9 Solid High Risk Homeowners Insurance Companies

Updated on August 15, 2017

Earthquakes,typhoons, hurricanes, floods and fire are disasters that occur unexpectedly. A typical HO 3 Insurance Policy might not cover these. High risk homeowners insurance provides financial respite from the effects of these incidents.There are numerous companies that specialize in high risk homeowners insurance. The following are some of the major insurance providers for this insurance policy.

1. US Insurance

US Insurance is a Texas-based insurance provider that specializes in high risk homeowner’s insurance covers. It allows its clients to search for competitive rates with regards to high risk insurance covers. The other benefit of taking an insurance cover with this company is its expeditious process. It instantly connects customers to its numerous agents after filling an application form.

2. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual is another American insurer that provides insurance for high-risk homeowners. What is strikingly advantageous about the company is its variety of insurance packages. These packages include identity fraud and flood insurance. It also boasts of a quality account management system that ensures efficient delivery of insurance coverage services.

3. Amica

Amica has earned a lot of recognition for the professionalism and courtesy involved in its services. It has a support service center that provides comprehensive information on issues concerning high risk homeowners insurance. They also offer safety discounts that provide financial relief to its clients.

4. Country Financial Insurance company

Just like most providers of home insurance, Country Financial boasts of several homeowner insurance packages. It is also financially solid; this scenario guarantees its ability to cover claims sufficiently. The insurer comprises insurance experts who provide valuable guidance to clients on high risk homeowners insurance.

5. State Farm Insurance

The State Farm Insurance Company rolled out its operations six decades ago. It deals in a wide range of homeowner insurance covers. It is quite beneficial since it enables owners of high risk homes to conduct online insurance quotes on their high risk homes.

6. Progressive Insurance

With Progressive Insurance Company, owners of high risk homes can get discounts on their policies. This is the icing on the cake considering that it charges low premiums. Also, the insurer tailors its insurance policies to match the needs of its clients. This makes it possible for homeowners to insure themselves from specific disasters like typhoon or floods.

7. American Family Insurance

The advantage of American Family Insurance is its efforts towards sparing clients from unpleasant surprises. It contains experts who provide precise information to high risk homeowners on its numerous policies.

8. Erie Insurance

This insurance firm enables high risk homeowners to compare insurance quotes of their homes. Erie insurance also possesses a competent account management system. Its numerous research options allow homeowners to conduct extensive research on high risk homeowners’ insurance packages.

9. Allstate Insurance Company

The Allstate Insurance Company has a wide net of agents that help homeowners to decide on the right coverage. Their agents also offer valuable advice on the regulations that govern the insurance sector in all the states. This is undoubtedly one of its greatest strengths. Moreover, it contains numerous high risk homeowners’ insurance policies that are individualized.


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    • profile image

      HadLostHope 5 months ago

      Took the advice of the person at the bottom. Frustrtdconsumer, thank you. I googled “alternatives to the Fair Plan” and got these guys once I filled out their form, called me right away. The FAIR Plan turned me down even though that’s supposed to be what they are there for. I was horrified and scared. I literally had lost hope. Fill out their form, don’t wait, wish I hadn’t otherwise I may have gotten some sleep in the last few weeks. These folks are sharp and well connected. Very impressed. Most agents shy away from anything that’s difficult but that’s their specialty niche, hard to place, high risk homeowners insurance. With other agencies I had so many agents that just never called back instead of simply calling and saying they couldn’t help me. If I had done this search to begin with, it wouldn’t have been the stressful fiasco it was and that’s putting it nicely lol Hindsight, yada yada, but I can at least feel good knowing this can help some other people know which direction to go.

    • profile image

      Alex Pfeifer 7 months ago

      Most of these companies are quite conservative and don't belong on this list for High Risk Insurance Companies. I'm an insurance broker that works with a lot of customers who have a hard time finding insurance. I know that I'm not supposed to promote other articles or sites, but I think if you look at the comments section of this blog entry I wrote, you can see a sample of all the people I have been able to help. http://www.pfeiferinsurance.com/blog/california_fa...

      Best of luck to everyone looking for insurance.

    • profile image

      ShouldveTriedSooner 8 months ago

      I took the advice of frustrated consumer, searched for "alternatives to the fair plan" and this guy got done in one day what I couldn't do in 3 months. I had given up, was planning on selling my house.

    • profile image

      Richard ostop 8 months ago

      I have three houses

      One we live in and two others that are rentals

      We have a insurance agent that has all our insurance. Houses, liability, and three autos

      One of our rentals had a major fire set by someone that police and or fire marshal could locate. The tenants were not resonsible the insurance co paid to have house rebuilt. Upon rebuilding the contractor found tot on a beam and made me file claim to be paid. Insurance adjustor great guy processed the claim and never told me it would be considered as second claim against this house. Insurance co paid this as well

      Then guess I got a letter stating the house that they paid for had two claims fire and tot and was cancelling my coverage for this property. Unreal why?

