The Hiring Process at McDonald's: From Application to Interview to Orientation

Updated on June 4, 2018

1. Applying

Now there are two different types of McDonald's restaurants. Some are Corporate restaurants which are owned by the McDonald's Corporation, and some are Franchise restaurants which are owned by individuals. If you apply at a Corporate location, the only way to apply is on the internet. If you apply at a Franchised location you might be able to fill out an application at the store or on the internet.

If you go to a McDonald's location to fill out an application, make sure you go at a time when the restaurant is not busy. Asking for an application during the peak lunch hour would be bad timing and would show poor judgement on your part. Especially when the whole crew and managers are busy serving customers. Having someone to break away to get you an application would not be good. Showing up during a slower period will also allow you to ask or answer any questions.

Your Availability is the KEY!

Before we discuss the application, you must know the key to putting your application on top of all the other applicants, your availability. You can drastically improve your chances of getting hired if you are willing to work any days of the week, any hours of the day. This will allow them to fill any holes in their shifts and make you more desirable to hire.

2. The Application

The online application can take up to an hour to complete and will ask you basic questions like your full name, address, work history and will also ask you your availability. Towards the end of the application it will also give you a "personality" test. More on that in a minute.

Application Video

3. The Personality Test

Recently McDonald's changed this test. The old test consisted of a series of questions that gave you a choice of 5 answers on each question. The new test which can take 30 minutes to an hour to complete gives you a series of statements. Two statements are put before you and you have to choose what you feel is the correct statement. This allows McDonald's to test your personality and judgement. Some of the statements might not have anything to do with the other statement and may seem a little bizzare. Just take your time and choose the statement that makes better sense or the statement that you believe to be the lesser of two evils.

Personality Test Video

4. The Interview

Getting called for an interview is your chance to shine. It should be easy as long as you prepare. Bring your identification and your social security card. You may not need these until orientation but it will show the interviewer that you think ahead and are ready.

During the interview make sure to smile and speak clearly. Most of the questions will be easy. The hardest question will probably be, "Why do you want to work here?" The obvious answer would be "to make money". But that isn't what the interviewer wants to hear. Put some thought into your answer. You grew up on McDonald's, you want a chance to prove yourself in a fast paced job, you want to work for the #1 restaurant in the world. Just don't say "to make money".

Interview Video

Dress for Success

Making sure you are dressed properly will help you stand out. Some people will tell you that dressing up for a McDonald's interview is unneccesary. That maybe true, sometimes. But don't take that chance. Wear a button up shirt, nice pants, maybe khakis. A tie wouldn't hurt either for you men. Make sure your shoes are clean. Dressing for success can only help your chances.

5. Orientation

Once they call you in for orientation you have the job. On the day of the orientation be sure to show up on time and bring your ID and social security card for the paperwork you will fill out. After the paperwork you will watch a series of videos. One video will be about the history of McDonald's and the rest might be a series of training videos specific to the job you were hired for.
The time you spend in orientation will take two to three hours. At the end they will give you your work schedule and your uniform and you are on your way to starting your McDonald's career.

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      • profile image


        3 months ago

        I had a interview and was called in for orienration a week later

      • profile image

        Habib Rahman 

        6 months ago

        Thank you from your helpful information, the orientation is only on Rosville SA CA or other place.

      • profile image

        Frances wah 

        6 months ago

        Thank you for the great information

      • profile image


        9 months ago

        I was told I was going to be hired and that I only needed to show up for a second interview to meet the owner. I don't know if he said it to be nice or I really got hired. I guess I will have to find out tomorrow.

      • profile image

        Indeed help 

        10 months ago

        I went to the interview and the lady said at the end that I need to book an orientation how do I do that from the website? Plz help

      • profile image

        Cindy Dixon 

        11 months ago

        How long after your interview should you expect a call back

      • profile image

        Erin Farmer 

        11 months ago

        Hi. My fiance has done the paperwork but they have yet to call and schedule him for orientation. Its been 3 days since he turned in his application. Should he go talk to the manager and see what's taking so long?

      • profile image

        mcdonalds expert 

        12 months ago

        The shoes that you will be required to wear while working are black, but at the time of the interview wear anything that looks nice.

      • profile image

        Bad buddy 

        13 months ago

        What type of color shoes should i use to workat mcdonalds?


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