sir

jazril 15 months ago

Sir i am doing mechanical engineering and i am with 7th sem right now sir how could i become marine engineer without GME........?

s.thennarasu 15 months ago

i think i will miss my family

hrushi kesh 14 months ago

I am completed graduation in chemistry hons ijoin nautical science course?

chandan tiwari 14 months ago

thanks ,sir

vivek 13 months ago

I am wearing spectes I am eligible for marine engineering

Piyush ryan 12 months ago

It's good for me......

Elbin Stephen 12 months ago

Its good for me but in this time Iam studing in sslc [10]

sherinjohn198 12 months ago

Im also planning to choose B-tech in Marine engineering from Ima-Chennai. when it comes to my high end researches - Ima-Maritime Chennai sounds good, is anyone knows about IMA?, Please let me know

Tapan Jana 12 months ago

Whether girl student can join in Marin Engg? Great knowledge for me .

Ajay Sushil 11 months ago

What should be the procedure to become a successful marine engineer?

keerthi 11 months ago

i am studing 9th i am interested in marine. what is the salary in marine per annum?

vinayak barkale 11 months ago

I am intrested to being an marine engineer , but i did`t know the procedure ., how to be a marine engineer can anybody help me . Now i am studying in 11 th std. i need guidance ... can anyone advice or suggest me please for bright future...I am really interested..

nizam 10 months ago


Nilesh Singh 10 months ago

Sir im now in 10 and i want to become a marine engineer through iit but i m having an eye pronlem

roystan monteiro 10 months ago

Sir now i am in 10 i want to become an marine engineer and want to get chief post directly sir can you tell what steps i have to take further.

Kshitij 7 months ago

Sir , I have completed my Diploma in Mechanical Branch. I wanna know the courses offered to diploma graduates/holders in Merchant Navy. And please also tell the Best institutes to do that particular course which provides good placement and lastly what will be the rank after completion of course.

Thank You

Ranjit ghadage 7 months ago

Hello sir,

I'm just pass out diploma in mechanical engineering and I have to joint marine navy so, please suggest me best college in Mumbai or pune

yogesh patidar 6 months ago

Thanks for kinds of information...

dracula 6 months ago

i have specs of power -0.75 and -0.5 on left and right eyes respectively .

am i eligible for this course

ananthu 6 months ago

Thank you for the valuable information

Abhiram 6 months ago

Thanzzz for giving me this informationss.. It may sometimes change my life thanzz a lot

Praphull 6 months ago

I am completed mechanical engineering in the year 2015.I am more interested to do marine engineering GME course,what is the future of this course. Please which college is best it means give 100% job placement becouse many people said that job condition in marine is so bad. Please give advise to me at

harshini 6 months ago

thank u for providing information that there is no gender discrimination in this field

sundar 6 months ago

for joining GME course. what about the fees sir

Rohit kumar 6 months ago

Sir ,,,i am suffering from myopia ,is their any problem to take admission in marine colleges through IMU exam.

sundar 6 months ago

Sir I'm doing B.E mechanical final yr. I'm going to do GME. Which colg is best for studying & how much does the fees requires for this course. What abt placement. Email

pranjal 5 months ago

how much salary can a marine engineer get in starting

sukhvindr 5 months ago

sir how can i get admission in marine engineering collage

Harish 5 months ago

Sir i have completed my 1st year engineering in ENTC in solapur university, bt i want to study marine engineering, what should I do?? I even dont want to waste my 1 year.... N 1 more qsn,can i do marine engineering after my BE??? N if yes than how many years it will take...?????

shubham yejare 5 months ago

can i get 100% placement after completion of my 4 years marine eng

Sharfraz Ahmad 5 months ago

I am in 12th now and I am intreasted in Marine field so what should I do after my 12th examination? How many percentage required in 12th science for marin engineering.

HARSH SINHA 4 months ago


sagar 3 months ago


i have completed my btech from mechanical engg. last year. and i started my job at delhi last yr.

now i want to go for GME course.

kindly suggest me, is there any option of non attending or correspondence mode so that i can continue my job too??

if yes,,/ please suggest me the respective institutions also..


biranchi 3 months ago

Dear sir/ma'am

I am completing B.Tech in mechanical engineering in the year 2016, with 70-80% , but I could not secured 50% in English (10th-48%, 12th-40%), I have a dream to join merchant navy or marine officer . Can I fulfil my dream????

sabarimani 3 months ago

my aim become a marine engineering i will study a graduate marine engineering

praju 3 months ago

I am in 10th . Iwant to become a marine engine eThanks for the information

praveen 2 months ago

I want to know about promotion of gme students

Sanjay chowdary 2 months ago

Now I am in 11 th , as soon as possible I will complete my engineering after completing b tech what could I doo..

jaya aivan 2 months ago

i will joint the marine engg

shubham 2 months ago

Sir ,

I have been comple ted my 12th board this year with an 78%marks and I want to join marine ,so which entrance exam need for this, which course is the best for my future career ,and which is the best college in India,

Pls reply soon

Mobile no--08302003441

umesh 7 weeks ago


I have 9 month fifth enhineer experiamce on oil tanker after that 4 year gap and getting class 4 coc now suggest after long time can i join again because some family problems

Thanks in advance

Abhinit aditya 5 weeks ago

Thanks for guiding its a good site.


Madhur Patel 5 weeks ago

I now in class 8, but i have desicded to become a marine engineer . THANKS FOR YOUR HELP .

pruthviraj 3 weeks ago

Sir i have completed my BE in mechanical with 61% and i want to join marine engg course but is theire 100% placement colleges in pune ????....and is merchant navy expeeience consider for land job after few years????

prathamesh sahane 10 days ago

i have done my 12th what can i do next to become a marine engineering

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