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What Should the Post Length Be for Different Social Media Platforms?

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Posting on social media has become a hobby. We can’t resist sharing something wonderful with others, sometimes for leisure and sometimes for business purposes. Social media itself is a culture that you are fully aware of. You know the best images of yours to upload and what hashtags and descriptions would go best with it. And your post is ready to receive likes, comments, and shares.

Sounds easy, but many people end up getting frustrated with the low response they receive for their posts. Maybe that’s why many people are ready to spend their earnings buying social media followers. If it’s for leisure and showing off, then go ahead, stand out. But buying followers for a business account is useless.

As a business owner, you need to know what type of posts to use for different social media platforms. Instead of trying to take a shortcut by buying followers, it’s better to focus on your strategy. You need two types of strategies: marketing strategy and posting strategy. I have already discussed marketing strategy plenty number of times. Here, we are going to talk about posting strategy, which varies for different social media platforms.

After reading this article, you’ll know the basic rules for creating an ideal social media post. Let’s get started with the most famous social media platform:



Instagram is highly oriented to visual appeal. So, most people don’t care much about the description and instead make use of the hashtags all the time. To some extent this is the right option, but if you add a description, followers will know a little more about the post.

By adding a description you encourage people to share their opinions with you. An image is good but sometimes it’s not enough to stimulate people’s curiosity.

The description can give them a way to raise their opinions and comment on your post. This directly contributes to a higher engagement level; the likes and comments that can make your post go viral

Instagram’s official page is pretty smart with its description. You must check out their page to understand the collaboration of images with captions.

The ideal Instagram post length must no longer than 200 characters. Some people go beyond that, but I am not sure how many people actually care to read that. Users may scroll away from your post and switch to another one.



Facebook is a good option for both short and long content. It does have a character limit, yet you can write a lot.

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But according to BuzzSumo analysis, a Facebook post length must not exceed 80 characters to receive a higher engagement rate. They say:

  • The headline should have no more than 5 words.
  • The main text should only have 14 words.
  • The full description should be 18 words.

Try this formula to help you generate more impressions and attentive responses.



Twitter has already restricted its length to 280 characters. What more or less could we do with the post length here anyway. However, social media experts say try to limit your posts to 100 characters to enhance their readability.

Due to the limit, we often try to shorten words when we post on Twitter, which makes the words to hard to understand for some readers. Instead, use fewer words with full letters. Also, try to use Twitter hashtags up to 6 characters long.



If your fingers are dying to type long-form content, so you can openly express your views, then LinkedIn is your true friend. The normal post length ranges from 2000 world to 2500 words. In fact, LinkedIn pays special attention to users who are generous enough to offer helpful long-form content.

If you want to be a LinkedIn influencer, you can write such type of content. Make sure it is helpful and engaging. Only then will you receive more likes, shares, and comments.

YouTube TextCharacter Limit

Video Title




Playlist Title





YouTube provides you with three important text boxes. First is the title of the video, then its description, and the last is for writing tags. These three elements can help you boost your video ranking.

Write the title with no more than 70 characters and explain a few elements of the video in the description box. Don’t forget to add the relevant tags. Tags help YouTube to show your videos in the recommendation column.

Your title can persuade viewers to click on your video and increase your total views. Many YouTubers promote their affiliate links through the description box. If you want to be an affiliate marketer too, you should know how to provide links below your YouTube video with minimal post length.

These rules are pretty simple, yet you need to use some creativity to choose words tht make money for you. Your words must persuade your followers to click on your post and increase your followers’ numbers.

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