How to Hire a Live-in Nanny from the Philippines to Work in Canada

Updated on March 7, 2018

How to sponsor a nanny from the Philippines to work in Canada

If you are an employer and you need to hire or sponsor a Babysitter or a Live-in Nanny or a Live-in Caregiver from outside Canada (e.g. Philippines), this website will show you the step by step procedure of what you need to do. You can either do the paper works and application by yourself or through the services of a representative or live-in nanny employment agencies or consultants (be prepared to pay the fees for their services, it is not cheap, they charge thousands of Canadian dollars).

Foreign workers with a good experience and education as caregiver or nanny, can be qualified to apply with a work permit in Canada. After 2 to 3 years you will have opportunity to become a landed immigrant and soon be a Canadian citizen. Once you're a citizen, you can enjoy all the rights and privileges that Canada has to offer, most importantly its healthcare system which is one of the world's best.

Advantages and Benefits of hiring a Live-in Nanny

1. You (the mother) can work and help your husband provide for the family income and expenses.

2. You can help someone from outside Canada (Philippines) to get employed in Canada and have the opportunity to become a landed immigrant and soon be Canadian citizen. There are so many healthcare professionals outside Canada (especially in the Philippines) who are professionally qualified but have hard time finding a job.

3. You as employer help add to Canada's workforce of professional healthcare employees.

4. You help Immigration Canada in their mission to get professional immigrants to Canada and support Canada's population, economic income, and wealth.

5. You save on income taxes. You can deduct $7000/year per child on your income tax. If you have 2 children, you save $14,000/year on income taxes. This money is deducted from the spouse (parent) with lower income.

6. Live-in nannies can help you in other home duties such as cleaning the house, cooking food, doing laundry, helping a child to go to school (drop and pick-up), groceries, shopping, travel, etc.

7. Live-in nannies work full time for you, therefore, you will have flexible time, and not having to worry about your kids.

8. Professional and caring Live-in nannies deliver superior services compared to daycare centers or child care centers which charge you expensive costs but deliver less services to your kid because they have other kids to take care of and not focus the care only to your child.

9. Your child will be healthier and receive better and proper care compared to daycare and child care centers where children acquire and spread virus, infection, disease, or simple cold from other unhealthy and sick kids.

Employer requirements in hiring (sponsoring) a live-in child caregiver:

1. Financial capacity. The employer must be capable of paying the employee minimum wage. This wage varies per province, $10.25/hour in Ontario (2012). This is roughly $1600 per month.

2. Private room for nanny. Bedroom Description - Size and area, safety, furnishings, window, telephone, internet requirements as set by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada - HRSDC (

3. Live-in nanny job advertisement for a minimum of 14 calendar days. Job bank Service Canada website ( job advertisement,,, Metro newspaper, etc. After advertising, you will interview nanny applicants. Note that applicants are many all over the world. Make sure you have a good checklist of the qualities and character traits that suits your needs and your children and that is fair and best for the nanny too. Record the results of the interviews because you will need to submit proof of your efforts to recruits nannies.

4. Employer Business Number. Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Business Registration for Payroll Deductions account. This is where the CPP, income taxes, EI benefits for the employee are taken from.



7. The link shows a sample of how to prepare this report document showing the results of your efforts to hire a nanny within Canada.

8. Notice of Assessment, Notice of Reassessment from CRA.

How to apply as live-in caregiver from Philippines to Canada

Employee Requirements (applying for work permit)

1. APPLICATION FOR A WORK PERMIT UNDER THE LIVE-IN CAREGIVER PROGRAM. Download the checklist on the Helpful Links below.

2. Medical exam.

3. Family Information.

4. Additional Form for Live-in Caregiver.

5. Valid passport.

6. Photocopy of the picture page of passport.

7. Processing fee.

8. Employment contract signed by employee (nanny, caregiver) and employer.

9. Positive (Approved) Labour Market Opinion (LMO).

10. Original records of education after high school. Must have at least 72 credits.

11. Minimum of 6 months of accredited full-time training.

12. Letter of Employment showing duties.

13. Employment certificates.

14. Proof of employer's Social Security System (SSS) and/or Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) contributions.

15. NBI certificate/clearance.

16. Use of Representative form (if you required the services of Agency, Consultant or Third-party representative during your application).

17. Authority to release personal information form.

18. Police Certificates.

19. Interview may be required. Depends on the decision of the Canadian Embassy in the Philippines. Here is the website link:

Canadian Embassy in the Philippines

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      • profile image

        Jenjen canales ambal 10 days ago

        How to apply ur agency i want to a nanny full time nanny in dubai more than 6yrs

      • profile image

        Melba solayao 4 weeks ago

        Hi ma'am and sir

        I'm melba araza solayao 35yrs old

        I'm from the Philippines currently work here in saudi arabia as baby sitter for 5yrs and also I have experience for carrying a old women I'm graduate of vocational and beverage and also i have a certificate of household service. I want to worked in canada.i need the sponsored who willing the give of working visa.thank you!

      • profile image

        Venus 3 months ago

        Hi..I'm Venus 37 years old from Philippines. I'm looking for a work in Canada as a babysitter. I worked as a babysitter for two years for an American couple with three kids. I used to be a pre-school teacher for eight years before I worked a a babysitter. I'm a graduate of Psychology, a single mom with three children. I really love kids and enjoy bonding with them. I'm a hardworking and God-fearing person.

      • profile image

        alice 3 months ago

        hi,im looking for a job as a nanny to canada,im 43 yrs old, 9 yrs in kuwait as a nanny.

