Why Never to Work for Walmart

Updated on October 10, 2016

I'm 23 and I've worked for Walmart on three separate occasions, doing many different jobs in the course of five years:

  • Overnight Stocker (8 Months)
  • Overnight Inventory Management (7 months)
  • Cart Pusher (2 years)
  • Electronics Associate/ Cell Phone Salesman (3 months)
  • Optician / Vision Center Associate (7 months)

So yeah, I've worked a range of jobs and seen a startling and baffling amount of Walmart in my years. Luckily I never have to go back to that dreaded land of awfulness, and I'm hoping this article can save some innocent folks from making the same mistakes I did. Some of this can apply to all retail jobs, but I'm speaking only of Walmart, as that's where my experience lies.


They offer some of the worst healthcare plans I've ever seen. Some would say that they're better than nothing, but I disagree. I paid for the best plan and had 71 dollars come out of every check, but when I went to the doctor, I still had a mountain of a deductible to conquer. No co-pay plans to be found, and the co-insurance was always 80/20 after deductible, which made hitting your out-of-pocket maximum like climbing Mount Everest.

I had their insurance on two separate occasions. One was on the "low deductible, high premium" plan, and the other was on the "high deductible, low premium" plan. My claims were denied for no apparent reason by the insurance under-writer, who was incredibly hard to get in-contact with.

So, I just dropped Walmart's goofy plans and got a personal plan from United Healthcare and voila! I have a $25 copay for all doctor and therapy visits, and a deductible that is manageable. Oh, and they pay 100% after the deductible. Oh, and for less than I was paying for my Walmart plans. Yes, yes indeed.

And yes, the plans have gone up every year in price, and gone down in quality. And don't even think about blaming Obamacare for that, since other companies haven't responded this way.

There's More; Oh, So Much More

They've begun to impede new hires with a waiting period of one year before they can even get Walmart insurance. Actually, that may be a good thing. There's so much more that's wrong with the healthcare offered by Walmart, that I genuinely feel sorry for any employee that is stuck in a one-year commitment with them. The way their "open enrollment" works, is that you have a one-month window each year (new hires almost always are hired to miss this window) to plan out your next year's healthcare needs. You can't change these choices once the window passes, and you're locked in for an entire year. Only massive life-changes (like dying) can get them to change your benefits when it's not "open enrollment" time. Super bogus.

The Hours

Back when I first started, I was full-time, and got my 40 hours a week, and while it was third-shift menial labor (stocking) it was a solid paycheck. I was cool with that. But as the years rolled on, Walmart that hiring two part-time workers instead of one full-time worker is much more profitable because they can deny benefits to any part-time worker and cut that person's hours to zero if they feel like it. They have and will do that to you if you work for them.

If you are one of those few people who have full-time status, watch your back. They're gunning for you. They're looking for ways to get you to either step down to part-time or quit entirely, since you're not only reaping the benefits of having been there for a long time (oh my, a few more dollars an hour!) but you're steadily getting about twice the hours of anyone else.

I've talked with the Loss Prevention associates, and have friends in places that have access to information that I clearly am not supposed to know, so I know crap like this was happening. They were keeping cameras dedicated on full-time associates, and watching their clock-in, clock-out habits and for any possible reason to trip them up. Sometimes word made its way to that particular employee and they fussed and fumed, and yep, they get a coaching for poor performance in return.

Another way they try to "smoke out" the veterans of the company is by dropping their hours below the designated minimum that was established way back when, just to annoy them. The minimum hours a full-time employee is supposed to receive is 35, and the maximum amount a part-time employee may receive is 33. And so, I've seen it happen where a manager will give the full-time associate 28 hours, and the part-time associate 32 hours, just to send a passive-aggressive message that while there are "rules" at Walmart, decisions are made based on conspiracy and gossip, instead of it being a "family" or "team" like their propaganda would have you believe.

How Do They Mess With the Consumer?

This is straight from the mouth of my most recent store manager, Tom.

You know why we sell everything for cheap? You know why we say: 'Save money. Live better.'? It's because we want them to take their savings that they made here, and buy more of our shit. Simple as that. The more we sell, the higher the volume. Even if we make razor-thin profits, the more money we make, and the more repeat customers we make, and the more we rule the market. Notice, our stock doesn't rise by dollars, it's by a trickle of cents over years. Slowly creeping up toward oblivion. That's how we do things, and when you make the customers buy more stuff, fill their cart up, that's how you secure your job, and how you secure your company's future for years to come.

