Kmart: Market Intelligence Report

This market intelligence report uses several techniques including PESTEL analysis to investigate and summarize Kmart’s external environment and 4P technique to examine Kmart’s marketing mix and its consumers, and offer some strategies for future development.


How to Count Back Change

How did cashiers know how much change to give back before computers? They counted it back by hand. This tutorial makes it easy to give back the right amount of change.


15 Methods to Increase Retail Sales

This is a no-nonsense, practical and down to earth guide to how you can increase sales in your shop on a daily, monthly and yearly basis. There is no strange marketing jargon, or tricky sales psychology to learn—just sound advice and simple sales techniques that you can implement today.


Reminiscing Over Old Discount Stores From the Past

A trip down memory lane reminiscing over past names like Woolco, Korvette, GEM & many more discounters that opened their doors to ribbon cuttings, cheers & staged events in parking lots throughout North America. Sounds of crowds, cash registers & PA announcements fill my shopping memories as do the smells of popcorn, and hot dogs. They reinforce both my vivid and sometimes vague memories of large long flat buildings. And while the names have changed, the store's today remain very similar!