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How Much Should You Tip a Limo Driver?

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How much do you need to tip a limo driver?

How much do you need to tip a limo driver?

Tipping Your Limo Driver

If you want to arrive in style and make a big impression on an evening out, you should look into taking a limousine. Arriving at a club or a major event in a stylish limousine is a great way to make sure you look fantastic from start to finish.

However, while you might want to arrive looking like a million bucks, a limousine driver should not cost you that much. If you hire the right service, you can get some pretty sublime value for money overall. Just don't forget to tip the driver!

Just one question: how much do you tip a limousine driver?

There is no set-in-stone amount, but you should always tip a limousine driver around 15–20% of the cost of the journey (a typical service industry tip). Make sure you tip the driver directly, too, as opposed to adding it to the cost of the bill (you have no idea if the driver ever will see that tip).

Why Tip?

A limousine driver is one part driver and one part entertainer. They are expected to drive you and your (potentially inebriated) guests to the destination. This means taking all of your requests, joining in with conversation when asked, and paying extreme attention to the road. It also means making sure you are never left feeling exposed to the public, instead enjoying the privacy of being in the back of the limousine.

The result is that you should always tip a limousine driver because they give you such a comfortable experience. You can rest, relax, mingle, and likely even enjoy some drinks in the back of the limo. You and the people you travel with can enjoy a top-class experience that is all about making sure you arrive at your chosen destination without a single worry.

Limousine drivers are excellent professionals who know the roads like few others. They dodge time-consuming traffic, they can make sure you are all comfortable in the back, and they can be the ideal conversation starter if you are looking to help make the journey more enjoyable.

All of these factors, then, make it very clear that a limousine driver is someone who is deserving of your time, praise, and trust. Give them the ideal little tip on top to let them know you appreciate the help they provide.

The amount that you tip depends on the length of the journey, how ‘challenging’ your party is, and how many requests you make along the way. If you want to make sure everyone feels like they got good value for their money, then add on a tip of around 15–20% for most limousine drivers. Again, make sure that you give them the tip money themselves so that you know they directly benefit.

The more that you can give, the better. If you are with a large group of people, then you should all pool together and give the driver the tip they deserve. If they went above and beyond for you, then make sure that they are suitably rewarded with a tip that feels fair. Especially if you made the driver make some stops, or you have all had a bit to drink and thus are quite rowdy, you should make sure you give them the tip they deserve.

The hardest part of tipping a limousine driver is making sure you give them good value. The cost of a limousine ride is often very fair, and the drivers tend to be willing to put up with a lot during the journey. So, make sure they are given a fair financial reward for putting up with all of the madness that you and your party produce during the trip.

At around 15–20%, you should be able to make the driver feel valued and thus build a rapport with the driver for any future trips that might need limousine transport.

Alternative Ways of Appreciation

It doesn't have to necessarily be monetary; there are a lot of other ways you can showcase your appreciation aside from straightforward money tips. Usually, the encounter with a limo driver is somewhat brief, so there's not much you can do in the way of gifting. However, you can offer them a voucher you're holding on to or even write a brief note thanking them for their service. They are going to be pretty happy with that.

Do I Really Need to Tip My Driver?

Like taxis and other forms of car transportation services, tipping is pretty typical, especially if they have done their job well. So it's quite custom to give a tip; that being said, you don't have to – especially if you don't feel like the service was up to scratch; for instance, if they were late picking you up or getting you to your destination. Their general attitude when you conversed with them just might not have been all that great. So again, please don't feel like you don't have to give a tip when you don't want to do so; you're well within your right to withhold any tip, even if it's deemed customary.

Let us know what your thoughts and experiences are with tipping Limo drivers in the comments section. Do you think you should give the driver a tip? If so, how much? Have you had any experiences where you don't think it is justified?

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