I wasn't surprised at the content of his message, because I'd known all this before; I was just astounded that he was so flippant about it. Yeah, we're perpetuating a cycle of tricking consumers into buying substandard crap with substandard service because our prices are lower than everyone else.

That's Not All

It's the little things. When they have greeters offer you a cart, it's supposed to make you feel like "Oh wow, I feel welcome here. Thank you!" but the true intention is to give you the conditions for your own downfall. Providing the gun for a suicidal man. That's what a shopping cart is to a consumer. If they don't have a cart, they can't buy as much. When they have a cart, they feel indebted somehow to themselves and the store to at least fill it up before leaving. It's a psychological trick that is not only underhanded, but one that I participated in for years unknowingly. As a cart-pusher, I gave customers carts constantly. I didn't realize I was participating in the consumerism cycle.

Product Placement

They put things in certain places for a reason. That's why they remodel the stores every few years, because new statistics give them new data that proves how to make the most revenue, and therefore the most profit by layout of the store.

Essential items are located in the back of the store, always. Stuff you don't need is off to the side and there for you whenever feel like splurging, but the real stuff, like food, milk, toilet paper, pharmacy, and the rest of the essentials are in the back of the store. Okay, so what, it's only a matter of a hundred feet, right? Wrong. There's what they call "features" in the middle of the aisles that are usually in accordance with whatever is seasonal. Football season has soda, chips, beer, junk food. Valentine's Day has flowers, chocolates, etc. These features are all throughout the store, and are meant to entice you into dropping them into your baskets.

The "Oh, Shiny!" Effect

Whenever you walk into the general merchandise entrance of the store, the first thing you see is not the random seasonal purchase features around you, but the very back of the store, straight ahead. The 70-inch LED televisions on the wall playing whatever random loop they have set up.

And the consumer's buying urge is set off like a drug addict when he or she sees fresh product laying on the table. They know they don't need it. They know they already have a good TV. But look how SHINY it is. They must go and investigate. So they do, and while they're back there, they end up buying a new Blu-ray player, and an HDMI cable, and a lesser, but still shiny television that the associate working back there talked them into (I worked that job, so I know how that goes.).

The electronics department is the most profitable place in the store, and yet it is in the back. Why? Because by the time you make it to the electronics department, you've already picked up several things you don't need, several things you do need, and you're already exasperated by your trip to Walmart, and this refreshing land of movies, games, and everything you love sounds like a good idea. Yeah....until you walk down into the lion's den named Credit Card Land. Which brings me to a point that needs to be made.

Walmart Credit Cards

Yes, every retail store is required to push their retail Credit Cards. But what gimmicks does Walmart use to sell these? Wordplay. In the Vision Center, we were the best at selling credit cards because we had more time with the customer than any of the other cashiers in the store. So, we had more time to mess with the customer's mind. I told my manager (who hated me) that i would not partake in such fraudulent activities. She said I had no choice, and it was a command. Yes, I received a "coaching" which like a demerit, which stacks up, and if you get three of them, you're fired. I received this coaching for not wanting to disillusion the customers that we're supposed to be serving. I was incredulous!

So, how do they try to deceive customers into getting the Card?

  • The less information on what the card is, the better
  • Tell them they're "pre-qualified" which they will take to mean "pre-approved."
  • Tell them that everyone they've seen gets approved and it only takes a minute
  • Tell them that they can spend their new card today to make even more and better purchases (like better eyeglass lenses) since they have a new source of credit

Every time one of these drug-deals went down, I cringed and held back my fury. My manager loved it. She was a sociopath, but to me it seemed like casting out a pole into fresh waters and when you catch the biggest bass in the waters, you talk it into buying a credit card. Makes no sense. They're already screwed by being there in the first place, don't screw them anymore. It makes me angry just thinking about it.

Walmart messes with you in many many more ways. Another is the "site to store" option. It's free shipping since it goes to the store. Where do you pick it up? No, there's no drive-thru or load-up option. You have to walk to the very back of the store and hunt for someone to get the product you ordered. It's usually the photo lab associate who is currently dealing with a line of customers, so you have to wait, and wait, and Oh look, you're in the Electronics section. How did you get there?! Well....might as well look around...

