CCA Step Savers—How to Minimize Backtracking

Daydreaming is a Letter Carrier's kryptonite. Although daydreaming can be entertaining on a slow mail day, it can also lead to the click-killing practice of backtracking. How can the upstart City Carrier Assistant retract his or her vulnerable head from the buttocks to finish the job on time?


A Letter Carrier's Guide to the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has delivered unanticipated pratfalls to the Letter Carrier's already hazardous occupation. Not only are there new health risks, but bad information, plus a lack thereof, complicates matters. Just how, if anybody really knows, will the virus affect the mailman's daily duties?


Pending US Postal Service Changes for 2020

The United States Postal Service faces many challenges and changes in the new decade—some may be good (delivery vehicles and scanners) but others, including a new Postmaster General and talk of privatization, hang over the organization like a cloud of doom. What will 2020 bring?


Five Assessment Tools Social Work Students Should Know

As a social worker you will have the opportunity to work with a variety of populations. In addition to becoming familiar with constructing a culture gram or genogram, you may have to do assessments. Here are some ones you might encounter in the profession.


What Being an Au Pair Is Really Like

Being an au pair may sound easy and fun: work as a live-in babysitter in your dream country while taking care of adorable children and doing lots of traveling in your spare time. While all of that may be true, there is more you should know and consider before taking the plunge.


Tips for Working at Wal-Mart as a Cart-Pusher (2018)

Working as a cart collector at Wal-Mart isn't difficult, but it's not exactly a stress-free environment either. Cart pushers are required to collect carts, help out with carry-outs and carry-ins, clean the parking lot, and help out with other tasks. This article will help guide you through it.


Careers in Healthcare Science: 5 Things You Should Know

All careers in healthcare science are noble and fulfilling; however, a job in this field is not for everyone. If you’re absolutely sure you want to pursue this career path, you need to know all about it. Hopefully, the points listed below will help you see your future in a clearer way.