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Which Boots Are Best for Amazon Delivery Drivers?

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As a delivery driver, day-to-day activities can become overwhelmingly hectic. Constant stair climbs and descends, bouncing in and out a Ram ProMaster with a 6.9 ground clearance, conveying 50 lb packages along extensive driveways of mansions . . . the list goes on. A pair of work boots that can withstand such challenges is necessary for optimum performances without injury.

The boots that work best, in my opinion, have lasted all winter, including half of the fall, and have allowed me to work effectively and efficiently continuously since first putting them on for route. Golden Fox delivery boots are the perfect boots to wear during long and troubling workdays as a top-tier Amazon delivery driver.

The work boots that I feel are best for delivering for Amazon are the Golden Fox Men's Premium Leather Soft Toe Light Weight Industrial Construction Moc Work Boots Insulated.


These boots are extremely comfortable, durable, safe, flexible, and stylish.

I have been wearing my Golden Fox boots since November and am still wearing them proudly today. I have to say, wearing such a high-performance boot, delivery production challenges have been streamlined.

Besides their performance abilities, I've received many compliments on the boots. I've made one woman practically fall in love with me over these boots.

The reddish-brown color (redwood) and Moc style allowed me to have the classiest and most stylish shoes in my DSP (delivery service provider) unit. I always come to work with a huge smile on my face knowing that I'm wearing a pair of high-performance boots that are stylish enough to wear even with a casual outfit meant for a party.

While making deliveries with my Golden Fox Moc boots, I've never had any foot or ankle injuries. I've climbed up and down multiple flights of stairs; I've had to run up long, gravel-filled driveways on farmland. I've had to make over 180 stops in a day, jumping down and back up from a 6.9-foot ground clearance.

Within long days of work, many delivered packages weighed a good 40 to 50 lbs; normally, I would carry them about 50 feet. Throughout all of these typical workday challenges, my Golden Fox Moc boots kept my ankles safe from sprains and breaks or any leg, ankle, or foot discomfort.

The insoles, soles, the material the shoe is made from (genuine leather), and its shape all constitute comfortable, durable, and high-performance boots. The boot surrounds your foot completely, from the sole to the toe to the insole.

It's like I'm walking on clouds. I'm easily floating to every delivery stop, and I feel like I can last another full day when I'm finished with my route. That's how comfortable, flexible, and durable Golden Fox boots are.

How much do the Golden Fox Moc Work Boots cost?

You can buy the Golden Fox Moc Work Boots on for $75.99.

Do the Golden Fox Moc Work Boots come in other colors besides redwood?

Yes. The Golden Fox Moc Work Boots also come in copper, brown, and dark brown.

What are a great pair of work shorts for delivery drivers?

Truewerk offers a reasonable selection of professional and quality water-resistant work shorts. You'll likely pay $70 per pair. The available colors are navy blue, sand, deep gray, and sand brown.

Wearing a pair of boots that were designed to fit your feet comfortably and can take extreme performances by an Amazon delivery man out on their route is required. You can run, jump, and walk for long durations throughout the day for months on end with the Golden Fox Moc boots without experiencing discomfort or injuring your foot or ankle. Your feet will thank you, and you'll get plenty of compliments on its attractive style.

My Golden Fox Moc Work Boots are still in decent shape to wear today on an Amazon delivery route. With five months of wear and tear, roughly wearing them five times a week, my Golden Fox Moc Workboots have allowed me to deliver over 14,000 packages.

My next pair of delivery boots will likely be the Golden Fox Moc Workboots, but perhaps in a dark brown this time around. The boots have conformed more to my foot over the course of roughly five months and have lost much of their original shape, but they still can hold up throughout the day at acceptable comfort levels while withstanding daily deliveries—indestructible.

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