Are you getting the picture?

How Do They Screw Over Their Employees?

Besides the healthcare, part-time/full-time, and management conspiracies....let's see....

They set goals that are unreachable so that they only have to give out the bare minimum raises each year, and they can choose to not give a raise at all. To receive the full raise (which I have), you have to literally sell your soul to Walmart, work every day like it's your last day (which I did), lie to every manager (play the game), and work in as many different areas of the store as possible, and pick up extra shifts from other people in the store that are ill or otherwise. Keeping up this lifestyle is not only taxing, but it's not feasible. Eventually you're going to burn out, and I did. Then they ask "Why has your performance dropped?" I had to tell them that I'm not a superhero and I DO get tired now and again, and well, living at Walmart all week takes its toll on your sanity over the years.

They hold the right to use any possible reasons in their playbook to fire you. Example: You are top salesman, and get along with your coworkers, but had to miss a month of work due to a mental illness, so your boss uses a mistake you made out of human error to not only fire you, after you were on unpaid leave for a month, but write up the termination so you won't receive any unemployment benefits.

They shuffle you like a drunken man's deck. If you work within the store, you are subject to being thrown wherever the managers see fit, regardless of whether you have proficiency in that area, or training in the processes needed to successfully succeed. And when you fail, or get a customer complaint, the manager says, "Why didn't you handle that better?"

I could go on forever.


First thing I will say is that these are the people you should pity the most. They are the ones who have had their souls ground into dust, and then sucked up into the vacuum of the Evil Empire. They no longer have souls and therefore can manage new-hires and veterans alike.

Oftentimes the managers come from nowhere. Literally, they pop up one day and now they're your boss. I asked one of these managers (he was a Co-Manager who appeared out of thin air, Antwan was his name) I said, "Who are you? You just show up out of nowhere and expect people to listen to you?"

"He said. I'm Antwan, and I'm your boss, and I need you to do this, this, and that, and report back to me in an hour. Got it?"

I just stood there. "We're both humans, that much I can deem. But it seems like you think you've become a God or something. What is that?"

He got angry and walked off. He didn't approach me for a few weeks after that, and in the meantime just watched me do my work from afar. He saw that I was a highly motivated worker who did things the most efficient way. He gained respect for me, despite my blasphemous statements before. And then he started ordering me around again.

I said, "Look, Antwan, right? I know you want to be top-dog, alpha-male, and that's cool, but can you do it elsewhere?"

He wrote me up. I don't blame him. I was sick of new faces popping out of thin air and ordering me around like I'm some meat-puppet. That's how the managers learn to treat everyone. Like they're just warm bodies incapable of doing anything on their own. That's why the management position exists in the first place, I suppose.

Not all managers are evil, but all managers are stressed. And a stressed manager is cranky. And a cranky manager is hard to live with. They make your life suck because their life sucks. It's just a trickle-down effect that people looking to apply at Walmart just don't know. They just don't know....

Walmart Does Do Some Things Right

Like, they give to various charities, oftentimes run and funded by employees. And they do a lot of recycling, even though not following perfect protocol on recycling leads to further coaching from the managers. Where Walmart does one good thing, it's always at the expense of something or someone else. That's how they thrive. Lower prices are a good thing, at the expense of the suppliers, and all other shops in the community.

They do give pretty high yearly raises to those who are willing to sell their soul to achieve them.

What else....oh, a consistent paycheck. It may vary in hours, but they do offer money for pretty mindless labor. If your sanity can handle all of what I've detailed above, then have at it. For me, I'd rather be homeless and eating out of a dumpster than work there again. Just personal preference. Actually, I'm pretty close to that eventuality, but I digress...

So Is Walmart Evil and the Worst?

Absolutely. Shop at Aldis, or at a wonderful site called Amazon.com. It has pretty much everything under the sun, and they um, deliver. "Amazing" and "Amazon" share some letters in common.

Anyways, judge for yourself. But I pray for you folks that have applied at Walmart and wish to work there. You will not find any happiness, fulfillment, or success there. It is a pathway that ends in frustration, disappointment, and feeling stupid. Not great feelings. So um. Don't do it! Do some good for the world. Work for a reputable company who treats its employees right! Such places DO exist! You can do this!