      • profile image

        dAiSyRoSe26 3 months ago

        Hi I'm Daisy, 32, Philippines. I'm a registered nurse in the Philippines, looking for work abroad preferably in Canada as a Caregiver or Baby Sitter. I'm a hard working single mom, my income here is not enough so I'm looking for a greener Pasteur and hoping you or someone can help out. thank you. God bless. you can reach me thru email- or +63977-215-6744.

      • profile image

        Rick 3 months ago

        Hey there I'm looking for a live in caretaker in Alberta Canada seeking contract worker for two year term

      • profile image 4 months ago

        Good day mam/sir,I am looking for work in Canada as Nanny,I know how to work as housekeeping and take care of the children as well,I need to find a work outside Philippines because my income here is not enough for my family,I am hardworking mother for my 3 kids,hopefully find a good future someday,Thank you have a good day and God bless us all.

      • profile image

        Good day Sir/ma'am , 4 months ago

        I'm luzvisminda almeria 48 years old ,please I need your help as a caregiver/nanny or else cleaner and all household chore I can do ,base on my experience as a household worker in Kuwait for 11 years since 2005-july 2017. I am happy to found out this jobsite ,because I'm willing to apply of work in this country Canada to have a bright future.

        This country is my long long time ago wishing to have a nice job and good future someday.thank you and have a nice day.

      • profile image

        Michelle 9 months ago


        This is about employer's SSS and Philhealth contribution, what if you work for the employer without these benefits but you were given an allowance every week as payment?

      • profile image 11 months ago

        Good day... I'm from the Philippines. I am looking for an employer to sponsor me as a Nanny or cleaner in Canada. I am a Secretarial graduate and undergraduate in Commerce (Business Management) I have also a Certificate in Hotel and Cruise ship Housekeeping. With experiences in office job, business and Nanny. Please send message in my email. Thank you

      • profile image

        Rose Ann Selvena 14 months ago

        how bout males? can males be hired as baby sitters?

      • profile image

        nerissa 14 months ago

        hi, I'm nerissa 30, I'm looking for an employer who can sponsor me to work as a live-in nanny or caregiver. I am a business administration graduate. I can assure that i have those qualities your looking for, because I have experienced already in that field.

      • profile image

        RKennedy 15 months ago

        hey long does it take to sponsor a nanny from the Philippines from the beginning of the paperwork to the time they arrive in Canada?? I heard 6 months...?

      • profile image

        Wilson688 15 months ago

        madelen : Please Pm me your details

      • profile image

        madelen 15 months ago

        I have a training as a Live in Caregiver Program at Riverside College Bacolod City, Philippines 6100.But my school attainment high school alredy .I'here taiwan now this year finish contract .I just want to apply as a nanny in canada ,I hope their's an employer who likes me

      • profile image 16 months ago looking for job as nanny or cleaner..pls contact my e-mail account.thanks

      • Erik Magnussen profile image

        Erik Magnussen 16 months ago

        The Hilton jobs are a scam. Do not fall for it!!!

      • profile image

        question 18 months ago

        why do you need to pay for CPP and EI ... they are not citizens? and do not receive these.

      • profile image

        Habiba 19 months ago

        i want to sponser my housemaid in Canada, what are the procedures and how long does it take ? can you please email me the information once you get a chance at thanks !

      • profile image

        nanny and cleaner 19 months ago

        Are you in need of Nanny or cleaner? or are you a nanny or cleaner looking for a job kindly message us now and get connected to a nanny or a cleaner now, our company connect you instantly within 48hr email us:

      • profile image

        Marlene Montes 20 months ago

        I have a cousin in Canada,,, He do not know the procedures how to get me as a nanny for his children... can you send me details or procedure how he can process it. Is the procedure above is the one i can rely on? Please email me my email address is Thanks for your upcoming response.

      • profile image

        Marizyl domaoan 3 years ago

        Hello, i'm marizyl and i'm looking a canadian employer who is willing to sponsor my sisters in philippines going here in canada. Please help me to find employer so that we are all here.

      • profile image

        Gee23 3 years ago


      • profile image

        nerisuperstar 3 years ago

        @aeropisyal: Hi there my name is Nerissa Garcia 29 single mom ,hands on mom , B.S.Accountancy graduate and I'm looking for work abroad as nanny. Are you still looking for one? I can send my Cv .Here's my skype nerissa.garcia11 or you can email me at you. God bless!

      • rhchri squidoo profile image

        rhchri squidoo 4 years ago

        @aeropisyal: thank you for your comment. Filipino workers especially care-givers are all over the world. They are most in demand in North America especially Canada.

      • profile image

        aeropisyal 4 years ago

        yes, I have a friend who needs a nanny in Canada. The sponsoring process requires paperworks and documentation. I don't mind the process, what is important to me is the Caregiver for my children. I have heard great news about filipino live-in caregivers. They really care about children. They are one of the best, if not the best child care providers that I have ever met. Mabuhay! I am so proud and deeply appreciate your great work!

      • rhchri squidoo profile image

        rhchri squidoo 4 years ago

        @DoctorParenting: Thanks. Applying to Canada involves documentation that will be beneficial as you become a resident and eventually a citizen of is one of the best country to live in the whole world!

      • rhchri squidoo profile image

        rhchri squidoo 4 years ago

        @ariel_laysa: The processing fee is located on the Immigration Website. Check the link above.

      • profile image

        DoctorParenting 4 years ago

        You did a good job creating an important lens about hiring a live-in nanny from Philippines. I never knew that there are a lot of important documents and papers required.

      • profile image

        ariel_laysa 4 years ago

        how much the processing fee?

      • Mr Criminology profile image

        Bigwas 4 years ago from Philippines

        very informative, this information benefits not only prospective employer but applicant as well.