Poka Yoke Mistake Proofing

Poka yoke literally means "mistake proofing." it is about preventing the creation of defects. Poka yoke devices are usually simple and inexpensive, or they can be modifications to the product itself.

Benefits of Lean Manufacturing

Benefits and Advantages of Lean Manufacturing

What are the benefits of lean manufacturing, what are the advantages of lean production? Lean manufacturing can benefit your business in many ways, from reducing your scrap and space required to reducing lead times to a fraction of your current lead times. In addition to this expect your productivity to rise and your profits to improve. Implement lean manufacturing if you want to see these significant and proven benefits.

Lean Manufacturing Principles

What Are the Principles and Concepts of Lean Manufacturing?

What is Lean Manufacturing, just what is a good lean manufacturing definition? If you want to implement lean manufacturing then you need to understand Lean Manufacturing Principles and Concepts. This article will try to give you a concise lean manufacturing definition and show how it compares to Agile Manufacturing and Six Sigma.