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    • profile image

      Sandra Fuller 5 weeks ago

      I am probably one of the few people in this world that can actually walk out of store without buying a dam thing don't care how the store is laid out I am immune to it with or without a shopping cart,if I do need something,but the price ain't right I am not buying.90% of the time I just go in to look for clearanced items ,otherwise I walkout several times a week empty handed.Even had a managers follow me outside and ask me why I didn't buy anything.I point blank tell them I didn't see anything I needed or could live without and I can find it somewhere else at a better price.

    • profile image

      Kent 9 months ago

      Walmart will not train you plus they will not pay you for overtime they will tell you to burn it at lunch time to take it extra hour lunch I was a department manager for Walmart

    • profile image

      justin 10 months ago

      apparently some of this stuff you have no clue to what you're talking about walmarts insurance is pretty darn good ive had no issues with it and yes the reason why the rates go up is because of obamacare don't even say its not dude walmarts insurance is so much better than obamacare

    • profile image

      chasPo 13 months ago

      You paint a clear picture here , cut & dry if you will . It doesnt matter about the 100 or so folks that work there & are happy & will disagree with you & will stick up for the Big Blue Devil . Your always gonna have that . They are part of a brown nosing click that gets all the best paying jobs & move back & fourth around the place like a jack rabbit . You still have the rest of the miserable other worker that will sole heartedly agree with you !! Its all politics , favortism , gossip , narks , back stabbers & power pushers . Funny how its just a grocery store & you get all that !! Dont forget about all the theft that is at the expense of the employees that work there too . Lastly , most of the folks that stick up for that place are lifers & have no where else to go .The big blue devil , dont ever forget that .

    • profile image

      Petra 2 years ago

      ...everything said here is true. I've worked at wal-Mart for 7 years and it has become obvious that the hunt is on for new employees that can pass the background check and the drug test.

      The burnout rate is 3-5 years

      And everyone should have short turn goals no matter where they work.

      The problem I see, and it's serious, is the thieves.

      They could possibly bring Wal-mart down

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      Walmart is discusting I don't see why people shop there management evil liars and hipocrits NOT the cheapest in many towns cities. many items you can find cheaper elsewhere where they employees are happy. Management treat employees as subhuman they are souless emm is a walmart suckup they don't care about you they have meetings of how to get rid of you even if you're good to save money!!! Management run in clicks they are no good they treat their factory workers as subhuman slaves they are EVIL

    • profile image

      Emm 3 years ago

      Well I currently work for walmart. Don't speak for all Walmart's. The one I work for is awesome! Enjoy my job, employees, managers and my boss! Maybe you just didn't like to work. I do my job in a timely matter and right so no reason to be told what to do. I am not complaining at all .... I GOT A JOB AND PAYCHECK AND BILLS ARE PAID! STOP COMPLAINING AND BE MORE GRATEFUL! You have to earn what you want in life! Nothing is free..... STOP BEING LAZY!

    • profile image

      Orion-71 3 years ago

      These and other comments left regarding Wal-Mart have helped me decide whether to say with them. I'm starting work soon as an Overnight Stocker, and realize now that it has no job security.

      I've recently had to quit a job at another more reputable company under similar circumstances, where management was trying to find some reason to fire me or force me to quit. They started with a hostile work environment for several months, when that didn't work, they began to single me out for every mistake I made, regardless that my coworker was just as guilty. But because of his exceedingly good rapport with my boss, my boss had no intention of firing him.

      So terrible managers are everywhere you go. That's the real problem. They are terrible because they use their authority to make emotionally based decisions. Like you said, if they are stressed out, they deliberately make other employees feel the same or worse. They are like bad "cops". They get off on their authority, they derive satisfaction from it. But unlike police, they are also judge, jury and executioner.

      I actually overheard two managers talking around me and other customers early in the morning, joking about how easy it will be just to hire some new college student for something, and pay them minimum wage. When you walk by a manager, they don't acknowledge your presence, they are reluctant to even move out of your way (they want YOU to acknowledge THEM). Which is hilariously hypocritical given their "10 foot" rule towards customers.

