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Top Seven IT Companies in Danang, Vietnam


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Danang, the city by Han River

Danang, the city by Han River

IT Companies Are Attracted to Danang

Located in the Central region of Vietnam, in the past several years, Danang has become a magnet for high-tech and IT companies establishing their presence. With modern IT infrastructure, stable utility supply, beautiful scenery, and a young and well-educated workforce, it is relatively easy to set up and operate a tech company in the city.

According to statistics from the Danang Department of Information and Technology, there are more than 1,200 hardware and software companies in Danang, employing more than 31,000 people. There are about 110 small and medium foreign-invested IT projects in the city with a total investment capital of more than USD 12.1 million.

In general, IT companies in Danang also offer more competitive salaries and benefit packages than jobs in other sectors. There is also high competition among IT companies to recruit and retain tech talents, giving qualified job seekers high bargaining power.

Among hundreds of companies in Danang, these are the top seven IT companies in terms of reputation and benefits.

FPT Software Danang

FPT Software Danang

1. FPT Software Danang

Headquartered in Hanoi, FPT Software is one of the longest-established technology companies in Vietnam, with more than 15,000 employees, revenues of more than 360 million USD and overseas branches in Japan, Asia Pacific, America, and Europe. In Danang, the company has invested heavily in its infrastructure, including the FPT Complex under construction which will house up to 2,500 employees. The corporation also opens its own university, FPT University, to train and provide its own human resources. In the past, FPT Software mainly targeted the low-end market. However, in the past several years, the company has dedicated lots of capital and manpower into R&D and changed its target customers to high-profile companies such as the Fortune Global 500 companies with its Whale Hunting Strategy. The company has a unique organizational culture, which has been compared to a "spiritual glue" to connect all members. Depending on a person’s perspective, it can be perceived as innovation, dedication or weirdness!

As big and diverse as FPT Software is, there are many opportunities for those who work for the company with different types of projects requiring different technical skillsets, and customers from all over the world. The company has a wide range of salaries ranging from relatively low for entry levels (USD 300–500/ per month) to extremely competitive for experts and top management positions (over USD 2,000 per month). For key personnel, the company can also provide housing and other benefits. It recruits new employees on a regular basis due to its continuous expansion and high turnover.

mgm technology partners Vietnam

mgm technology partners Vietnam

2. mgm technology partners Vietnam

Originally from Germany, mgm technology partners (they avoid capital letters) opened an office in Danang in 2015. The company provides IT solutions to businesses, focusing on web applications for the government and private sectors including e-commerce, insurance, utility and so on. The company prides itself in its solutions’ scalability, robustness and security. As for organizational culture, the company values flexibility and freedom for its employees with core working hours of fewer than 5 hours a day. mgm technology partners Vietnam emphasizes autonomy and the importance of its developers by minimizing hierarchy and having as few managers as possible.

In terms of salary, the company’s salary is also very competitive, ranging from USD 500 to 1500 per month for developers having about three years of experience. In terms of benefits, employees have 16 days of leave per year, premium health care, and opportunities to work onsite in Germany, the Czech Republic, and other locations where the company has its branches.

Gameloft Danang

Gameloft Danang

3. Gameloft Danang

Focusing on designing, developing and testing games, Gameloft—headquartered in Paris, France—opened an office in Danang in 2010 in addition to its branches in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city. The company has grown into a team with more than 400 people. The company constantly looks for talents in such positions as graphic designer, programmer (C++, Java, JavaScript), testing, and data analysis. It offers a dynamic international working environment with generous on-the-job training for new employees, and various company activities such as company trips, new year celebration, Gameloft day, etc. Also, this is a great place for game lovers to work since they can experience, explore and create the newest and most innovative games.

Nonetheless, the company’s salary is not too competitive, varying from USD 200 for freshers/new graduates to more than USD 1,000. Overtime is expected for some projects. Regardless, it is a good place to learn and explore the city and get to know people in the industry.

4. LogiGear Danang

LogiGear was established in 1994 in Silicon Valley, USA, during the dot-com bubble boom in the United States. It mainly offers testing services for other companies including API testing, functional testing, game testing and so on. While the headquarter is still in Silicon Valley, most of its staff reside in Vietnam. In recent years, the company also branches out into software development. In Danang, the LogiGear office was opened in 2014 and it has grown to more than 100 employees. LogiGear offers lower salary ranges than other software companies in Danang, but gives extra leaves for working overtime. Moreover, the employees work with advanced technologies such as DevOps, Microservices, etc., and have opportunities to attend technical and language training courses.

5. Sioux High-Tech Software

With a motto to bring high-tech to life, Sioux High-Tech Software, a subsidiary company of Sioux Group in the Netherlands, specializes in providing IT solutions for overseas and domestic customers in both hardware and software. In Danang, the company started in 2012, and now has 50–100 employees. Employees are offered 16 annual days of leave and 3 sick leaves. The salary ranges from USD 300 for new graduates to USD 2,000 for more seasoned and highly skilled employees. Onsite opportunities are available for the delivery function. In addition, with the aim of expanding its influence in Southeast Asia, the company is on the lookout for talents from abroad to join its growing team.

6. Axon Active Danang

Originating in Switzerland, Axon Active primarily provides offshore IT services for companies around the world including web and mobile app development, and more advanced solutions in big data, IoT and AI. It founded its office in Danang in 2012 and employs hundreds of people. The developers are grouped into teams, working directly with product owners to develop solutions or provide services. The salary range is quite attractive, from USD 1,000 to USD 2,000, depending on experience and skill level. Other benefits include free lunch, free kindergarten for staff’s children, and Scrum and Agile courses.

In Danang, the company has pioneered several activities such as DevDay to attract thousands of students and provide job mentoring programs.

7. Rikkeisoft Danang

Geared towards the Japanese market, Rikkeisoft was first established in Hanoi in 2012, and it has expanded from a team of 5 people to a company of 1,000 employees with offices in Danang, and Tokyo, Japan. In the past, it offered such services as mobile apps and web development, software and game development. At present, it also provides solutions in artificial intelligence with expertise in machine learning and deep learning. In Danang, the company constantly seeks employees with high technical skills such as Javascript, Java, PHP, .NET, and BrSE. It offers a bonus for employees with skills in Japanese (up to USD 250/ month).

Danang, Vietnam

Danang, Vietnam

Other Choices

In addition to the above-mentioned companies, there are numerous other IT companies in Danang such as Code Engine Studio, Enclave, Global Cybersoft, Sun* (Sun Asterisk), Technocom, Enouvo, MTI Technology Co., Neolab Viet Nam and so on. Most companies offer fun, international working environment with traditional company days, team building activities, sports and other clubs. They aggressively compete for talents in Danang and surrounding provinces and cities and among expats.

The IT industry has a huge potential for growth in Vietnam, enhancing the companies’ stability and profitability. There is also opportunity in Vietnam for tech start-ups as well.

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