Selling on Poshmark Vs Ebay

Updated on July 11, 2019
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Katy has sold clothing on Mercari and Poshmark for 2 years and does most of her thrift buying online from eBay, Posh and Mercari.

Reselling clothing online can be a great income source or a even full-time job. The platform a seller chooses has a huge impact on their success. This is true for a full-fledged resale business and for anyone trying to clear out their closet.

Both eBay and Poshmark are huge marketplaces for selling used or new clothing online.

But which one is better?

Whether Poshmark or eBay is better depends on a few things. To help you decide let's examine these factors:

  • Seller or Listing Fees
  • Shipping Costs and Policies
  • Market Demographics of Buyers
  • Ease of Use

What is better for selling used clothes: Poshmark or Ebay?
What is better for selling used clothes: Poshmark or Ebay?

Poshmark vs eBay Seller Fees

The fees that a platform charges cut into sellers' profits. It's a very important factor to understand when choosing a website to sell with.

eBay charges a 10% fee for most clothing categories and the seller covers the 3% PayPal fee, so in effect the total fees on eBay are 13%. That's a fair rate considering eBay's huge market.

Poshmark takes out a flat 20% fee for every sale. That's pretty hefty! As a casual seller it was disheartening to get only $16 for every $20 sale I made. Sellers who treat Posh as a business find that the fees really cut into their profits.

eBay is the clear winner when looking at sale fees only. But sometimes listing prices come into play and tip the scales. It's free to list any number of items on Poshmark; eBay gives you 50 listings free and then starts adding in a listing fee. For casual sellers and small operations the sale fee is the most important. But larger operations need to pay attention to the listing fee as well.

Fees: Is eBay or Poshmark Better?

Bottom line is eBay charges a smaller fee. But if your target audience is on Poshmark then the 7% difference won't matter.

Lower-Fee Alternatives

If both Poshmark and eBay are taking too big of a commission for you there are alternatives. Mercari accepts used clothing listings and only takes a 10% cut. Read my Mercari Seller's Review if you're considering it as a new selling platform.

Shipping on eBay and Poshmark

Now, shipping costs and policies.

Is shipping items on Poshmark better for sellers than eBay? No matter which platform you use you'll have to account for shipping costs. Let's compare the two.

Poshmark Shipping

All items on Poshmark have $6.49 shipping. Buyers cover this cost so you might not think it affects you as a seller. But keep in mind, this is a high shipping cost for low-priced ($5-$15) items.Shipping out clothing once it's purchased is super easy on Poshmark. Everything goes in a USPS Priority Mail box and you use the shipping label Posh sends you. Then you can drop it off at any USPS pick up.

eBay Shipping

Shipping on eBay is more complicated. The seller can choose the cost of shipping. Shipping can be a fixed price, calculated based on the buyer's zip code and package size, or free for the buyer. This gives the seller flexibility to absorb shipping into their prices, which makes selling items under $15 easier.

Is eBay or Poshmark Better for Shipping?

The better platform for shipping will depend on the seller and the weight of their items.

Poshmark's shipping policy is super simple but can deter some buyers. Ebay's is more complicated but gives you more options.


Market Demographics of Buyers

Next let's consider the market. When you list an item, what kind of reach does it have on Poshmark or eBay? What demographic are you reaching and do they want to buy the type of clothing you're selling?

eBay Buyers

The eBay marketplace is enormous at 150-200 million users a year and climbing. Granted, only a portion of those are looking for used clothing. Buyers on eBay know what to expect from buying used clothing online. Users are on eBay looking for a great deal. This makes it hard for a seller to add margin to their eBay prices.

Poshmark Buyers

Poshmark has a smaller user base than eBay but it's large and growing at a faster rate. Also, users are on Poshmark specifically looking for used clothing. Posh users are very active in the app and many buyers are sellers as well.

Poshmark's community is more social and interested in fashion. They're looking for stylish items in brands they know. They're less interested in what an item is worth and more interested in the style and experience. That's not to say a buyer can be scammed on Poshmark into paying way more. But prices on Poshmark listings can often be set higher to offset the 20% fee.

Level of Effort

The final category to explore is how easy each site is to use. Sellers put in a lot of work on any platform. We photograph, answer comments, write descriptions, pack and ship. So the amount of effort it takes to create and keep up listings should be a big factor in which platform you use.

Is It Easy to Sell on Poshmark?

Poshmark started as an app. It's very easy to take pictures and add a listing, all from your phone. Replying to comments and sharing listings is easy in the app. But while it's easy, the time commitment needed to keep up on Poshmark is huge. When a user searches for an item, the more recently shared listings show up first. Since sharing all the time is important, you won't get any sales unless you're active in the app.

eBay Level of Effort

All the subcategories and specifications makes eBay listings more complicated. A lot of it is autofilled but it still takes more hands-on time than Poshmark.

Despite the listing difficulty Poshmark takes much more time overall. eBay lets you turn on Easy Pricing, which lowers the price every 5 days until it sells. That makes a world of difference when unloading a lot of inventory but you don't know what your items are worth.

Which Platform is Easier, eBay or Poshmark?

eBay is easier overall. Sellers can leave listings up without much maintenance. A Poshmark closet requires constant activity or your items will languish for months.


Which is Better for Sellers?

Okay, let's get to the bottom line: which is better? Here's how they both did in my four criteria:

Fees: eBay is better. eBay fees are lower but don't count out the fact that your buyers may be on Poshmark.

Shipping: About equal. Poshmark is high but covered by buyers, eBay has more options.

Market: About equal. It will depend on the type of clothing.

Effort: eBay is easier. Inherently social Poshmark needs constant attention.

eBay slightly beat out Poshmark using these factors. I personally think a seller could be successful with either one. The best way to know is to try listing some items and see what sells.

Cross Post Your Listings

There's no reason why a seller can't list items on both Poshmark and eBay. This is called cross-listing or cross-posting.

Be sure to take into account the time it requires to create and upkeep listings on each site. More often than not, the benefits of more exposure outweigh the time cost.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2018 Katy Medium


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    • profile image

      Annie A. 

      4 weeks ago

      I've sold on both platforms. While I've had more success selling clothes on Poshmark, it's hard to accept the 20% cut and even higher on items lower than $15. To correct the previous comment left by Sarah G., Poshmark charges tax to the buyer, not to the seller so it does NOT cut into your profit.

      I'm leaning more towards eBay just because of the amount of time that Poshmark demands (having to constantly share your wardrobe).

    • profile image

      Sarah G. 

      6 weeks ago

      Do your research regarding customer service for any online selling apps. Poshmark has terrible customer service for both sellers and buyers. All contact is via email, none by phone, and you are unable to escalate any issues. You have little to no recourse should you have an issue.

      Sellers - In addition to taking a 20%, Poshmark also charges tax- which also cuts into your profit.


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