    • profile image

      Nikki 3 years ago

      I've worked at walmart on overnights as a stocker/IMS/cashier and let me tell you, they practically forced me to throw freight (alone) in HBA/cosmetics my ENTIRE PREGNANCY. WHEN I WAS 9 MONTHS PREGNANT I WAS STILL FORCED TO LIFT PALLETS AND THROW 30-50 POUND BOXES. ALONE. I brought a doctors note stating hey, I can't lift more than 25 and they told me they'd have to let me go. Like wtf. Fuck them.

    • profile image

      tina 3 years ago

      Hi i work at walmat part time is there a policy that i have to work every weekend i have kids !

    • Annette Hendley profile image

      Annette Hendley 3 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Wow Walmart sounds like a terrible place. Glad we don't have one in the UK. I agree about Amazon. Never had any problems with them.

    • ajwrites57 profile image

      AJ 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Sorry you had to endure that. Thanks for sharing.

    • Annette Hendley profile image

      Annette Hendley 4 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Wow. I don't live in the USA, but Walmart sounds real evil. Amazon is great, I agree with you there. Do most of my shopping there.

    • carrie Lee Night profile image

      Kept private 4 years ago from Northeast United States

      Arghness: Thank you for sounding off on a very fustrating industry :) But understand that most high volume retail chains have the same agenda and protocol (doesn't make it right). I work for a large retailer and I can say that they hire mostly part timers to avoid paying benefits. Also when a person quits they don't replace them, leaving less people to do more back breaking work. Its not a fair world, but it is work and I appreciate the money. Thank you for taking the time to write an honest article, hope you are meant for something great :)

    • savvydating profile image

      Yves 4 years ago

      Companies have to market their stores well; it would be absurd for them not to. But I hear you in that all lower level jobs are tough, especially for idealists who long for something better. But getting a better job takes time and patience.

      For example, I know someone who works at Walmart. He's had two heart surgeries, for which Walmart paid a great percentage; he literally paid only a pittance. He started out as a cashier (which he hated), but stuck it out until he could work in inventory (which he enjoys). He is a lead worker and is making about $16 an hour. Walmart held his position even though he was out for a long time during his surgery and recovery.

      As for Greeters offering carts, well... most of them don't. And if they did, I wouldn't mind. If I need it, great, and if I don't, I just say "No thank you."

      You may decide not to post this comment, and that's OK with me, but I felt compelled to point out that your attitude isn't great, and it is that which makes managers bristle; it's also the best way to Not get a promotion or a raise - in any company.

      If you have a mental illness, then that explains why you may have a tendency to feel such great frustration on the job. It sounds like you are a very hard worker. Perhaps having a job where you could mostly be by yourself, without having to deal with micro-managers, or managers period, would be better for you. I know what it's like to work "dumb" jobs. It's the pits, but it's "the pits" everywhere, not just Walmart.

    • Kosmo profile image

      Kelley 4 years ago from California

      This is a very informative article - you should get many hits on this one. As for jobs in retail, many years ago I worked at K-Mart - but not for long, and I vowed never go back. Maybe Wal-Mart is worse. Who can say? As far as I can tell, retail jobs, in general, are crap. As for the Wal-Mart healthcare plan, I'm not surprised it's essentially worthless. Later!

    • AMFredenburg profile image

      Aldene Fredenburg 4 years ago from Southwestern New Hampshire

      I've thought for years that employers who offer benefits to full-time employees should be required to prorate those benefits for part-time employees: someone who works 20 hours should get 50 percent of the benefits of a full-time worker, including vacation and holiday time, bonuses, and payment into a public healthcare plan. That would stop employers like Walmart from messing with people's work status.

    • vinayak1000 profile image

      vinayak1000 4 years ago from Minneapolis

      I've been hearing quite a few stories about how Wal-Mart treats its employees badly. My mom doesn't shop their anymore because of this.

      Additionally, I don't either but that's mostly because the shopping experience doesn't match up to Target, Best Buy (for shiny stuff of course), etc.

      Thanks for sharing here, Arghness.

    • catgypsy profile image

      catgypsy 4 years ago from the South

      Very honest hub! It's a shame that people have to work under those conditions. I don't blame you for getting fed up. I've personally never liked Walmart, but have shopped there. I don't anymore because I feel their prices are not as low as they used to be and the quality of a lot of the products is terrible. I'm with you...give me Amazon any day!