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The Four Best Ways to Improve Your Airbnb Listing

Your Airbnb doesn't have to be a magic treehouse to be successful.

Your Airbnb doesn't have to be a magic treehouse to be successful.

Elevating Your Airbnb

I love Airbnb. I am thankful to every host who makes their property available for rent. As a guest, it gives me the ability to live an affordable digital nomad life. I appreciate accessing beautiful houses that suit my preferences.

After staying at a few Airbnb rentals, I began to notice trends regarding certain properties that stood out more than others. There are tons of listings on the platform, and it is hard for new hosts to stand out. How can you make your Airbnb stand out?

Prospective guests demand a little bit more than a space that is clean and stylish. Some of these customers are after one-of-a-kind accommodations in great locations. But words like "unique" are vague.

Read on for four straightforward, actionable ways to impress potential renters and get more bookings.

1. Maintain Simple and Classy Interior Design

Do not let viral listings discourage you. You can keep your Airbnb rental booked without having the most over-the-top building. I have seen cottages nestled in nature with rustic vibes become successful. Clean urban properties that have a standout feature or are located in a popular tourist area also do very well. The critical element is to maintain a neat look.

Apply realtor listing tips when staging your property photographs. The kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms are critical areas of focus for most guests.

Fake plants in the kitchen can cheapen the look of the space, so do some research first. Indoor plants of the cactus variety can go days without water. These household plants are a good option for your decor.

Avoid saving a buck on the main bedroom. The linen here should be of good quality. I spend most of my time exploring the surrounding location, working, and resting. Many people do the same. Ensure the sleeping arrangements are pleasant.

Keep the interior design simple and impersonal. Be careful when choosing art. Only make a statement if you are appealing to a specific group of people.

Avoid bulky furniture, as you want guests to move through the space with ease. You also want to choose decor pieces based only on aesthetics and functionality. If the place is small, consider adding a mirror to help bounce light around the room and make it feel larger.

Bright colors only appeal to a distinct niche of people. Soft wall colors like white and beige welcome natural light, making rooms feel inviting. Family photographs are an absolute no. The best spaces feel like a home away from home to guests.

When it comes to pops of color, match the tones of your surroundings. Think of the feeling you want prospective renters to associate with the space. Consider inexpensive accessories, as these are easier to replace if items get broken.

The decor you choose should match or complement the surrounding environment.

The decor you choose should match or complement the surrounding environment.

2. Double Down on Guest Experience

Repeat business makes for great reviews, booking stability, and business success. Airbnb hosts who go the extra mile get more referrals and return guests.

Stop thinking about how you will get the next day, week, or month booked. Focus on the experience of your current Airbnb guest. Small details make the time in your rental a delight. When I booked a recent Airbnb, the host ensured I had great wifi for my three-week stay. The strong wifi connection and plentiful electrical outlets made working easy.

I also appreciate hosts who are upfront about the rules about parties and having a few friends over. This information prevents awkward situations. It also lets me know what to expect, so I do not have to change my plans. Issues like these can dampen the experience of your guests if they do come up.

3. Make Sure Your Place Has a Share-Worthy Element

Unique builds generate loads of attention. Extraordinary buildings nestled in strange places draw crowds. Domes, tiny houses, treehouses, and glamping sites make people think, wow.

Depending on advertising is a sign your property doesn't encourage word-of-mouth marketing. Position your rental as a premium listing by making something in your Airbnb worth the hype. Consider adding a mural to an accent wall or incorporating several mirrors into your space. Try to think of a way to make your place memorable.

Cacti don't need to be watered as often as most plants, so they are good options for Airbnb hosts.

Cacti don't need to be watered as often as most plants, so they are good options for Airbnb hosts.

4. Prevent Avoidable Annoyances

One of the most important components of your success on the platform is your rating, and this depends on guest experiences. Here are some super-important things to avoid.

Insufficient Bathroom/Bedroom Supplies

I do not think extra linen is too much to ask of a host. Allow guests the ability to change the sheets during their rental period. A clean bath mat is also essential. I do not know of anyone who packs a shower mat with them on trips. A simple mat prevents falls and avoidable messes in the bathroom.

Broken Machines

If you include a hairdryer on your listing, make sure it works. Arrange regular checks on the appliances and devices. If you know about a problem, communicate this information to guests beforehand. While a defective hairdryer is frustrating, a broken washing machine is a big issue for lengthy stays.

Strong Scents

It is better to play it safe. Some people have respiratory sensitivities, and certain smells can make them uncomfortable. An open window and fresh air work for everyone. If you wish, place a closed bottled fragrance in a room to give renters the option to add an aroma to the space. I prefer the option to customize some aspects of the room to my liking.

Good Luck!

Airbnb allows everyone to list a free room, apartment, or property, but this does not mean you will earn money. What I have shared here can guide your initial attempt to improve your listing. These are characteristics that have added value to my stays at Airbnb listings.

If you have or will list your real estate, I wish you good luck. I hope this article helps, and I also hope your experience is successful and rewarding.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

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