      Say I have to find a advanced insurance company???? Where??? Who???? How???

    • profile image

      TyFrustratedConsu 15 months ago

      Also, good article here, so glad that we can have a resource to communicate with people in the same situation.

    • profile image

      TyFrustratedConsu 15 months ago

      Thank you FrustratdConsumer for your comment above. Searched exactly what you said and it frankly brought me to tears how easy it ended up being. We have been through it, claims not handled properly, contractors not handling things the way they should, feeling disrespected by a company we have been loyal to who non-renewed us and it couldn't have come at a worse time. I searched what you advised. I was still hesitant because this whole experience had made me pretty bitter. I have an old roof and claims, all totally out of my control. These people gave me back some faith in the industry, and frankly, people in general. Your advice has been priceless. They did take almost a full day to get back to me but they got it done the way they said they would, fast, good coverage and price, family run business too which I am all about. These folks even texted me so that when I was free at work I could call them back. I did not know service like that existed. Sincerest thanks for your advise. Thank you so very much.

    • profile image

      Patricia Touchet 15 months ago

      State Farm dropped me after being with them for over 40 years. My home has a 26 yr old roof so I am without insurance until I change it. Have no funds to change it. Been looking for a carrier since October.

    • profile image

      rmoran 16 months ago

      After being with State Farm for 30 yrs I was dropped after 2 weather related claims. One of these claims was directly related to State Farm trying to do things cheaply. TERRIBLE COMPANY!

    • profile image

      I am so glad to see that 17 months ago

      Horace Mann is not on this list. As an insurance for educators or anyone else for that matter they suck!! I was with them for over forty years and their service has been poor, premimums to high. Recently, I reported a claim for my home. They came in and took picture, etc. First an a letter not even a phone call, I received notified that my insurance policy would be cancelled, because the underwriters had decided not to ensure the property. The claim was not paid and I was not even given the professional courtesy of a telephone call to discuss the situation and to let them know of some mitigating circumstances that had occurred my family. The agents sounded like robots with their answers, well rehearsed, etc. I will tell everyone I know, not to even ensure anything with that company. They are simply HORRIBLE with prices and service. Don't waste time,energy, or effort with this group!

    • profile image

      So mad at State Farm! 17 months ago

      Like others here have said, State Farm does not belong on this list. They dropped me after being with them for 25+ years for renters and homeowners insurance, and even longer for auto insurance.

    • profile image

      WB 18 months ago

      FrustratedConsumer and DesperateAlex - what company did you use?

    • profile image

      Kruje 18 months ago

      State Farm will not write in my high fire risk in SAN DIEGO county. Were with them for over 40 years. Also tried to change my 'deductible' status to a % of loss. Very disappointed.

    • profile image

      DesperateAlex 19 months ago

      Thank you FrustratedConsumer. Wish I had seen your advice sooner. I had been stressing for so long and they fixed it lickety split.

    • profile image

      Disappointed 19 months ago

      State Farm should not be on this list.... Kicked me off after being with them for 20 years. Very disappointed. They are horrible.

    • profile image

      zuri 19 months ago

      allstate let me go for filing 2 claims forget high risk insurance , I don't think so...

    • profile image

      Verydisappoint 21 months ago

      Liberty Mutual will not insure high risk homeowners ! Just got released from them after being with them for over 14 years . Don't even waste your time ! Very disappointed !

    • profile image

      Richard 21 months ago

      Amica Insurance won't offer insurance in Agoura Hills, CA in fire risk areas as of July 2016. It also should be removed from this list!

    • profile image

      SB 21 months ago

      liberty wouldn't quote high fire area - so take off as being high risk insurance comapny

    • profile image

      Md. Shaha Jalal 2 years ago

      thanks. good informative article.

    • profile image

      FrustratdConsumer 2 years ago

      I had an extremely complicated situation and finding insurance seemed hopeless. After getting turned down by the FAIR Plan (which I didn't want anyway but was willing to settle for) I typed into a search engines "alternatives to the FAIR Plan" and submitted my info on their site. Got a call back pretty quickly and these folks knew what they were doing. Super professional, delivered what was promised and fast. If you're stuck, try it and your mess will be over. I'm paying a little less than I was and they closed the gaps in my policy I didn't eve know were there. Less for more despite my situation. They're incredibly professional and they have a sophisticated method of actually doing what all the other agents try to do.

    • profile image

      Helen 2 years ago

      State Farm is the company who cancelled my home insurance. The reason that brought me to look for other policies.

    • profile image

      carl d 4 years ago

      The fact that Farmers Insurance isn't on this list show that the person who made this list does not know what they are talking about. Statefarm and allstate do not even write in high risk areas. Lexington and Lloyds and companies that like that should be on the list. And the fact that Progressive is even on this list is hilarious because their home policies do not even come close to comparison of an actual high risk home policy lol